Sadda Haq 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes running and hugs randhir. Randhir says what happened? The man says look her body guard is here. Randhir says if you love your life leave. The man says the love is standing behind you. Randhir starts hitting them. one of them comes and hits randhir on head. Randhir takes the rod from him and hits hi. They run away.
Randhir sits with sanyu, he says we are going tomorrow from the first bus. She says okay and dresses his wound. Randhir falls asleep, sanyu sleeps on his shoulder.
Next morning, they wake up. randhir starts walking towards bus stand.

Namit comes in parth’s room. Parth says how dare you to come here. Namit says i am here to talk about something important. you have been warning me or scolding at me. I dont mind it, but you shouldn’t have

hit me. parth says you are warning me? Namit says come on parth grow up Lets play bigger games man to man, I give you an open challenge i will take vidushi from you. parth grasps his collar. Parth says i wont lose and if she gets to know about your past she wont even see your face. namit says we both like vidushi but there is another common thing, past. Go ahead tell her my past is yours as well. and if she hates me she will hate you too. oh, she hates you already. The challenege is on.

Randhir asks sanyu to sit on the bus stand while he gets the tickets. sanyu sees the bird nest there and the same kind of web she saw in ranawat’s room. She recalls how he got scared of the fire. She says i can’t give up like this. One last try maybe i will find him. she goes from there.

Thruv asks anju you are alone? where is sanyu? She says sanyu is busy in work, she will stay in college. hruv says but you are not well i shalll call her. anju says no please dont it will effect her life. Thruv says i wish every girl had a mom like you. anju says you are such a nice guy, are you married? he says no i have not found a girl yet. Thruv says she should be independent, she should be respecting to her elders, she shouldn’t be audacious.

Randhir comes to bus stand and sees that sanyu is not there. sanyu says to ranawat sir we really need you give us one more chance. randhir comes in, Ranawat says your return ticket is here. randhir says why you left from there? i was so scared. sanyu says i wanted to try one more time. ranawat says if you are done go now. sanyu says we need you. Ranawat says i dont think except you anyone else needs me there. and even if they do, go to hell. To hell with your team. randhir says are you done? or you want to be insulted more? He is not even worth it. ranawat says yes i am totally worthless, dont stand in front of me, go from here. randhir says mind your tongue we dont even want to see your face. ranawat says yes leave me alone, i am worthless. sanyu says no sir you are completely worth it. i dont care if they agree or not. i know you made those tractors and that complicated wed. Ranawat says you are wasting your time i am worthless, sanyu says for your passion can you come with us? Ranawat says this is too much now go before i forget you are a girl. he locks the door. sanyu sees randhir eating ice cream. He says you alone? i thought shiri ranawat would come with you and you must be sprinkiling flowers on him? sanyu says you dont care about anything? he says i care that is why i said you are wasting your time. he says return my ice cream. The ice cream falls. Randhir says lets go now She says i wont go. He says i will make you drink and take you to FITE, sanyu smiles and hugs him. he says are you mad? Sanyu says that was a thank you hug. He says this is a village. sanyu says shut up. He says whom are you looking for? sanyu says is chemist here? he says what? sanyu says wait i will be back in 5 minutes.

Sanyu comes to ranawat’s places and mixes something is his drink. She says i know you are genius sir but i have to do this. Ranawat comes back to his room.
Radhir sits and waits for sanyu. A young boy comes and sits with him. randhir says what are you doing here? He says i know you are waiting for that didi. randhir says how you know? He says i know everything. These girls are like this, they make you wait they are always late. randhir says how you know so much about girls? the boy says i am waiting for y girl as well. randhir says she si not my girl.

Ranawat says what are you doing here? sanyu says i forgot my wallet here. i came to request here. he says dont you understand? she says okay okay i got it. i know you dont wanna come i am leaving she leaves. ranawat picks the drink. The boy says where is your girl from? SAnyu comes and says done. The boy says you are so late he has been waiting for you, i know i am not a kid. sanyu says what did you say to hi? randhir says he was teasing me. he says lets go. sanyu says the real thing is about to start now. he says we have a bus after 1 hour, she says thats perfect.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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