Sadda Haq 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is in his room doing his dressing. He says she becomes career oriented and look her date is not ending now. Let her do what she wants. someone else has right over her.
There sanyu comes to her room and says I don’t wanna wear this locket. But what when he meets me next time he will ask for sure. Sanyu gets a call from Randhir. She disconnects and says are there less problems in life ? He calls again. Sanyu says yes ? He says where are you ? She says what ? He says I wanna sort out something come at the library.

Scene 2
Sanyu is at the library. She is looking for Randhir. He stares at her and recalls some old moments. he recalls all the fights. And when she kissed him. When they were locked in the library. He comes in front of her. Sanyu says tell me what

you wanna sort out. He holds her hand and tries to take out the ring. She says what are you doing ? You are hurting me. he says you are leaving all this. Go home its better I won’t have to see your face again. Sanyu leaves. He has the ring in his hand.

At the mechanical lab Randhir looks at the ring. He holds it with a tool and burns it. He recalls his friends telling him that its a love story. His hand burns a little. He screams.

Scene 3
Next morning the ceremony starts. Professor welcomes everyone.
The professor says now I would like the captain of FITE to come on the stage and accept the trophy and prize of rupees one lac. Kaustuki, Parth and Randhir are so worried. Sanyu is no where. He announces again can we have the captain on stage please. Sanyu is no where. Randhir goes out to look for her. Everyone wonders where is she. Vidushi says better she didn’t come let me go and accept the trophy. Parth holds her hand and stops her. He says sir give me two minutes I will bring her. Both Parth and Randhir are looking for her. Kaustuki wonders has she left the college. She goes out as well. Randhir is in the class and is disappointed not to find her there.
Parth looks in the library. Kaustuki is also looking at different places. Randhir goes to her room opens her closet. Its all empty he realizes that Sanyu is not there.

Vardhan there thinks about when Sanyu came to him. She said to him sir, I hope I am not disturbing you I just came to tell you that I am leaving. You may not remember me but I will always miss your motivation. whenever I look at a machine I will remember you. I know I have disappointed you but before I leave, won’t you say anything to me. Scold at me if you want to. You don’t wanna say me anything ? He says yes I wanna say happy journey. She says thank you sir and leaves. She looks at him and the office for one last time and leaves. Vardhan says I wanna say the same to you the same I wanted to says you on first day. You are not to be in kitchen you are to be in the field. You are made to do big things.

Randhir finds Sanyu at the parking. He says you made this all drama did ego fights with me and now when they are announcing your name for the trophy you are fleeing. Sanyu sits in the car without saying anything and the car starts. Randhir takes out the ring from his pocket.

Professor asks kaustuki and Parth where is sanyu ? They says she is no where. Kaustuki says sir she was about to go home I guess she left. Professor asks vardhan what should we do now ? Vardhan says rest of the people are here. Vidushi says the team is here. Professor says all right may I request the team of FITE to come and take the trophy. Professor says here we are presenting the winner’s trophy. He unveils it. There is nothing. Everyone is shocked. He says where is the trophy ? Where is it ?

Sanyu is on her way. She gets a call. She opens her bag and is shocked to see that the trophy is in her bag.

Precap-Vardhan asks how you know about professor rao ? The girl says I even know that his murderer is from top authorities.
There Randhir is working on something. He says go wherever you want I will never let you go away from me.

I will be continuing updates of SHQ. Previous writer did a great job and I hope that I will do justice with the updates and you people are enjoying my Written updates.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg!
    sandher u r the best.

  2. The 1 dialogue i loved the most – when Randhir tells himself : go wherever you want, I will never let you go away from me 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What if Samir gives his consent for Sanyu to continue & complete her studies??? Sanyu wl be more than willing to marry him in that case, as all that she cares for now is her dream of becoming an engineer to get fulfilled…. thereby her family’s reputation wl also be maintained.. OMG!!!!

  3. rocking sandhir

    1. agree with u

  4. love shq and sandhir
    you will stay in my heart forever

  5. Plz update with pic …

  6. i think ki sandir ki story ko slowly -2 ripe krna chahiye ..otherwise show intersting nhi..or plz is dukhiyari chomu parth ko to nhi dikhao to serial ki TRP badh jayegi .smeer kafhi h dimak ka dhi krne ke liye

    1. absolutely correct nayna i think is parth and also sameer ko jaldi se jaldi send off dedena cahiye

      1. nah…it is them who made randhir realise his feelings & again it’ll be them who will make sanyu realise too, we don’t like dem but they r important for sandhir’s union

  7. sanyu ko apna look change krna chahiye nd rd bi same shirts phn kr paka rha h . vardhan ne apni antry ke baad se change ni kiya h like bhutnath .

  8. Thnks atiba for the updates. I missed the episode bt thnks 2 u atiba bcoz though i couldn’t watch bt i knw atleast what happnd.

  9. love sandhir

  10. thnq u abita for ur updats

  11. Sanyu ki shadi ko roko . Sanyu is nly for randhir. I dnt lyk seeing randhir sad face means dukhi types :'(

  12. ab rndir ke sath bi ek gorgeous gl ko flart krte dikhana chahiye ..jis se damn sanyu ko envyness to hi ..faltu me apna rockin rd ke bhav kam ho re h

  13. I think abhi sanyu ki engagement us gadhe ghochu sameer se hojayegi and after that sanyu will rejoin the clg and then she will fall in love wid randheer…

  14. Thanks atiba for wu.

  15. And jab sanyu ki marg hone wali hogi randheer wil confess his feelings too her

  16. Y/day, I expected Sanyu to get a flashback of the hate-kiss that took place between her & R…. when Samir kissed her on the forehead….. nah! nothing happened… I want a cute girl to fall in for R.. in the 3rd year, making Sanyu in turn jealous…….

  17. Sandhir want to join again, this samir and his forehead kiss bevakoof, pagal bulshit etc.,

  18. hey…………it was a good episode…..

  19. it a was good episode……

  20. kaustuki was wearing yellow and green and sahil yellow(brazil!!) and our dear randhir was wearing blue and white (argentina!!) sanyu red and yellow (may be holland!!!)
    just kidding!!!!
    is sayu really leaving collage for her engagement with sameer???!!!….
    vidhushi would have taken all the credit of sanyu’s hard work if parth hadnt stopped her………

  21. Are yaar,whn randhir called sanyu in library,i thot he was FINALLY gonna confess his love and say i luv u to sanyu…….but i guess i forgot that his ego will mever allow him to do it.Btw,i think i must be the youngest fan of SHQ-Im only 13…….but a die hard fan,just the same.
    Luv u sandhir!!!!!!!

    1. its not sandhir its

  22. aahaaaa … Randhir is upto something again … implementing some new ideas for spying on his Lady love ..
    Good .. very Good..
    He is a true geneius …..forget about his intentions .. atleast he is using his MECH knowledge to achieve his goal …
    May be some kind of spycam…if this invention is the part of Flashback .. then it might help in proving Sanyukta innocent in missing TROPHY case
    Look at others …

  23. randhir u r just awesome actor love u sandhir :*

  24. sadda haq rocks man!!! Can any1 tell me randhir sanyu’s engagement torega ya phir marriage???

    1. Riki randhir obviously break sanyu’s marrige

  25. Riki randhir obviously break sanyu’s marrige

  26. Best show ever

  27. I thnk engagement ho jayegi wid this damn fool Sameer… Randhir is again up to smethng… Awesome

  28. i don’t u/stand sanyu… she can see the change in Kaustukis attitude towards yoyo, she can see the change in LITS boys attitude, she can u/stand Parths ♡ BUT not Randhir’s change…… its weird…. she calling Randhir weird…

  29. plz upload written updates wid pics plz………hope u understand

  30. @urmi its
    sanukta + randhir = sandhir

  31. thnx for explaining my words to urmi,surmi!
    Hey that rhymes!

  32. Seriously ,, i was very scared wen Tina left i actually do not have television so..i thought the show is ending or has ended.
    But, finally it has not….m very happy & wud like to thank ATIBA for such entertaining updates of SHQ…

  33. agar show khatam ho jayega to mai mar jaungi…….this show is my life!

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