Sadda Haq 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu cleans her tools. She says you do this always but I need more help today God. Papa has given me one chance to prove myself. I wanna win this task and show my family what I can do. I wish randhir understood my position but I cant miss this chance.

Vidushi comes to ground and says is this internship task or a joke? Parth comes and holds her. Vidushi says are you mad? Parth why you lie to the world? Vidushi says what you mean. Parth says about what you love. I will prove the reality of varun. Vidushi says shut up. Sanyu says all the best to randhir. Randhir says all the worst luck to you. I hope you lose and work with me in renuka’s company.

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comes and says hello everyone. He says I know some of you are shocked but now I am faculty of FITE. Lets welcome our employers. All the company owners come in. Kabir says this is our elite panel of judges. We wont introduce I want you to be known for your name. The task is about to start now. Sahil says what is he gonna do. Ankit syas to Agarwal now sanyu will do all this. sanyu goes to Agarwal and touches his feet. Kabir says I will divide you in four groups. Randhir, sanyu. parth and sahil in first group. You have pillars in front of you. You have to break it and bring it down. Use your mental and physical strength. There is a equation under it, you have to solve it. Time is limited. Interviews will be done only with the ones who complete the tasl.

Randhir takes a tool, sanyu says I took it first. Randhir says leave it to me. You are not going to win this. SAnyu says I wont give up. They are both fighting. Randhir says oh I don’t need it. He throws it down. parth touches the wall and says I have to attack the weak points. Sanyu hits the wall with hammer and falls down. Roshan says to rehna why you forced me to come here. You saw what randhir did to me. You want him to be intern in my company Rehna says there is no better place than company to take revenge from him. A man comes to sahil and asks what method are you applying? Sahil says I am making an angle.

Randhir is working in lab to make a formula to break the wall. Ishika comes in and says can I stay here. I wont disturb. I just wanna see how a genius works. Randhir says I am making explosive that will break the wall. Ankit stands up and goes to sanyu. He says do you feel ashamed to make fun of us? you are a girl not iron man. These boys can’t break it, can you? Sanyu says oh yeah Iron man.

ishika touches explosive. randhir takes it, his hand burns. ishika says I am sorry. Randhir says its okay. Ishika says thanks for letting me stay here. I am going now. Sanyu comes in and see her going out. sanyu wonders why did she smile? She says I have to focus on work. She starts working on some metal. Sanyu says I will make a contraction hand that will attach to mine and break the wall. Randhir goes to sanyu and says you are idiot. its stupid. sanyu says you always lose when you make fun of me. Randhir says I wont let you win. Randhir throws her hand away. sanyu says I will kill you. randhir says that was not going to work. Sanyu is about to hit him. He grasps her and says you are a girl weak and delicate. Sanyu says leave me. he says you are so strong right? free yourself. He leaves her and says next time think before hitting me. Sanyu starts working again. Kabir says 30 minutes left.

Randhir says stare at your machine not at me. You have forgotten attaching machine in lab. you can only wash clothes. Agarwal says I cant see all this anymore. Lets go. Ankit follows him. sanyu sees Agarwal and says where are you going papa? Agarwal says what are you doing? this is your dream? you are on ground in all grease. sanyu says i am doing this for internship. Agarwal says you want internship you can do it in my company now stop all this. sanyu says I will earn it. sanyu leaves. Agarwal says engineering is not for girls at all. Ankit says we will only hire her if she clears the interview. Sanyu wears the hand. She says I have to do it. kabir says 5 minutes left. SAnyu hits the wall, her hand aches and bleeds. She says what am I doing? I can’t give up. She tries again. Agrwal stands up and comes to her. He says sanyyu? see the result of your dream. You have proved it all. sanyu says I am your daughter I wont give up. He leaves in anger. A man says Agarwal will recruit his daughter. randhir says you dad doesn’t care about you he wont recruit you. sanyu says I wont change my decision. Kabir comes to sanyu and says 3 minutes left. sanyu syas yeah I am trying. Kabir says what you think? the hand will break it? you think you are so genius? What happened now? Jiggy says is sanyu using wrong method? sanyu says please help me God. Vardhan comes in.

Precap-Vardhan hits sanyu;s hand with stick. He says use mechanical aspects. he scolds at randhir too.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. More than romatic randhir i like arrogant wala randhir..angry young
    love❀ this kinda randhir..!! Hot guy πŸ˜‰

  2. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Goonji si hai saari fiza
    Jaise bajti ho shehnaaiyaan
    Laheraati hai maheki hawa
    Gungunaati hai tanhaaiyaan
    Main hu yahan, Main hu yahan
    Aao na aao na

  3. {[(β™₯)]}

    Correction:gungunati hain tanhayiyya
    sab gaate hain sab hi madhosh hain hum tum Q khamosh hain saaz e dil chedo na chup ho Q gao na aao na aao na…

  4. RA

    Hussh!!!! Vardhan sir aa gaye πŸ™‚ ab meri shino ko accha lagega shayad πŸ˜‰ ek to iss new track se sad he πŸ™

  5. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
    Kyun hum tukdon mein jiye
    Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
    Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
    Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
    Main adhoora jee raha hoon
    Hardum ye keh raha hoon
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

    Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
    Tune hi ujaalon se waaqif kiya
    Ab lauta main hoon inn andheron mein phir
    Toh paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan
    Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
    Banjaron ne bhi thukra diya
    Main adhoora jee raha hoon
    Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

    Hmm.. tere jism ki woh khushbuein
    Ab bhi inn saanson mein zinda hai
    Mujhe ho rahi inse ghutan
    Mere gale ka ye phanda hai

    Ho.. tere choodiyon ki woh khanak
    Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai
    Sunkar isey aata hai yaad
    Haathon mein mere zanjeerin hain
    Tuhi aake inko nikaal zaraa
    Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa
    Main adhoora jee raha hoon
    Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
    Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

  6. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Yu Palke Bicha Kar Tera Intjar Karte Hai
    Ye Wo Gunah Hai Jo Hum Bar Bar Karte Hai
    Jalakar Hasrat Ki Rah Par Chirag
    Hum Subah Aur Sham Tere Milane Ka Intjar Karte Hai..!!!

  7. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Yakeen hai ke na aaye ga mujhse milne koi,
    To phir yeh dil ko mere intezar kesa hai..

  8. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Palkon pe ruk geya hai samundar khumaar ka,
    Kitnaa ajab nashaa hai tere intizaar ka… S

  9. {[(β™₯)]}

    Lucifer anusshka tum log ne jawaab nahin diya na to mein baat nahin karungi
    Yaar mein hi miltii hun kya mazaak karne ke liye??

  10. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Hum tasleem karte hain humain fursat nahi milti,
    Magar jab yaad karte hain zamana bhool jate hain… S

  11. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Anchal phir ashkon sey bhigoney wali hun,
    Ji bhar kay teri yad me roney wali hun… S

  12. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Tum hassi me keh rhe hon ye tum ho
    Humhe koi shikva nhi tumse
    Lakin khuda na kare ke tum kabhi hmari jagah hon..

  13. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Ab bhi aa jata hai woh mere khayalon main,
    Aaj bhi lagti hai haazri, us ghair hazir ki… S

  14. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Har sazaa qabool ki sar jhukaa ke hum ne,
    Qasoor bas yeh tha ke be’qasoor they hum… S

  15. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Log muntazir hi rahe hamare toot jaane ke,
    Aur hum zabt karte karte pathar ke ho gaye…

  16. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Apne jesi koi tasveer banani thi mujhe,
    Mere andar se sabhi rang tumhare nikley… S

  17. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Koshish ke baad bhi jo poori na ho sakin,
    Tera naam bhi un khawishon mein hai… S

  18. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Ab to mehfil se bhi hota nahi gham ka ilaaj,
    Pehle tanhaayi bhi dukh baant liya karti thi… S

  19. *β™₯β™‘β™₯*

    Meri tanhayi ko mera shoq mat samajhna,
    Bohat pyar se diya hai yeh tohfa kisi ne…

    I am going. You both can continue..

  20. {[(β™₯)]}

    Iss zamane ne iss mohabbat ne
    kitne dil tode kitne ghar phooke
    jaane Q log mohabbat kiya karte
    dil ke badle dard e dil liya karte hain
    jaane Q log mohabbat kiya karte hain??

  21. {[(β™₯)]}

    Humne to itna dekha
    humne to itna sikha
    dil ka sauda hota hain
    sauda zindagi ka
    Q koi milte hi hota h deewana
    kitna mushkil hain tauba issko samjhana
    ke dheere dheere dil bekaraar hota hain
    hote hote hote pyaar hota hain

  22. {[(β™₯)]}

    Dil kabhi ganda
    kabhi hain nek banda
    dil ka bharosa kaise koi kare??
    dil kabhi thanda
    kabhi hain atom bomb sa
    Ye dhamaka kaise koi sahe??
    dil ki yahi khata hain
    dil ko nahi pata hain
    ki dil chahta hain kya

  23. {[(β™₯)]}

    Jaane tu saara wo dil mein jo mere ho padle tu aake har dafa
    nakhre se naa jee bhi hote hain raaazi bhi
    tujhse hi hote hain khafa

  24. {[(β™₯)]}

    Kaise kaab ho gaya
    kya ghazab ho gaya
    hume kuch bhi patana chala
    meri nafrat bhi chahat hui hain
    oh jaaneman do u know

  25. {[(β™₯)]}

    Ladka bada anjaana hain
    sapna hain sach hain fasana ahain
    ha ha ye pagla bilkul na badla
    ye to wahi deewwanaa hain…

  26. {[(β™₯)]}

    Tere saaye mein mili har khushi teri marzi meri zindagi le chal tu chahe jaha
    meri aakhon mein nazar teri hain
    meri shaamozahen teri
    tu jo nahin to mein kaha…

  27. {[(β™₯)]}

    Suraj hua madham chand jalne laga
    aasma yeh haaye Q pighalne laga
    mein tehri rahi zameen chalne lagi
    dhadka yeh dil saas thamne lagi
    sajnaa kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyar hain??

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      Sorry mein to baat karte karte hi so gayi!
      Kal aur aaj bhout maza aaya
      bye!! Good night! Tacke care!!
      Sweet heart!

  28. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Subah subah zindagi ki shuru hoti hai,
    Kisi apne se bat ho tu khas hoti hai,
    Hans ke pyar se apnoo ko GOOD MORNING bolo tu,
    Khushiyan apne ap ke sath hoti hai!!!
    Cute princess ke taraf sab ke liye pranam

  29. Vry gud mrng my sweetheart @ my heartbeat
    Bin puche mera naam aur pta
    Rasmo ko rakh k pre..
    4 kadam bs 4 kadam
    Chl do na sth mere … <3

  30. {[(β™₯)]}

    Do chaar kadam pe tum the
    do chaar kadam pe hum the
    do chaar kadam ye lekin sau milon se kya kam the….
    @ lucifer

  31. {[(β™₯)]}

    Phir iss par kadam kadam pe dil ka dolna
    oh dholna
    kab tak chup baithe hain
    ab to hain kuch bolna
    kuch tum bolo kuch hum bole
    oh dholna

  32. {[(β™₯)]}

    Meri bekaraari ko hadd se badana
    tumhe khoob aata hain BAATEIN BANANA
    nighaye mila ke u mera chain lena
    Sata ke mohabbat mein u dard dena

    ye song batao

  33. {[(β™₯)]}

    Dil ki jo baatein hain baatein ko dil ki hain
    dil hi mein rakhna piya
    lab to na kholu mein
    kholu na lab to mein
    aakhon se sab keh diya….

    correction: tumko nahin mujhko sab kuch mujhko sab kuch pata hain….

  34. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Mujhko iraade de
    Kasmein de, vaade de
    Meri duaaon ke isharon ko sahare de
    Dil ko thikaane de
    Naye bahaane de
    Khwabon ki barishon ko
    Mausam ke paimaane de
    Apne karam ki kar adayein..
    Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein
    Sun raha hai na tu
    Kyun ro rahi hoon main

  35. Na ho ab udaas tu

    Na kar aankhein namm

    In suni suni raton mein

    Ayenge tujhse milne hum

    In suni suni raton mein

    In pyari pyari baton mein

    Main Laut Aaunga

    Tu jab meri yaad mein

    Tu meri ummid mein

    Tu karwaten badalke jab

    Saari raat kategi

    To aisi kisi raat mein

    Main chupke se aaunga

    Or tujhe chuum jaaunga

  36. {[(β™₯)]}

    Bikhra bikhra bematlab sa tuta futa jeena
    aur kehte ho alag se hein hum taan ke apna seena
    jeena tum ko dhang siikhlati hain
    tumhhe janwar se insaan banati hain
    Uske bina ek pal rehna sakoge tum
    usko pata hain ye keh na sakoge tum
    isliye ladkiyan ladko si nahin hoti….

  37. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Waqt bhi thehra hai
    Kaise kyun yeh huaa
    Kaass tu aise aaye
    Jaise koi duaa
    Tu rooh ki raahat hai
    Tu meri ibaadat hai..

  38. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Hamako Toh Raahein Thi Chalaati
    Woh Khud Apani Raah Banaata
    Girata Sambhalata Masti Mein Chalata Tha Woh
    Hamako Kal Ki Fikar Sataati, Woh Bas Aaj Ka Jashn Manaata
    Behati Hawa Sa Tha Woh, Udati Patang Sa Tha Woh
    Kahaan Gaya Use Dhundon

  39. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Kabhi hum pe wo jan diya karte the,
    Jo hum kehte the wo maan liya karte the,
    Aaj pas se anjaan banke guzar gaye,
    Jo dur se hume pehchan liya kerte the..!!

  40. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Kitne bhi tu karle sitam
    Has has ke sahenge hum
    Yeh pyaar to na hoga kam
    Sanam teri kasam!!!

  41. Mere liye tha πŸ™

    Utha le jaunga tujhe main doli me
    dekhti rah jayengi sakhiyan tumhari ..
    Tumko mujhse pyar h pyar h pyarr ..<3

  42. {[(β™₯)]}

    Haste haste kat jaaye raste
    zindagi u hi chalti rahe
    khushi mile ya gum
    badalenge na hum…

  43. {[(β™₯)]}

    Teri baichaini ka
    teri tanhaayi ka
    ehsaas hain mujhko…
    mein jo saath tere hun phir tujhe hain kaisa darr dard baat lenge hum…

  44. {[(β™₯)]}

    Fir na hawaayein hogi itni besharam
    phir na dagmag dagmag hinge ye kadam
    sawaan ye sidha nahi
    khufiya bada
    kuch to barste huye keh raha…

  45. {[(β™₯)]}

    I wanna be a surgen
    i like to talk wid my frnds
    i like singing i like dancing
    i like hritik πŸ˜‰
    what about you??

  46. Akele kaha mere cousin ne di thi ..tum b kha lo πŸ™‚
    Pta h apne bare me —
    I wanna b a pilot
    Like swiming n badminton
    Akshay & hritik

  47. {[(β™₯)]}

    Ok! Sorry… mujhe kuch samaj nahin aaraha tha isliye likh diya
    phir laga ki tumhe bura lag gaya isliye meine bola ki nxf wale comment ke liye tha
    sorry… isiliye puch rahi thi tumhe bura laga kya

  48. Kbi kbi krne wale ko b nhi pta hota usne kiya kya h πŸ˜‰
    Vaise b tumne kaha tha ur 1st & 2nd jan went grt cz of me bt I did nothing I think so O:)

  49. {[(β™₯)]}

    Sorry phirse chidane ke liye meine name change kiya aur ussi se comment kar diya
    Kitni pagal hun mein

  50. {[(β™₯)]}

    Nahin uss din mein nahin thi
    itna to trust kar hi sakte ho
    me aise kaam nahi karti
    ye to dekhne ke liye kiya ki tum usko kya bolte ho

  51. {[(β™₯)]}

    Yaar sachme meine uss din nahin thi
    aaj first time name use kiya aur usme bhi gadbad kar di

  52. 300!!!
    300 done!
    Ok so now i will give a target
    TARGET IS 800+ For the weekend
    Ok bye
    U know who
    Ps- any oldies hanging around??
    M missing u all…

  53. Hey hi rajat!!
    I dunno if i know u…seem 2 hv 4gotten…i just remember the oldies!
    But gud if u r here….actually im in gujrat on vacation so bade mushkil se wifi mila hain!
    Will b back on mon

  54. Arrey luvbirds yaane jinki chats ho rhi hain….
    @lucifer & @{[(heart)]}
    Sanyu di chitter pitter toh even i m missing like hell!
    Acchu ab aap bhi aa jaao….m missing u as well..

  55. O mere dono pyare pyare luvbirds,
    Missing k alava kuch aur v kar liya karo warba chidhane waalon ki kami nhi hain yahaan, especially ab jab main aa gyi hoon πŸ˜‰
    Lo maine shuruvat kar di
    Yahaan koi bhi luv except sandhir shaanti se flourish nhi hoga hahaha lol

  56. {[(β™₯)]}

    I even dnt know what is love
    aur tum log kaise bol.rahe ho that i love u
    meine kabhi kaha kya??

  57. *ahem*ahem*
    Please guyz!!
    yahaan pr bacche bhi hain!
    *points 2 herself n aishu*
    Haha…mera std sentence!
    Lekin aishu gyi kahaan?itne
    din ho gye…

  58. Arrey heartbeat, tu tension mat le
    Ham aivayi bol rhe hain
    Timepass k liye
    Chinta na kar….meri toh aadat hi hain logo ko chidhane ki!
    Daksh bhai n sanu di se puch lo!

  59. {[(β™₯)]}

    Lucifer agar tumme yaha aana band kar diya
    to ho sakta hain tht i will feel bad
    par jaise tumne mujhe force nahin kiya waise mein bhi nahin kar sakti…

  60. Anushka

    Oh no shit he is a boy if u like him than 4get these things and start again and if you don’t like him than ignoreeeee

  61. {[(β™₯)]}

    To tum us din Q bol rahi thi ki uss ko i luv u bol do
    agr wo tumhe ladki lag raha tha to??

  62. Anushka

    Main kab kaha maine toh tumse last baar us din hi baat kari thi jab vandy aur rajat wala case hua tha

  63. {[(β™₯)]}

    i dont know i like him or not
    par wo to pehle jaise baat hi nahin kar raha hain
    aur tumne kya observe kar ke bola tht i luv him

  64. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    Ishq to kiya dil se,
    Wo bhi pyaar kata ke tumse,
    Darte ho kisse,
    Agar mohabatt hai sachha,
    Kya karenge yeh duniya,
    Pyaar kiya to darna kya???

  65. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    @heartbeat K i tld love birds!! Us comment se tumhe kya farak padta hai!!! Tumhari bolne ke hesaap se aap dono luv birds hai hi nahi!! Ya phir sach main farak pad raha hai!!!

  66. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    K i tld love birds 4 u both!! Us comment se tumhe kya farak padta hai!!! Tumhari bolne ke hesaap se aap dono luv birds hai hi nahi!! Ya phir sach main farak pad raha hai!!!

      • {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

        So u also agree that u both r luv birds!! Luv birds means nt only u bt it cn be anybody!! If u feel it’s u both then it means u luv Lucifer!! Lucifer ko farak nahi pad raha hai!!! Sirf tumhe kyu??

  67. {[(β™₯)]}

    Lucifer ko fark nahin pad raha matlab he dont love me
    fir tum log mere piche Q pade ho??
    Aur luvbirds koi bhi ho sakta hain par kal bhi iss topic par bhout discussion ho chuka hain
    isliyemeine pucha

  68. Sorry to interrupt bt I m straight 4 wrd abt dis & accept that I love her @ * don’t knw hw to draw ur name ..
    Bt plz dont bother my heartbeat

  69. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    @heartbeat Once lucifier wrote one song 2 shazana. It ws mujhse shaadi karogi song!! Bt u felt very possesive & became angry!! Y u felt bd 4 it???

  70. {[(β™₯)]}

    Queen tumne kabhi mazak ka naam suna hain??
    meine bola tha ki mein mazak kar rahi hu
    aur lucifer tum kabse read kar rahe ho par ek baar bhi aake queen ko roka nahin n you say you love me

  71. Arrey yr tumlog kyun pareshaan kar rhe ho heart ko??
    Chodo ab…..ab jaao jake bhai ya sanu di ko pakdo dono pata nhi kahaan vanvaas leke chale gye ram-sita!!

  72. {[(β™₯)]}

    Tum to bolo hi mat sabse pehle tumne hi start kiya tha @noopor
    aur queen tumhara proove karna hogays to mein jau mujhe bhi bhook lagi hain
    mess band ho jaayega

  73. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    Rab ne kya chaal chalaya khel khel main
    Mazak bi sach ho sakta hai khel khel main @heartbeat its specially 4 u

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      Stop it yaar ek incident se nahin proove hota tht i love him
      aur dekho mere bolne ke baad bhi lucifer ne jawaab nahin diya to phir kya fayda

  74. Ok naina…m sorry. Maine hi start kiya na yeh sab? Lekim really mujhe nhi pata tha ki tum itni tensed ho jaaogi ya queen itna tumhaare piche pad jaaegi. Jab maine daksh bhai(@Daksh) aur sanu di (@roshinicool) ko chidhati thi tab sab log jud jaate the mazaak me lekin koi unhe itna pareshan nhi karta tha. N i ws missing them isiliye maine shuru kar diya.
    Sorrrry again
    But hey dont take tension, these things calm down after a few days
    #speaking frm experience#

  75. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @heartbeat Don’t wry ya!!! Wt tat Queen is disturbing u??? I wil tak care of hr!!

  76. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    Jitne log tumhare paas hai koi farak nahi padta !!
    Sach kabhi joot nahi hota aur koi sach ko chup nahi kar sakta!!

  77. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @Queen Hey shut ur shitty mouth!! I will hang u upside down!!! Kutte ki aulaad!!!

  78. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    @heartbeat Ur possesivenes is the proof dear!! And I already proved it!!
    @cuteprincess Tum sirf rajkumari ho par main rani hun!! Apni aukaat pe aana!!

  79. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @heartbeat No dear she should knw hr limits!!! C hw gud u r?? Evn nw also u rsupporting hr.

  80. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @heartbeat K dear 4 u.
    @queen K queen im really sry!! U were disburbing my frnd so i gt angry!!!

  81. Queen,
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!
    myself-official welcomer of tu.
    Ofcourse u knew tht
    And Lucifer,
    All d matter is solved now…plz donot start it again,k?
    And once more im really sowwie naina di n shazana di!

  82. {[(β™₯)]}

    Hello! Everyone
    Baar baar sorry mat bolo frnds me ye sab chalta hain @noopor
    aur ab thoda iss lucifer ko bhi pareshaan karo

  83. {[(β™₯)]}

    Mujhe pata hain tum sab ek hi team mein ho
    jao jaake lucifer ko bhi irritate karo ek hi baat puch puch kar

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      Kal tum kitna attitude dikha rahe the
      meine kitne baar sorry tumhe aur gumne kuch jawaab nahin diya
      aaj jab mein bula rahi thi tab bhi nahin aaye…

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      I am not avoiding you
      i dont know tumhe aisa Q lagta hain?? Dekho meine tumse baat clear karne ke liye vandy aur noopor ko bhi jawaab nahin diya
      aur kya karu??

      • {[(β™₯)]}

        Aur meine kya bola to tumhe abhi bhi bura lag raha hain
        tumhe hi sabse pehle hi bhi bola tha
        Fir queen meri test le rahi thi tab bhi tum nahin aaye ab meri kya galti hain??

  84. Ik khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa
    Ik toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda
    Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
    Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
    Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
    Tere binaa.. Tere bina..
    Tere binaa.. Tere bina..

  85. {[(β™₯)]}

    Mujhko bhoole se bhi chaand tum na kaho
    chaand mein to kahi daag hain
    mujhe phool na kehna wo murjhate hain
    jugnu bhi na kehna wo kho jaate hain… πŸ™‚

  86. {[(β™₯)]}

    Chaan sitaare phool aur khushboo ye to saare purane hain
    taaza taaza kali khili hain
    hum uske deewane hain

  87. Hi @Smile!!!!
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!
    myself-official welcomer of TU
    Im noopur.
    Naina di, thik hain. Kuch nhi kahenge lekin ek gaana pesh karenge aapki hiddat mein-
    Kuch na kaho…
    Kuch bhi na kaho….
    Na sorry na thank u kuch na kaho, arrey kehna hi hain toh Bolo JAI SANDHIR KI!!!!!

  88. Hii smile…
    @ heartbeat
    Daulat shohrat kya krni
    Tera pyar ka sahara kafi hai..
    Ye mahal atari nhi chahiye
    Tere dil me guzara kafi hai

  89. {[(β™₯)]}

    Mein tere jhasse mein na aaungi
    arre deewane ja
    Aisi waisi banake baatein
    mujhe na tu uljha re

  90. {[(β™₯)]}

    Hum jo chalne lage
    chalne lage hain ye raste
    manzil se behtar lagne lage hain ye raaste…

  91. shree

    dont know if these r true…some1 shared dis shit on twitter get ready to kill cvs nd later urslvs
    Monday: RD manages to break the wall. Does Sanyukta pass the first round?
    Tues: RD drugs Sanyukta and ties her up so she wouldn’t be able to reach the interview. Does she manage to free herself?
    Wednesday: RD shares an intimate moment with his stepbrother’s girlfriend. Will Sanyukta forgive him?
    Thursday: Parth exposes Varun in front of Vidushi. Will Vidushi accept his love?
    Friday: Kabir makes Hooda the security head for
    FITE, who promises to make life hell for the
    Dream Team.
    note:I dont bear any credits….so dnt bash me if dese turn out to be wrong…
    ❄ritchelle❄dis is the handle of the grl who shared dese spoilers on twitter

  92. {[(β™₯)]}

    Tode meine saare ye
    bandhan zamaane tere
    todungi na mein waada
    aadha hissa mere to
    dil ki kahani ka tu
    piya mein baaki aadha….

  93. Chalun m tere piche piche
    Baki saare bandhan tod dun
    Jo tere tak na jaye us raste ko chod du
    Har khwab mera ummid meri m tujse jod dun ..

  94. Omg scary spoilers….
    Here’s something Sona Bhatia shared:
    VarYa fans, ur wait is over now! And for Sandhir fans, its waiting time….
    But dont worry, sandhir cant stay away from each other for long
    So……thts sum gud newz, a/way!!
    Thanx smile….(for telling me abt d song)
    But im scared of the spoilers….

  95. Naina di aapne yeh gaane ka line bola ya aapne bola??
    Q ki samajhme nhi aaya kuch

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      Tum apne aap ko bhout smart samajte ho na
      Kya hua
      tumne bola tumhare liye free hu us ke liye meine ye line likhi….

  96. {[(β™₯)]}

    Bulaya kisine tumhe kya yaha jo tum lehrate aaye
    kare hum jo chahe tumhe kya jo aaye humko samjhane

  97. {[(β™₯)]}

    Chashme badoor mera yaar
    hogaya hain bekaraar
    Pyaar mein mere mere mere
    pyaar mein mere mere mere
    pyaar mein mere mere mere πŸ˜‰

  98. {[(β™₯)]}

    lukchup ke main ghoomi gali gali
    kahin mila nahin mera piya
    khil khil ke hans di kali kali
    par khila nahin mera jiya
    meri itni kahaani,
    meri hai yeh pareshaani
    kabhi aaye, koi aaye, koi bole maine dil diya
    dhoond rahi hoon main aisa dewana
    thoda sa pagla, thoda siyaana

  99. Naa jaane mere
    Dil ko kya
    Ho gaya…..
    Abhi toh yaheen
    Tha abhi
    Kho gayaa….
    Dedicated 2 Daksh bhai n sanu di…
    Missing u luvbirds
    Plz come back πŸ™

  100. Mahakatii Javaanii, Havaa Kii Ravaanii
    Hamein Yuun Na Tadapaa Ke Jaa
    Bahaaron Kii Raanii, Hasiinaa Diivaanii
    Na Dil Aise Dhadakaa Ke Jaa
    Maanaa Hai Tuu Har Hasiin Se Hasiin
    Hogaa Na Ham Saa Bhii Duujaa Kahiin
    Bhanvaraa, Chhaliyaa, Harajaaii
    Paagal, Majanuu, Diivaanaa …
    Mohabbat me ye naam humko milen hain
    Tumhe jo pasnd ho aji farmana Dil jana πŸ˜‰

  101. {[(β™₯)]}

    Meiin intazar karu
    ye dil nisaar karu
    Mein tujhse pyar katu
    oh magar kaise aitbaar karu
    Jhootha hain Tera Waada
    Waada Tera Waada

  102. {[(β™₯)]}

    Mujhe pata hain ye roshinicool nahin hain
    tumne apna user name change kiya hain
    cheatinf mat karo

    • {[(β™₯)]}

      I know roshnicool (sanu) n daksh are different noopor ne bataya tha
      but now lucifer sanu n daksh all are one

  103. {[(β™₯)]}

    Lucifer tum kitne jhoothe ho
    aur jab ye dono comment kar rahe the tab tum kaha the
    i cant belive tumne itnisi baat ke liye jhooth bola