Sadda Haq 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ishika comes to sanyu room and says we will ruin sanyu’s face. Vidushi moves, they hide under the bed. ishika mixes something in sanyu’s shampoo. they leave.
Ishika is laughhing, her friend says once she use that shampoo it will be fun. isika says whole college will laugh on her.

Vidushi uses sanyu sanyu’s shampoo her hair turn red. she screams and says this is because of your shampoo. What will I do now. Vidushi is crying. sanyu says there is color mixed in it. Vidushi says who did it? Randhir? SAnyu says no he can’t do this its someone else. They both shout ishika. vidushi says i wont leave her. sanyu calls parth and says come in corridor or vidushi will kill Ishika. Two guys laugh at vidushi, she throws a slipper at them. Everyone laughs at her

in library too. Whereever she goes everyone is laughing on her. Ishika and her friends are waiting for sanyu to come. They are shocked to find vidushi. Vidushi says you blo*dy idiot. Vidushi slaps he and starts hitting he. Vidushi says i will ruin your face. She starts throwing tools at her. Parth is looking for vidushi.

Sanyu goes to randhri and says you know what you super insecure gf is doing? She came to ruin my hair but vidushi’s hair turned pink. Randhir says she might be looking candy floss. sanyu says don’t you say a word about her. Ishika is running, vidushi runs after her. Ishika slips vidushi sits on her and starts beating her. Parth comes and says what are you doing? Leave her please. He take her. Randhir says you girls will fight from tissues, sanyu says dont you make fun of vidushi she is the only one who stayed with me when everyone else. randhir says you know why everyone leaves you because you are selfish. you only care about yourself i was thinking about us but you thought about yourself. sanyu says by ruinning your mom’s life you were thinking about us? randhir says this is why you are alone.

Parth takes vidushi to a room. He says you took a cutter and you wanted to kill her? She says leave me. Parth kisses her. She says what else could i do? He says you could get suspended. he says i like it. Color it black, i will arrange the money. she says you ask me ti save when i buy a nail paint and now you will give me money for this. He says this is a genuine reason, but you will have to save next month, she says i knew it.

Yoyo sees jiggy in his room. yoyo says you are alive? He hugs him and says i am so sorry. Jiggy says you are my friend right? yoyo says i am your brother, tell me what to do. Jiggy says go to the girl and ask her to apologize me. Yoyo says okay i will. but come lets meet everyone, jiggy says no its our secret. Yoyo says jiggy wait where are you going? Nikil comes in and asks what are you saying? are you okay? yoyo says nothing i was missing jiggy. Natin says we all miss him. He can’t come back.

Scene 2
Randhr comes to factory late, he says i am only two minutes late. Vikram says you are going to have a big opportunity, one of you will be selected. i will recommend the only name who does all my tasks. Two of you will be eliminated on first stage. sanyu says sir tell us what the task is. Vikram shows them a video. He says these two people are best car assemblers in the world, you have to work the same way and assemble a car in 13 minutes. the competition will be between groups of two people. The team that wins will get forward and there will competition between then. You can practice here.

yoyo goes to college and asks different girls if she is the one. Randhir falls on raghu. raghu says are you scared of competition? Randhir says yeah this way you will back out. Raghu says i want myself to win rather than beating you. you act like a kid. randhir goes to kunal and says make a team with raghu, i will let sanyu fail with me. kunal says you are playing mind game? Randhir says yes but with sanyu. if you make a team with sanyu she will make you lose and if you make with me you wont win in final task. raghu is your only option, kunal says okay i have no problem, randhir says go and make a team with raghu before sanyu take him in her team.

yoyo goes to girl and says jiggy wants to apologize you he is not like this. He is a nice guy, give him one chance. She says he is dead are you mad? Just go. He says please pardon jiggy. she leaves. Sanyu goes to raghu and says are you thinking about team? I was thinking to make a team with you. kunal comes in and says raghu whom will you team up with? SAnyu says we will make a good team. Kunal says you will make a team with her? she never won a task, sanyu says let him decide. kunal says randhir wont let her win. raghu says i have decided i will become kunal’s partner.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says raghu and kunal are in one team, we will be one team. randhir says the most important thing for me is to win the task. lets try assembly practice? think about it you and i in finals. i will work on bonnet you will handle wires. SAnyu goes under the car, randhir sits on the car. Sanyu says get up randhir, randhir says to beat is you is my dream, i wont let you win, sanyu says is someone there? help. randhir stands up and leaves.

kabir and special crime officer come to vardhan. He says i hope you will cooperate with me in interrogation. officer you know it better. officer says i know that you burnt military lab and took the files, its a crime and traitory too, tell us where are those files? Vardhan stands up and says i dont know if i am traitor or not but i am handicapped. how can i go to military lab with this leg? And burn it? before this incident my leg got fractured. kabir says i know you very well. vardhan are you thinking that i must have ran from elevators? they got jam when the incident happened. officer says i am sorry sir and kabir call me when you have any proof. Kabir says what an actor you are, and i knw you have those files, i will make sure you go to jail.

Sanyu is in her room, vidushi comes in with black hair. she says do i look fine? sanyu nods. Vidushi says why are you upset now? Sanyu says i have got randhir as my team, what will i do now. He will make me lose. Vidushi says whats his problem? why dont you complain against him? Sanyu says nothing will happen. THey see ishika, vidhushi says lets see what i do with her.

Yoyo goes to rana and says arjun is not giving money. rana takes out pistol. Yoyo says will kill him? Rana says go and kill him. Rana says take is carefully/

sanyu and vidushi go to ishika’s room. vidushi makes her fainted. They mix something in a bottle. sanyu takes her phone and sees her photos with randhir. They puts something on ishika’s face and run.

Scene 3
Next morning ishika and her friend wake up and scream when they see their faces. Vidushi and sanyu laugh, vidushi says now its your turn go and neat randhir.
Randhir is punching in his room, he says pray as much as you want i wont let you win sanyu. i will bring you down in front of your dad. sanyu comes to the lab and says i did my first take here. SHe starts working on machines. she says how will i assemble a car in such small time. She starts assembling an engine. She recalls when she used to work with randhir. SHe starts throwing tools in anger. parth comes in and asks what are you doing? sanyu says i am in team with randhir, he will do anything to make me lose. I am taking a lot of time to assemble. He says just do your part well dont worry about him. Lets assemble together. they complete it. Sanyu says wow we completed it in 2 minutes. Randhri stops parth outside and says are you social worker? why you help her everytime? Parth says she is my pal and i will help her every time.sanyu fought everyone for you and you broke up with her. randhir says you are more worried for her. Randhir says now i know why people like renuka stay happy because they have stupids like you to support them. parth says she wont have needed my support if you were there. He leaves. sanyu comes and starts going to gate and so does randhir, Randhir says why you leave on same time as mine? SAnyu says its factory timing not mine.

Precap-raghu and kunal complete in 14 minutes. SAnyu is working, randhir starts shaking the car, sanyu touches current wires to his body. Randhir faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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