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Sadda Haq 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says Randhir listen to me, please calm down. she says you have to behave patiently with him. Randhir says I am like this, I didn’t change myself for you or my family. I wont become what your dad wants me to. Sanyu says I love you but papa wont understand. Sanyu says okay dont do anything.

Next morning, Parth asks what happened? Randhir says her dad keeps on scolding at people. sanyu says he had a reason. sanyu says you didn’t even answer my calls. Papa is equally important as you. I was never important for you.
Randhir recalls everything that happened. Randhir says I shouldn’t have crossed my temper. I think sanyu was right. Sanyu comes in his room and hugs him from back. She says I am sorry, I know you gave your 100%. I was just stressed out. Don’t

be mad at me. randhir says i am sorry too, you are right. I will do anything to convince your dad. She hugs him.
Sanyu says why haven’t you called your mom? He says I wont talk to her. I don’t want to talk about it. Just leave me alone. Sanyu says hitting punching bag wont kill your discomfort. Please tell me what happened? He tells sanyu everything. Sanyu is bewildered. He says they wanted to kill you. I will never talk to them again. sanyu says why didn’t you tell me. I can’t believe they did this. I am sorry. she hugs randhir.

Sanyu says in canteen, I am sure papa will agree. Vid comes and says he wont.
SAnyu sees vid with jewelry. she says this was mine. Vid says papa gave me. I am like his daughter and you are not getting married either.
Sanyu tells randhir, she says why does this. I cant see this anymore. Randhir says calm down. We will think of something. He is always mad at me. I am going home. He says you wont go alone. sanyu says no you can’t come after what happened. Randhir says i will wait for you outside. You will know someone is there to support you out there.

Pandit ji tells agarwal date for Ankit’s wedding.Sanyu says I wanna talk to you papa. Agarwal says that you wanna marry that guy? I am not your enemy. That guy doesn’t deserve you. sanyu says he is not like that. Agarwal says even vid says you’re wrong. sanyu says now you trust vid more. You gave all my stuff to her. Why? He says I dont like this either but you make me do this. sanyu says what have i done? He says what have you done? Sanyu says I dont wanna go against you. Sanyuu says he really loves me. Agarwal says I wont let you marry her. I wont permit you. but still you will do whatever you want. After that dont expect anything from me.

Randhir says to vid i will tell everyone about what you did. Vid says Ankit can donate 100 cars like that. Randhir says I will tell police, what will you do then? He says you will have to invite me over to your engagment. Randhir tells sanyu that vid has invited him. sanyu says papa will be mad at you anyway.

Precap-Sanyu says randhir what you plan on doing? Agarwal is coming towards the terrace.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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