Sadda Haq 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi says where are you going with this bag? sanyu says i will be living with maa for some days. Vidushi says why? Sanyu says its a long story. Vidushi says i have been impatient talking to parth. Sanyu says you fought again? Vidushi says he doesn’t wanna transfer. SAnyu says transfer in last year? Vidushi says yeah dean asked us to change the college since there is no job security here. Sanyu says this will get better this doesn’t mean that we should leave the college. vidushi says you are thinking like parth. sanyu says be cool and think about it. I have to go.

sanyu gets a call from ankit. Ankit says weren’t you happy with what you already did that you have taken maa with you as well? sanyu says there no respect for us only for you. ankit says what you have?

Papa’s property is all mine. sanyu says you have nothing of your own, ankit says how will you take care of maa. sanyu says yes i can take care of her. i can even take care of you, come when you need help. Maa did so much for you and that house. You were quite when dadi was insulting her. sanyu hangs up.

Sanyu overhears pkc and dean talking, eklavia says how will we tell students? Eklavia sees her and says what are you doing here? sanyu says i need permission that i will be living outside college for some days. PKC says you have our permission. sanyu says wont i need a written one? PKC says no you can leave. EKlavia says why you make is so obvious and get nervous in front of students.

Scene 2
Sanyu comes home and says i will cut the vegetables. go and rest. She makes dinner for her. anju says you have made really good dinner. sanyu says your daughter is so talented. Anju says you are doing so much for me. you can take my.. sanyu says i have applied for student loan i will be getting it soon.

Scene 3
Next morning, sanyu wakes up and says good morning ma. I feel so good to live with you. anju serves her breakfast. sanyu gets a call that her loan has been approved. anju says you have to become something and prove everyone what you are capable of. Sanyu hugs her. Anju gives her lunch box.

Parth is exercising in the hall. Vidushi comes and watches him. Vidushi says aren’t we fighting for something stupid? FITE is asking us to leave itself. We needed a job at the end of four years. Please think practically. Who knows that we will meet after college or not. I have filled my form i think you should fill it too. he takes the form and tears it apart. vidushi says what you did? why you did this. Who are you to decide my future? Parth says i can decide it for myself as well. There is one decision that i took wrong. He leaves.

Sanyu is looking for randhir. She goes to his room. He is trying to make noodles. sanyu says you can’t even make noodles? He says i don’t wanna be a girl. SAnyu gives him lunch box and says maa has sent it for you. I told her that my friend natasha gave me her flat. He says couldn’t you come up with a better name? sanyu says what else could i say? nathu ram? she makes him eat with her own hands.
He says its spicy, sanyu gives him water .

Nikil tells everyone that four people have resigned from admin. One of them said FITE will shut down. Parth says how can they do this? Vidushi says this was visible from the issues. Randhir says we could solve these issues. sahil says no one knows why these issues exist in first place.

PKC says we have called you all here just to tell you that this is a precautionary measure for your placements. Vidushi says is FITE shutting down? Dean laughs and says yes. we did precaution for you save futures and you came up with so many rumours. FITE is not shutting down. This meeting is to tell you that you can let us know if you want to cancel your admission. Dean and PKC leaves.

Precap- Dean says because of on going issues I asked you all to leave the college. FITE will shut down in few days. sanyu comes home, anju says i talked to neighbor and told her that my daughter is in FITE, she said you must be proud of her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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