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Sadda Haq 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir and sanyu try to run from there. A thug hits randhir on head. they take them both in.They say you so wanted to be hero and heroin, Now see your movie last time. We will kill you as soon as we get our money. See each other one last time. Sanyu says to randhir why are you smiling? He says I am not scared of anything. Sanyu says they will kill us. Randhir says they wont. We will make everything okay. Sanyu says they want to kill me and you want to save me. Randhir says you have to spend your whole life with me, I have to torture you for a life time. He kisses her forehead and says we will find a way out. sanyu says when you are with me I am sure.

Next morning, the thugs say to the head we can’t do this anymore. This is so dangerous. They are so clever.
Renuka says

to harsh you left him alone in jungle? Harsh says he wasn’t listening to me. Renuka says what is sanyu reaches him. harsh says my plan was right, i didn’t know that girl is so genius. Kidnapper calls harsh says she gave her info to someone. Now we have a guy here too. We will kill them too. Renuka says don’t even touch them. Don’t harm them. He says you are not getting it. If we leave them they will get us caught. Harsh says you will get your money. Renuka says you wont harm any of them. Renuka says we will give you double money but just do as we ask.

Yoyo brings some guys they try to track randhir’s location. They find our randhir’s location.
Randhir teases sanyu sanyu. Sanyu says lets go out of here. He tries to uprope her.
The thug says we are both threatened because of them. we have to shift them to new place. sanyu says will they kill us? but why? Randhir says they are criminals. sanyu says i know. Randhir says who are these rich people? Randhir says we dont have enmity with anyone. Sanyu says is rishab doing all this? Randhir says no he doesn’t have guts. Sanyu says we have to go out of here.

Yoyo and parth come to jungle, they try to track the location. Yoyo says maybe they are together. Randhir’s hand bleeds while he tries to cut sanyu’s rope. The thugs come in and say we have to go somewhere else. Don’t try to be smart this time. They take them out. Sanyu and randhir. the thugs run after them as well. Parth and yoyo are in same area as well. Sanyu slips. Randhir picks her up. They start running again. Randhir asks sanyu to hide. Randhir grasps a thug and takes his gun. Randhir says we have to hide. They hide behind the bushes. Parth and yoyo come and hit the thugs. The thugs catch them. Head says come out we will kill them. Parth says let them go please. You can keep us. The head says come out or we will shoot them.

Precap-Randhir and sanyu come out. A thug says kill her first. Randhir says don’t even touch her. Randhir hits the head thug later and says who asked you to kidnap her? Someone shoots him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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