Sadda Haq 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth is topless and is playing basketball. Randhir is sitting there as well. sanyu goes to parth and says I thought I should join. You look dashing without shirt. She holds his hand and says wilol you teach me ? He says yes. sanyu hugs him and whispers in his ear I have to make Randhir jealous. Parth says yeah come. Randhir kicks the bench and leaves. parth says I think he got jealous. Sayu says thanks. Vdushi sees them and sys sanyu you.. I asked you to gain your value not forget your worth.

Randhir says to parth whats your problem? What were you doing with sanyu? Parth says relax she just wanted to learn basketball. Randhir says does she have to win some championship. Parth says do yu have any problem? Randhir says no. why would I. Parth says yeah you shouldn’t have you

are not in a relationship with him.

Yoyo’s pal says why don’t you marry kausutuki. He says I have even made my suit for wedding. We will live together in village. We will work in our garage and repair tractors. Yoyo gets a call from his dad? he says why have to got your wedding suit ready? He says I thought inflation is increasing. His dad says then you should get married. Yoyo says no no I don’t wanna get married. His dad says I will show you some girls. He says I don’t wanna see any.
Proposal time in Sadda Haq

Scene 2
Vidushi says what were you doing with sanyu parth? he says I was teaching her basketball. Vidushi says you never taught me is she some special student of yours? He leaves
Vidushi goes to hall and says sanyu what are you trying to do? Parth is only mine. Don’t even dare to get close to him. sanyu says you are getting it wrong. I just wanted to thank you. Your advice worked. Randhir got jealous. She hugs her and says thanks for the idea. Sanyu says in heart if vidushi is this jealous what will be happening to randhir.

Rishi comes to maya’s cabin. Maya is shocked. He says call your vardhan> You sent me to jail with him. I was in jail and you were enjoying here. sudeenly she realizes its her day dream. Vardhan asks her are you okay? SHe says yes I am fine. he says have some coffee. He gives her a cup of coffee and leaves.

Sanyu asks a guy did you see randhir? He says no. sanyu asks randhir.He is drowned in dreams. Yoyo says no I don’t wanna get married. sanyu says aee you out of your mind. He says when did you come? sanyu says where is randhir? He says he must be in lab., sanyu says no he isn’t. He says so he must have gone to wed. Sanyu says wahts wrong with everyone.

Scene 3
Ankit’s friend comes and says I heard sanyu left the house. She left you all embarrassed. How do you even step out? ankit says are you here to taunt? He says no I just wanted to share your pain. I am with you and your family. He leaves. ankit says I have to do something. We can’t get embarrassed all our lives because of her.

Check here for spoilers(Fresh post)

Scene 4
Sanyu is looking for Randhir everywhere. SAnyu sees him sitting alone. Suddenly a girl comes to him and Randhir is talking to her with so much love. Randhir says to the girl I know palmistry. Randhir says yeah show me your hand. He says this is your love line. You will get your boy friend soon. He will be smart and genius. You will get into a serious relationship. Randhir is seeing sanyu is the small mirror. SAnyu comes and drags randhir with her. she says what were you doing/ Randhir says this is how you behave? SAnyu says what were you doing with her? He says I was just talking to her. She says you were flirting with her? Randhir says its not your problem. what were you doing witj parth? sanyu says that’s not your problem. Randhir says were you trying to make me jealous? SAnyu says you will just do all this stupid things but you have no courage to propose me. Tell me do you have it? Randhir says no.

Some guys are talking. One says she is a girl and she has so much courage.
A girl calls vidushi and says are you the same vidushi who lived in meera colony? I tried to contact your parents as well. But I couldn’t. She says I am not Vidushi Kumar this is a wrong number.

yoyo says in front of jiggy when will m y kaustuki come. jiggy syas this isn’t your house as well. Yoyo says focus on book and I will get married to kaustuki. I won’t even invite you. Vidushi is quite upset regarding the call. Parth wonders why is she upset. He says I shouldn’t think about her. Yoyo makes a plane of paper and flies it . it goes to sanyu. SAnyu thinks its ranhdir. she says he had to throw it and blank like his mind. sanyu writes you are a difficult equation and sends it to randhir. Randhir writes imaginary engineers can’t solve equation. SAnyu hits him on knee. Randhri throws the plane in the air. Its goes to the librarian. she says get out randhir.

Precap-sanyu says to parth you all guys are same. Parth says does it matter who proposes? You have to deicide what you wanna do.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. saddahaqrox

    i think randhir he propose karega n aise karega ki sanyu will cry like hell…
    sandhir ftw
    btw, check this out:
    Proposal time for Sanyukta and Randhir in Sadda Haq
    sanyukta and randhir in sadda haq

    It is proposal time in Sadda Haq. Randhir has not yet proposed Sanyukta and taunts her asking her to propose him, as she always does things which men do and she boasts of being a go getter. Sanyukta wants Randhir to propose to her. Both of them do not take any step and wait for each other’s move. Vidushi is rude to Sanyukta, but luckily gives an idea to Sanyukta to make Randhir know her value, and to make him realize the fear of losing her when he sees her with someone else. She asks Sanyukta to make Randhir jealous.

    Sanyukta likes the idea and takes Parth’s help. She tries to show off to Randhir that she likes Parth. She goes to Parth and asks him to teach basketball. She holds his hand and hugs him while he is shirtless, seeing Randhir watch him from far. Randhir is shocked with burning heart and jealous. He reacts on this and meets Parth, asking him to back off from Sanyukta. Parth questions on his relationship with Sanyukta, and says you should not have any problem as you are not into a relationship with her. Sanyukta plans to make Randhir propose her. Randhir wants her to propose him as she wants to be equal to boys in every aspect. Will Sanyukta be successful in making Randhir jealous and cooked up to propose her? Keep reading.

  2. pandhir hi sanyukta ko propose karega.

    2days epi was quite funny bcoz sanyu making rd jelous and rd making sanyu.

    in dono ki bich ki jagada kab khatam hogi?

  3. saddahaqrox

    dono soch rahe’ ok, 2 cn play at that game!’
    and this was the same girl he used to get pkc ot of the lab whn he wanted 2 give sanyus practicals…bechaari! hamesha use ho jaati hain…par phir bhi, nek kaam ke liye haun na toh punya milega!

  4. lover boy

    natasha,vridhi,saddahaqrox,akanksha…………..tum me se koi meri gf bn jao plz..if all 4 meri gf bn skti ho toh plz bn jao yr i will satisfy u 4 everyday!!plz

  5. Daksh

    Don’t they hv any other hot & beautiful grl to put wid rd to make sanyu jealous as u can see she is nt so beautiful>:)

  6. shraddha

    R: Restless
    A: Attractive
    N: Noughty
    D: Daring
    H: Hot, Helpful, Handsome
    I: Irresistible
    R: Romantic

  7. shanaya

    Monday spoiler..

    Randhir and Sanyukta r waiting for each other to propose. Randhir hesitates to take the plunge. Eventually Sanyukta decides to propose him..

    Best spoiler ever.. isn’t it..?

  8. Meera

    hey there is a special epi on 1st november saturday 2 pm and 8 pm – ” HALLOWEEN NIGHT” . i saw the promo just now… it has D3 stars and SH stars. i saw PSB also….. in a halloween costume.,

  9. saddahaqrox

    haan…me 2 saw it…
    by the way yeh lover boy phirse aa gaya?
    he n samidha shud open a private website of their own….cheapos!!!

  10. saddahaqrox

    @ krisha,
    Let me introduce u 2 every1 here:
    SADDAHAQROX- yep! thats me! the official ‘newbie welcomer!’ beware any1 who tries 2 take this job frm me! i luv this job n i luv welcuming new ppl here coz i was welcomed very nicely πŸ˜‰
    some of my frndz n good commentors:
    MEERA DI she is the official ‘di’ of this forum…every1 seems 2 call her di, even though me n AN started it!
    AN- she is currently on exam leave, n a gud frnd of every1. both of us r 13, n the youngest so every1(including u)is our di
    AKSHARA- achu. she is a really gud commentor n a year older thn me….so may b v r d only ppl 2 call her achu
    GAME CHANGER- gc di!!!! call her by this name n she will fume. no, not really,but she does think tht d tag ‘di’ spoils her COOL usrname
    AKAKNSHA- a gud commentor, but a rare species on TU.
    thats it, it think i m done with all d ppl who hv won my STAR COMMENTATOR award till date….so now,new ppl, introduce urselves n get in the list by commenting so frequently that v all know u!!!!!

  11. saddahaqrox

    sorry my above cmmnt ws [email protected] n all new ppl

  12. daksh

    hello frndz!
    ppl, there is one os i donot understand. well, sum of it but infact not the core purpose of itt. plz help!
    tis is d one-
    “Oh Randhir paaji, your Sanyukta ran to the bathroom, she was telling Kaustuki that she’s in trouble,” Yo-yo told Randhir frantically.

    Randhir raised his eyebrow as soon as Yo-yo called Sanyukta his Sanyukta.

    “My Sanyukta?” he questioned. “I don’t give a damn if she goes to the bathroom or not.”

    “Randhir paaji, you are the one who sends me to help her when she’s in trouble. I just told you what I noticed. Sanyukta was saying something about pain in her tummy,” Yo-yo explained.

    Pain in her tummy? What was this silly girl doing to her health now?

    “Uh… I need to finish up some work Yo-yo!” Randhir said anxiously before fleeing from the scene and running towards the public washroom.

    Once he approached the washroom, Randhir paused outside.

    “Sanyukta?” he called from the outside, but there was no response.

    He opened the door and walked in awkwardly, anxiously wondering what people would think if they saw him there. Sanyukta was by the sink, washing her hands.

    “Oh… there you are,” he said, trying to sound smug, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms.

    Sanyukta’s head shot up as soon she heard his voice.

    “Randhir?” she asked, her eyes widening with shock. “What are you doing here? Do you have any shame?”

    Randhir looked Sanyukta up and down. She looked fine to him – what was Yo-yo talking about?

    “I heard your tummy was hurting. I wanted to make sure you were okay,” he said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

    She furrowed her brows and turned off the tap, turning around to face him. “Why do you care?” she retorted back.

    “I told you Sanyukta, only I have the right to hurt you. Nothing else.”

    Sanyukta rolled her eyes. “Go away Randhir before people see you and start questioning me,” she ordered, “- or you know what, I’ll go.”

    She started to make her way towards the exit but Randhir blocked her way.

    “No, what happened?” he asked her, determined to find out the cause of her problem.

    Sanyukta’s mouth fell open. “You’re not going to let me leave?” she asked, placing a hand on her tummy out of frustration. “Ugh.”

    Randhir looked at Sanyukta as she grabbed her tummy.

    “Why are you doing that?” he asked, fear written all over his face. “You… you don’t need me to call the hospital do you?”

    Sanyukta, who had previously been frowning, now started laughing.

    “Why are you laughing?” Randhir snapped. “Why aren’t you taking your pain seriously, dammit?”

    She put on a straight face immediately. “Nothing Randhir, just let me go!”

    He grabbed her arm with force and pulled her close to him. An uncomfortable expression took over Sanyukta’s face.

    “What happened Sanyukta?”

    She pulled her arm away and took two steps back. “It is none of your business,” she snapped.

    “It is my business,” he replied, grabbing her shoulders. “It is!”

    “Haan haan kyunki main tumhaare Bache ki Maa banne waali hoon!” she retorted sarcastically.

    Randhir let go of her shoulders with as much force as he had grabbed them, his mouth falling open. “What? Have you gone mad? Listen, I don’t know what’s happening in your dreams, but let me make it clear that nothing like that happened between us and it would never happen! Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and smirked. “Why not Randhir? If you didn’t use a con**m, that isn’t my fault is it?”

    He took her arms off him. “Shut up Sanyukta. You’re mental. Do you understand? You’re seriously crossing the line now!”

    Randhir already knew that the line was crossed long back when they shared that kiss, but he ignored that.

    “Oh, so this is why your stomach is hurting. You’re pregnant right? You couldn’t wait until marriage, so you took this drastic step,” he provoked, knowing his words were far from the truth, but this was the only way he could annoy her enough for her to tell the truth.

    Sanyukta’s whole body started to shake with anger.

    “How dare you Randhir Singh Shekhawat? How dare you question my character like that!”

    “Oh please Sanyukta, don’t pretend like you weren’t playing these dirty games just two minutes ago – you questioned my character. You think I would ever do something like that with you? Stupid girl.”

    “You know what Randhir, you’re a man. You won’t understand! I am on my period. It’s natural! If you want to run around behind me for a week every month and throw accusations at me then be my guest, but I have better things to do.”

    With that, she grabbed her bag and left the bathroom, leaving Randhir stunned at what he just heard.

    “What the -” he said to himself.

    He had not been expecting that. Having lived away from his mom for so many years and not having had a sister, he was not accustomed to that. It was almost a non-existent thing for him.

    “Sanyukta!” he called out after her as he followed her in the direction of the canteen.

    He wanted her to rest. If she was sick then she couldn’t be walking around the school like this! Sanyukta, without turning around, increased her pace even more and entered the canteen, Randhir just a few steps behind her.

    The lights were already off, and it was a miracle that the canteen wasn’t locked already.

    “Is there anyone here?” she called out, before going into the kitchen and placing her bag on the counter. “Ouch my tummy hurts.”

    “Go to sleep then,” he ordered.

    “I’m hungry Randhir!” she said, sitting down on the ground of the kitchen. “I won’t get out of here until I eat.”

    “Are you crazy?” he asked, his eyes widening. “Okay fine, I’m hungry too. Make us something to eat.”

    Sanyukta glared daggers at him. “You don’t know how it feels to be in this position where it feels like a thousand knives are stabbing your tummy Randhir. You don’t understand the pain I’m going through!” she snapped, getting up and grabbing the collar of his shirt forcefully.

    “You didn’t need to publicize this,” he countered, pulling his shirt away from her. “I’ll… make you something. Go sit on a table. And haan, I’m not making it for you. I’m hungry and I don’t trust you so I’m making it.”

    Sanyukta smiled sweetly at Randhir and sat down on a table outside. The lights were dim, so it was hard to make out much of the cafeteria, but Randhir brought a lit candle and placed it on the table immediately.

    “Aren’t you going to cook?” she snapped, feeling a satisfying sense of authority.

    “If you’re going to order me around then I won’t cook for you Sanyukta.”

    “Okay Randhir,” she said, sighing dramatically. “It’s okay – you won’t ever feel the pain us girls feel.”

    “Deal with your sickness yourself then!” Randhir said harshly.

    At this, Sanyukta stood up, grabbing the side of her stomach and wincing in pain. Randhir held out a hand protectively, but then took it back.

    “Sickness? Randhir you call this a sickness? You’re sick! It’s a natural phase in every woman’s life!”

    “Yeah… well… just do whatever Sanyukta. I’m leaving!”

    He made his way to the door of the canteen and tried to open it, but it was locked. “Oh great – out of all the students in FITE, I always have to get locked with you. blo*dy peon.”

    “What?” Sanyukta exclaimed, her head shooting up. She didn’t want to be trapped with Randhir all night.

    Sanyukta ran towards the door and tried to push it with all her might. “Great,” she said. It was all Randhir’s fault! “Thanks a lot Randhir.”

    “If you just went to bed like I told you to, this wouldn’t happen, but you just needed to have a big appetite today didn’t you?” he snapped.

    She felt tears start to sting her eyes. Why didn’t Randhir understand? A girl needed to be cared for and comforted at this stage and all he was doing was yelling at her!

    Randhir, feeling guilty for making her cry, gently placed a hand on Sanyukta’s shoulder comfortingly.

    “Go sit down,” he told her, looking away from her, “I’ll make something.”

    She smiled at him and nodded, deciding that it was not worth saying anything right now – if she could capture this moment she would. Randhir making her – a girl – food. It was a miracle that the world hadn’t ended yet.

    In about thirty minutes, Randhir walked out with two plates of roti and cauliflower sabzi.

    “You can cook?” Sanyukta exclaimed, shocked as he placed a plate down in front of her.

    He showed her his phone. “It’s the era of technology Sanyukta.”

    “Well then,” she said, smiling to herself, “I hope this tastes good.”

    Randhir sat down in front of her and waited for her to start eating, but she didn’t.

    “You eat it first,” she said, glancing down at the food. “Who knows, you might have poisoned it.”

    Randhir rolled his eyes and ripped up a piece of his own roti, but Sanyukta grabbed his hand to stop him from doing so. She took off a piece of her roti, wrapped it around her sabzi and held it out for Randhir to eat.

    Mesmerized, Randhir’s head moved forward to eat from Sanyukta’s hands, but before his lips could touch the food, she grabbed his hand and forcefully made him take the bundle of food. “Eat it yourself,” she demanded, narrowing her eyes.

    Randhir coughed, pulling himself out of his trance. “Oh… yeah, I was doing that!” He wrapped his fingers around the bundle of cauliflower and roti and put it in his mouth.

    “I just wanted to see if you would eat my plate – who knows, maybe my food was poisoned.”

    “Sanyukta, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t do it so obviously,” he told her, rolling his eyes. “Just eat.”

    She nodded and looked down at her plate, taking one small bite. “This is… really good. Where did you learn to cook this?”

    “I told you Sanyukta, it’s the age of technology. Which century are you living in?”

    It seemed to Sanyukta that Randhir had a penchant for cooking, but she didn’t say anything. After all, if he was going to make her food like this, she had no reason to complain.

    “So,” Randhir said, after they were both silent for some time. “This… sickness you have. Will it go away soon?”

    She furrowed her eyebrows at Randhir, her nostrils flaring.

    “Randhir Singh Shekhawat, if you can’t respect a woman’s menstrual cycle, then do not disrespect it at least by calling it an illness. What did I tell you earlier?”

    “Okay, sorry!” he apologized. “I just want to know when it’ll end!”

    “In five days, give or take a day or two,” she replied nonchalantly.

    “So you’ll be in pain for five days?” he asked, starting to worry about her. “I mean… how do you bleed for five days and not die? That’s weird… and you’re telling me it isn’t a sickness?”

    Sanyukta stood up sharply, yelping in pain as she grabbed the side of her tummy again. “You won’t understand Randhir! You’re not a woman. All we want right now is to cuddle with something, watch a movie like kuch kuch hota hai, eat chocolate and either scream or cry!”

    Randhir got up too and made his way around to Sanyukta. He wrapped an arm around Sanyukta’s shoulder and seated her back down, sitting beside her. He took out a chocolate bar from his pocket and gave it to her, smiling as soon as he saw her eyes light up.

    “Randhir, how did you know?”

    “I told you Sanyukta, we’re living in the technology era.”

    “You googled this?” she asked, starting to giggle uncontrollably, grabbing her stomach as she did so.

    Randhir noticed the slight flush of her cheeks as she giggled and automatically smiled wider. She looked beautiful when she was smiling.

    “Ouch…!” she said, trying breathe through fits of giggles. “It hurts when I laugh!”

    Randhir slid a hand on the side of her tummy, over her hand, his other hand gently bringing her head to his shoulder. He thought he heard Sanyukta sigh with happiness, but concluded it was his imagination instead.

    She unwrapped the chocolate bar as he played Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on his phone and held it out for them to watch. Sanyukta couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

    “So this is a date Randhir – we had dinner and we’re even watching a movie alone?” she asked him, no scorn in her voice whatsoever.

    “Date? Please,” he said, rolling his eyes.

    Sanyukta smiled, knowing that he considered it a date too. She knew him well enough to know when he was trying to hide his feelings.

    Near the middle of the movie, Sanyukta fell asleep on his shoulder. A smiling Randhir gently moved her so she could lie on the bench with her head on his lap. He let his head fall onto the table as sleep took over his body as well.

    Sanyukta smiled in her sleep – she didn’t know what made her find Randhir, but she knew that it was pure serendipity that she did find him.

    The next morning Sanyukta woke up first.

    “Oh no,” she whispered to herself, when she noticed that she had fallen asleep. Getting up quickly, she noticed they were still locked. Glancing down at her phone, she realized that it was almost six in the morning and the peon would unlock the door in less than ten minutes. She checked the bench where she had been sleeping and her face paled. Rushing into the kitchen, she used her dupatta and dish soap to clean off the spot where she had leaked, causing Randhir to wake up.

    “What are you doing?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.

    What was he doing up? This was so embarrassing. “N-nothing,” she said, wiping off the last of the blood and running to the kitchen to wash off her dupatta.

    Once she came out, Randhir wrapped his shirt around her waist, covering up the stain on her pants before she said a word to him. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Still, she was touched.

    Sanyukta stood on her tiptoes and kissed Randhir’s cheek. “Thank you so much Randhir,” she told him with a warm smile, “For making me feel special.”

    “I did it because I was bored and you wouldn’t shut up if I didn’t, don’t consider yourself special,” he replied, rolling his eyes. “I was stuck in a tornado last night – tornado Sanyukta.”

    Smiling softly to herself, Sanyukta turned around and made her way towards the door, noticing that the peon had unlocked it. Turning around and giving him one final warm smile, she walked towards the girl’s dormitory, mesmerized by this hidden side of Randhir.

  13. saddahaqrox

    @ AISHA,
    U R VERY WELCUM 2 TU, DEAR!!!!!!!
    no1 hs a prob with age here…….u r d only person younger thn me here!!! i m 13…..
    and dont worry abt d os…..u will understand whn u experience it πŸ˜‰

  14. [email protected] changer

    @Aisha u r wlcum….bt just a advise 4 u never share ur persnal information hre nt just here bt kisi bhi serial k updsate pr…its just for ur security …………….got it????
    and nupoor u kya keh rahi thi mere bare me!!!aur meera ko official didi bana diya !!!!haha…..ok ok… problm….

  15. [email protected] changer

    @meera,howz DS’ mom now?????

  16. Mdh

    Hi Frnds,

    Its a question plus prediction to all .

    “Kya Iss week me hum log dekh paenge evn Today that ” sanyu or RD any of them r proposing ech other. Or CV would continue fr next week ?

  17. Yadav

    I think n as per yestarday precap where ( sanyu supposd to say some think to Parth) , To Day Sanyu may propos to RD.

  18. Myra

    I am sry saddahaqrox. I did’nt mean to take your place. Iam too new here and did not know abt this. Once again sry

  19. sarita

    Hi guys dis is sarita…would u jus tell me when was the above episode telecasted…coz I hvnt seen dat episode…I evn searched bt dint find it.

  20. Meera

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› =-O :-* :O B-) :-$ :-! :-[ O:-) :-\ :'( :-X πŸ˜€ o_O :-/ X-( 😐 <3 :-V XD :-Q :-@ :-C :-O :-O

  21. Meera

    :-\ o_O :-/ X-( 😐 :-! :-$ B-) :-O :-C :-@ :-Q XD :-V <3 <3

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