Sadda Haq 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu calls anju and asks how are you today mom? anju says yes i am fine. sanyu says if you are okay can i stay in college for some days? anju says dont worry for me, i will be fine, sanyu says if only you are fine otherwise i would come back. anju says your success is the most important things. If you come here and you lose the competition i wont feel good. sanyu calls anju and asks how are you today mom?

Parth is working, vidushi comes and says what idea do you have now? he says let me work sh says lets go to cafe or canteen. he says i have to work. vid says i will call namit he is a better company. He will teach me dance along with studies as well. parth says you think i can’t dance?? he takes her to hall. They dance on

Sanyu is going in a hurry, she collides and

falls on her. he says you keep an eye on me and fall on me. she says i have to go i dont have time. Parth is hitting the punching ball, randhir says ignore her if you are not interested. or control her if you feel for her. Parth says you are saying this? you show sanyu all the attitude not me you will lose her this way.

vid collides with a girl she says sorry i have IT test so i was in a hurry, Vidushi comes back to room and says to ragini what is this? she says its a novel. Raghini says i have studied for that aleady.
Randhir calls sanyu but her number is off. He comes to the room and aksks vidushi where is sanyyu? she says you could have called him. he says its off. SHe says you didn’t care about her when she was your gf. randhir says call her home. vidushi says is sanyu home?anju says no, vidushi says oh yes she is in college, dont worry.
randhir tracks her phone, she is in hariyana. Randhir says dont tell me she went to find ranawat. vid says i dont know. He says in heart that is village of raghini as well.

Sanyu is in the village she asks everyone if they know abahy? they say no. sanyu says let me show you his photo. He shows he says no i have not seen him. sanyu roams from street to street and asks people. she comes to a dhabba and asks a waiter. She says i have been trying to find him. He says i dont know him.sanyu sits there, she says address cant be wrong, this is the village pkc told me about.
The waiter goes in a room and says to ranawat your work is done. I told her there is no ranawat here. i told her the address is wrong, she doesn’t look like she would give up. ranawat says sanyukta..

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Parsh

    Kya yaha koi gamechanger,RS ya daksh ko janta he, means vo ab yaha comments karte he kya 🙁

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    Hey jaan mujhe bhi percap ka aata pata nahi hai recharge khatam ho gaya tv ka but I will post till morning OK I think d same precap will b dere which is going on from last 2 days but I will c at n8 OK

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    OK parsh I got ur name its shraddha so should I give d mgs lyk shraddha’s IF account is not working n she is calling u neet n fiza di on sh tu plz pass on d mgs to neet n fiza di
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    My bday on 13th Oct wbu
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    I know tk u vini I luved it n I’m sure my sis will also luv it every1 n yes I’m lucky dat way

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    I luv all of dem dr sana ka test hai sunday ko she n varshini both have d aim to bcom doc n u know it is not dat easy so bc

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    i m a only daughter 2 my parents. my dad was lovly nd funny but my mom was strict nd lovly.they ll give lots of surprise 2 me. i have 2 puppies wit whom i used 2 spend my evn. its a small nd cute family 🙂 🙂

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    U wish vini but I have full trust on dere capabilitys dey will definitely b aur agar nahi bhi hue tho kya farak padta hai dey will get something really best in their lyf I will pray for it for dem to achieve their dreams

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    Upcoming track of sh will b entertaining it will b full on comedies & sandhir kuch aisa karenge Jo aaj tak nahi kiya hai

    OK OK I break d suspense now

    Mon: sanyu n rd r concerned by d goons from d village

    Tue: rd protects sanyu from d local goons

    Wed: rd n sanyu kidnap ranawat

    Thus: ranawat relucantly helps sanyu to repair a machine

    Fri: ranawat angrily smashes a glass on d floor which later on injures sanyus head

  39. shenaz

    Hw is d spoilers guys ??
    Is any1 of u excited for sh upcoming track
    I’m tho super duper excited haha

  40. shenaz

    Oh accha dat red n yellow character on cartoons na something lyk a duck or exactly a duck

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    No I didn’t chat with priyu shera said dat she must b bc with embroidery n varshini also can’t chat everyday if once her schools start

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    Oh accha I can’t get angry on u all always remember dis u will never feel dat I’m angry on u guys anytime

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    But 1 thing u have to agree jaan dat it is really a crazy idea I’m sure sanyu ne diya hoga rd aisa kuch idea nahi dega I think so

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    Plz try na once for me plz swthrt only once give it a last try plz I promise I will never say it agn to u in my lyf

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    I’m saying dis bcoz somewhere in heart I feel dat u want to do job say it honestly do u feel so or not

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    OK bye gn sweet dreams sleep well tc b safe n healthy n plz no stress of my saying OK do it as ur heart say ur time is up swthrt bye c u 2morrow dr tata luv u ummmah

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    Yup I feel so bcoz u every time asked me about my job hw is it going n all an so I feel it from heart n c d answer is yes from u
    OK mail me I will c wt can I do for u swthrt

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    Guys gud news sh has agn reached as d best youth show n hits more dan d targets upto date on youth shw

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    Dis song is dedicated to all of u sweeeties

    Mai jaaha raho
    Mai kahi bhi hu
    Meri yaad sath hai
    Mai kisi se kahu
    Ya na kahu
    Meri shaat sath hai

  55. shenaz

    Read jaan sh is broke all d records till 2dy n is d best youth show grt na it has many viewers den any other youth shw

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    No jaan I don’t know hw much or wtever is posted on fb n twetter I post it here but when I will cum to know anything I will post it dr

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    Hi arjuni
    U know jaan yesterday was raghinis last day on set very soon she will b out of sh shw

  58. shenaz

    I don’t know about truv dr but agar sanyu ki mom aise hi lyk karti rahi na usko definitely koi problem create ho k rahagi
    Raghini is not quiting d shw arjuni just her work has finished dr

  59. shenaz

    Well me n jaan r also addicted to it haha v can’t stay away from it not even for a day

  60. shenaz

    Oh OK arjun n wt I was thinking dat day was u didn’t came bcoz of my rubbish talks of dat day
    OK arjun ur intro same things in ur intro as I asked arjuni OK

  61. iam studying in 12th i mean iam shifting to 12th but iam small in age due to talent i am in 12th and iam a fashionista designer and a badminton player i love to be independent thats the reason iam findin job

  62. thank u guyz actually i created a mail just yesterday i dont like social media but just to chat with u wats ur email shenaz i hope u dont misunderstand me coz i dont know how to use dats the reason

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    Well I can’t give my mail id on dis syt dr hope u don’t mind it confidencial for dis syt can u give urs I can mail u if yes den only

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    Well I’m from mumbai n completed 12th got 78% bcoz I was ill during 3papers n really lost a huge marks in dem only now going to join for bcom n let’s c which course I will choose n I’m a sales girl at a chemists well its my part time job bady on 13th Oct n yes shenaz is my real name not fake

  65. shenaz

    Obviously dr u can I’m sure any collage will take u hw can dey refuse a talented person. But I think some collages can bcoz of their minority or etc etc reason dey will give u but I’m sure u will get admission here

  66. shenaz

    Oh I would love to have a tomboy charctr friend n I luv ur passion dat u r crazy for ur dreams

  67. shenaz

    Ramya im confused plz help me out u 1st time on sh tu n don’t even watch sh den hw cum u here plz anwer

  68. shenaz

    I’m in borivali side I m not close to ambani sch well I think it will b a bit difficult for u to go in dat dey have lots of reasons for dat I don’t know try ur luck dr well my best wishes is with u dr always

  69. take care guyz will come after shenaz comes miss u and ah shenaz i will not take any thing to come here ok bi tata tc coz u will come then only i will come stay blessed buddy!

  70. shenaz

    Well its a youth based shw based on a pasonate girl named sanyukta in engireeing field she first faces a big rival in collage named randhir n now she is in luv with him dey have a dream team which consist of parth vidushi yoyo shahil sanyu rd n dey aim to fulfill their dreams at cost of their lyf also

  71. shenaz

    Well it is a girl power wala shw n sanyu has to leave her family also for her dreams but she luvs her family d most but can’t sacrifice her dreams for dat n ha for achieving her dreams she has to face d males in d society d most spl her luv rd her dad n her bro ankit also only her mom supports her to achieve her dreams dis shw has d best youth show till up to date ka record leaving back all old youth shows

  72. shenaz

    Bcoz it was my aunts bday 2dy v enjoyed a lot 2dy n d day seems so blessed on me dat I got 2new friends 2dy on tu u n anjuni well I was not excepting anything lyk dis to happen but d day is going really very gud for me so indirectly it turned best for me

  73. shenaz

    Ramya meet devil he is Tabish from Mumbai he say lyk dis only don’t wry about him he is funny

  74. shenaz

    So devil wtsapp pe kyu nahi aaye thai I was waiting na ab tumhara net thik ho gaya sh pe aane k liye when vini is not their

  75. it based on mother nd child relationship
    nd also there is 2nd chance
    to leave life who are broken the heart by the ppl
    ishita who is a dentist 4 kids.she always helps whenever
    kids are in pain selfishness woman
    she loves subbu bt when he
    cms to knw that she vil nt be
    able to give him child he left her
    Raman he already divorced
    having two kids ruhi nd adi
    shagun is 1st wife she loves
    raman boss ashok
    then ishita nd raman gets
    married bcz of ruhi
    at starting they are like enemies then both vil fall love each other

  76. the serial is very nice
    raman nd ishita nok jhok moments their chemistry
    nd frm last 3days earthquake
    super u knw heart touching
    mother nd childrens bond

  77. Arjun

    Ladki kamaal re ankhion se goli mare
    haan apne deewane ka apne deewane ka kar ke bura haal re ankhion se goli mare

  78. shenaz

    Arre u said dat u r from Kolkata n dats all not about studies n all n ur bday r u doing job or not nothing lyk dis

  79. [email protected]

    yup shenaz dats so swt of u… tabx bro sry fr dissappearing dat day my net pck had fnshd

  80. ??#Sara??

    shamayil hasana
    @rammu… shenaz it ws me I dunno hw dat smthng bakwas came in plc of my name

  81. shenaz

    Well I’m interested in dancing free style dancing drawing cooking n most importantly giving time to my family n friends n urs

  82. shenaz

    OK Sara swthrt vaise bhi I got it bcoz dat dayu mailed me na
    Arjun bday k day pe tho tu pe aaogena if not den take my also advance bday wishes from me many many happy returns of d day may u achieve wtever u want in lyf

  83. i am interested in studying books.lisening music
    watching tv talking naughty things chatting vit
    frds nd dancing…
    Gng to silent places

  84. shenaz

    OK c put water on ur face n have something lyk coffee n tea its obvious u won’t feel sleepy den but do u really want to try it

  85. ??#Sara??

    cooking dancing singing & mkng art wrk dr… & fr fun chatng wid frnds playng pranks on frnds & watchng tv

  86. shenaz

    Oh dats gud I make fish Maggie meat n fried rice d best to which my mom say no1 can match ur style in dese things but chappaties I tho make fadu chappaties if any1 will c na dey will run away aft seeing it hunger bhi katam ho jaiga unsabka hahaha

  87. shenaz

    Sara tumne aaj aake mujhe kya kha something lyk sheny
    Ramya y u call me sneha most of d times