Sadda Haq 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanyu I know you love. You forgave me after everything. I am glad you are back in my life. I would have been lonely without you. He is about to kiss her. Someone comes in the elevator. They both step back. Randhir keeps teasing Sanyyu. She says no.
Kritika says to sumit where are you specs? He says I am wearing lenses. Sanaya says there is a big news. Sanaya says I heard Randhir and sanyu talking. They have patched up. Kritika says I am so excited. Kritika says joy you stay quite. Meet me alone I will tell you. Sanaya says there is another big news. Kritika says should we tell them? Sumit says dont complicate it and tell me. Sanaya says I heard they are already married. Everyone is dazed. Sumit says what? Sanaya says they walked away from each other two years ago. She

tells them everything. Arjun says they sound like a drama serial couple. Sanaya says we should do something special for this. Kritika says like not so grand. sanaya says what can you guys suggest? Arjun goes out.
Arjun gets a text. Joy comes to him and says everyone is looking for you. Don’t smile so much your smile is so creepy. Arjun says becky is coming back. Joy hugs him and says this is awesome. Arjun says Sanaya told me about Randhir and and sanyu. I thought everyone doesn’t get this chance, I called her up and said I am ready to commit. Joy says my tension is over. I was insecure with Kritika when you were single. Arjun says shut up. I never liked her.

Randhir is looking at Sanyu. Sanyu says what are you seeing? He says your pretty face. I didn’t see your face for two years. I am making up for it. He says why did we break up? Sanyu says we fight so hard. I don’t think there would be a couple who fights like that. Rnadhir says we are couple no.1 in that. Randhir says your phone is vibrating. Sanyu stands up she falls on Randhir. Randhir holds her. They both smile. Sanyu checks her phone. Randhir comes close to her and kisses her.

Joy says you are so stupid sanaya. Sanaya says what did you say? She says nothing. I said you are so nice. Kritika says we have to think what we have to do for Sanyu and Randhir. Sanaya says lets invite all their old friends. Sumit says good idea. Sanaya says but should do something thats just for them. Joy and Kritika decide something.
Randhir says to Randhir we are 2 years old couple. Sanyu says you are talking like we are so old. Sanyu says we skipped the honeymoon period. Randhir says we experienced the fighting period after honeymoon. Sanyu says I wish I could enjoy all those periods. Randhir says I will give you every happiness a wife expects from her husband.

Arjun says that yoyo went to Canada. Parth became model in africa. Kritika says Kaustuki is pregnant she can’t travel. Sumit says what about vidushi? Kritika says I texted her.
Sanyu and Randhir come in. Sumit says how can you fool us like this. Kritika says you should have shared with me. Arjun says seriously? Randhir says what? They say you guys are married. Randhir and sanyu are dazed. Arjun says we have planned to give you a wedding gift. Sumit says we wanted to invite your old friends. But they are unable to come.
Let me read their messages.
Parth: I am sorry I can’t come. I became a model. Thank God you are together. Randhir sanyu is a determined girl. Love her and keep her. Come to africa for honeymoon. We will have fun. I have a gf here too. I have pet rihno and I named it Sandhir. Randhir he didn’t tell us all that. Sanyu says its such a sweet message. He says no. it wasn’t. Joy says leave it.
Yoyo: Rnadhir and sanyu you are together. Randhir sanyu is top class. You can’t find a better one. And sanyu chill. If you two were not there I would have still been in FITE. I have a dhaba here I named it dream team dhaba. I wish I find a white here and get citizenship. My white kids will call you chacha chachi.

Precap-Sanaya is crying. sanyu says what happened? Scrap room machine.. Sanyu runs there. joy comes to Randhir and says machine fell on sanyu in scrap room. They both come and ask each other what happened are you okay?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The precap is really nice
    Kustuki is pregnant means that she had been married
    God for arjun becky has returned
    Finally HAPPY ENDING ☺????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I only want to see sanyukta’s dad reaction when he will know that randhir has been married to sanyukta
    What will be the reaction?

  2. The story was fab…And I have no doubts..sandhir will be together again..Wish parth and yoyo would have come. The sandhir scenes r worth watching. ✌✌

  3. Superb epi but im so sad i thought in the last epi we will get to see the old cast back…i wanted to see vidarth and yoyo one last time befor the show ends…i ll miss sandhir badly…but that part where they said parth became a model in africa cracked me up…i cant stop laughing…i hope we get to see at least vids in the last epi along with sandhir…i cant belive tmrrw will be the last epi of SH 🙁

    1. hey karu ! ya i too wish the same !
      miss sandhir ….

      1. Hey apu dear long time no see…missed u…and yeah it would have been nice if they brought the old cast back for the final epi…

    2. Sheena

      Yaa karu…we’re all going to miss it..n yup, i also wanted to see sh1 cast bck…kaustu toh bht time se nai aai..i hope they surprise us 😀
      Hahaha yaa, parth as a mkdel is hard to picturize? n yoyo as owner of dhaba..! Well…suits him

  4. Mukti

    wow superbb reminds me of my bf..the epi is perfect..sanyu rd are so cutee..rd is sooo sweet he said he will give her all hapiness.thts soo cutee..the way they live with each other is mindblowing..i am glad becky arjun are toghter..its rit.u should always try to mend ur relationship if u realy love them…cz if its too late u feel depressed and guilty..its happy ending.
    n wow yr iam happy for parth yoyo kaustu…
    but my vids..she suffere a lot..

  5. Sheena

    Heyyyy guys!!!! How r u all?
    Dhruv bro,mukti, piku, dr.dhruv, richu, nishu, karu, rits, sanyu, parsh, vishal, kushagra, richa, anjali n all missing ppl 😉

    Only one day left 🙁 i’m feeling really sad..n phle toh i thought that the sh1 cast will b… 🙁 uhhh…yr i wish atleast last epi k lie sb aa jae…

    N where r u all??? Last update me there were only 23 comments!!!! Come on everyone!! Jldi jldi aao sab

    1. Sheena

      Hey shivu!! Sry ..i didnt mention ur name…how r u?? 🙂

      1. hey how r u..? m fine

    2. hey sheenu im fine dear h r u ?
      im also sad coz SH will end and i too wanted the cast of S1 tp come back at least for the last epi 🙁

    3. hey sheenu ! forgot me ? ? ?
      1 more day ! ? ?
      i too wish ki old cast last epi par aaye !

      1. Sheena

        Hey apu!! Of curse not can i forget u?? Urname is included in missing ppl ?
        Where were u??

      2. Sheena

        Of course*

      3. Richa

        hyy apuuu after long 🙂

    4. i am here too feeling sad tht such a beautiful show is ending

    5. Richa

      richu is missing 🙁 but she wud b fyn nd mk fyn tooo




    So nice episode….. it was so awsome… and precap is awsome….. ☺☺☺

  8. Apu

    hey guys ! where r u all ????
    plz yaar atleast last epi ke liye sab aajana !
    today’s epi was awsome ! omg ! i laughed sooo much when it was said : parth became a model in africa ! ?
    kaustu is married i think ! i wish that last epi mein old cast ko dikhaye !

  9. I can’t believe that the show is going to end ?????????????

  10. Sheena

    Nishu, aishu, vishal, aalu, liya, bk, raj, shahid, dhruv bro n everyone else pls pls comment …only one day is left na 🙁

    Bye!! Gn everyone…sd?..c u tmrw 🙂

    1. gud mrng dear

  11. Parth, a model!! He was also a genius engineer?

  12. hllo everyone finally happy.ending

  13. hii firends..soo theres a happy happy ending.I am so happy for kaustu parth n yoyo…but parh a model…haha..its too funny..parth was not like that..
    i am gonna miss SH a lot but every thing has an end…
    anywz sshenu mayuri shivu kushu and everyone i will miss u all goys..if sh3 hapens by chance plz come back ok guys..

    1. hi vrushi hw r u??

      1. m fine dear just litlle sad for SH.u?

    2. m also sad bcoz it is very gud show and it has given me new friends

  14. hey guys how r u all?hey mayuri dear i read ur comment now..sosweet of u dear..i aam fine and u?
    so finally everythng is fine and show is nding with good note..i wanted to see old sh cast back..but it seems no actor is available..but atleast they told us wht happend to the way i will miss u all a lot…i wil write ff if I get time so chances are less.anywz happy to be ur frnd sheena mayuri nishuu karu n all others..
    and everyone comment on todays epi..

  15. So finally everything is fine and ther’s a happy ending to the show..but i will miss SH a lot..anywz guys shenu mayu karu nishu aishu alu apu richu sanyu shreyu richa dia shivu asthaa miss u all..we have lots of fu here na..i will miss it..but as harshi said every end has new beginning so lets hope we will find frnds like urs in future happy stay cool and dnt frget dhruv bhai..haha

    1. hii dhruvv nice dp..

    2. Apu

      hey dhruv bhai ! forget u ? that’s not going to happen ! ?
      ya i too will miss sadda haq !
      btw … nice profile pic ! is it zayn malik ?

  16. hey my lovely friends pls all of u come back coz today is the last epi 🙁 pls
    and like vrushika said if by any chance we will be lucky enough to get sadda haq S3 pls all of u come back here coz i ll miss u all a lot ..
    im still gonna be here after the show ends…i ll be on the ffs page so if anyone of u want to join me pls do..
    SH is the best…

    1. hey karu howru

      1. hey dhruv im fine and h r u ? long time no see 🙂

    2. yep dear it would be fun if SH3 happens.but chances are to less.karu can i ask u on thing..y dont uwrite ur writing is so cute..

      1. hey dear thank u for the compliment dear…im glad u like the way i write but honesly dear i dont really have time to write ffs and im not really sure if im that good in writting them 😀

    3. Mukti

      hii karuu my frnd howru

      1. hey mukti im fine dear and h r u ?

  17. hyy byy m busyyy tc c u soonnnnn sh rockssssssss

  18. ????? today is last day of sadda haq season 2 I m really upset…………….

  19. devika khanna

    where did aryan go yaar?

    1. Richa

      yaaarrrrrrr he leftttt because Sanyukta loved Rd so he sacrifised

  20. Richa

    एक बार गांव के मुखिया ने गाड़ी में अपने मित्रों के साथ पिकनिक पर जा रहा था। गाड़ी के सामने के कांच से मित्रों को कुछ भी दिखाई नहीं दे रहा था। लेकिन मुखिया सड़क के तमाम गड्ढे बचाता हुआ बड़ी सफाई से गाडी चला रहा था। मित्रों ने हैरान होकर पूछा—” मुखिया जी, सामने कांच से कुछ भी साफ़ नजर नहीं आ रहा। फिर भी गाड़ी इतनी परफेक्ट कैसे चला रहे हो ? ” मुखिया —” क्या बताऊं यारों ? अपनी भूलने की आदत के कारण अब तक मेरे 170 चश्मे गुम चुके हैं। ” मित्र—” अरे मुखिया जी हम ड्राइविंग के बारे में पूछ रहे हैं। ” मुखिया जी —” वही तो बता रहा हूं। चश्मे बनवा बनवा कर मैं हैरान परेशान हो गया तब…… गाड़ी का कांच ही चश्मे के नंबर वाला बनवाकर गाड़ी में लगवा लिया! “

    1. Richa

      karub @ guggal baba ‘s translatee 😀 😀 cant stop laughing but hope u understood
      The head of the village was in the car on a picnic with your friends. The glass front of the car did not see anything from friends. But the head of the road was all potholes saves was driving the car with great precision. Asked the shocked friends and “head-in-law, I do not see the glass clean anything. But how are you driving the car so perfect? “Head -” What can I tell you guys? Because of his habit of forgetting so far have my 170 missing glasses. “Mitr-” Hey chief law we are asking about driving. “Chief Minister -” I tell you what. I was shocked and upset made glasses made of glass the same specs of the car with number …… vehicle milked made! “

      1. Richa

        mitr mean friend nd not chief minister head of village not habbit of getting so far it’s forgetting habbit
        he was shhocked and upset from buying(here making selling) so vehick\le glass is his specs glass no

  21. Richa

    nishaaaaaaaaaaa miss u colgate pikachu
    पत्नी – आई लव यू … पति – (धीरे से ) … आई लव यू टू … पत्नी – अपसेट क्यों लग रहे हो …..?? पति – बस थोड़ा सा मूड ऑफ था। पत्नी – दोस्तों के साथ तो बड़े खुश रहते हो ……और मेरे साथ ड्रामे …. पति – (प्यार से) ऐसा कुछ नही है, जानू तबीयत थोड़ी सी ठीक नहीं है बस .. पत्नी – हां अभी दोस्त फोन करेंगे, तो दो सेकंड में तबीयत ठीक हो जाएगी … पति – अब दोस्त कहां से आ गए बीच में …. मेरा मूड थोड़ा सा अपसेट है बस …. पत्नी – मेरे साथ ही तुम्हारा मूड अपसेट होता है…., दोस्तों के साथ एन्जॉय करते हो … बड़े हंस हंस के फोटो खिंचवाते हो …… कोई और चुड़ैल पसंद आ गयी होगी …. पति – (थोड़ा सा हंसते हुए ) … कोई और चुड़ैल मतलब … तुम भी चुड़ैल हो क्या …. तुम भी ना कहां से कहां बात को ले जा रही हो …. पत्नी – आज सब क्लियर होगा ..!! पति – क्या क्लियर करना है जानू …ऐसा क्या हो गया …??? पत्नी – (खुद कन्फ्यूज्ड ) … जब तुम खुद ही क्लियर नहीं हो …. तो तुम्हे कुछ पता नही जैसे ….छोड़ो अब मैं कुछ नही बोलूंगी …. पति – ( थोड़ा सा मामले को सम्भालते हुए ) तुम्हें हुआ क्या है किस बात पे अपसेट ही बताओ तो सही ….. पत्नी – तुम्हारी संगत ही खराब है ….. पति – मगर मेरे साथ तो तुम रहती हो …. पत्नी – ( गुस्से में ) बस अब बहुत हो गया ….. अब और नहीं …. पति – हुआ क्या है ये तो बताओ ….?? पत्नी – हम अब साथ नहीं रह सकते ….! पति – अब ये बात कहां से आई ….?? पत्नी – मुझे तलाक चाहिए …. पति – ओके …. पत्नी – ( रोना शुरू करते हुए ) हां- हां यही चाहते हो ना तुम … ताकि फिर तुम जो मर्जी कर सको … पति – अरे तुमने खुदने बोला अभी …. मैंने क्या गलत कहा …… पत्नी – इतनी प्रोब्लम थी तो बोला क्यों नही …. मैं खुद ही बिना कुछ बोले चली जाती, तुम्हारी लाइफ से …. पति – (अपने बाल नोचते हुए )अरे मुझे मेरी गलती तो बता दे ….. पत्नी – वक्त आने पे पता चल जाएगी तुम्हें अपने आप …. जब मैं चली जाऊंगी …. चली जाऊंगी …. पति – अच्छा तो मैं इंतजार करता हूं सही वक्त का …. पत्नी – तुम सीरियस कब होगे ?? पति – तो क्या अब अस्पताल में भर्ती हो जाऊं, सीरियस होने के लिए …..?? पत्नी – भाड़ में जाओ …. पति – मुझसे दुबारा बात मत करना …. तीन घंटे बाद …. पत्नी – तुम्हें पता है ना मैं तुम्हारे बिना नहीं रह सकती जानू …सॉरी आई लव यू …. पति – (सबकुछ भूलकर ) ओके आई लव यू टू …. पत्नी — अच्छा तुमने बताया नहीं अपसेट क्यों थे …??

  22. Sheena

    Yaa guys!!! Even i’ll miss each one of u…dhruv bro, piku, mukti, vishal, karu, aastha,nishu, apu, richu, aishu, shivu, raj, bk, shreyu di, rochelle, liyu, kushagra, dr. dhruv, vrushika n each n every member of our fmly….
    each one of u made a very spcl place in my heart…i’m gonna miss our beautiful family, our chats..everything..! Achha abi zada scenty nai houngi 😉
    one more day is left na guys…so lets make it a memorable one..just let ur heart bolna h bolo.. Whether its about the show, about u or ur life or about any of us..just share ur heart…n i dont think ab hame koi rokega 😉 n the missing ppl…pls comeback…

    luv u all !! 🙂 ❤❤ u guys r the best!!❤✌

    1. Richa

      aara dont get senti ree i will mandraying here onlyyy u can catch me easily mssg me wenever low

      1. Sheena

        Hey richu, do u know where r dia, devga??

      2. hheyy sheenuu dia is mising devga is on EDKV page

    2. Hiiii sheena diii HW r u?

    3. Sheena

      Yup richa 😉

    4. Sheena

      Richu, sanyu, rits, bk, raj, nishu…where r u all??

    5. hii shenu dear i m here..its realy sad but will try to meet on ffs…but u know when show ends hardly anyone comes here..

    6. Mukti

      hi shenu howru..i will also miss u a lot dear and all other frnds too

  23. Richa

    आज का हिंदी ज्ञान : Air Hostess = हवाई सुंदरी Nurse = दवाई सुंदरी Lady Teacher = पढ़ाई सुंदरी lady sweet vendor= मिठाई सुंदरी lady rock climber= चढ़ाई सुंदरी Maid = सफ़ाई सुंदरी. Some one added: Wife – लड़ाई सुंदरी
    for those who dont know plss dont use it

    1. Mukti

      hey richa babe i know u dn belive me but now everyone will be gonna so dear i dnt want any misunderstanding…dear i am not fake n i nvr was i am girl frm mumbai..hope u belive me my frnd…cz now we both will nvr meet eachother so we will end our journey on good dear ur choice..but plz dnt fight sweeti



    1. Richa

      will wait for it 🙂

    2. me me me…i want parsh together so pls post the os on them 😀 sorry i get a little hyper when i talk about parsh :))) courtesy of my crazy Richa…i got this crazyness from her….so yeah kushagra pls post ur os on ParSh 🙂

      1. hahaa!!!!! like we spread happiness i spread craziness 😛

      2. haha yup dear u r our crazyness machine 🙂

  25. Hiiiiii guyzzzzz……a vryyy good rainy aftrnun to all of u………so finally 2day z the finale episode of SH…its very hard 2say….what we’ll do after 6:30 2day??????
    Areeeee yrrrrr koi toh ghadi ki tym rok do!!!!!!
    I wish aaj ka 6:30 naa aaye………
    Anyways how r u all??

    1. m goooood wbu?

      1. Hlo richa…I’m also good dear

    2. hey dear welcome back…nice to see u here…long time no see h r u ?

      1. Thnxxx fr wlcm me karu diiii…….u r just lyk my elder sister……sweet sister….sryyy dIi fr ntt cmng here coz I was very bzyyy in these past weeks coz of launching reliance jio 4g in our city bhubaneswar….so……btt now I’m free just a little bit…..I’m f9 diiii….how r u???

      2. Awww so sweet of u to say that dear…im glad u consider me as ur elder sis…i ve always wanted to have siblings but i didnt have the luck to get one 🙂 i ve always wanted to have a bro and a sis…and i got u all here…im glad u got the time to come here dear….do come back when ur free.

      3. Im also fine dear…just a little sad coz SH is ending but all good things have to come to an end coz thats life 🙂

    3. hey bk i m fine howru??

      1. Hii rits……I’m also good

    4. Mukti

      hey bk howru

      1. Hlo mukti…u HV very good nme…..I’m also f9 my frnd

  26. @@@ richu m fyn dr culdnt answer u on yesterdays page

  27. Hii lovely ppl…..
    Hmmm so all r bak……
    Vrushu apu bk dhruv bhai muku…….how r u all

    Dont u think we can still cmnt on the last pg that way we can complete out 1k also……..

    Just missing nishuuuuuuu…..
    Wht say sheenu mayuri aparna vrushu kushu bk dhruv bhai muku n all……….

    Its ok richu….
    Vishuuu ritss hows the idea

  28. Seriously gonna miss each nd everyone of u

  29. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hii lovely bubbly friends

    Hii karu , richu , nishu , mayu , muku , sheenu , shivu , aishu bro , vishal bhai , dhruv bhai , rits , richa , and all of u

    Hey my mango pai aalu where r u i miss u so much and aishu bro u too

    Hw r u all

    1. hiiiiiiiiiii sanyuuuuuuuuu 🙂

  30. Today Sandhir will share intimate moments… don’t miss today’s episode guys

  31. Apu

    hey guys ! totally gonna miss each n everyone of u !
    i’ll be here even when it’s over !
    ya richu u r right ! atleast we can all comment on the last page and reach a goal of atleast 1k !

  32. I m missing sadda haq so much. Plz come back sadda haq

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