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Sadda Haq 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says kaustuki we have to jump from window. Kaustuki says what we are on second floor. Sanyu says the game will be over. We had to do this even if we were on 4th floor. Maya sees them and says stop right there. Randhir comes there. Maya says what are you doing here? He says I was looking for my books I left in the class. Maya says that sound wasn’t of the books right ? He shows the torch and and says that was of the torch. Maya says okay leave now don’t forget your books and don’t come to take them this late.
Randhir goes in and recalls how he saw maya and hide behind the wall and came in front of her when she was about to open the door. He opens the door sanyu and kaustuki hide under the table. He says why did you have take the risk this late ? Silly. Kaustuki

says was that randhir ? He saved us from maya I don’t believe this.
They get out of the room with tools. SAnyu says stay here I am coming in a moment. Kaustuki says what are you doing in this room. Sanyu opens the door. Kaustuki says she is doing an adventure everyday.

They go to their room and say thank God vidushi isn’t here. Sanyu says she can come any time lets hide. Kaustuki says where will we hide them ? SAnyu says under her bed she won’t look under her bed and in her closet. Kaustuki says what if she will ? SAnyu says its her bed she will be responsible for it ? They hide it. Vidushi comes in kaustuki says why are you so late ? She says warden called me for something. Kaustuki says okay sleep we have early classes tomorrow. Kaustuki asks why did you go to that room ? Sanyu says I will tell you tomorrow, thanks for the help.

When they both sleep sanyu wakes up and turns on her laptop and print out something. She is working on a sheet and sleeps on the table with it.

Scene 2
Next morning, Randhir’s room’s door knocks. He wakes up and opens the door. No one is there he sees a gift wrapped on the floor. he takes it and comes in. He opens, its book with photos. Sanyu says writes two years of hatred. Our first competition, our first win. A lot of beautiful accidents. She has attached a picture on each page. Randhir recalls the bike ride. She writes, you are always a helping hand, you will always be remembered because friends can’t be forgotten. 868 days of togetherness in college and still counting. He recalls her words.
Parth says why did you steal the tools for prototype. What if maya madam saw you ? Sanyu says she almost saw us. Kaustuki says and know who saved us, randhir. They are in the café. SAnyu says sahil and kaus will attend the class and parth and me will work in our secret lab. SHe sees randhir coming in, she says oh come randhir. Did you get my gift ? How was it ? He hugs her. Everyone is shocked. He says we are friends na ? Sanyu says of course best friends. Sahil says kaustuki are you seeing what I am seeing ? Kaustuki says they have become friends ? Sahil says there relationship was like a rusted machine where did this grease come ? Randhir says sorry guys I have bed seeing you working and didn’t contribute but if you don’t ,mind I wanna work in dream team again. SAnyu says why will we wind we always wanted you to work for the team. Sahil says we never wanted you to go. Parth comes to him, and says welcome randhir you will boost the strength of the team. SAhil says now dream team will work and no one can stop us, not even maya. Vidushi comes and sees them doing the group hug. She says I guess parth is right I am so selfish. If I had not done so much bad I would have been parth of this grouo hug. Parth would have been my friend too. They were all so nice, sanyu, she recalls how sanyu hugged her and welcomed her back. Vardhan sir, she recalls how after all this he motivated her. I just thought about myself and opposed the people that were supporting me. Should I talk to them for a last chance ? She steps forward but sees maya coming and leaves. Maya asks the group what is going on here ? What good news are you celebrating ? Sanyu says nothing. Randhir says we are celebrating your arrival. We are glad that FITE has got a new dean like you who is thoughtful and powerful. We now know that we have a bright future. Lets go guys. They are about to leave.
Maya says only if you follow my rules. If you break my rules by working for dream team your bright future’s dream will be over. Forget about the placements you won’t be able to attend final exams. She leaves.

Scene 3
They are all working on the prototype. Sanyu says why are you working on that ? Do on something else ? He recalls how he used to insult her. He says yeah this is good enough but I was just trying to make it better. we should work on turbo combining. He says yeah good suggestion. SAnyu says what are you thinking ? He says I am not angry I just confused. I used to say everything before when I got angry at you. Now I am confused that should I be angry or not ? Its making me awkard. Sanyu says don’t think too much just be yourself.
She says minimize the anger a bit. He says yeha you said be yourself I will figure out all your faults and will scold at you. Parth says I hope you don’t hurt her. Sanyu says why would I hurt him ? He looks so happy ? When did you last saw him this happy ? Parth says that exactly what I am saying ? Door knocks they get scared. Randhir opens the door. Vardhan comes in and says interesting. SAnyu says sir we are using turbo compounding. Randhir is back with us no one can stop us now. He says yeah no one can stop you but whats the benefit when you’re going in wrong direction.

Precap-Vidushi shouts in shock to see her suspension letter. Maya says if you wanna stay here the bring some proofs that dream team is still functioning in the college. Sanyu and randhir drink juices in which vidushi has mixed something. They are lying out, randhir says can I say something ? She says yeah speak up why are you mute.
Sanyu falls and randhir catches her. Sanyu says look I told you I trust you, he says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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