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Sadda Haq 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The cupboard is about to fall a guys handles it all alone. The other one says thanks, this would have broken my leg. Aryan says Arjun, ex airforce pilot. He tells everything about him. A girl says its so easy. Arjun says easy? You are right, he was scared for no reason. You would have saved him. He says she will hold the whole cupboard today. She says okay. He shoves the cupboard. she holds it with one hand. Everyone is dazed. The other guy says how you did this? she says simple calculation, center of gravity. Announcement says Niraman wants all candidates in halls.

Nirman is on stage. A guy comes and says I am Gupta. I and my father are your fan. He asks him to go back. Nirman says Arjun, ex airforce pilot. If you keep same attitude you will soon be ex ISRC too. Kritika this all

wont work here. Sanyu tries to hide. Nirman says people who want to hide can leave right now. They don’t need to be here. For me my time is so important. I don’t wanna give you a speech. I will know in the test who is the best. Only those people will be with me for whom losing is the last thing.
His secretary comes and falls on the stairs. Gupta helps her out.
Nirman says fill these declaration forms.
There are two conditions: You don’t reveal to any outsider about what you do at ISRC. And second, if anything happens to you ISRC is not responsible for that. Good luck.

Sanyu says to Aryan, nirman was staring at me. Has he figured out about my fake qualification? Aryan says that wont happen don’t worry.
Nirman checks sanyu’s file. He asks his to his secretary you need to work on this girl. Nirman says there is one girl missing, I need her here.
Nirman sees aryan and sanyu together. He gets a call.
a man says we need one month to make communication device. Nirman says I need it before. I can’t push deadlines. I need device in my hand in 10 days.

Nirman comes in front of Aryan. He says I think you are at wrong place. Aryan says I feel like I am on right track now. Nirman says 2 years ago you said this place is not for me. I am not desparte to be here. Now you are here. Aryan says 2 years ago when I wasn’t here you were not the reason. Now I am here and you are still not the reason. You will get to know the reason soon.

Sanyu comes to dorm and says to arjun this is my bed. He says it was. Now this is mine. SAnyu leaves in anger. Arjun says to aryan you can use 6th bed.
At night, arjun is washing his face. Aryan comes and says better stay away from sanyu. I have so many secrets of you that can be revealed. Arjun says I will kill you. Aryan says I will kick you out of here, Imagine how would you feel when whole batch insults you.

Kritika wakes up at night and sees acid on the floor. SHe stands on the chair. She makes a path for herself and goes out. She asks everyone to wake up. A guy burns his foot. He screams. Arjun makes out a way from closet and jumps out. Sanyu and aryan are still in.

Precap-A bike stops outside ISRC. Someone walks in, its Randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SURANJANA dear this is for u 🙂
    U probably have seen it but i just love Nisha (Vids)…she is an amazing actress

  2. Hai karina……after a long time…. i m bussy in my exam now free and h r u dear? How was our show dear i miss so many epd……

    1. Im fine dear…oh our show is a blast…its awesome dear…season 2 came with a bang…the mission mars track is amazing and very unique..its like ur watching a movie instead of a show…its really interesting…if u have time do try to watch the epis that u missed coz i promis u will love every bit of them 🙂

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