Sadda Haq 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to her room and wakes up vidushi. SHe says i supervised the factory for half an hour. Vidushi is in deep sleep. sanyu says I have no one to share my excitement with. Randhir comes in with a cake and says i am here. Sanyu says what are you doing here? He says to celebrate your happiness. Before four months I proposed you on same date. Its ou monthly anniversary. sanyu says what you want? He says i want to give this relationship another chance. sanyu says but.. he places his finger on her lips. He says i know its difficult but not more than staying away from you. I just wanna be with you. I can’t stay away from you. I love you sanyu. Sanyu is in tears she hugs randhir and says I love you too, you have no idea how much i missed you. Randhir takes her by hand and they cut

the cake together. He says happy anniversary. They make each other eat the cake. Suddenly vidushi wakes her up. It was just a dream of sanyu. Vidushi says what were you eating in dream? don’t you have to go to factory? sanyu says yeah i have to go. Vidushi says i don’t wanna go. What should i wear? I have to repeat my clothes every alternate day, sanyu says you have so many clothes. She says they are not formal. Parth gave me some clothes but they are dresses i can’t wear them to work. sanyu says more than new dresses you should concern about new designs of machines. Viduhsi says you are a moving machine. Don’t you get bored of all this. Doesn’t your bf get bored? Suddenly sanyu is upset. she think about how randhir insulted her and kissed Ishika. She says why should i be sad? Relationship is over because of randhir.

Randhir is dressing up. PArth says why are you dressing up so well? Are you getting salary today? Randhir says no i will get it by end of this month. Its just 24th. Randhir says oh its 24th, its the worst day of my life. I wish this date never came to my life. I will ruin everything for her. Parth says whats wrong with you. Randhir texts sanyu meet me in corridor right now. sanyu is shocked to get h9is text. Suddenly he throws a tablet in her feet and says girls should never do engineering. he comes and says do you remember the date today? I will never let you forget it after today. sanyu recalls when she gave him that tablet.

Scene 2
A worker asks kunal about the new designs. Kunal sys stop annoying me you will get to know when they come in factory. sanyu and randhir face each other, sanyu leaves. She collides with kunal, his designs fall down. sanyu takes the paper and sees the photo of sachin sharma. sanyu says you are sachin sharma’s son? Why didn’t you tell me? The great physicist? He says shut up. you will teach me? The girl who can’t pick up a tool box. Yes i am son of sachin sharma and kavita sharma but that doesn’t matter. I am better than my parents and i will prove it someday. sanyu says so he is under greatness of his parents?

Sahil says life is so complicated, we were all so happy with dream team and tasks. He sees jiggy’s picture and says where have you gone? Everything has changed, everyone has parted. randhir and sanyu are not together. where is our dream team, it just like a shattering dream now.

Vikram gets a call from agarwal, ankit comes and says why are you worried? Vikram gives ankit phone. Agarwal tells ankit that the meeting with sponsors is preponed? can you and vikram brief him? just show them the presentation. Make sure their mood doesn’t get off. Ankit says i have presentation ready in my laptop, i will handle it. SAnyu comes and says i will attend the meeting as well. Ankit says you are just an intern now an owner. sanyu says i wanna help papa too. Ankit says to vikram take her, her mind is rusted. sanyu leaves. Sanyu says in heart papa is not here. will ankit handle it or not? i can’t take that risk. i will go with him to meeting as well.

Yoyo is supplying drugs to students around campus. Rana says to yoyo you have learned so fast. Yoyo says you taught me. This has demand and the profit is double as well. He gives yoyo money and more drugs.

vikram comes to floor and says interns, there will be no task today, use this time wisely. you will watch the workers and learn from them. he leaves. randhir says sorry but i teach someone else.

Scene 2
Rana comes to yoyo and says this is your problem. i found this packet in lab. what was it doing there? Yoyo says i don’t know i never leave until customer is one. Rana says now go and find how it came in the lab. after that you will get your comission.

Except for randhir every intern is working on the floor. Worker says to kunal sanyu will get the best intern trophy no matter how hard you work. Kunal says why? All intern are here to waste time? Worker says she is agarwal’s daughter. Randhir overhears them. he says i wont let her win ever. she is the worst intern here. worker says he will just scold at her during internship but in the end she will get the trophy.

yoyo is watching cctv footage. Parth comes , yoyo turns off his laptop. parth says why are you avoiding me these days? Yoyo says you are not my gf. parth says what are you concealing from me? yoyo says what will i conceal from you? Parth opens his laptop and says why are you watching cctv footage? rana comes and says yoyo did you find who was he? He is quite to see parth. Yoyo says i was making list of absentees. Parth says rana’s job. Rana says he has no problem why don’t you mind your own business.

SAnyu is working a machine part is about to fall on her head, randhir comes and saves her. Everyone is shocked. Vikram comes and says how did this engine fall? Vikram asks sanyu are you okay? Sanyu says yes i am fine. worker says did it fall itself or sanyu? Sanyu says why would i make it fall on me? Ankit says i dont trust you and no one should tell papa about it. Ankit says to sanyu its not a playground. better be careful next time, you wont be at peace unless you ruin factory’s name.sanyu goes to randhir and says thanks for saving me. He says i did this. sanyu says how can you be so ruthless. He says i don’t care. sanyu says I don’t care either. you thought you will make me scared and weak this way? I will prove myself. After today’s meeting investors will know who i am. Randhir follows her and faints her. He ropes her in a corner and says keep sitting here. Randhir says how can i let you do something so desperately?

Yoyo brings nikil to rana and says he is the one who left it there. He says i wont do it next time. rana says there is no next time. rana is throttling him. yoyo says he made a mistake please pardon him. i will teach him. rana says i will kill him if he makes a mistake again. rana leaves. Yoyo slaps nikil and says will you do this again? i wont save you again. I wont let you ruin my way of profit.

sanyu is stuck. The meeting starts, sanyu is watching ankit present. Sponsor says we know your company history but we want to know your future plans, what you will do to cop up with industry. Ankit says our plans are ready. we have tied a knot with a German company. When a foreign manager stamp car comes in India you know how powerful it will be. Sponsor says is everything with your workers under control? Ankit says who are they to matter in all this. sponsor says last year 5 companies shut down due to workers’ profit. Sponsor says they are major men power. Sanyu comes in and says good afternoon everyone. sanyu recalls saying to randhir its paining, she pretends to faint. randhir gets worried, He opens her and takes her to changing room. SAnyu binds randhir there he said you have made me fool. you took advantage, i just pity on you. sanyu tapes his mouth and leaves. investors says who is she ankit? sanyu says i am an intern here. Mr. agarwal treats all the interns and workers as a family here. He wants each and everyone one is to take part in progress of the company/ Mr agarwal would have escorted you to around the company. sponsor say okay then you should give us a tour. sanyu takes them around company. she shows them different parts of company. workers tell them how happy they are about agarwal’s behavior. Agarwal comes in. Sponsors meet him. Sponsor says your team kept us all involved, we are so glad to meet them. Aagrwal says lets sit and talk. Worker says to kunal sees they have taken only sanyu to the meeting. Sponsor says we are so impressed with the environment of your company. your workers and interns are happy to find opportunities. We were doubtful in beginning now we are sure you will profit us. You have great and genius interns. if you want i would like to give a permanent job in my company. sanyu says thank you but i always wanted to work in my papa’s company, sponsor say is she your daughter? Agarwal says yes she is. Sponsor says she never behaved like she is your daughter she was like a normal employee. you are lucky to have an intern like her. Agarwal says yes i want to keep her in my company.

Precap-sanyu says just for today can i come home? Agarwal allows her. Sanyu meets anju. Randhir comes in sanyu’s room. Sanyu says what are you doing here? randhir says i wont let you patch up with your dad. SAnyu shoves him and he faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Max

    hey queen im cam hre jat 2 say tat 2mrrow deadline ends. im sure becauz of ur projcts u would hve forgt. plz dont forgt no excus also.
    plz think wit calm mind.
    2mmrow evnin i wil cum hre nd wil wait 4u.
    Bye gud n8 nd tak care.

  2. SS


  3. {☾♛☽}

    @max one more thin if u want u can speak others who r hre k. deal ws tat u shld speak 2 me,
    so u cn speak wit others.

  4. Chinky

    kutti sali queen. Sabko tumhari vashm kar rahi ho kya??? hey shitzana kaise naatak kar rahi h
    @max queen nd shitzana r same. trust me. she is a inttelignt b***c.

  5. Kasturi

    Read it everyone for sandhirians

    seems Durjoy is taking his novel’s titles a away bit too seriously.. Thus applying on Sadda haq as well..
    Sandhir- I didnt broke up she did.. I just kissed someone else 
    —> OH! Yes I am single and so is my girlfriend 
    For Vidhushi- Now that you are rich.. lets fall in love 
    Parth baba- Till the last breath (his dialogues were kinda similar)
    Ishika to rehaan- of course I love you.. Till I find someone better 
    Sanyukta- If its not forever.. Its not love 
    We sandhirians after episode- Hold my hand (before I faint )
    Sandhir after this locha n ghotala- When only love remains (itte revenge ke baad kuch aur bachega bhi nahi )
    baki ka yaad nahi… sholly

  6. Max

    @chinky mind ur language u buffoon. if u uttr any bad wrd against queen, i wil strangl u to death.
    u bettr shut guttr mouth nd gt lost.

  7. Max

    i think ur first persn in dis wrld to hate hr chinky.nd stp sayin her b***c k . she is my angel mind it???

  8. {☾♛☽}

    Hi aman. i will say. she hates shazu nd i luv shazu. so she hates me. she says me nd shazu r same.
    hw funny na to listn??

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    A reliable source states, “The episode which will feature Shantanu and Vrushika will feature sometime in March. However, the duo will be heading to the sets of Yeh Hai Aashiqui to shoot for their episodic very soon.”

  10. SS


  11. SS

    anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 1 dereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  12. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    abe gadho…@queen or Max same prsn hai..duffrs..itni si baat nhi samjh skte…..
    koi tum sab ko pagal bana raha…

  13. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    hey despo kutti. hamesha despo despo baukne waali. im sure ur shit eatin dog na?? tats y evn ur mind also becam lyk tat. waste ND stinkin. stinky chinky

  14. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    yr r u all fools..@max is a loser dontt wastte urr timee dudee coz thiss cheap girll is playingg prankss widd uu all..

  15. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    shazana dontttt tttrrryyy tooo beee sooo smarrtttt widdd meeee..u bl**dyy foolll..justtt gettt losttt

  16. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    im sure ur chinky. so u dont act smart k. i wil stay hre itself wt wil u do??? bl**dy mad

  17. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    are open ur eyes guys just read all the comments properly and u will get that shazana,queen and max are same..all the commnts r posted by same prsn

  18. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @sanyukta leav dear chinky wil say evrythin. sumtims she says me nd queen r same. nd nw she is sayin max nd queen r same. wt 2 do dis site is lyk tat??? tatz y queen denied me too cum hre.

  19. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    @sanyukta trust me..dont abuse me coz i diddnnt abuse respect se baat karo..or ye sab same prsn hai..
    bt tumhe nahi dikh raha to u i cant help it..its ur problem

  20. sanyukta

    Do u even know dem to say such things? N u abused my friends for no reason dats y i abused u nothing personal, !! N i know dem personally so even if you say anything i won’t believe u don’t have any proof as well

  21. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    emotional foools..
    ok i can prove that i m not shazana can you prove that u r not queen??????

  22. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @mr . utla ques mark ur sayin queen nd me r same. bt i wil say ur chinky 4 sure. onc chinky tld dis sum 2 monts befor in dis WU k. nw ur also sayin sam thin. nd once again chinky cam hre tld dis.
    nobody belevd so ur cumin lyk ques mark . nd a ques mark wil nvr undersand ans.

  23. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @sanyukta wen naina nd luci ws der dis chinky cam tld d same thin. nw also she cam nd nobdy belevd hr yestrday. so nw dis drama.

  24. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

    Ppl max ko queen se revenge lena hai isiliye yaha aya pretended to like her n in dat drama queen ko abuse nahi kar paya isiliye chinky n ¿¿¿¿¿¿ banke abuse kar raha hai even riya bhi max hai

  25. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    @shazana u know wat.a question mark already has its ans hidden fools cant undrstnd it

  26. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    how come max take revenge wid @shazana and queen..
    and y will he..coz theres no existance of shazana is the one who is using diz username..

  27. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    mr ques mark max dont hve any revenge on me. he hs prb wit only queen. k one day i gav my FB id hre. nd queen is lyk my sis nd bl**dy max kws tat. queen ws in plan to lev TU. so he corned queen wit my name k. undrstnd d situation.k

  28. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    @samyukta i asked u something..
    to whome du u know prsnally..queen or shazana???or to both???

  29. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    bt queen tld me tat der is only my name in FB lyk tat. u knw my full name rigt check it??

  30. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    nd sanyu queen ws abt lev TU bt i tld if she is nt i wil nt speak wit hr. may b tat is also a reason.

  31. {☾♛☽}

    @??? ur right shazu cn change hr dp r username. all my frnds wre callin me bck. dey wre sayin dont run 4m max nd dont b coward. so i came. so did i do sumtin wrng

  32. sanyukta

    Hey guys did u c d precap dont u think rd sanyu ki faint hone ki trick use kar raha hai to stay in her room

  33. {☾♛☽}

    sry mr.fake max. i tld hi by mistak . becaus real max has capitl M in his name. so dont fool me. bttr luck nxt tym.

  34. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

    No queen ye real max hai jo khudko bechara proove karne k liye bar bar fake max banke tumhari bezzati karta hai

  35. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

    Coz queen knows dat max ka m capital hai n queen has mentioned dis b4 wen some max ia loser ne uaska name use kiya tha

  36. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    wt a magic??? aftr me nd queen explaind our identity nobdy is hre. neithr chinky nor tat ques mark
    ab poocho na sawal. bevkuf log.

  37. {☾♛☽}

    wt i didnt undrstnd [email protected]

  38. sanyukta

    Mr fake well wisher u r not well wisher u cant b inknow dat person too n shazu even u knoe well wisher kon tha remember

  39. sanyukta

    Ya wen i said dat i know u both on fb n i asked for a strong proof dat wat dat person is saying is true all r gone

  40. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    mr. ¤¤¤¤¤ du u really think u are a well wisher..if so then u r wrong man…and yes i will be back soon..bye

  41. ¤¤¤¤¤

    Yes dear i know who d well wisher was n for ur info m dat well wishers well wisher ♡^_^ just came to check bye
    anyway all stsy safe
    say hi to amsn n kasturi too bye

  42. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    no dear @sanyukta i m still here…coz i m ur frnd..i wont let anybody play wid ur it???

  43. ¤¤¤¤¤

    Well ¿¿¿¿ i know who i m n d message in my previous comments will convey it to my friends. so if any of my friends figured it out keep it to urself pls n come back wenever u want coz no one care bt pls b back with a proof

  44. sanyukta

    U r well wishers well wisher? ? Oh so u know who was d previous well wisher n whose well wisher was he

  45. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    ¤¤¤¤¤ i know k tum in k hi frnds me se ek ho..coz tum bhi emotional fool hi lagte ho..bye

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