Sadda Haq 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunwar says audience loves you as a couple. What you thought you would fall in love?

Harshita says I would have married a machine if than this idiot. param says you wont find someone in real either if you keep doing this Sanyu attitude. When Randhir saw her first he was like where is she from. harishita says I called him MCP. Harishita says when you eat chilli you regret when you dont you still regret.
Kunwar says when did this hate story turned into love story no one knew. But the auridence could see there was a connection. This hatred exceeded when? Harishita says when I found that this MCP has problem with every girl in engineering.
He scared my friend Kasutuki. He was scared that we can do better than him.
Param says she didn’t come for engineering. She interfered

in my labs and everything.

Kunwar says lets have a look at your fights. They show their old fights.
Randhir said to sanyu you did this blast. You knew your dad would come here. Superb episode. You will be out of this college.
Another scene, sanyu hits the project randhir made with stick. sanyu says you ruined my project. You were scared because my project was better than yours. He says I didn’t do it. ANd you ruined yours because you knew it was a shit idea.
Another scene, randhir came in and shouted at her. sanyu says behave yourself. He says how dare you to insult my dad. Because of you my dad is hurt. She said you are overreacting. He said my dad told me everything. Sanyu said your dad was drunk. Randhir grabbed her hair and said dont call my dad drunk. Sanyu shoved him and said you have crossed you limits.She slapped him. Randhir kissed her.

Kunwar says after first kiss a girl knows how will her future’s relation will be. Param says as randhir i left the hope. she came and requested me to kiss her. Harshita says that was a hate kiss. We were mad. Kunwar says this is new hate kiss. Harshita says after that I thought oh God. I wont even see randhir’s face. As sanyyu it wasn’t something that happened. Harshita says it was difficult to shoot. Param says we got applause on set for that episode. Harishta says after that the fight stayed. We hated each other when Parth entered. We got a little jealous. We used to fight even when we got in relationship.

Kunwar says let see more scenes. Sanyu and randhir were fighting on for the file. Randhir read the clue. it was a couplet. Sanyu its poetry you wont understand. Parth entered and said it meant on going.
Another one, Randhir said propose the first guy who comes in. sanyu said what? He said yeah you compete with guys. Parth came in. Sanyu said not him please. SAnyu said to parth in love you.
Another one, Randhir said to parth i didnt know you had a difficult childhood. Parth says if i had polished your shoes you would know.
Randhir said to agarwal you only care about yourself not your daughter. Randhir shoved agarwal.
Sanyu came in lab and shouted at randhir. she slapped his face. she said how dare you insult my dad. Parth came and stop them. Vardhan asked both of them to leave.

Kunwar says we have two special couples. Sanyu and randhir. Rahul and Sim. You have gotten engaged recently. You were in same class and competitors. tells about story. the girl says we could relate to them so much. Sanyu says you fought like us? Sim says we usually had fights and patchups with them on same days.

In scene, Sanyu saw randhir kissing ishita. She was heartbroken. sanyu said to randhri i saw what you were doing in this room. Randhir says i want to ruin renuka’s life. He shoved sanyu.
Param says you used to fight all the time. Harshita says congratulations for your engagement. Harshit and param give them gifts.

Sanyu tells how can you repair speakers. she takes out the speakers from cabinet She says this foam is to be replaced by new foam. Now we will take plastic ring and place it on the foam. Sanyu says now after it dries fix it in the cabinet.

Kunwar says that ends our episode. I will meet you tomorrow with some more scenes.

Precap-Kunwar says we will talk about the love side today.You are a cute couple on screen. Two years of working together made you fall in love as well?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg the Q in the precap its mindblowing….hahaha this is going to be Q if the year 🙂
    The hate kiss is one of my fav scenes…no wonder they got applaused on the sets for this scene…they both were amazing in this scene…so much emotions and fellings…they both are great actors i must say…

    1. Q of the year*

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