Sadda Haq 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat asks sanyu are you going somewhere? sanyu says my mom is home alone and she is not feeling well so i was going. He says you should have told me before, mom is mo. No one will stop you. She says thank you sir. He takes out some all pins and puts them on floor. He says you have to walk on them if you want to go. Sanyu takes off her slippers and walks on the all pins. Ranawat says wow you must be proud now. I call you all trash team and you all prove me right. He says watch me how i do it. he jumps on the pins, saving his feet. He says who asked you to take off you slippers? Your brain’s shutter is always off. He leaves.

Ranawt comes to cabin and says they are all so dumb. They call themselves dream team.

Scene 2
next morning, anju says to sanyu you came

last night? sanyu says why didn’t you tell me? anju says what? sanyu puts her reports on table. Anju says i am fine it was just because of weather. Sanyu says why he did so many tests then? anju says because he wants to be sure. Anju gives her lunch box and says you should take care of yourself.

Sanyu comes to Thruv’s office and says i have to talk urgently to you. He says i am preoccupied by a lot of patients, please go out and wait for your turn. Sanyyu says i wont go until you don’t tell me whats wrong with my mom.he says go out and don’t take stress, i don’t want you to be in my patients’ list. sanyu goes out.

Parth says if i knew i had stay hungry for this long i would have stolen food from canteen. yoyo says i smell potato breads. sanyu comes with lunch box. she says i knew you were all hungry. sanyu asks them all to join. They all eat the parathy. randhir smiles at her and asks her to come to a side. He asks her whats the problem? sanyu says there is nothing, i thought she is concealing something. sanyu tells him about what happened in clinic. she says doctor didn’t tell me anything. randhir hugs her and says don’t worry she will be all right. should i talk to doctor? sanyu says no i will handle it. Peon asks them all to come on ground. They have a new task.

They are all in ground. Parth says at least we came out of that mess. Ranawat comes and says the task yesterday was tough, it is easy today. Girls just have to walk. sahil says what about us? ranawat says you have to walk beind them. he throws some chains on the floor and says guys will walk on four feet like animals and girls will hold their chains. they will take them on a morning. there is a five star hotel near, if you win this task you will get a room here. Otherwise you will have to stay in the store room. and sanyu will take out randhir on walk . randhir walks away. Ranawt says its better that he walked away. he is going to be out of dream team soon.

Randhir comes to lab and starts hitting engine. Ranawt says if you want him in team go bring him. sanyu comes to lab and hugs randhir. she says i am not here to bring you back, i am just here to say you don’t have to do this humiliating task, he cant force your neither will i.

Vidushi says to parth don’t give me this look, you can go like randhir. Parth says i will do it from dream team not for any other reason. randhir says i came to spit out my aggression. i will do this task. Ranawt says if they don’t return in two minutes i will start replacing. sahil says we have no girls. Ranawt says girls.. Aister and another girl walk in. Ranawt says you have to do the task as well. Lets start the task now.

They are all in corridor, guys wear the chain in neck. Peon comes with a cotton, He places skates on the floor. ranawat says why are you all in shock? Task is from this corridor to the next one. you have 8 minutes.

Precap-ranawat says lets go, guys have theor elbows on skates. Ranawt says to students the celebrity team is coming.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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