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Sadda Haq 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu asks randhir you okay? He says what would happen to me. She says you behave weird. He says no. Sanyu says lets go study. They get a text from ranawat. Sanyu says there must be some task. you okay? He says we are good. She says can we go together? He says you can if you want.

Akash knocks renuka’s car’s window. she says come sit. He says thanks you gave me 10 minutes. I always wanted to be like you from my career’s beginning. You are my ideal. She says people talk like this when they want a job or want to sell something. He says wow this is why I am your fan. I want to sell this auxiliary company of agarwal industries. He says this company is a porfitable one. She says why are you selling it then? He says we don’t have capital to nurture it. Renuka

says the man who came to save agarwal companies wants to sell it. You will sell all of them take the profit and go from here. good idea, no company no loss. She says give me one good reason to buy it. Akash says i am coming first to you, after a month this offer will be public. He says would you like to buy it in a line. Good bye. He leaves.

Randhir is working in the lab. Renuka comes in. Randhir says i am busy. she says so busy that you can’t even see me. Can’t you give me two minutes. Randhir says what you want? She says i dont need a permission to meet you. Randhir says you saw me, now let me work. You have another son, rehan. Meet him next time you have to be emotional randhir goes out. Renuka says why you talk to me like this. what is bothering you? He says you. Renuka says no there is something else too. he says I am stressed out because of competition. She says you are scared that sanyu will become driver? Randhir says i am not scared. its not about me and sanyu, its about final competition. You don’t even understand me.

Ranawat comes in class, he says i want the papers to be signed. It says that if something happens to sanyu and randhir during the task they will be responsible for it. Randhir says what is the task? Ranawat says i don’t know. You think this is some adventure track. randhir says to sanyu are you scared? Don’t sign it. ranawat says i want these to be signed by tomorrow. Randhir says to sanyu don’t sign it. sanyu says i know how strong i am and i can bear pain. she signs it.

Sanyu and Randhir fight for a book in library. She says I came here first. Librarian shouts at them. Randhir says she started it. Share it or both of you wont get it. randhir says i wont share it. sanyu says me neither. Librarian says share it.They sit together and read the book. SAnyu and randhir fight again. yoyo and tania come in. They say come with us. Randhir says where? yoyo says please come.

They take sanyu and to a decorated room. It has sanyu and randhir’s photos. Randhir says what is all this yoyo? yoyo says on mic, we are all gathered here to remember two smart people of our college. Welcome to death anniversary of randhir and sanyu. Sanyu says what are you doing? Yoyo says we do this after death so made their death special as well. They all want to spend time with you. You have signed your death certificate as well. Sanyu laughs. Yoyo says we will share everything with you people today. Sanyu says why don’t you start acting. Yoyo says we are talking about your past. We will share your heart out with you both.
Tania says sanyu randhir parth you people are so amazing. i remember when i came here. I used to find sanyu irritating. She used to study but then i realised she is smartest girl. And randhir he was a crush. As much as i have known him, he is a genius.

Precap-Randhir and sanyu are asleep in party. Ranawat comes and throws water on them. he says in task, you have three minutes to go this task or the weight will fall on you. Rishab loses the weight and says now it will fall on you randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi…the precap is so cute…sandhir are looking so missing vidarth…hope to see them soon together…

  2. thanx for the update atiba…. Missing vidarth…

  3. V nyc epi just luved it
    Atiba di tk u for ur lovely update 🙂

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