Sadda Haq 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The thug brings sanyu food. she eats it. Sanyu writes Randhir’s name on floor. A thug says I mixed tranquiliser in her food. Sanyu’s head is numb. she faints.
Harsh calls randhir and asks where are you? He says I am looking for sanyu. HArsh says come back home we will inform police. Randhir says I wont. Harsh says tell me where you are.
Harsh comes there and says lets inform police. Randhir says I dont want their help. Randhir says we have covered half of this area. Harsh says okay lets go and check out. Harsh texts his men to leave the place. Randhir and parth are going in the right direction. Harsh is worried.
They enter a house. Randhir says sanyu.. Sanyu is kidnapped. she screams for help.
Randhir sees his name on floor. He says dad sanyu was here.

Look my name on the floor.

The thug says to sanyu if you try to act smart I will kill you in a moment. Sanyu sits down. randhir says she was shifted from here. Harsh says lets go from here. Randir says sanyu can’t give up and I wont go anywhere. Harsh says they have left from here. Randhir says I can’t go without her. I dont know where she is. You dont care for her but I do. Randhir parth take dad from here. Parth and Harsh leave.
Sanyu finds a wire in the room. She tries to connect them. The thugs come in and ask what were you doing? SHe says nothing. They leave.
Randhir is tired in the jungle. He says where are you sanyu. Please help me find you.
A thug comes in with food. Sanyu hides the wire. He says were you talking to someone? sanyu says i was talking to myself. I was missing home. He leaves. Sanyu tries to make a phone.

Randhir is tired. Sanyu calls randhir from her hand made phone. He just gets a signal. He says I got your signal I am coming.
Sanyu hears them saying who will trust that such rich people have gotten her kidnapped. sanyu says who can it be? They say we will kill her as soon as we get the money. Randhir comes outside that house. He sees two thugs on the gate.
Randhir says there must be more people inside. I have to wait for the night when they are asleep.
At night, Randhir tries to sneak in. Sanyu says i thought randhir will get the signals and he will save me. He wont have even gotten them. Randhir looks in from keyhole. He sees sanyu. Sanyu sees him as well. Sanyu comes to door and says randhir. Randhir says i will take you from here. I have to break the lock. Sanyu says i have wires here. He says slide them from under the door. Randhir breaks the lock. He hugs sanyu.

Precap-Sanyu and randhir are hidden in forest. The thugs are looking for them. Parth and yoyo come and hit the thugs. The thugs catch them and say come out or we will kill them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. superb episode…. Sandhir r the best n hope that everything settles b/w vidarth

  2. Go get them tiger…rd the hero saved his queen….again no vidarth scenes 🙁 but im glad at least we got a lot of sandhir scenes…very nice epi….

  3. Nice sandhir scenes…we want more of it…

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