Sadda Haq 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They all go out of the lab, Randhir comes to sanyu. she says why is she blaming me? she just need someone to blame me. a new mentor would come and she would do everything, she leaves. Randhir says sanyu..
Sanyu comes to her room and says everyone is ready o judge only i dont care, i will get him back. She calls ranawat’s number, he is drunk on a garage. He sees the name. He says world war 3 has started even then dont wake me up? vidushi comes in and says sanyu why dont you get it you are calling that drunk, she grasps her and deletes his number from her phone. sanyu says you cant change my mind this way. vid says go to a mental hspital with him.

Sanyu comes to admin and says was any ranawat associated with our college some 12 to 10 years ago. He says okay i will give yu

a list, sanyu says thaks a lot.
Sanyu comes to library and sits with her. she says if i find the list i will get to know something.
A girl says to other, that girl ran with a boy this is why her brothers came here. She is going against everyone to marry him. who does that? sanyu says problem is with your attitude. she should stay scared all her life? Because of your attdtude women suffer in the society, randhir overhears. Sanyu says her family was wrong. i would have murdered them all. Sanyu gets the lost from admin office.

parth asks vidushi where are you going all dressed? she says why sould i tell you? he says i dont want you to meet namit. She says stop ordering me.he says there is a lot of dream team work left. vid says dont give me non sense reasons. He says stop it. He holds her hand and shoves her. She says dont interfere in my life and leaves.

Parth calls the guard and says dean has made a new rule, its deepak from admin. Guard stops vid and says admin called and said no one can go out after 7, she says parth called you. He says i cant open the gate. you should go back to your room.

Raghini comes in hall, he says do you have all the documents? yo passport procedure has started. She says you know i never thought they would coe here. i get scared. he says dont worry i am here.

Sanyu comes in and says to anju why was thruv smiling? Anju doesn’t answer. sanyu says why ae you not talking to me. anju says sanyu. did you ask randhir to meet me? sanyu says yes i did. he is excited to meet you.

Randir says no problem guys we will repair all the damaged and deffected parts. They all start working on the car. It is repaired , they start speed test.
it doesn’t acheieved. Dean comes and asks what is the progress of the car? dean says come on start the car. They start the car, dean says it doens’t even reach 90. Radhr you said you would lead the team. Randhir says its not ready yet, it should cross 150. dean says it should? i has to.

PKC calls ranawat, ranawat says i am not coming to your trash college again. pkc says why you dont wanna come back? He hangs up. Sanyu comes in. sanyu says dont be nervous you were doing it right, we need him. pkc says i thought you do. pkc says he doesnt wanna come. sanyu says tell me where he is? pkc says no way.sanyu says he is our only chance, he says okay.

Precap-randhir asks vidushi where is sanyu? she says i am not her PA.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    No I think he sleapt 2dy bcoz he chated with me on mails na d whole day so I think he must have sleept

  2. shenaz

    U know wt I enjoyed with his mad behaviours he is crazy but luvly also I think v soon can bcom bestiess

  3. shenaz

    Arre he wants my exam seat no. My exact address to which I only know hw many times I said no to him but 1 thing for sure if he is back of something den he wants it

  4. shenaz

    Well when u went for 15 mins in aftnoon Nisha came here but v all went bcoz of a stupid

  5. shenaz

    Nisha she is elder dan me I call her jaan n she cals me little jaan she is really very very sweety helps me out if I m stuck somewhere just as my big sis she cares for me n luvs me a lot perfect at 11:30 she leaves tu n says bye to me if I m present dere she is a gud example of a true friend a caring n helpful sis wt more do u want from her

  6. shenaz

    Well she is also a perfect example of a swt n luving friend I call her sana only she is in 11th now n really bc with her studies ryt now wt time she gets free she chats with a different name on sns tu n me on mails if not bc den only she is also helpful her aim is to bcom a doctor her real name is not sana dat I can’t say to u dr dry for it

  7. shenaz

    Oh dat khadus arjun if u have never meet me den sry but dere was a Arjun on tu whom I hated d most in my lyf

  8. shenaz

    Priyu when I meet her her exams got recently over she came here for d first time n was really happy n den on second day her name got misuesed her on tu n den she bcme sad v being her friends supported her she is also elder Dan u vini n from tn I don’t have her mail id now also so I don’t know where she is from last 3days I’m missing her well her name is priya Kumar

  9. shenaz

    Now varshini well I was on mails with her when I commented her to u at 12:30 n her net balance got over 2dy only she said she will b her 2dy if possible she is really very fast in hiding emotions n doesnt hurt any1 on tu also well a good freind n a cute sis she is really luvly I’m sure if u meet her once na u will feel lyk her to b in ur lyf as a sis or friend she is luvly

  10. vini

    shenaz i m luving all ur sisters character . i thk ur really luuuccccckkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. shenaz

    Yup I’m vini to have such luvly sis n ha u meet sara name yesterday she is also luvly helpful caring n all but she will never except dat she is better dan me as she did yesterday but trust me she is

  12. shenaz

    Fida she is a darling she completed 10th n was waiting for her results n she said dat it is going to cum with mine wsla aft dat she vanished she calls me dea not di ha I call her fida only well she is also a cute friend n an obident sis I mailed her my results she didn’t reply I mailed her r u f9 no reply r u OK na no reply she is not here from last 3days n on mails from last 2 days

  13. shenaz

    OK bye arjun v didn’t talk much 2dy but pakka I will chat with u 2morrow I think u went now so gn sd tc b safe n healthy arjun it was nyc meeting u nightmare c ya

  14. shenaz

    Gm swthrts dis song is dedicated to u all

    Kaun mera
    mera kya tu lage
    kyu tu bandhe
    maan se maan ke dhage
    bas chale na kyu ye mera tere aage

    I hope d song is gud dat u guys can remain energetic throughout d day

  15. shenaz

    Manya dis 1 is for u

    Whole DT was trying to save FITE but all things went in vain dey filed an online petition also to save FITE but it went in vain bcoz of vids dey gave almost 8days to save FITE only 2days were left now dey kept it for dem every1 went to some other collage only sandhir didn’t go dat n8 avanti n virat called dem n said dat dey have a plan to save FITE d idea was to enter in a corporate compition with a fake identity dis was really going to b very tough for sandhir but if dey win it dey can save FITE when dey were learning from net by mistake sanyu called sahil n he overheard d whole thing n vids was with him so she also heard n den d next day whole DT was back dey studied n prepared demselfs for d compition in 1day next day was d compition dey dressed lyk professional n went for it 1st level was both d opposite team had to prepare questions for each other 1st sandhir n dey answered only 1 out of 4 now d opposite best team who has been wining from last 2 yrs sanyu said wait I will give d questions rd argued but aft hearing her plan he agreed she said v will ask dem collage time questions scince dey left collage almost 8-10 yrs back dey must not b able to answer d questions n dat only happened dey couldn’t answer any of dem 2nd round was based on team work dey had to prepare a gun n had to shoot on d target so dat dey can prove dat their gun is working till sanyu shoots d target n a person recognises dat dey a students not any professional sandhir try to make dem understand dat by doing dis v wanted to prove FITE has best students in it n by shutting it dey will also shut d dreams of students who want to cum to FITE n d students who has passed from here dey will not b able to say proudly dat dey r from FITE d person who can reopen it gets imperesed by their work n agrees to reopen it aft reopening FITE vids n parth send sandhir on a date which gets spoil bcoz of rds ego

  16. Parsh

    Main shraddha hun shenaz. Maine yaha 2 months se comments nahi ki he. Mere sare friends IF pe he. Aur maine 1 month se mera IF account bhi
    nahi open kiya tha aur ab to mera account khul hi nahi raha to muje apne friends ko message dena tha ki vo yaha aaye πŸ™

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