Sadda Haq 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says I don’t need anyone’s sympathy. she says I am not. He says then what are you doing? sanyu hugs him. He says why are you doing all this? She says because I know how it feels to lose mom. They both cry. The song hamari adhuri kahani plays. Randhir kisses her. They both go in.
Sanyu recalls what happened and cries. Randhir throws away stuff. Sanyu washes her face.

Joy says to sumit arjun will know my secrets. Sumit stops randhir and says look how clam and composed he is. Because he is not worried that sanyu will expose him. Randhir recalls.
They all gather in lab. He says I am the director of this movie. If you are not okay with that you can leave. Lets have a glimpse. You lie you die. You sit on hot seat and say everything truth because it will

be exposed anyway. Let the task begin. All the best.
Arkun and joy sit one on on. Arjun asks who are you? He sas joy. Arjun asks who is in your family? Arjun say mom dad me. Slider shows Neha. Arjun says who is this Neha? Joy says my cousin. Nirman says you are there to counter question.
Arjun says just cousin? Machine says that is a lie. She is his older cousin and he visted her washroom when he was 11. He continued doing so for 8 years. Until one day his father caught him. Joy says stop it. yes she is my cousin and I used to like but i was just 11. My dad got to know and threw me out of house. I am sorry and I am ashamed of it.
They switch sides.
Arjun answers all normal questions. A picture of little girl appears. Joy says who is she? Arjun stands up in anger. Nirman says if you stand up next time you will be kicked out of ISRC. Kritika recalls his papa beating him. Joy asks who is this little girl? Arjun says this is me. My parents wanted a girl and for their satisfaction used to make me wear girly clothes.

Becky says kritika and sumit now. Slider appears denatures? She says you chased a girl and lost all your teeth. He says yes. I was drunk in party I saw her and ran after her car. I fell and broke my teeth. They all laugh.
Becky says switch sides.
Kritika answers all questions. Slider appears stammer. Kiritika says I don’t.. I mean.. She says water please. She says i used to stammer. I took over it but it happens when I am nervous. I purposely use complex words. I have beaten it. sanyu shows her thumbs up.

Becky says sanaya and aryan next. SAnyu says you are so drowned in thoughts randhir you wont even say thanks? Randhir nods. Slider says orphanage. Sanaya says what kinda question is this. I was member of social service group. Machine says wrong. Her father sent her there punishment for drug overdose. sanaya says for 30 days he sent me there. I had no rights there. My life was hell. I dont care what you think.
Becky says switch sides. Sanaya says who is dark shadow? How you know him? Aryan says in heart its impossible. Sanya says nervous? what you thought only you can research? aryan says I have no connection. Machine says that is a lie. Machine says aryan stalks dark shadow. He is obsessed with him and traces his every activity.

Becy says last pari to go is randhir sanyu. Slider says dream team accident. Randhir says do you hold your self responsible for it? Sanyu says no. Next slider is parth. Randhir says why you paid his med bills? Sanyu says yes i did. because he is important to me and I dont wanna lose him. He was physically injured and I was mentally. It was an accident. Thats it.

Precap-SAnyu says to randhir I wont ask about your mom. Slider appears mom’s death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. WTH again rd misunderstood sanyu n who changed sanyu’s report

  2. Did they consummate?????

    1. Nope…they just kissed 🙂

  3. Dat Sanaya!!
    drug addicted… idiot……

  4. After a long time, got to see something interesting over sandhir romance. loved d epi?


  6. I dont get the precap…who changed Sanyu report…again misunderstandings b/w Sandhir…
    At least we got Sandhir kiss…

  7. Oh God I feel do good every time when I woke up in the morning an watch Sandhir’s kiss. My day is already made!!

    Who changed the report? It could be Sanaya, she’s a freak, drugs WTF!! This gal is totally crazy
    Aryan, I don’t think so!!
    Nirmaan, 100% sure

    Who ever did it I hate them and Nirmaan is so different from Vardhan and ASR!! Maybe he’s the villain in season 2

    1. Yeah dear i was thinking the same about Nirman…he could have changed the report.

  8. Who changed that Report??? Is it Sanaya or Nirman???? And in previous episode Sanaya asked Sanyukta about Randhir’s secret!! Y Sanaya Asked that?? Is tht hve any connctn?? Sanaya is alwys irritatng me…nd if she did ths… And where is vidhushi!!!??

    1. Hey dear 🙂 i also miss Vids a lot…donno if they bring her back 🙁

  9. Honestly didnt feel the same spark that was used to be in the season 1. It was felt to increase the trp they put up a kissing scene. Kind of nonsense story this show’s spark has gone. Now both of them will feel guilty considering it as mistake

  10. U ryt Parnu and now they have started with the misunderstandhing between the two. But I felt the spark ofcuz it won’t be the same as season 1!!!

  11. i thnk sanaya ko jo orphnge bhja tha wo islie hua usii ne randhir ki mom ka accdnt kraa

  12. Hello everyone! I just opend tv to watch sadda haq and got to see sandhir kiss…and thought that i missed too much and read all the written episodes that i missed…the secrets of partner was not that interesting but it made sandhir realise the things happened to each other in the missing years..I think the cutest secret was that of sumit but these characters are getting too much screen space and are not given the charm of that of the old cast……missing vidarth to the core..want them back as soon as possible

    1. And yeah! its great to see new ffs on sadda haq..hope it goes on because i love reading ffs

    2. Hey…yeah sandhir kiss was the best part…and i totally agree with u i miss vidarth badly…they were amazing…

  13. Hey
    Can anyone update the full precap… If They use randhir mom’s letter??

  14. Ohh hell sanaya!!!! I just hate her…she is so damn ugly

  15. Sorryyy sweethearts.
    I was a bit busy coz I was helping my mom in d kitchen.
    So could not post comments

  16. By d way yesterday’s epi was suprbbbb. … comments…
    Maybe Nirmaan or Sanaya have changed his report. ………..

    Again misunderstandings btwn dem……..

    OMGdis isn’t fair………
    Dear tani dats not possible. ..
    Sanaya was sent to orphan age becoz of drug smuggling. ……
    As we got d leter of Renuka she might attempted suicide. ……..

    Sweetie Sahanki evn I think nirman is d villain here…..
    And somewhat evn Sanaya……….

  17. hey friends

    today I will not say so much

    hey have you seen the promo of sadda haq sandhir

    if yes then I have the extended version video

    Well I give you here just if you want

    Actually you can deny also if you doesn;t want

    YOur choice on demand

    well friends I love the shanaya yesterday episode

    Do you notice one thing she is damn good looking with aryan

    Giving tit for tat

    I mean they can be a good couple too

    and For the first time I felt sanaya act good with aryan

    I mean she doesn’t look good with randhir its my point of view

    and she look damn real with aryan

    I mean nobody can bee sweety sweety all the time naa

    so she has some reality check with aryan and her real anger like it

    and our sandhir always beyond to perfect

    missing vids at the same time

    1. Yeah dear i agree with u…i always said Sanaya and Aryan look ggood together…i like them as a couple….love u cutie.

  18. Karu don’;t ask anything dear

    open the link and check out the video scroll it down

    extended version of sandhir promo

    have you watched it

    1. OMG cutie that was intense…thanks dear 🙂 i didnt watched it till now 🙂 love u sweety.





    i AM DEAD






    1. Hahahaha dear im waiting for their reactions as well…loveeeeeee uuuuuuuu.

  21. Just….. Just……. Just……. A kissss
    Nothing happen more
    And I waited madly for this scense for one weak. And how kiss change their life. There is no change in their life. I love love love rd acting and u were rite sanahki this drama is famous of param. He is fabulous.
    Hi rakshi I m really missing u. Please come early
    hi Nishu agree with u sanyan(Sanaya+aryan)can be gud couple. And ya I also want feriha 2 be release well Nishu which character u like in feriha. Feriha(hazel) or amir(cagatay) well I like cagatay so much.
    Hi karina how r u. Hi sanahki,suranjana,ayeesha,hey ayeesha it’s seem that your exams r going that’s why u r not comming,hi shreya1 shreya2 hi richu,,hi advs., ragini hey ragini love your ff. it’s really amazing. Keep going,hi bk,and all sd haq fans how r u all and gud eve.
    Have a nice day

    1. Hey dear i missed u 🙂 im fine sweety and u ? 🙂

  22. Heyy…nisha.!!!
    sandhir promo was awesome dear.
    fantabulous…!!so cutee rd n sanyu. n strday epi was so sweet. bt again misunderstanding btw them.
    And I lyked aryan n sanaya in strday epi…. dey vll make such an amazing pair.!
    I lyk sanaya wid chubby smiles….
    N d game btw aryan n sanyu was gud Bcz I saw jealousy in
    rd’s eyes…….bt yy aryan ignoring sanyu???
    he keeps on irritating her..
    Only two more same fr me. n I vll bcme free bird fr 15 days .
    Whre is richu??? dr rply me wen u saw my msg.
    N moreover my best buddies Princess,ayeesha,bicky,nisha,Karina,shreya,suranjana,sanahki?????
    ragini ur ff was fantabulous dr…I loved ur stry!
    keep writing….
    chinnu,Nikki,vishal,rits,aishu,kriya,Sony,silpa,…….missing u guyzzz
    Frnds forever n ever…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey dear 🙂 best of luck for ur remaining exams 🙂 study well..

    2. Hey mis u to dear…
      U r in 11?

  23. Yaa…vishal!! I’m 11th

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