Sadda Haq 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 28th March 2014 Written Update

Results are finally out and all students are checking their results. A student asks Randhir if he won’t check. Randhir says there is so much crowd and he knows he came first. Sahil sees that he failed and leaves from there in depressing mood. Randhir sees Sanyu and says in his mind, he will need to check her results. If she moved up from 300 or no. He starts reading from the bottom. Sanyu holds his hand and moves it up and shows him that she came second. Randhir says that’s still after him. Sanyu says she moved 298 ranks up and improved her score by 30% whereas Randhir went down by 5% which proves who is loser. Sanyu is leaving and she slips. Randhir catches her in his arms. He tells her to learn how to walk properly. He’s saving her here, but he won’t be there to save her

once they are out of college. He asks her not to show her face to him after college. Sanyu releases herself and a knife falls. Randhir asks so are you keeping weapons with you now? Sanyu says it’s Sahil’s and asks him to return it to him.

Sanyu is getting nervous as no one is picking up her call at her home. Ankit sees her name and doesn’t pick up. Sanyu bumps into Vidushi. Sanyu asks her how did she do. Vidushi thinks she is showing sympathy as she came 54th and gets mad.

Parth is passing by Sahil’s room and he sees him upset. He asks him what’s the matter and if he checked his results. Sahil says he’s not feeling well and wants to sleep, he will check the results later.

Kastuki is happy as she passed. Jiggy comes and tells her she only cares about herself. He just passed and she is still happy. Kastuki tells him he’s selfish and leaves. YoYo is time passing with his friends. Kastuki sees him and smiles. YoYo is on the moon.

Sanyu and Kastuki are in canteen. Parth congratulates them. Randhir comes there. Sanyu orders a drink to give him a treat as he came first. Randhir picks up some snacks and pours it on Sanyu’s head. Some students are talking about Sahil failing. Parth, Sanyu, Randhir all realize how nervous he was with the results and that he failed. They all run towards his room. They don’t see him there and start searching.

Sahil has locked himself in a room. All three come there. Sanyu tells them to break the door, they don’t have time. Sahil picks up a glass to cut his wrist. All three enter. He asks them to back off else he will kill himself. Randhir and Parth try a lot, but no success. Then Sanyu explains him that he’s not a loser. No one thinks he’s a loser. Only 6 students could make it to Dream Team and he is one of them. A loser is not someone who fails, but a loser is who gives up after failing. (She says a lot more, but I will keep it short). In end Sahil takes away the glass and Sanyu goes to him and throws it away. Sahil falls on his knees and says he wants to live, he doesn’t want to die. Randhir makes him stand and asks what’s wrong with him. He tells him he will live with him from now and takes him from there. Sanyu is afraid that Sahil may do something wrong if Randhir behaves like this, but Parth tells her that Randhir is handling him in his style and everything will be okay. He praises her how she handled Sahil and not many would be able to do that.

Later, Sanyu is walking upset and her mum finally picks up the phone. She asks her why no one was picking up her call and if everything is fine. Sanyu’s mum lies yet again. Sanyu tells her about the results and asks her to come college to meet her, she’s missing her a lot. Her mum gets emotional. Sanyu asks why she’s crying. Her mum says she got emotional after all that she said. Sanyu feels something is definitely wrong and she will have to find it out.

Precap: Sanyu asks her mum why she hid that her dad’s new company is going in loss. She tells her now she will have to help her so she can help out her dad.

Update Credit to: Nishi


  1. Zil

    guyz wen i read newspaper everyday there r news related wid sucide and it make me feel so bad guyz here i want 2 say something
    ….sucide is nt the soltn of any problem.agar aap fail hojate ho iska ye matlab nahi hota k aap loser ho guyz loser wo hota hai jo problem ko solve krne k bajay give up krta hai……in life b4 making any decision atleast once think of ur parentz…………….

  2. nandini

    Thanx nishi..
    Randhir toh kuch jyaada hi kar raha hai.when he likes sanyukta nd notices her then y all dezz drama.throwing snacks on her head and fighting and all.i hope ki sahil aur kuch na kare and sanyus dads company shines soon. 🙂

  3. esta

    All boring episode yaar guyz we all.want to see sandhir’s chemistry yaar…. ya sucide is not s solution of any promblem…….. but yes today how randhir save sayu frm falling is awsome…. i like it…..

  4. Zil

    no esta i dnt want 2 ask u this question dear . i want 2 ask u that in which class r u studying?

  5. Zil

    esta i dnt think so that i have any right to ask u such a silly question whether u r a male or female.

  6. esta

    I wanna be doc and i am.reading bio science and i have night mare with physics and u wanna be lecturer that.suit u and.also tjank for.ask me question…

  7. Zil

    oh u wanna be a doc… great………….i like bio too.espicially zoology……………..thanks bol kr u r giving me permission to ask more questn……bt u dnt worry i wont ask anymore…………

  8. Zil

    dear i wont ask any persnol question bcoz i always care 4 others privacy.and here itz nt just u and me who will read all this….there r so many people who will read it…………………….

  9. esta

    Ya u are right …or maye to soch rahe thi that we are friend … u can join me in fb account….. u can sreach with the name esta debnath and i will there in the first….. if u send then let me know here.. pls…. i will be waiting

  10. Zil

    sorry dear i dnt have account on fb.i use only watz hum log yaha frnd ban sakte hai. to share our thoughts….wat say?

  11. Zil

    itz ok.i know k aap zaroor busy hoge isliye rply late kiye.aur waise bhi frndship ka usool hai no sorry no thanks…..

  12. esta

    U know what zil i think the cop is tje one whom parth was beating in his childhood….what say???????

  13. A

    Urdu.Ya i know my english is nt too perfect………esta u r my frnd i want 2 say u that zil is nt my real name.itz something i hope u wil undrstnd.

  14. Zil

    Urdu.ya i know my english is nt too perfect…..esta i want 2 say u something that zil is nt my real name.its something else

  15. esta

    No no yr eng was perfect….. and if u dont want to revel yr real name its ok …. i wont ask yr……

  16. Zil

    Sorry dear bcoz of some prsnl problem i cant reveal my name here…..I think that cop is arpitas bro.

  17. Zil

    u know wat how u r my sis i have prove that u r my sis.aapne pledge to padhe hi hoge us me likha hai.India is my country all Indians r my brothers and sister.:-)…

  18. esta

    And can u pls say me u are male or female??????? I think male… because u used dear in yr message…… now i dont know….if u want to say u can??????

  19. Zil

    Esta i m very very sorry………………mujhe aapko pehle bata dena chahiye tha that i m female nt male.and if i were a male na i will have never used such wrds like dear 4 u.i m so sorry yr……………

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