Sadda Haq 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya and vidushi are going to the room. Maya opens the door. Vishushi says did you see madam ? They are working while going against your rules. Maya says there is no one in this room no student no car’s part. Visuhi is shocked. They are all hidden under beds. Vidushi says they were all here. Maya says I am sure they were here. Maya says don’t even repeat this mistake again.
Sanyu and Randhir are lying close to each other under bed. Parth comes and says Randhir come out they have gone. Vidushi hs shown who she really is. Kaustuki says we should not have trusted her. Sahil comes and asks what happened here ? Parth tells him that she came to expose us. Randhir’s presence of mind saved us. He tells how randhir came and asked them to hide their machine. Vidushi just came

to check on you guys. SAnyu said I know you don’t like her but you can’t blame her. Randhir said she must be coming in 5 minutes here with maya madam. Sanyu said we can’t take risk she has back stabbed us once before and they all hide under the bed before maya and vidushi reached there. Sanyu says thanks randhir. He says but you were not agreeing with me. Sanyu says I know I should have trusted you thanks anyway. He says complete your work now.

Scene 2
yo yo is studying, His friend asks why are you studying ? He says I she is now in third and year she will proceed to fourth year I will have to go with her.
Kaustuki calls him he says yeah I am coming in a moment. He tells his friend and says you bhabhi has called me.
Vidushi is going to class parth comes in front of her. She sais you are here ? I went to room and you were not there. Parth said yeah someone came to know so we cleared the room due to safety so maya madam can’t figure out. Vidushi says who was it ? Parth says don’t know maybe that peon. Vidushi says oh maybe. Where have you shifted ? Parth says come I will show you. He takes her to a room. She says was this the only place you got ? She goes in and says where is rest of the team ? Parth holds her hand and says I wanted to says something to you in person. When you came and apologized your respect in my heart increased and I realized I was so wrong about you. I have always liked you. He slightly pushes her to a chair and binds her with a room. She says what are you doing ? Why are you doing this to me ? He says you know what I feel about you. I realized that I was wronf about you. I thought you are stupid and selfish girl but you are characterless. This is your punishment for exposing us. There are no cctv cameras in this room. You will stay here until we complete our prototype.

Parth comes and says we have to complete the task. Sanyu says the is not even complete. Sanyu says can you listen to me randhir you know there are no people and we have to do the work. I thought we won’t disturb you. You need your help. We can’ force you but asking for help. Randhir says why always me ? You guys juct come when you need help ? And once its done you people don’t care about me. He leaves. Sanyu stops him and says we all trust your capabilities. You have to do this for sir vardhan and yourself. He I don’t wanna do anything for myself. Sanyu says everyone will remember you for saving the dream team. He says no one will remember me, no one even remembered what vardhan did and about his skills. Even he is leaving. If his efforts were appreciated there would have been a line of sponsors and the dream team won’t be relying on maya. he leaves.

Maya calls vidushi but her phone is off. Vardhan passes the room where vidushi is abducted. He goes there and asks are you okay ? Who did this to you ? Vidushi says I don’t know. She recalls parth hugging her. She says I couldn’t see. Vardhan says how is that possible someone roped you here and you don’t know who he was. Maya comes there.
Maya says don’t be scared just tell me who did this to you ? She says someone held me from the back and roped me here. Maya says i’ll not bear this kind of activities in FITE. Just when you figure out who did this to you ? Let me know I will spend him or her immediately. Maya leaves.

Vardhan says to vidushi why are you trying to save him ? Vidushi says whom ? Vardhan says whoever did this to you ? I know you know him and saving him. It happens when you know he did this for right reason. I glad to know that you still have morals left in you. I didn’t say you anything when you left the team because only you’ve right to take the decisions for you. But be careful vidushi when you decide something for yourself. He says just be careful that your decisions should not harm you. he leaves.

Scene 3
SAnyu is drawing. Kaustuki says sleep we will do it tonmorrow. You must be tired.Sanyu says we have to start working on the prototype by tomorrow. Sanyu says look we need these tools. Kaustuki says we will get it tomorrow.
Sanyu says no we can’t delay this. Kaustuki says how will we get them vidushi will see and she will tell maya. And the hardware dept. must be closed as well, even if it was open how could we bring when vidushi is here. SAnyu says we have to get the tools and hide them before vidushi comes. Kaustuki says but the hardware dept. is closed we can’t tell anyone. Sanyu says we don’t have to tell anyone lets go. Kaustuki says you mean we will steal them ? they both cover themselves with black cloth and leave. SAnyu sees the the door of hardware department is locked. Sanyu tries to open it with a pin. Sanyu is trying to open the lock, she is successful. They go in sanyu asks kaustuki to show the light and stay quite. She is taking all the tools they need. Maya is out there is corridor and is walking through the classes. She says I should not be relying on vidushi she can’t figure out who abducts her how will she spy on others. SAnyu and vidushi are leaving, just then they drop a tool. Maya hears it and comes to the hardware dept. Sanyu and kaustuki are scared.

Precap-Vidushi shouts in shock to see her suspension letter. Maya says if you wanna stay here the bring some proofs that dream team is still functioning in the college. Sanyu and randhir are lying out, randhir says can I say something ? She says yeah speak up why are you mute.
Sanyu falls and randhir catches her. Sanyu says look I told you I trust you, he says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera


    I watched sadda haq show.. 4.30 to 5 p.m.. they wer telecasting the episode when Randhir joined Fite as 1st year student…

    sanyu crying n telling her mom tht she has got 300th rank.. r thy going to continue this re-telecasting this show from the beginning????

    Yoyo ragging….Yoyo says to Rd – tu kukkad ban jaa… Rd says to 1 of the boys – tu kabuthar ban jaa, mi kukkad bantha hoon… one of the boys says tu kyaa hero hai?? n Rd says sirf hero nahi, superhero!!! howwwwwww NICE… Rds diff look…… haye haye……

    nxt episode precap – sanyus school is felicitating her fr joining FITE.. sanyu gvs a speech.. Her dad ses n hears it.. he a/wth Ankit talks abt her marriage…

  2. AN

    yaar ye log kithne din hume same precap dikhayenge kya hume SH khatham hone thak uss epi ka inthazaar karne padenge??? 🙁

  3. AN

    yaa toh wahi precap epi mein dikhao warna wo precap dikhao hi math i going nuts by seeing that same precap again again!!

  4. nid

    I think jaisa sanyu ne kaha tha rd last me hero ki tarah entry markr dream team ko bachayega,jaise aaj devil vidushi n maya se bachaya

  5. AN

    yeah nid i luved it when sanyu said that and its 100% true too woh kese bhi karke dream team ko bacha hi lega !!!

  6. I liked randhir’s presence of mind every1 ws so glad tht their secret is safe 🙂 when randhir n sanyu ws under the bed they thought about the hate-kiss scene it ws so cute 😉 I also liked parth’s trap fr vidushi bcoz she deserved it 😀

  7. AN

    nid par 25july ke comments par tho link hai jo mein nahi open kar sakthi mein bas yeh pooch rahi thi ki kya koi yaha spoilers post kar sakthi hai (not link)
    plz plz plz…

  8. o yeah u r ryt…… only randhir remembered 😀 well it ws cute though n thanx atiba fr the update I also agree with u guys RANDHIR will suggest this great idea 😀

  9. ziara

    what yar phirse same precap. mai khud ko maar dalungi ab yeh scene jaldi se ni hua toh :'(

  10. @nid,
    Link i have posted on yesterdays epi cmmnts section…..

  11. AN

    lagtha hai kal bhi wo precap dekhna padega kyuki rd aur sanyu ki dosti abhi tak nahi bani !!! kash esa bilkul na ho !!

  12. anamika

    @shrox — both the spoiler alerts posted by u r correct!!! did u notice…. dono hi dikaaye the…

  13. lolita

    hey guyz!!! im lolita… im new here… i too luv dis serial(especially randhir) btw any spoilers for dis week???

  14. Meera

    the 1 scene that i loved the most — SanDhir’s eyelock under the cot….. awwwwiee…….thy wer soooooo close n Randhir recalled his 1st hate kiss….

  15. anamika

    precap – sanyu shakes Rd n asks – arre, tum mute kyuun ho gaye, bolo…. waiting… waiting….

  16. anamika


    Wen Sanyu falls in Free
    When Randhir catches her
    Did u guys noticed his hand? his left hand when he catches her…
    If not then chk again.
    Wat a Gentleman Param Is
    Respecting him more now

  17. Smriti

    haye haye, mi mar gayi… Sandhir were just 1 inch apart….under the bed.. thy looked so cute…… ye parth beech me aa gaya re… huh!!!!
    @anamika – wl def watch that scene carefully…. Param is a gentleman… doubt…

    • anamika

      I think what these gals @ indiaforum meant was – he holds / catches her decently… no improper gestures..

  18. Guyz, harshita is a gr8 actress. Proof of that:
    Today,even i watched the telecast @four. It was the first time i watched it as i started seeing this serial frm may. When harshita cried, i could feel tears rolling down my cheeks…and whn she laughed…omg,such a beautiful laugh! Seriously guyz,she is so innocent!

    • anamika

      I think what these gals @ indiaforum meant was – he holds / catches her decently… no improper gestures..

  19. And hamaare hottie ke baare mein kaya bole!!
    As usual,marjava yaar!
    Btw atiba didi, i really think u could hv posted a pic of them lying under tht bed……
    If posting it was a prob,then thats TOTALLLLY fine…..i think u do a gr8 job anyways!!!=D

  20. AN

    ha nupoor tum sahi kahthe ho agar try kare toh impossible ko bhi possible kar sakthe hai !!! what say ????

  21. Aaj main nahi dekh payi coz mom jaldi ghar aa gayi. And i m glad i dint take the risk of watching in frnt of mom…agar woh kiss scene dwkh leti toh mera kya hota! U guyz know my history…..

  22. Jab rd bed ke niche kiss scene yaad kar raha tha tab was he planning to try it once more? I think he was …… And would have dun it,AGAR KOU BEECH ME NAA AA GAYA HOTA.AHEM. REALLY,PARTH SHOULD MIND HIS OWN BUSINESS…

    • anamika

      SERIOUSLY, r u NOT ASHAMED of yourselves???? your earlier comment was deleted by the admin of this website… r u even aware of it??? how is it that u shamelessly manage to come here n comment…. I mean ur previous comment – asking the girls over here if u cld book a hotel room etc etc.. do u hv the same guts to question your MOM???? or your sister for that matter???? DUMBO!! get lost from here.,.

    • anamika

      if u r that desperate, I am being blunt, there is an area for it n girls meant for it….. blo*dy looser….

  23. anamika

    okay, i watched the rpt telecast n the precap jst now.. understood what that girl @ if meant… yes, a decent gesture from a decent dude……….

  24. AN

    wo lvr boy kithna cheap hai kithne baar usske comment remove karne padenge !!!
    ussko aur koi kaam nahi hai kya jo yaha par aakar ese comments post kare !!!

  25. shame on u lvr boy tum kisi aur site par jakar yeh sab bathao na kyun humare beech mein aakar apna aur hamare time waste kar rahe ho plz chale jao na !

  26. AN

    ha toh GD NIGHT ALL SANDHIRIANS aur uss lvr boy ke baare me sochkar apne dimag math karab karo aur sojao milthe hai kal SWEET SH DREAMS TO EVRY SANDHIRIANS !!! 🙂

  27. just a awesome epi
    i am just waiting for for the precaps which they are showing to us from a week ago when will the dhansu episode will come . am just waiting for it.
    any way this is Ashka arora from Delhi………. :{)

  28. Rojina

    Hi all sandheers…sandheer ki scene ke liye abhi wait karna parega ok bye dosto,…

    Good night

  29. Meera

    very good morn’ SanDhirians!!!-
    yahaan jo bhi facebook par ho, pls pls sabko (apne saare friends ko…..) bataao k Sadda Haq ka re-telecast from day 1, from the start ho raha hai between 4 to 5p.m. daily. let them too enjoy. pls spread this news like FIRE….. let them not miss a single episode….

  30. Ranyukta

    oh no i am going to miss all the retellycast as i hav to be outdoor from 4~6. I really wanna see all from begining although i never missed a single episode(except 2 episodes)

  31. Amrutha Nidhisha

    arey yeh precap ka koi hadh nahi he kya mein tho pagal ban gayi rey uss scene ko dekhne keliye lekin ye CVS ka log bhi na hadh he yaar………………… 🙁

  32. Meera

    tdys retelecast episode –
    1) what a tremendous & commendable change in both Harshita & Params acting..
    2) sanyu has been wearing nail polish earlier…. her hairstyle is also diff.
    3) how come sanyus room is ttly different everytime… i mean from day 1…???
    4) sanyus friend kanika is cute….

  33. Meera

    aur woh Ankit kitna disgusting thaa… ghar pe aaye hue mehmaan ko, koi iss tarah treat kartha hai kyaa??? woh sanyu ki school teacher thi.. zaraa bhi decency nahi..

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