Sadda Haq 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu is working on her design in library. She says finally this is a chance to prove myself in front of papa. He will be so proud of me. Randhir comes in whistling. He says are you practicing some thesis? Sanyu says mind your own business. Randhir gets a call and says oh company car okay i am coming. sanyu says company car came to pick him up? why not me? She gets a call as well. Driver says company car is waiting for you on gate. sanyu says i am coming. Randhir gives driver money and leaves on his bike. sanyu comes and sits in the car. sanyu says to driver since when have you been working in this company? He says i don’t remember. Car stops. sanyu says why has it stopped? he says let me check. Sanyu says oh 15 minutes are left.

Vikram asks randhir where is the other intern

from FITE? randhir says i don’t know we don’t come together. Vikram asks raghu to start his presentation. He says i have deigned carbon fiber. We should make fuel tank from this. Vikram says do you think carbon fiber is stable? its super light that can damage and blast machines. Raghu says we can add a stabilizer to the machine. Vikram says shut up. Kunal you are next. Kunal says my main focus was to keep the technology intact. He gives his presentation well.

Sanyu asks driver how long will it take? He says i am trying. sanyu starts looking for auto, sanyu says call company and call other car. he says no other car is available. sanyu asks him to take out toll box. she starts working on the machine. driver texts randhir sir she has started rectifying car. sanyu says look her this part was lose. now come and start the car. they leave.

Kunal is done with the presentation. vikram says what you think kunal we didn’t have this idea? you went to Germany? what did you learn there? why no one used this obvious solution. randhir you are next. randhir says i have simplified gear shift mechanism. Vikram says where is your presentation? Randhir says i don’t like presentations. everything is clear in my mind. Vikram says why don’t you make car in your mind as well? there are rules and regulations. agarwal says it was all rubbish. sanyu comes in and says sir i want to give presentation as well. please see my design once. Vikram says sanyu stop it and leave right now. vikram says i am sorry i have never seen such incompetant interns. Randhir says if you had given us time we could do it better. Vikram says its a joke or what? its not your college project. i gave you time and you were sitting there. i am giving you half an hour to make a car. whoever makes the design will get a chance to be with the car designers for one hour. sanyu comes in and says will i get this chance as well? vikram says of course you will have this chance to prove your talent.

Scene 2
Parth comes and hugs vidushi. She shows him minikskirt and says how will this look? He says you will wear this in office? She says no i will wear this in Goa. He says when are you going there? She says microsoft Dfest. you are coming with me as well. we will celebrate valentine’s day there as well. Parth smiles and hugs her.

Workers are asking raghu many questions. He is working on his car model. Everyone else watches them. Two workers are fighting. raghu says whats wrong. one says changed the speed and caused the defect. raghu says everyone come here. we have to start production again. randhir goes in and changes the speed of production. sanyu sees him. she says what were you doing? you cheat with me now you are cheating with raghu as well? Randhr holds her mouth. vikram says raghu your time is over and your model is not ready. randhir says is you say something i will ruin your plan. Next is kunal.

police comes to FITE to raid the hostel. Rana takes them to hostel. they couldn’t find anything. yoyo and nikil hide everything. They go to parth’s room. Rana says you room has to be checked, parth says i just shifted here. parth says i have to go somewhere. Nikil says to yoyo cops are in parth’s room hurry up. Cops couldn’t find anything in parth’s room. rana says sir all the rooms as checked only one or two are left. there would be nothing in them as well. Inspector says don’t tell me what to do. Nikil says yoyo cops are coming here.

Kunal starts working on his design. sanyyu is noticing him. He says you should watch me you will get smart. sanyu asks him a question. He couldn’t answer. A worker comes to kunal and says sir volts measurement was wrong. we have to make screws again. we have to start production again? kunal says no we can’t stop production. Worker says we have never made production. kunal says i will complain aboout you two. the car will be made. i will recitfy the faults later. vikram comes to kunal and says your time is over. next randhir.

Cops come in yoyo’s room. parth comes in and says to rana why are you annoying yoyo? drug dealer is caught already. Rana says inspector ask yoyo to take his clothes off. He must have hidden something. They couldn’t find anything. Yoyo says i told you i don’t have anything. inspector takes down the cloth from the closet all the drugs fall down. Yoyo says i dont know how it came here. inspector says shut up you are the drug dealer. parth says sir rana has trapped him. Inspector says or rather you are saving him? rana says i think he is involved as well. parth says shut up. inspector says shut up and get out or i will arrest you as well. cops arrest yoyo and nikil. Rana says you will hit me? you have forgotten your limits, i will remind you soon.

Randhir is working on his design. A worker comes to sanyu and says raw material is over. All the material is used in radnhir’s design. The raw material machine is not working as well. he recalls when randhir gave him money. sanyu says how can i go to bring raw material. please ask the workers. he says all the workers are busy you have to bring it yourself. SAnyu is trying to bring all the raw material in. Randhir is ordering his workers rudely. A worker says to other he thinks he is our boss? even agarwal doesn’t talk to us like this. Worker goes to vikram and say he is so rude. Vikram says i am not incharge right now. you are experienced use it. i will handle him later. Workers come back. randhir says is your complain session over? can we starts working again? a worker get his hand cut from drill. randhir asks him to leave and does his work. Vikram says to randhir are you going to harm workers to complete tasks? your time is up. your cars wont be counted as they are defected. rather then shouting at others you should have focused on your work. they are all experienced and they knwo their work. Vikram says next sanyu. Vikram goes to sanyu and says you are next don’t you know. sanyu says yes i am going. She is exhausted.

Cops hit yoyo and ask him who supplies you drugs? yoyo says i don’t know. Inspector shows him wire and says i will give you shocks. yoyo says i don’t know anything about all this. Rana comes in clapping and says you have no brain. but you have strength. you would have opened your mouth. you never said a word about me. yoyo says sir are you with them? Rana slaps him. rana says you should have asked their ID. they are all fake officers they are my men. you made me happy. you didn’t say a word. you are my right hand from now. Yoyo says they almost killed me.

SAnyu asks the workers to come. she says i don’t know ask much as you all. i am not qualified to be foreman. all the raw material is there. you have to load it since the machine is not working. I will handle the floor. Kunal is trying to hack machines. randhir says you should have used this talent in letting yourself win not to make her lose. randhir hacks them himseld and says now watch sanyu how the machines will slow down. sanyu asks worker to come and help her. They says we have just got a break. ask someone else. Raghu overhears and says in heart i should tell vikram sir.

Vidushi is doing online shopping. parth says you should save money. Vidushi says i can’t ruin my image. He says to make others happy you will waste money?she says i have to maintain myself. Parth says there is so much going in college, cops have arrested yoyo. and you only care about yourself. Vidushi says you should care about me not him. parth leaves in anger.

sanyu asks more workers to help her. Workers say no. Vikram comes and say why did you say no? you have to work, or i will fire you. Workers go to work. sanyu says thank you sir. he says everyone should have equal chance.

yoyo comes in college. Parth says how are you? yoyo says they have beaten me up hard. Parth says its because of rana. file a complaint against him. yoyo syas no there must be a mistake.

a worker comes to sanyu and says speed of machines have slowed down. sanyu says oh why? He says i don’t know. sanyu says please operate the machines manually. Vikram says time is up. Vikram says all your time is over. in 30 minutes raghu didn’t make any car. randhir made three defective cars. and risked lives of workers so he is disqualified. sanyu made an incomplete car and kunal made a complete car. so fairly kunal is the winner. but i would have been happier if you had played fair. you were not good, they were too poor. it was one sided.

Kunal says to randhir i am the best. randhir i kicked out raghu and sanyu so in short you have won because of me. sanyu goes to vikram and says sir i wanna thank you. He says for what? do you have an excuse to lose the car? sanyu says because of you i worked in papa’s car. this is my first car its imperfect but still i worked this is the biggest victory.

Precap-agarwal calls ankit and says the meeting has preponed investors are coming. ankit says i will handle it. sanyu says i heart i shouldn’t let go him alone. Randhir ropes sanyu and says you can’t go to that meeting.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Kasturi

    Sanyukta to face and fight revenge plan from trouble-maker Randhir during factory Internship 

    Sanyukta begins Internship work at her father Agarwal’s factory and there are 2 interns – Raghu and Kunal. Sanyukta is being supervised by Mishra – a confidante of Agarwal who just wishes to make sure that she runs away from the factory. Sanyukta does work at the factory with much commitment but still couldn’t do better than Raghu and Kunal. Randhir tricks Agarwal with his believe – Sanyukta will forget engineering and joins the factory as new intern. His real motive is to realize his revenge against Sanyukta since she has foiled his plans in destroying his mom Renuka’s company via machine design damage. Sanyukta had reminded Renuka that if she had taken care then Randhir would have not taken such drastic step – risking many lives. However, she also believes there is some care inside him and vows to not leave him otherwise he will be destroying himself further. It is to be noted that Randhir gave a shock to Ishika that he doesn’t value her as his GF which makes her upset. This also means his love wrapped in hatred for Sanyukta is still alive.

    With Agarwal’s impatience and desire to break Sanyukta’s believe on engineering, Randhir made his entry but he didn’t measure on the consequences of allowing him to intern there. Randhir puts revenge in practice against Sanyukta and plans to sabotage her work there by causing a mishap. Sanyukta is battling different things – peer pressure from other interns: Kunal, Raghu since Mishra compares her with them on tasks; father and Ankit’s gender bias; Father’s challenge – Best Intern or She will forget engineering and will marry according to the proposal he chooses for her. Moreover, she is unaware of Randhir’s hidden revenge motives and even battles them. How Sanyukta deal with all such challenges and the impending attack? Will Randhir be satisified after his revenge, what role Renuka will play in Sanyukta’s internship ? [Earlier, Renuka is thankful to Sanyukta for people safety and saving the company’s reputation since Randhir’s manipulation of the machine was foiled by her]

    At Vidushi’s end, she has moved on from Varun and Parth has given her immense support and even doesn’t worry on her past relationship with Varun. He just want to be with her forever and shows care & concern in handling the pregnancy question matter. Vidhushi starts fresh with Parth by showering him a kiss. Meanwhile, Vardhaan sir comes to know of the new dean Kabir’s plan to privatize FITE by opening new colleges and also on how he manipulated files. There is a tussle going on between them with Kabir trying to put pressure. What does those files convey, Are they enough to shed more light on Kabir’s not so good activities ? Will Vardhaan succeed in his endeavor ?

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    i want to ask smth to u ….kya tum tv ke saas bahu…serial bhi dekhti ho… kyon ki main tumarha commt sab jagah dekhta hunn……don’t mind SS bas aise hi puchh raha hunnn…

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