Sadda Haq 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 28th February 2014 Written Update

Randhir tells Sanyu she can waste her time by reading all the poems and figuring out what they mean. Sanyu says she will read every single page and she is sure something will come out from it, else Vardhan sir wouldn’t just burn that diary. Randhir says he is not going to go in past, he will rather go and talk to the Dean as Dean knows Vardhan since years, and he must know about this.

Parth is talking with his mum on the phone when he sees Sanyu passing from there, lost in thoughts. He asks her if she doesn’t plan to attend lecture today. Sanyu shows him the diary and he also shares same thoughts as Sanyu. Sanyu asks him if he will help her. If they both try to decode it, then they will surely succeed. Parth says sure. They sit down and try to know poems’ meanings.

They read few poems and are not sure whether it was one sided love or two sided. Parth asks her to give that diary to him and he will read in hostel as they have to go to lecture now. Sanyu agrees. She also asks him for his phone number.

The lecture has already started. Most of the students are bored. Jiggy tells Randhir he wanted to sit with Kastuki, but sir made him sit behind. Sanyu and Parth enter the classroom late. Sanyu says Parth is new so she thought to help him. Randhir is shocked and angry seeing diary in Parth’s bag. The lecture ends. Vidushi rushes to Parth and tells him to ask her if she needs any help. In the lobby, Randhir stops Sanyu and asks what that diary is doing with Parth. Sanyu says he told her that diary is waste and gave it to her, so now she’s trying to figure out her way. Randhir tells her not to argue, diary was between them, why she’s including third person now. Sanyu continues arguing. Randhir tells her he’s the captain and not to argue. Sanyu says this is no project that he’s captain. She asks him what happened about him talking to the Dean. Randhir gets quiet and walks away.

Dean is searching for Vardhan to discuss about internship companies. Other hand, Sanyu’s father and bro discuss about hiring interns for their company with someone. Sanyu’s father says, but interns shouldn’t be girl. Sanyu’s bro takes responsibility to oversee interns. His dad gives him the permission.

Sanyu thinks whether she should call Parth at this time or no. She goes ahead and calls him. Jiggy, Randhir, Vidushi get shocked when finding out Sanyu and Parth are talking to each other. Sanyu asks him if he started reading the diary. Parth says he started that as soon as he got free. Sanyu says she won’t disturb him and hangs. Randhir tells Jiggy someone likes to interfere in others matters. Jiggy asks him if he met the Dean. Randhir says he has gone out and calls diary good for nothing. Parth replies back saying when you have to figure out something, it’s a mistake to take anything as good for nothing. Randhir says he doesn’t need a loser’s advice. He couldn’t handle his own team and trying to be smart here. Randhir also says bad about CITE. Parth tells him to have manners. No matter how CITE is, he has learned a lot there. Both start arguing on that matter. Jiggy asks them to stop and calms Randhir down. Parth goes back to reading the diary. It’s very late and he’s still reading the diary. He says he couldn’t figure why Vardhan stepped down from the Dream Team, but he surely figured out that once Niharika and Vardhan were very close. Something bad has definitely happened.

Next day, a peon informs Vardhan about Dean searching for him. Vardhan says he has already done his work and tells the peon to tell Dean to check his table. Vardha’s office is fully messed and he has taken out lots of books. The peon asks him about it, but Vardhan tells him to deal with his work only. Vardhan remembers Kabir’s words and he goes somewhere. Parth sees him and follows.

Vardhan is very frustrated and taking out his anger by destroying things. He says to himself he can’t change anything. Parth comes there and stops Vardhan.

Vardhan asks him what he’s doing there and asks him to go back to his class. Parth tells him that he’s so dedicated in his work and helps his students, and that is why he came to this college. Parth continues, he doesn’t know why he is mad, but his anger is affecting many others. Vardhan shouts at him to leave. Parth has no choice, but to leave.

Randhir comes to Dean’s office. Dean is not there. Randhir sees PKC has ordered wrong engines. He says he will have to bring Vardhan back somehow.

Parth and Sanyu discuss about Vardhan and Niharika. Sanyu says Vardhan and Kabir were talking about Niharika in village too. They think how they will find out everything. Sanyu remembers that Vardhan and Niharika were part of first dream team. She goes somewhere.

Both Randhir and Sanyu secretly enter a room and search for first Dream Team file. Randhir says to himself they wasted time behind diary, if they had found Dream Team file on that day, then.. He asks himself why he’s saying “they” “they” again, and then says Sanyu has screwed up his mind. Sanyu comes there. Randhir asks her what she’s doing there. Sanyu says same as what he’s doing there. Randhir shares information that he found today. He tells her Vardhan and Niharika were part of the first Dream Team, but there was another person. Sanyu thinks who it could be. Randhir tells her to stop thinking and search the file. Randhir then tells her like how she said something must have happened when returning from the village. Parth comes there and says one thing has definitely happened. Vardhan met Kabir!

Precap: Parth tells Randhir it’s not easy to deal with Kabir. Randhir says if he was in front of him, then.. Parth asks him to talk with manners, Kabir sir was his first guru. Randhir tells him to go back to his guru then. Sanyu’s father’s company decides to get interns from FITE. Sanyu’s bro says he will personally go there. He plans to reject Sanyu. Parth pushes Randhir to save him from a spark. Randhir falls down. He gets up and gets mad at Parth, but then gets quiet seeing the spark.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  18. Hey Krishna I think Parth is sent by Kabir only because at first he defended CITE and then Kabir. It is signalling to some problem. Maybe I’m wrong but I still think Parth is in FITE for Kabir only. I’m telling again that he will show his true colours in the coming episodes…

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