Sadda Haq 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir pretends in front of rishap on call. He says you remember how we used to rag kids. One of them left the school in a week. Rishap starts fighting with him. Randhir hits him back. PKC stops them. Randhir says he is wrong. PKC says i will suspend both of you. Randhir says this my mistake detain me.

Sanyu asks the a guy for cigarette. The guy says smoking is not allowed in campus. Sanyu says i dont need your advice. PKC comes and says sanyu what is this? you are smoking. PKC says i will detain you.

Snyu and randhir are putting books in shelf as punishment. Adda’s tracker blinks. Randhir says only 12 days are left. I have delayed the task for now but i don’t know for how long. We have to hurry up.
Adda comes to PKC and says where are randhir and sanyu?

PKC says they are arranging the shelves.
Randhir hugsa sanyu and says how could i let you go without. Sanyu says our old days will come back. Adda is coming there. Randhir hugs her again. Ada comes in sanyu is alone. Adda asks sanyu where is randhir? Randhir comes out and says i am here. PKC says I have punished them both. adda says randhir come with me right now. PKC says sanyu you focus on your work.

Adda says what is this randhir? Randhir says rishap started the fight. Adda says don’t ever try to double cross me. are you sure risphap started the fight. Randhir says look at the video he came and started the fight. She says fine you can go.
Sanyu and randhir hear adda. adda says I will come i think we have to plan a bigger meeting. I will be there before time. bye.

Scene 2
Next morning vid sees rishap in tania’s bed. she screams. tania says shut up. Vid says ask him to leave. This is so shamelessness. Rishap says i am really sorry. tania says we were just sleeping. Vid says you better go. He says i came here to give her a rose and i dont know when i slept. Tania says how cute you brought me rose. You didn’t give me? He sits on knees and gives her the rose. He says happy rose day.
Vid says does parth know its rose day? Sanyu says randhir wont even know i am sure.

Parth says to randhir its rose day today. Randhir says every day is same. this is all so stupid. parth says yes randhir baba but our gfs wont know. You know you are lucky because your gf is sanyu. She wont mind even if you don’t give her a rose. Randhir looks at her photo and says happy rose day sanyu.

Everyone comes in the rose day party. Sanyu says its wonderful. Tania says its amazing. Host says happy rose day to all of you. PKC allowed us to celebrate this day. No classes and lectures today. Just have fun. Tania gets a lot of roses. Randhir comes in. Adda comes and stands next to randhir. Randhir says nice decoration. Adda says i am sure you are not idiotic like rest of them. Randhir says no i am not interested in all this.
host says we wont just celebrate the day. A girl will become rose girl, the one who gets max roses. Vid and tania will fight who will win. Sanyu says calm down both of you. Tania says if you win i will become your servant for whole day. If i win then you will become my servant. Sanyu says i am going to room. Tania says at least stop for us.

Precap-Sanyu sees randhir. Randhir says in heart i am here for you sanyu. i will make your day. He freeazes everyone using that pen. he sits on his knees.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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