Sadda Haq 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir sees the card of the notice board and is shocked like everyone else.
Sanyu is in the lab. she touches the tools and smells grease on her hands. She is in tears. She cries holding a machine.
Randhir recalls when sanyu told him that her enagement is cancelled. And when she asked what am I to you ? he sits on the floor and tears the card apart. Parth tries to calm him down. Randhir is going somewhere. Parth says please randhir calm down before you do anything Please listen to me once. randhir says I will just talk to sanyu now. parth says sanyu never wanted to hurt you. please listen to me. sanyu did all this for you and this team. she did as vardhan asked her to. Randhir ays so you knew about all this ?Randhir says you vardhn kasutuki everyone knew about this. I know you

all must have laughed at me. And sanyu is the one who played this game with me. parth says no she didn’t play any game. Parth says no its not like that. randhir says don’t try to be God. Parth tries to stop him but he shoves him.
Parth goes to sanyu and tells her that randhir has got to know everything. sanyu says I know. where is he ? Randhir goes to the class and recalls how sanyu fell in his arms saying I trust you randhir. He says what I got by trusting her ?
Randhir goes to class in anger. Yoyo says to kaustuki whats wrong with him ? Yoyo asks randhir whats wrong ? Randhir stands on the table and says guys lets celebrate and kaustumi you should celebrate your roommate has surprised us. sanyu come and says randhir please come down. randhir says look who is here. its her engagement tomorrow. Lets celebrate everyone/ Why are you crying ? You have achieved all your targets ? dream team has qualified and your are getting engaged. we are friends that was one of your targets as well. I never let anyone come close tio me but this girl did. she changed my whole life. if I had never let her come closer I won’t have realized that some relations are true. like our friendship. Thankyou for making me this sanyu. Vardhan comes and says randhir yoyu should come here. Randhir says oh I forgot you. he taught us that achieve your target no matter what you do to get that. thank you sir and you sanyu. Thank you for making me this. A huge round of applause for them both. randhir says you sanyu I will never forget you for a moment. you are worth appreciating. He hugs her and whispers and I will never pardon you. But I don’t you to be sad when you go. So congratulations. Everyone lets celebrate lunch is on me. Sanyu is in tears. Kaustuki tries to console her. Vidhushi smiles.

Scene 2
Randhir is in his room. he walks aimlessly. He looks at the rings and throws it. He starts hitting the punching bag. randhir opens the picture book sanyu gifted him. He throws it and screams why you did this ? I considered you my best friend and you were a hypocrite. He tries to hit a wall parth stops him and says what will you get by doing this to yourself. Randhir says get out or I will hit you. Parth says of that calms you down then hit me. Come on. randhir recalls parth knew about all that. He starts beating parth. He gets parth down of floor and is about to punch but he stops.

SAnyu says to kasutuki I wanted to tell him truth but he found it out. Kaustuki says who pasted the card there ? Sanyu says what differenced it makes ? I can’t apologize him, I am sory randhir. Kaustuki says he will be fine. sanyu says he will never trust someone again.
Jiggy comes and says I don’t know why you did all this, I know you must nit have done this with wrong intention. Well goodbye. sanyu says I thought I will explain him by hugging him. But I can’t even see him.

Randhir goes to the lab and recalls when he and sanyu used to work there. He recalls when he saved sanyu from fire.
Sanyu stops by the FITE name plate and touches it. SAnyu goes in and sees that randhir and she is talking on the stairs. she gets a call. She takes out her phone. Its her dad. She says yeah driver is here I am leaving.

Kaustuki and vardhan see her off. Sanyu says I can’t demand much but I wished to know what randhir wanted. Everything is over. Vardhan says when one door closes other opens. I know you wll never do anything wrong. Wish you all the best. she sits in the car and leaves.

Randhir is sitting alone in auditorium. Vardhan comes and sits next to him. he says it was not her mistake. she did all I said. It was only her who could save you and dream team I had no other option. Randhir says you didn’t think what will happen when sanyu leaves the college. what will happen when I will find out sanyu was cheating me. I had a family just for my name. I considered team my family, I will never forget this. You are not my friend you had your reasons but sanyu was my friend. I will never forgiver he she has to pay for this. He leaves in anger.

SAnyu is on her way. She recalls randhir is resentment in the canteen. When he said he will never pardon her. Sanyu reaches the house. She says I am here without my wish. apart from my dream. I have hurt you a lot please forgive me.

Precap-randhir calls sansyu and says you lied to me your engagement is broken. Now it will be. I am coming to your engagement tomorrow.
Randhir comes to engagement and collides with Samir.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. aarohi

    plzzz update fast…
    i know it takes time 2 write but still i am very desperate 2 know what will happen next…….

  2. Meera

    loved tdys epi… RD kaa gussaa…. calling sanyu selfish, hypocrite sly…… a sweet false hug and he said naa hi mi tumhe maaf karoongaa… like only sanyu cld hear those words…… and to vardhan he said aap mere friend nahi ho…. Parth ko khoob maara, kisiko bhi nahi chodaa….. his anger was JUSTIFIED… love u PSB…. awesome acting..he was fully correct from his POV…..

  3. Pakhi

    Atiba dear i knw u r sad aftr watchng tdy’s epi bt plz can u try to pst a little bit fast..plzzzzz

  4. nila

    Yeah!!!!!! Randhir is going break engagement WWWOOOOWWWW so excited …..
    Param bhaiya hats off kya acting luv u keep rocking

  5. Meera

    a doubt : wl sanyu invite all her classmates for her engagement???? and if that chomu samir sees him, what wl b his reaction??? he knows him as a mechanic…. sanyus mom has seen him in college, ankit too… no idea abt her dad…

  6. Pakhi

    Aftr sanyu’s return to fite hr nd rd’s lv str will once agn strtd frm begining i mean they both will ht each ds tm dy hv lv in their htrd

    • Meera

      kya kahu…?????pls comment on PSBs acting…. v rarely get to see him perform for a long time… i remember those days when i was longing to see him more and felt he was sidelined (he was..) i mean when Parth was gvn too much of importance and when S & P got into eyelocks…. porr guy, now Parth is almost a dimwit…. doesnt look like he is the captain of DT…..

  7. game changer

    sandheer ki abhi ki condition k liye prfect song…..
    do pal ruka khwabo ka karwa aur phir chal diye tum kaha hum kaha
    do pal ki thi ye dilo ki dasta aur phir chaldiye tum kaha hum kaha

  8. Hi guyzzzzz
    First of all,kindly count me in the list of param’s NON sisters,me n piyu didi…….
    Secondly,the only thing i can say ’bout todays epi is that because of it i m sitting here with immense pain and boroline on my lower lip.
    U may wonder, how????
    Well,todays epi was so…emotional that i wanted to cry,lots. But my gtandmom was sitting in the samevroom,so obviously,i cudnt.
    So what i did was i bit my lip a little to stiffle the feeling. And then, as the epi turned more intense,i started biting my lip harder,noy realizing how hard i was biting. Then suddenly,i cud taste blood……i had actually bitten off part of my lip!
    And trust me,even though it was a small part,it hurts like h***
    So now………….
    Cant wait for sunday spl.

  9. Ok,sorry for making u wait for,like ages. Hope u havnt lost interest in the ff…..
    This one’s dedicated to @jimli

    So then,sandhir finally left for india. Their journey back was very normal……except that it wasnt ppl normal….it was sandhir normal.
    Finally they rchd..
    Sanyu:aah! Home sweet home!
    Rd:par tumse jyaada sweet nahi!
    Sanyu: Oooh! How romantic,rd!
    Rd: thik hai thik hai. Bas ab. Ye holiday mood door rakho,we hv to get down to work.
    Sanyu: WORK!!!!
    Rd: haan,work. Jiggy aur kaustiki ki shaadi ki tayyaariyaan kya tumhaare papa karenge??
    Sanyu: acha,woh! Woh kaam thodi hua,woh to majaa hai!
    Rd: jo samajhnaa chaahti ho samajho,par karna padega
    By now they rchd their frnt door. Randhir rang the bell. Vdhan sir n the rest of the gang were supposed to stay there n start the wedding the wedding of kiggy(jiggy kaustu) ws to be held in randhir’s mansion.
    Vdhan sir opened the door. He was wearing a white kurta. Sandhir stepped inside n saw that the rest of the ppl were wearing white,too.
    Rd:ye… sab ne….wh..white k..k..kyu pehna hai?
    Vdhan sir: randhir,woh….tumhaari mom…..
    Vdhan sir: randhir…voh…voh ab nahi rahi.
    Rd just stood there like a statue n sanyi gave a gasp
    Sanyu: sir aap ye kya bol rahe ho! Kab hua ye? Aur kaise???
    Vdhan sir: kal. Rd ki mom ko kai dinon se cancer tha. Unhone kisi ko bataaya nahi. Kal voh apni neend mein guzar ganyi.
    Sanyu: toh sir aapne hame bataaya kyu nahi?
    Vdhan sir: main nahi chahata tha ki tumhaari honeymoon kharaab ho….
    Sanyu moves closer to randhir and pats his shoulder. Suddenly,he runs away frm the room and up the stairs. Sanyu n jiggy both run after him but vdhan sir holds jiggys hands and stops him
    Vdhan sir: nahi jiggy. Tum yahi ruko. Sanyukta ko jaane do. Ussey bas sanyukta hi sambhaal sakti hain ab. Tum nahi sambhaal paaoge. Ussey zaroorat hai sanyukta ki.
    Jiggy: par sir…
    Kaustuki: Vdhan sir is right,jiggy. Let sanyu go.
    Jiggy: as u say,kaustu baby!
    Sanyu has, meanwhile, gone up the stairs after rd. She traces him to their room. He was sitting there,with a pivture of his mom in his hands(probably the only pic of hers he owns) and shaking with uncontrollable sobs.Sanyu goes closer to him and puts her hand around his shoulders and holds him. He craddles the picture of his mom n moves closer to sanyu. She hugs him and he clings tightly on to her,like a small,vulnerable baby.
    Rd: mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai? Pehle mom neglect karti thi. Phir main unhe neglect karta tha. Jab dono ek doosre ke kareeb aaye to…..
    Sanyu: isme tumhaari koi galati nahi hai,Randhir. Hone Ko kaun taal sakta hai? Aur ye toh acha hua naa ke woh is satisfaction ke saath ganyi ke uska beta abhbhi us se pyaar karta hai.
    Randhir cudnt say anything. He just clung on to sanyu,like a helpless little baby,while sanyu stroked his head. He felt safe in her warm embrace. He cud remain like that for eternity…….
    They were both feeling warm and safe in the others embrace. It was a feeling they cherished……
    Only,they were unaware of being watched by two more ppl,who were remembering their own past……..
    ………yes,they were vdhan n niharika maam.

    Precap: nxt pt wl b the end.

  10. Nai dekha aaj ka episode..guts hi nai horaha hai.. 🙁 i read written..tht ws enough to gt tears in my eyes..i juz cant c randhir in such a bad condition… 🙁 vardhan sir..u juz cant talk with randhir and tell truth tht all dis is bcz of ur direction..usse kuch nai hoga..u hav to gt some solution for dis big mess created by u!! I hope randhir vil not insult sanyukta and her fmly in frnt of all guest..he shld take some othr way to broke der engagemnt pls pls !! Scrd 🙁

  11. nila

    @arrohi PSB is not my bro but I consider him as my bro coz I am single girl child and very badly needed a BF(brother forever) I always needed a big bro like Param

  12. nila

    I forgot tell one thing …..abt Parth he really is a good friend I am sure he is one who will support Randhir and help him in healing his wound.
    @ saddahaqrox How r u dear???? Get well soon actually I can understand how it pains as I got two times hurt on my lips by falling from cycle ……its terrible

    • Meera

      non….???? so u r in our list…. PSB like lord krishna and all of us his gopikas…. lol!!! me 1st, piyali 2nd, gc 3rd.. baadh me tum sab….. wah wah!!!

  13. OMG u gyz r soooo amazing yaar. Tum sb SH k itne bare fans ho…jst can’t believe. Well im also a huge fan of sh bt u guys r so very much huge fans yaar

  14. Wow meera di u rock!
    Even i was thinking on the same lines- agar sanyu ye jalaa hua mukhda leke ghar jaayegi toh uske prnts kya kahenge???
    Hope she is fine n its not make up coz make up on burnt skin must hurt a lot!
    Btw- welcome to tellyupdates,veronica!(if that is ur real name)

  15. game changer

    param krishn hai aur aapka naam @meera kya baat hai well mujhe ye pata hai k meera apni sari life me krishna se pyar krti rahi………waise aap meera ho to radha kon hai?….. 😉

  16. AN

    hi guys aaj friday hai toh mein yaha par aagayi aur woh bhi chupke !!!!
    thankyou for wishing me luck guys mere 2 exams khatham ho gaye aur woh acha raha !!!!

  17. Jimli

    Oi saddaharox part 9 I like is this all gonna happen or tum u he lik rahi ho n Happy Ganesh Chatturthi 2 all sandhirian;-):-)

  18. AN

    aap log decide nahi kar pa rahe hai toh mein kar dethi hoon aur woh bhi FLAMES kelthe hue !!!
    MEERA di- friendship
    GC di – admiration
    NUPOOR – admiration
    NID – friendship
    ACHU – admiration
    JIMLI – friendshp
    aur lastly APARNA (me) – admiration

  19. AN

    ok ok guys meine ek aur baar try kiya (pehle me ne param singh bhatia likha aur ab PSB likha )
    and here are the results :
    NUPOOR – marriage
    MEERA di – friendship
    AKSHARA – friendship
    JIMLI – friendship
    NID – marriage
    GC – LOVE !!!!
    and lastly me – marriage !!!!

  20. AN

    toh mein jaa rahi hoon bye guys …. aur mein woh engagement wala epi nahi dekh paungi toh milthe hai after my exams …. 🙁

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