Sadda Haq 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu come sin locker room. She sees so many cups with congratulations written on them. She says Aryan.. He says present Ms Lead Astronaut. Such an achievement. Sanyu says he made me because he didn’t have an option. He says you know you are the best. Sanyu says I thought I would earn it. It feels like he is doing this punish the team. He says you are the lead astronaut. I know you will everything. I believe in you. He brings the s and a cup and gives her coffee.

Randhir comes in Nirman’s room. Nirman says in life and gold you need more attention than power. Little distraction and lose the target. Strength is useless if you don’t have focus. I am really disappointed in you. Randhir says you wanted to kick sanyu out of ISRC, how could you do this? Nirman says there

is one more thing common in life and golf, ball never questions the club. She is the lead because she has good equation with the team plus she has good relation with aryan too. Randhir says they aren’t in a relationship. Nirman says whatever it is. Aryan gives her strength and thats more than enough. Randhir says in heart I will take everything from you sanyu position, your relation. You don’t deserve it.
Becky says you really think its because of aryan’s support. Nirman says no one need another’s support here. They are all independent.

Sumit says see see captain of ship is here. Sanyu says I am happy but I know you are all shocked. Kritka says its not your fault he had been unfair. SAnaya says at least we can support you. He had tortured you enough. Arjun says you are a girl this had to happen. I have all the qualities except that I call be a girl. Kritka says what you mean. Sanaya says keep you MCP opinions to yourself. Aryan says better be low profile when you don’t have talent. Sanyu says luck talent and solid support. Sanyuu says we are one team lets not fight. Sumit says sanyu give us a party. Sanaya says yes treat please. Your parents must be very happy. Some parents are never happy with their kids. Arjun goes in his room. Kritiak comes after him. he says I knew you will come. What are you doing in ISRC? You told everyone about my dad. Kritka says I am not that cheap. You are not the only one who has problems. He says I have no problems. She says you are so insecure that you think everyone is your enemy. He says what you think of yourself. He pushes her to the wall.

Sanyu calls becky and says nirman is not here. Becky says how would I know I am not his mom.Sanyu sees his watch that is not working.sanyu tries to fix it. Nirman says how dare you to touch it. sanyu says it was not working, its the space watch that my mentor gave me and his mentor gave him. This is priceless. This watch will decide who deserves to wear it.
Nirman says now you will prove that you are the best but time might prove that you are the worst. Sanyu says one thing I promise you won’t feel you wasted your time on me.I wont let you regret. She leaves.

Randhir is coding. Aryan says the right code. Randhir says isn’t sanyu giving you time? I will be more than happy to give you company.Aryan says make me happy by coming to the party. Randhir says I might come to help you. I know how to handle her when she is drunk.I will save your time and effort.

Sanyu kritika and sanaya decide for party. Aryan gets dressed too. The girls do the facial. Sanaya says we will take time. We have applied face pack. Aryan says I can’t wait to see how beautiful you will look.I can wait hours.
Aryan sees randhir dressed too. aryan says looking good. randhir says I can do this for your happiness and sanyu’s. Aryan says I arranged it for sanyu’s happiness but you canadd upto it.

Precap-Party starts. Everyone is dancing. Randhir says can I dance with the one you have thrown this party for, Aryan says sure. Randhir dances with sanyu and zips her unlock shit.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. sanyukta rathor


    I like the epi

    what a cup seen

    And aalu look at aryan soooooooooo cute and smart ……

    Ooooooo love the epi sooooooo much

  2. Hey bhai behen ko party dene se woh bigad jaati hai…..haan…toh aapke gf bhi toh kisiki behen hogi na….aap bas bolo mujhe le jana hi nahi chahte ho……..

    Khadoos bhaiya……
    Aap log bolo koi aisa karta hai kya….
    Baiya logon ki exam ki ghadi aa gayi hai

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey richu my sweetiiii

      Bhiya se kya party ke ummed kari h sweetiii

      Mene di h na party

      Achi nhi lage kya Rajasthani party …….

    • rits

      Oh dhruv bachi ko rula diya..
      Ohhh baby party to melige soniyo..
      N yes mumbai ki typcl club wali party melegi..
      Aise party jo tumhne dikhi na ho…
      Wht say Dhruv..hahahahahhahaha

  3. I saw todays epi.

    I was osm……I luved the way in precap rd cared for sanyuuu…….
    Everyone was lukin soo fabulous. .

  4. HEYYY GUYS !!!!
    Awsome epi ! Aryan looked ……. DASHING, HOT, AMAZING,CUTE …..
    OMG !!! โ™ฅed the precap !!! Now i feel like i want only aryan wid sanyu …… tho i miss sandhir …
    rd is soo jealous ! yaayy ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Suranjana

    Today’s episode was nostalgic for me…
    The girls scene reminded me of the bond shared in between sanyukta and vidushi…vidushi can never be replaced by anyone
    then the Precap…the way randhir zipped up sanyukta’s top,in the same way parth zipped vidushi’s top in the S1 farewell party..
    And the most disappointing thing they played the vidarth BG score on thy can never ignite the passion like vidarth…never

  6. shreya

    Omg can’nt wait for tommorow’s epi.i like the girls masti in this epi.n rd’s reply to nirman that sanyu n aryan are’nt in a relationship….N what will happen after 7 days.:-) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hey dhruv missed u too bro n all others,i told na i met an accident recently so bathroom m slip hone se my knee got i ws in hospital till noon.hey richu i wished u in 21 april’s tu

  7. rits

    Cool epi..I missed so much..
    Bt I hadexms r u??
    Karu nishu aliya liya shreya dhruktiii raj princes n all my cute frnds

  8. Aahna

    Now it’s fun….?
    I was looking for some party scene..??
    I love all those party time in season 1…I have seen them many time….??
    But at party time I m gona miss yoyo…….I love his funny taunts and jokes…..??
    Yoyo is one of the best character…….????
    Plzz I want to seen all of them having fun …?
    Plzz rd just dont create any scene at party??
    Only fun and fun?????
    Plzz somebody share sanyu pic in party dress I wanna see it…….plzzzzzzzz

  9. Aahna

    Now it’s fun….?
    I was looking for some party scene..??
    I love all those party time in season 1…I have seen them many time….??
    But at party time I m gona miss yoyo…….I love his funny taunts and jokes…..??
    Yoyo is one of the best character…….????
    Plzz I want to seen all of them having fun …?
    Plzz rd just dont create any scene at party??
    Only fun and fun?????
    Plzz somebody share sanyu pic in party dress I wanna see it…….plzzzzzzzz??????????

    • so true … i miss the old cast a lot !! i like sumit but his jokes are soo not funny ! to me atleast !
      yoyo is the best at it !! ๐Ÿ™

  10. shreya

    I like aryan as a true frnd but he is acting like a phycho lover…
    Good night frnds my dears-dhruv,liyu,mayuri,karu,nishu,bk,yogi,aaliya,sheenasheena n rhichu yaar ur name sounds so cute,rakshi where r u?hey rits luv u dear

    • mayuri

      Hiii dear…. Belated good night … Now…

      Good morning ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes how was your party bhai… App sachi mein kanjooos ho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Sheena

    Heelllooooo frndz !!!! How r u all?? Everyone is busy sekecting songs for dhruv’s party i guess..haha…dhruv, best of luck for ur party..hope it becomes a great success?..

    Anyways, the episide was good…bt i still miss vidarth badly ..n i cant see sandhir’s chemistry nowadays….

  12. i just cannot express guys it was a mind blowing epi!Wht do u think Aryan was villain today Also?
    7 days.i think it’s sandhir nd we will be thn tuta futa broken heart fans!
    I would like to req randhir plz take sanyu but don’t break Aryuktas frndshp?????
    pllzzzzzzzzz Randhir

  13. Nav07

    What was the meaning of that after 7 day’s , who will lose, who will win,.. etc
    That was written at the bottom of the screen??

  14. Bk

    Hiii guyzzzzzzz gd evng to all of u… . …..
    Today’s epi z quite interesting……..eagerly waiting fr tmrw epi…..n also sandhir dance….I told na sandhir dance happen in the pool party…………
    I’ve notice that Aryan is always the one who provokes Randhir, deep down he knws he’ll never replace Randhir in Sanyuktas life
    Anyways guyzzz keep watching sadda haq Mon-Sat @6:30pm..only on V or anytime in Hotstar ..
    Jay Jagannath

  15. Loved it.Party missed u.but first time m missing Vid on ds season. she was too good yrr!
    Boys r just outstanding.specially Aryan And Randhir.sooo colourful. Though they were pretending but loved Ardhirs little scene.
    Just hope RD doesn’t do any stupidity.Please yaar forget about the revenge naaaa

  16. Ena

    UMM!this is the sadda haqยกfinally it’s triangle awesome masti loots of fun.Mah Aryan even Randhir was looking dashing. Girls rocked.
    And on seriousness it’s resembles 3idiots.Best will get the watch like best got virus’s pen!but it’s ok.calta hai dude.
    Also nervous who will get Sanyu.CV just don’t make anyone negative. Both are good.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Gud night my sweet sonu monu pyariiiiiiiii crazyyyyyyyy sis

      Sweet dreems

      Love u


  17. Saddahaqrox

    Zyada kuch samajh toh nhi aya WU padhke….but never mind kal dekh lungi !
    Hey @Aparna……is it really u dear I still cant believe it…..pinch me!!
    I didnt actually expect to even find eny1 here but I really found u back….how are you dear?

    • Heyyy 6 days to gooooooooooooo……
      Oh my goddddddd now what what will happen nxt….I luved the nirmaan nd rd part…wooowww mai tumse ye sab cheen lunga…..u dont deserve it.

      This means the war starts……
      Dying dying dying…huuuhmmmm

      Today once mor regular commentor of tu page is missing. …..I think karu is very busy these days……
      Heyyyy sanyuu aalu shreyu dii ritss mukti mera khadoos waala dhruv bhai mayuri himanshi shivani yogiraj……

      Heeyyy today is friday might be the spoilers r com…bk liyu dear spoilers plzzz……
      Heeyyyyy nishuuuuu r u free if then plzzzz start writing ffs dear…I really would luv to read…..
      Suru hiiii sweetheart do u remember me…..u were the one who wlcomed me the first over here….
      Khadoos waale bhai I dont want party today just care nd support. …
      Karu com fast ….
      Luveeeee u alll…..

  18. Chalo chalo jaldi se sab uth jao…..
    Wake up from ur sweet dreams……
    Start ur studies go for jogging ……


    May god bring lots of luveeeee nd happpieeeeeness in ur lyf……may god bless u all……

  19. Liya

    Gud morning!! Hello guys….its seems no one missd me…js joking…
    Anyways how are u???

    Nice to see current track…Happy with CV…hmm so a luv triangle!!!7 days and all…’s bcomin very intrsting ….excited fr tdys epi…..pool party,dances…hope sandhir reunion take placcee which I have been waiting since the end of sadda haq 1….

    Bros and sis….was really missing u guys….was really busy in my studies….told nah have a imp xam….have to prepare myself till may 8th….
    Guys…rock on…be happy…!!
    Am really happy to see some of u returning back to here after a loooooooooong break…..!!!
    And ALL THE BEST to all those who are apeearing the NEET ( medicine) and other engineering entrances..
    Bye…take care!!
    Sadda haq rocks…!!
    Sadda haq family rocks..!!!!
    LOVE n’ LIVE LIFE!!…….
    ???:-) ๐Ÿ™‚ ???:-) ???:-) ๐Ÿ™‚ ???

      • Sheena

        Liya n all my frndz who are busy preparing for exams, we all will surely do lots of masti after ur exams ok??? We’ll have fun….!!!!!! Bt for now, just concentrate on ur exams…best of luck everyone !!

    • Sheena

      Hey liya dear !!! Of course we missed u..
      U have exams naa? Study hard n be focused..u’ll surely get success…believing in urslf is the secret to success, so be confident.. All the very best to u…luv u..

      N all my frndz who are appearing for NEET this yr, it is a very good chance for u go n grab it…best wishes to all my frndz…

  20. mayuri

    Hey ….. Dears … I haven’t seen the promo… Actually… Can anybody send it … Please … And yes the pool party … Is gonna amazing .. I am eager to watch it. … Sadda haq rocks ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. titli

    .Hah! Super finally DS went colorful bt sadly blue was d’blue nd it almost lukd blak nd did u notice rd also blue blue shirt (ยฌ_ยฌ) lagta h sanyu’s fav blue…mmmm…… Haha
    well it reminds me of wen sanyu’s blinding agarbbatti made rd wear pinky shirt wel hope ds also wear clrful clothz i mainly c nly joy colrful in boys rest old same blak wite etc ๐Ÿ˜› bt aryan change was cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    huff ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    WHICh Is hope so gud title ๐Ÿ™‚ hope itz nyc
    wat u say NISWAA PIKACHU dHANSรš HAI NA IS ME HUM AAPNEY WOH C’GATE LAMHEY YAAD KALENGE WAGT U SAY PAGLI FIC TITTLE0 K LIYE KSA H YE? Nd yaar nirmaan ne nikal diye bhainsiya ko freze chambr se ab meley kulfi buisnes ka kya hoga priye? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    aul aul wel due to xam s1 i misd a bhit sho cn u help me to revive smthng I Mean clear doubt ?0
    Well hope those binary digits dnt code fr a rocket or missile of ISRC also or else…… (เธ‡’-‘)เธ‡ fight again ๐Ÿ˜›

    ok guys pls tell me is that certificate still there??
    Well sanyu is alwayz d fav ๐Ÿ˜€
    nd i wish rd gets a mad mentr smtym thn heights of madness nd angr rage etc ๐Ÿ˜ก
    also Karu โ™ฆ were ru?

    @ aparna dr nisha calls me poke richu dr my name is also richa i write tittli or bevoof as name so it dnt cnfuse with richu anyways ma dp is always same u can recognise me easily
    @aishu daarling ma sisy โ™ฅ u almst frgot me ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ˜› i wil kill u as susi sru ria hg liya kutty sara etc i hav already boycotted thm murdrd thm as they ah! Just frgt if u dnt want dead tittli bak pls talk 2 me i mis u i wnt frgt u nd kaju barfii i mis her2 pls tel kaju i mis her and susi hg alot ria u2 ma swt โ™ฅ wil u do dat dr pls ma nika sis aka unknown โ™ฅ dr just lost u nd ur mail id dr with me n my id pls i mis u all want to c u talk to u kaju n liya kutty nd nusi nd sara nd anu nd all ur richa di miss u i really need u guys pls if u read pls msg me mail me pls i need u เฒฅ_เฒฅ
    lol nisha u idiot u fool u u my โ™ฅ piece lov u nd pls fb me if posibl i.e. Ruchi dilta i need to talk to u dr i wil cm to c ur reply nd i may or may not cm here 4 smtym bt i want u to update ur nd nattys nd ameena’s fics updated nd will b soon bak with a new fic aftr a mnth so watchout my โ™ฅ ma niswa just 4u anyways any msg frm devga masakali realy if not she dnt knw me she promisd smethng nd gayab hai tab se mann toh karta h na ๐Ÿ˜ก acha sholly tumra moodwa khiskane k liye nd u bhukkad kal ki party akeli kha gayi mele shaath shayle b ni kia uuuwain ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol keep smilin nd roking

  22. sanyukta rathor

    Hey guys

    My exam is start soooo we meet 8 may

    Beyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love u allllllllllllllllllll.

    Be happyyyyyyyyy ???????????

  23. nisha

    hey sanyu alll the very best sweetheart do well in exams sweetheart

    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much keep smiling

    love u karu busy bee miss u come soon love u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    hey suru me too dear miss vidharth a lot

    you know in these kind of parties vids gonna rock more than anyone and parth is always the soul of the show
    love u suru dear sweetheart keep smiling always , I always beleive that vidharth is the back of the show and whenever they needed both of them came on the board to boost the trps love u suru keep smiling girl . tight hugs for you.

    love u richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu keep smiling

    what’s up raj how r u.

    hey shreyu are you ok dear slipped , dear i hope you get some good medicine for it or else this case happeneed to so many dear ones take very good care of yours . it is the matter of your backbone dear I hope this is a minor one and I wish you get well soon very soon I wish you get releif from yoru pain soon dear some ayurvedic oils are very effective for this , my dear ones also get well from this condition love u shreyu keep smiling and take care dear love u .

    hey jyotika your name has the name of my dearest friend love u dear and welcome heere

    hey dhruv mukti what’s up buddies how ws the episode and how are you both. keep smiling

    hey princess rakshi , where are you miss u

    hey mayu,(mayuri) liya , aparna bk how ru all love u

    keep smikling guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i love the yesterday episode the pool party dance is coming up of sandhir

    I so wish sanyu become talli this time too and some precious sandhir moments

    I love the lines

    when randhir says I snatch everything from you sanyukta ,your fame your power your position and ARyan

    Looks like we thought aryan is an obsessive lover for sanyu but new twist he he he Randhir is the obsessive lover for aryan

    these days aryan and randhir get more time with each other

    instead of saying that i snatch sanyu from aryan he says i snatch aryan from sanyu

    see mann mein ladoo futaaaaaaa

    Maa daa ladlaaa bigad gayaaa

    bechari sanyukta looks like aryan and randhir gonna marry in the end and sanyu showers flowers on them

    lovely couple
    just joking guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    but not my fault dialogue hi aisaa thaa

    well I love for the first time Aryan dress he looks good

    Rd is looking handsome too

    and sanyu gorgeoous

    looks like pool party has many more secrets

    love ualll

    hey I want some more news love u all.

    keep smiling

    • hey nishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      i’m fine dear ! hope u r fine too !
      lol !!! ARYAN AND RD !!!!!!!!!!! WHY NOT ?!

      ofcourse they make a PERFECT couple …. sadda haq mein bohoth bada twist !! hahaha !
      i will snatch aryan frm u sanyu …… cuz he belongs to me !!!
      yeah u hv a very creative thought !

      โ™ฅ โ™ฅ โ™ฅ โ™ฅ

      LUV U !!!!!

  24. dhruv

    Hey richu exm ke bad I Will give u a veryyy. Biiggg party dear with lots of love fun food music dear:-):-):-)
    Lvuu richu behna.

  25. nisha

    telly chakkar news about pool party greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    hey dhruv all the very best buddy mukti to you too all the very best do well in exams and if u get time in between came here we refresh you all

    keep smiling dhruv and mukti love u both

    say hi to maddy too and all the best to you too maddy

    love u all mumbaiyaa friends

    keep smiling

    hey richwaa u are rightwaa dear

    colgate lamhe are amazing never forgettable actually its unforgettable

    ooooooooooooooooooo bhaiseeya ko isrc waalo ne nikaal diyaa don’t worry

    wo itni slim trim ho gayee baaa kee modeling karne kaa try karnee kaa thanda paanee peene kaa aur masti karnee kaa

    kulfi kaa business cancel modelling chaloooooooooooooooooooooooo

    see our bhaiseeyaa in modelling dressess ramp walk kaa kaa khayaal hai re pagli
    our bhaiseeyaa in wedding dress bolo toh shaadi karwaa det kaa

    are ee dekho ek bhaiswaa bhi dhundhat rahe pagdi waala bhaiswaa

    jod match karat rahe kaa richwaaa

    are bhaiseeya ki make up waaali artist aaj kal inhi kaa fasion hai bhaiseeyaa mein no 1 make up artist in all bhaiseeyaa

    are marriage mein puppy ko bhi invite kee hu tanek dress dekho kaisaa lagat hai humraa puppy×260/f2/albu/g4/M00/25/DF/rBVaEVcTRnGASGXIAAPwgTgl7Oc629.jpg

    are fantasticwaa or not

    toh aaogi bhaiseeyaa kee shaadi mein she is ready for modeling and marriage too what say richwaaa

    I love the title for next fic dear its fab if you started the fic with this title loving it dear bring it on.

    I think nirman and sanyu are in peace mode even cvs are bore with their fights so they bring them in one group sanyu group for a change we loved it

    nirman even want aryan to away from sanyu because he think sanyu doesn’t need anyone she will have to be independent coz there is no place for dependency in isrc

    don’t ask richwaaa fb not possible I am not on fb right now just here and yeah ameena some time I see her in some fics very far away and manha devga invisible
    ruby ryan started her fic and dia all are gone
    hope they come

    I think you and me or we need to start fic so that they come

    I try to write and you too.

    so that they come too and we all enjoy
    and icecream too for both of us

    this is for u dear 1 for u 1 for me
    for lots of sweetness in ur life love u richwaa keep smiling

  26. annu

    thanks for accspt me. can l ask one quetion pls .i have one dout .if any one is free to ans me pls.

  27. nisha

    hey annu helooooooooooooooo dear seems like all are busy in exams

    welcome dear here , what is the doubt dear

    keep going I will try to answer love u dear

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  28. shreya

    Hey nishu thnx for advice ayurvadic oils are very effected ,n dear sanyu n dhruv best of luck for ur ur best.
    I think 7 day challenge m aryan would win i don’nt think so ki cvs itni jaldi sandhir ko unite karenge

  29. nisha

    love u appu shreyu Stay healthy, annu

    karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu missing today

    where are you.

    love u all.

  30. nisha

    offcourse anu I remember u dear

    the friendship of ours is unforgetable

    love u dear

    how r u

    did u see the current track of sd

    how’s life going dear

    keep smiling sweetheart

    WElcome back i thought u forget us

    love u anu stay here dera

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

  31. annu

    thanks alot .my qution is in sesion 1 sanyu and rd are married then how they seprated? pls ans me im become mad now pls pls

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