Sadda Haq 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi falls down, all the boys come out. Parth and randhir make her stand up. She has got bruises, Sanyu says i am coming down. Randhir says no you should stay up, we will lose the task. Ranawat says boys your duty is in there not here. You will lose if you stay here. Parth says but i have to take her to medical room. Ranawat says you will lose. Parth asks two girls to take her to medical room and they go to kitchen.

Anju comes to clinic. SHe says to thruv i feel better now i dont need more tests. He says you just have to go through ECG and CT scan. Anju says is there something wrong? Thruv says no you don’t have to worry about it.

PKC comes to ranawat and says why are you doing this to them? VIdushi fell from there, sanyu is dis-balanced as well. Ranawat pinches

his cheeks and says you are so cute, these cheeks are like sweets. PKC says it hurts leave me. Ranawat says take care of your cheeks not this trash team.

Ranawt comes to canteen and orders randhir to bring a glass, He says place is here. He pours out some drink, randhir says what would you like to drink? he throws the whiskey on his face and says where is introduction. randhir says i am randhir, what would you like to eat? Ranawat stands up and leaves.

Sanyu is exhausted, randhir sees her. He goes out to give her water. Ranawat says how you came here? randhir says she is dehydrated. Ranawt says there are water reserves in body. You know nothing. sanyu says leave it randhir. only half an hour is left i will manage. Ranawat says see. sanyu is bit dis balanced, randhir asks are you fine? only five minutes are left. sanyu is about to faint, Sahil says she is so strong. yoyo says salute to her. sanyu falls down. randhir catches her, he says i told you i will not let anything happen to you, sanyu is faint. Parth says make her sit, bring water. Ranawat says take a side all of you. randhir takes sanyu to medical room. Vidushi says she is faint as well. Nurse checks sanyu, sanyu opens her eyes. randhir hugs her and says whom will i fight with if something happens to you? Ranawat watches them. nurse says she is dehydrated, she will be fine. sanyu says i felt like someone was watching us. i think ranawat. randhir says he doesn’t care about anyone. sahil says i can’t sleep in that trash room again.

They all go to store room. Sahil says anyone has anything to eat? Vid says you guys were in kitchen, we had to stand in sun. parth says you gave up sanyu stood till end, randhir says don’t fight here. sanyu comes in and sleeps on her cotton. randhir says are you okay? you were talking to your mom? He says tell me what issue is this? sanyu says i feel like maa is concealing something from me. Parth and vidushi start fighting again, sanyu says please calm down guys. And parth don’t be rude with her. randhir says sanyu is going home, you all have to deal with it. sanyu leaves for home but the door is locked. sahil says don’t tell me its a new task.
They open the lock with a rod, parth says go now. stay safe. sanyu and randhir go out. sanyu says you should go now. Randhir says you wont go alone at night what if you faint again. sanyu says if you are around to catch me, i will be fine. she says i have to go leave now.Ranawat stops sanyu.

Precap-ranawat asks sanyu were you going somewhere? Sanyu says my mom needs me at home. He places all pins on the floor and says you have to walk on them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. whts this borring tasks episode is going on and on and on…i think now they are dragging too much with these faltu tasks…

  2. dammm….yr…is ranavat ka maam ravan hona chahiye thi…..he is so insensitive yr……bichari dream team.

  3. It’s very,very boring nowadays….. It’s not interesting at all….

  4. Offo y r they dragging it? n ranawat, wat s trying to say by doing tis? he may say directly the reason for these.

  5. What d hell is going in fite and ranawat is such mad mentor….in precap he crossed all line

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  26. Awesome epi…..and yaaa they r not dragging it okkk…so if u guys are interested then see it…and better don’t pass rude commments on my fav show..

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