Sadda Haq 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyuu comes to canteen she says guys please don’t behave this way. She says did you find something randhir? Vid comes in and says i dont think sanyu can do this. She has always prioritize team. We should trust her. I am really sorry. sanyu says its okay. Parth and yoyo apologize her as well. sanyu says its okay. Parth says we have sponsors because of sanyu. Vid says if needed i would say this in front of ranawat as well. sanyu says we are exhausted. We should wait for what strategy ranawat comes with. parth says what you think randhir? Randhir sees the ring in sanyu’s finger.

Sanyu calls her dad. Randhir says this ring is irritating me. SAnyu says why? And you want me to take it off? Randhir says this is my choice that is why the ring is so good. sanyu says yeah right.

sanyu says it was all like a dream I wish my family was part of it. I really want to tell papa. Randhir but he will be mad. sanyu says let me give it a try I think everything will be okay. Randhir says okay as you wish.

Yoyo says in room one day or other you will have to tell her parents. Parth says yes. Randhir says his dad will beat me up. We dont have a good hisroty. Randhir says i have to do something. Yoyo says don’t worry parth will be there to save you.
sanyu helps vid decide. Vid says green is your fav right? Sanyyu says yea kind of. Vid says what about rest of the people in your house? SAnyu says papa likes grey. Vid says what about your brother? sanyu says i think he likes royal blue.

At night, Vid is out with ankit. She says you are so sweet. You drink so slowly. They order more wine. Vid gulps it all down. Ankit helps her in standing. she says thank you so much.
Vid says you know what I feel so alone sometimes. Ankit says your friends? vid says they never loved me the way it looks like. But you are so nice. She hugs him.

Scene 2
Next day, Vid wakes up in Ankit’s bed. She says what are you doing here? and where are your clothes? what happened last night. Ankit says nothing happened last night. Vid says how I came here? He says you were drunk so I brought you here. And you slept here.
He holds her hand and says I want to share everything with you. He bows down and proposes her.
Vid says are you mad? what happened last night. Ankit goes out. Vid sits there cupping her head in hands. Parth calls her. Parth says everyone is asking about you? He says they need you for team assignment. vid says this what you called for? I thought you.. Parth says what?

Ankit goes what downstairs. Agarwal says to ankit you are late for work. Dont you know that we had a meeting today. Vid comes back to room and think about parth. She sees a handkerchief with lipstick mark on it.
Vid comes downstair. Agarwal is dazed to see her. He says what are you doing here? ANkit says sanyu asked to bring dresses? Agarwal says dresses? Ankit says notes. Vid says ankit and I love each other and we wanna marry each other but not without your permission.

Precap-Randhir says every time I meet your dad, world war breaks out. Sanyu says to ankit why papa called for dinner today? Ankit says my engagement is fixed. sanyu says with whom? He says with vidushi. Sanyu is dazed.
Parth says to sanyu I got the idea how to introduce randhir to your dad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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