Sadda Haq 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika is getting ready. Joy comes in and says you look so pretty. She says really? He nods. Kritika says thanks. I am doing something important. Joy says what? She says I will tell you later. Joy says I thought we are friends. Kritika says okay.. actually I am going to confess arjun that i love him. Joy says you know he.. She says I don’t care i just want no regrets. Joy says he and becky. Kritika says I don’t expect anything from him. Joy says you will be hurt. Kritika says what does it matter to you? Joy says because I like you.. She says did you say something? He says yeah that you deserve better than arjun.

Aryan asks randhir where is sanyyu? He says in sick room. Aryan says you have just seen my patience. I am warning you. you almost killed her. If anything happens

to her I will kill you. Randhir says I am not scared of your threats. Aryan says grow up randhir. Randhir says you are wasting your time. Sanyu can never love anyone. She can’t forget me. You know her very well. She still loves me. You will never get her love. Aryan leaves.
Kritika asks how are you sanyu now? Sumit says I told you nothing happened. Sumit says we know you are girl and need attention. And kritika diverted attention by faiting. kritika says sumit.. Sanaya says don’t be so insensitive. Sumit says he is right resting in room. Sanyu says when did i ask? SAnyu says where is aryan? Aryan comes in. Aryan comes and sits next to her. He says sumit is right. You have got enought attention they all laugh.

Kritika comes to cafe. Joy says come sit with us. Kritika says before I tell him he fought again. Joy says he is a monkey. Sanaya says its not that difficult. Kritika says he doesn’t believe in talking. Sanaya says then kiss him. Joy says ew she won’t do that. Kritika says i can’t do that. There should be a difference between and becky. I am not comfortable with that.
Joy says I am a guy.. Sanaya says are you sure? He says shut up. Joy if he fights a lot then it means he takes you as sister. Sanaya says get out of here.
Aryan makes sanyu eat. sanyu says I can’t eat more. He says doctor said you have to eat.
sanyu says since two days you are spending so much time with me. Don’t leave your work. He says you are most important for me. How can I leave when this pretty machine is not repaired. Sanyu says I am blessed to have you in my life. She hits him and says I was checking if you are real. How can someone be so perfect. He says my company may affect you too. Sanyu hit him again. Aryan says you wanted to say something then you didn’t..Sanyu says nothing. He gives her water. Sanyu says in heart he loves me so much and what am I doing to him? This is so unfair to him. Ayran says it was not nothing but take your time. I am sure you will say it. Sanyu says I wanted to say.. Randhir is on the door. He warns her. sanyu stops. Sanyu says I am fill now. You are very sweet.

Sanyu says to harsh I can’t meet you all the time like this. Harsh says I don’t wanna annoy you but I have no choice. Only you can fix things between me and randhir. Please help me.Sanyu says I could help you but.. I don’t even wanna see his face. He has troubled me enough. This is not the right time I cant help you. Harsh is leaving. Sanyu says okay I will try to talk to you. He says thank you for your help. I just want to make it okay with my son before leaving.. sanyu says what you mean? Where are you going? You can tell me what you meant. Harsh says I am dying. I have fourth stage liver cancer I don’t have how much time do I have. sanyu says why didn’t you tell me before? He says you won’t even believe. sanyu says why didn’t you tell randhir? He says I don’t want to trouble him. Doctors tried to do a liver transplant. I deserve this. If I had focused on love and relationships instead of drinking I wont have been this way. but I want to reconcile with my son.

The post man asks sanyu can you help me for whom this courier is for? sanyu says there is no name. He says Please take it.
sanyu opens it. Its a bill for randhir. Sanyu says it is of the day randhir took me in the car. She calls on the number and says I am talking on randhir’s behalf. For whom is this bill for? He says randhir rented our car and modified it the way if you take hand off steering it would go on pilot mode. Sanyu says so there can be no accident? He says yes. he says when will I get the payment? She says soon randhir will pay off everyone.

Sanyu comes to randhir.. he says well done. I am proud you haven’t committed to that aryan. You know what.. there is a theory behind all this. You never loved him. You are using him to make me feel jealous. You never moved on. sanyu says you have anything else? After that you will only listen to me. Sanyu says honestly I am very tired of fighting. I hope you understand things I want to tell you. 1. I know your dad wants to reconcile with you.

Precap-Sanyu says I am serious about aryan. He is so good and respects. You can’t stop me from committing him. I will do that on his birthday. Randhir says I won’t let you do that. Sanyu says how can you stop me. Why you command me. He says because I still love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. aww finally rd reveal but I am feeling bad bcoz he is pretty dominating .if you love her you can’t blackmail her lyk this

  2. riya raipurkar

    Hi guyzs iam Riya plzz let me join your groupand iam a sandhir fan love you param and harshita.ashwini is also awesomme?????? hope you will accept me in your group

  3. pia.angel

    Btw the courier was from nirman…. I’m sure this time… because it was without any name and moreover the courier man only find sanyu for help… how can it be

  4. Mayuri

    Wow!!! Going awesome … Confession of randhir and commitment to aryan … Wtf!! Sanyu now has to choose odd one out πŸ™‚
    Liver cancer in fourth stage it’s quite critical and I think we all guessed what is gonna happen in the story but still waiting for a big twist

  5. dhruv

    mayuuu i will tell u in my style how u are.
    mayu-describe me
    dhruv-you are A B C D E F G H I J K
    mayu-it means?
    dhruv-adorable,beautiful,cheerful,delicate,elegant,freshy,gorgeus,happy go lucky
    mayu-aww thts so sweet thnkx n J K??
    dhruv -just kidding
    hahahahahahahhahahahaahhaahahahahh hasi ai meri behna???u cnt remain upset with a crzayy brother like meeee

    • Mayuri

      Awesome Bhai … Aapko maan Gaye … Kya dare complete kiya hai … Really aapse kaun gussa ho sakta h aakhir πŸ™‚

  6. dhruv

    and mayu if u are still angry then my princess
    itsfor u frm my heart realy dear from the 1st time i tlked with u i knew u are the one ..
    i will describe it its frm my heart..dear really pls understand n reply waiting i m….

    hahahahaahahhhaahahahah hehehehe herhehe

    • Mayuri

      ????????????☺☺???? heheehee !! Can’t control … U truly r amazing Bhai … I to zoo huh ..????

      Awesome it really blown away my mind … After reading this I can never be angry and upset on u Bhai … Awesome ??

      Bhai u r abcdefgh
      Awesome , boom , cool and caring, dashing , enthusiastic , funny a lot , guitar player , hehehehe …. Everything about u was a joke ?????
      Although it’s true πŸ™‚

  7. Aahna

    Wierd cv himself is very confuse what to show and what not to show in such a short time

  8. Sheena

    Hey everyone !! Whats up?
    Hey mayu, i read ur comment on the last page…u described me in such a sweet way dear thnx a lot…i’m really touched…n dear, u r just 13??? Wow!! So much understanding at the age of 13? Nice πŸ™‚
    Hey revu sweety…how r u??
    Dhruv bro…dare accomplished huh?? Well done!! U did it very cutely…
    N bro, u have exams na?? All the very best…i’m sure u’ll excel!!

    N my lovely frnds…how r u all? Mukti, aastha, shivu, richu, rits, sharon, aishu, appu, shahid, bk, princess, vishal, raj, rochelle, shreyu di
    Nishu, karu, liyu…where r u all??

  9. may be again rd z trying to stop to sanyukta ‘s cmmtmnt… BT I hope it will be his real cnffsn…no other game is going in his mind….coz I really want sanDHir back….hope so CV will do something gud to unite sanDHir

  10. richa (titli)

    Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lot Mayu, Appu and SHIVU LOV U GUYSSS πŸ˜‰ LOL GN SD TC πŸ™‚ i just got busyy after that sooo culdnt replyy

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    Hello everyone i hope u all remember me……..
    Well im here wid a bad news today guyzzzz……
    My darling richu has met wid an accident………plzzzz pray for her gud health……….dear luv u…..get well soon…

    • Mayuri

      What !!! Richu n … How come … When and like how this happened … How is she now …. Pray for her to get well soon … But really what just happened … I m really in shock with it .. Please inform about it more

    • mukti

      what richu met with an accident?? how? when did it happen?n how is she now?reply dear urgent

  12. dhruv

    richa dear for u on 29..exams haina..thts why ..sory dear..lvu
    alu whre r u??????
    shenu thnx..howru?n poem was awesomeeee dear….
    mayu dear u r 13???much matured for ur age dear..very sweet..
    gn guys..lvu see u on 29

    • Mayuri

      Bhai thank u … And thank u for making my day with your cute and sweet dare … And good luck for your exam .. Tomorrow is mine exam also …
      And good night πŸ™‚

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Aap ne bulaya aur hm chale aaye…… ????

      Kaise ho Vai?????? Bohot dn baad bat kr rahe hay…… Aapka exam kaisa hua?????? Aur wht about ur bike???? Hv u bought new guitar???? ??

      By the way,,,,, aapne hame hi bulayΓ  Na???? Kyuki new Aaliya ko to Aalu nahi bulΓ te!!!!!

  13. Ena

    If Aryan isn’t a true lover,if his love is for only sacrifice, Thn i am not going to love anyone?
    it’s jerk
    Aab RD ko payar aa raha hai bohot!
    and suddenly! he still loves her?majak ki bhi haad hoti hai.
    dear writers, agqar Aryan ka dil tod na hi tha then why r u dragging all these.we r viewers, we r not baggers for God sake
    Do something Better!??
    otherwise stop this.. and show something linked with the dreams and mission also

  14. hmmm,i must say,,,CV is confused himself :-
    and Sanyuktas heart??it melts so easily
    Sometime it beats for Randhir,,sometime it’s for Aryan,,,Dear do one thing;u go with Randhir…leave Aryan for us,,,,dude he was crying today,,,Aryan is a bad kismat wala??Just protects,cries, waits,helps,and loves…but gets Nothing…over n all,m loving the track a little little as cv is confused himself??

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    Good morning friends muzee bhul to nhi gae Na ..hey aalu ,karu,nishu,richu,mayu,sheenu,shivu,muku,Raj bhai , dhruv bhai ,vishal bhai , aishuuuuuu bro ….

  16. hello my dr frnds… Oh finally its happening…
    cv n god know whts gone happen…!!!
    waiting 4 monday… SR/SA

  17. Egde Black

    Finally Randhir said those words we were waiting for. He confessed his love…………….Guys hopefully, now we will get our Sandhir back.

  18. Linsa

    I think saddahaq season 1 is better than season 2.This show start with a good theme, later they began to copy kaise yeh yaarian and along with it they killed many of the lead role for show promotion like anju,renuka,varadhaan & many more and now they are presenting the hero as villian……

  19. mukti

    helooo frndss.
    yogiraj bro today i wanted to send u somthing special..
    n tht is my smile to cheer you up laugh dear…be cool cz life is too short to live with regrets…enjoyyy who knows will i be there to tell u all this tomorrow..
    so listen to ur sister now n be happy now…

  20. mukti

    hey mayu u are 13??omg 8 yrs younger thn me dear ur too mature then was exms..

    • Mayuri

      Hiiii muku dear !!! Yes dear I m of 13 but I really love it if u just treat me as before …
      I really wanna tell U that u r so sweet , awesome and beautiful dear and your thoughts too , being realistic as well as positive is your most appreciatable quality dear … Love u πŸ™‚
      That is why I just want u to test me like before with your beautiful friendly nature … Thank u for being my friend πŸ™‚

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    Hy ANU,,, my soul sis richa ko kya hua??????

    SANYU di….. ??? kaisi hoo?????? Kal sanyukta ko khana khilate waqt Aryan kitna swt dikh raha tha Na!!!!!! Man kiya,,,, use kha jayu dinner pe!!!!! ????????????

  22. shanaya

    hi i m big fan of sadda haq.can i join ur group plz…
    hi mukti u will not recognize i am the one btween u n ur d..
    jst kidding girl.

  23. Sheena

    Good evening guys..!!
    Nishu, karu, liya…where r u all? N maddy is also missing…ayeesha is also not commenting on this pg..why? I saw her comments on some ffs..

    Anu pls tell us how is richu? Is her condition serious?? Pls yr reply asap..

    • Mayuri

      Yup sheenu where they r…. Our beloved nishu , karu , and liya ….
      Maddy is also missing … Guys where r u .. Please come soon … Missing u
      Anu please update how richu is … Is she fine now….

  24. dhruv

    hiii frndzzzzzz howru?
    anu wht happened to my richu???pls yr reply…
    alu afcrse i was tlking abt u?n whre were u??ya dear now guitar n bike are backk.aj ride bhi 70 speed se..n race to ab band ho gayi..naeto aj mumbai ki sabsse class race thi..n i was its winner last now……

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Vrrryyyy good Vai…. Aap participate nhi kiya… Wese v aap to winner ho hi…. ???

      Arre aur mat bolo!!!!! Xams khatm hi nhi hote!!!! Now preparing fr NEET phase ii….. ???

  25. maddy

    helo guys howru?
    i was busy thts y couldnt come..howru my frnds??
    whre is nisha n karina??they were the jaan of this page..

  26. maddy

    hahahaha dhruv sale dare achi cmplt kiyi..hhhahha mayuri dear how were the papers..i dnt remember I had tlked to u hope u know me dear..
    shena n aliya i m here exms r over atlast…howru??

    • Mayuri

      Yeah !! Maddy we talked and I know u but not exactly cause we didn’t talk much …. But I know and welcome back πŸ™‚

  27. Mayuri

    Hiiii guys Sheena , muku , sanyu , aalu , dhruv , revu , shivu , aishu , Richa , kushagra , shahid and all the new comers …
    Yipppeee!!! I know I m acting childishly but I m really so happy my exams r ended and tomorrow is the result and summer vacation and trip to Mumbai …. I m really feeling very happy and this moment is auspicious for me …. Dear I m sharing this to u because u all became such an important part of my life and my dearest friend … Love u guys πŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot for always there πŸ™‚

    Karu, liyu , nishu , maddy , apu ,shreyu missing u guys ..where r … Come soon

  28. dhruv

    i will give intro abt chrcters..
    sanyukta-a highly ambitious bt kind n simple girl in AIIMS medicl clg..
    randhir-smart n intillegent genius also new in aiims clg…
    aryan-compiteter of randhir smrt student..
    parth-friendly n cool..
    randhir aryan and parth are roomates..
    kaustoki-anothr medcl aspirant..
    shanaya-most beautiful girl in clg..
    vidushi-selfish bt smart..
    sanyu shanaya vidushi kastu r roomates..

      • Mayuri

        Aaaluu dear … It’s different dhruv and our Bhai dhruv is different … I think just the name same not person …right ?? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Mayuri

      Hii dhruv …. Have to say plot is good … And characters are awesome … U have changed the institute type … Engineering to medical institute … Hope the story would be awesome and full of twist and I m eager to know what the mission in AIIMS will be like in fite it was a dream team and in ISRC it is Mars mission so in medical college …

    • Mayuri

      Dhruv can u please share ur fanfic link or u r gonna write because I checked but I couldn’t find it …

  29. shivani

    hi mayu muku liyu richu sheenu karu nishu alu sanyu maddy and dhruv bhai sharon shreya di aishu astha and sweet revu
    miss u all.richu please get well soon.
    dhruv how was your exam .where are you nishu and karuuu ??

  30. Sheena

    Hey dhruv bro !! Exams over huh? Nice !! N haa its good that u didn’t participate in that race…be safe..
    Hi maddy!! I’m fine…how were ur exams?
    Revuu!! Hi dear!! πŸ™‚ where r u?
    Hmm…piku..exams over? Good good.! Enjoy ur vacations n good luck for ur results.

    Hey guys !! Piku, mukti, aalu(lets call u aalu only to avoid confusion), shivani, sanyu, aaliya, bk, raj, shahid, vishal, anu, aishu, aastha, rochelle
    Rits, nishu, liyu…where r u all? See..everyone’s missing u guys.. I hope u all r fine
    N anu dear pls atleast tell us how is richu? Why aren’t u responding??
    Hey!! New dhruv…u r writing an ff? N i like the cocept of medical institution…nice!! I’ll definitely read ur ff..

    • Mayuri

      Hiii dear shheeenuu cutiee πŸ™‚
      How can I be missing when u r finding me not at all dear … How can I leave u so u called me and here I m and thank u for ur good luck dear πŸ™‚

  31. Sia

    Yrr I want Rd and sanyu seen more and Rd in good character…. Hii guys I’m new to this group…. Can I join u guys..

    • Sheena

      Hey princess! I saw ayeesha’s comment on the ff named “Something called as love”… She commented on 25th may…its an ff on sh n some other channel V shows…i don’t remember the names of other 2 shows..

  32. BK

    hiii guyzzzzz… A very rainy morning to all if u……. so 2day z d last day shooting of sh2…. just check this link…..
    we all miss sadda haq very very much….. its hard to say goodbye to sadda haq which is part of our life…… AM I RI8 guyzz??
    btt dont wrry we’ll see parsh again in august or september….. just check this link…
    param is in new show……
    okk guyzzz keep watching saddahaq one last month…… and mon- Randhir confess sanyu that he loves her…..

    • hi bk, thank u 4 the news n links. Ya u r ri8, its very difficult 2 live without SH.
      i am happy that we can see param bai but haritha di ka bina dekna??? πŸ™ oh goshh they were the best jodi….

    • Apu

      yeah ! sh is a part of all our sh buddies lives ! hard to even think of not watching my fav show at 6:30 !

  33. Aastha

    hi everyone i knw i am vry late….but guyz a tragedy happened with me so i was busy….. i slipped in my room and my ankle fractured so i am on bed rest for 1 month.And the worst part of my story is there is my exam on the day after tomorrow. ?

    • Sheena

      Oh god aastha…fracture? Take care dear…
      N all the best for ur exam…just remember one thing, when u go to give ur exam, just forget about the pain n injury n focus on the paper ok dear?
      Good luck!! πŸ™‚

      • Aastha

        di i am not scared about the exam i am tensed that how i will go to examination hall bcsuz i am not able to walk.

  34. Anu

    Guyzzzzz still nothin can be said……
    Shes in icu but goshhhh out of danger……….
    She hurt her leg right hand nd lil part of her head. ………..
    Cannot imagine…but doctors r sayin shel get well soonn…..
    Pray for the best. …….

    Indeed u r all so caring…..ill let her kno

    • Sheena

      Ohh gosh!! ICU??? But thank god at least she is out of danger..but still she has to be carefull…i’ll pray that she recovers soon…
      Pls convey my good wishes to her…

    • Mayuri

      Ohhh!!! Godd !!! ICU but at least she is out of danger … But can u please tell me like how come she just admit to hospital , it was an accident u told us but what kind of and how … Leave it I really pray that she get well soon and indeed she will get well.soon … And please update us time to time about her … And convey my good wishes to her and please say take care to her and u too..

  35. Sia

    Hey…guys thanks for a worm welcome….???this for sadda haq is going to end….u guys are on Twitter??

  36. hello my dr frnds….. How r u??
    n wht abt the climate??
    hr after a very hot day its cool…!!
    2day not so cool/hot.. Nice… πŸ™‚

  37. sandhir ishra ishveer mehbeer fan

    Param Singh you are amazing…….. i want sandhir not aryuktha….. bcoz Aryan takes care of sanyuuu very much but he is like ankith (her brother) and randhir is made for her………
    So only SANDHIR love you parammmmmm……

  38. Anu

    Dont worry dearees shes fine and recovrring soonm….
    But guess whos behind that.
    Ya ofcurse a doctor but a special 1 I think…ill reveal the suspance till then think nd pray for sweetie..
    Guyssss u r sooo caring…hello new cumers..plz dont panic lets not think about it..I think this is the same richu wants dhruv sheena shivu aishu nd all….take care.

    Well her accident is still a mystery. .when shes able to speak ill update u.

  39. dhruv

    oh sory u hv frnd named name is also dhruv..i must hv told u…
    dear i hv not written till now..i will write bt i wanted to ask u all shd i write?i am writing many ffs bt sadda haq is my 1st ff.i hv written on d3 n all..
    so i will give little sketches here..if i get good response here thn i will post article..

  40. dhruv

    yes mayuri n sheena i m medicl student.thts y i m taking this theme…n as it was fite this will be AIIMS ….i know many dnt know abt aiims
    so AIIMS-all india institute of medical sciences….a top goverment institute of medical in is in delhi…best doctors of india are here..
    so my plotwill be tht sanyukta randhir n all people including vardhan nirman becky all will be in aiims..
    i will strt frm 12 result of sanyukta bt story will not be same..n in my ff sanyukta is daddys girl…so u want ask smthng anyone??
    n if max people will reply thn only i will its for u all..

    • Sheena

      Yup dhruv…ofcourse we know about aiims…infact, i’m a pcb student n many of my frnds here r medical students or medical aspirants…so i think we all wld love to read ur ff πŸ™‚ goodluck

    • Mayuri

      Dhruv indeed we know what is AIIMS because many of friend here want to become a doctor and including me … So it is quite appealing for us … Good luck πŸ™‚

      • Mayuri

        I mean your story have a good plot … Let’s see … Please write these ffs πŸ™‚

  41. dhruv

    and once again sory for creating confusion..i am not ur frnd dhruvv.i m new here..can i join u all if u like?

    • Sheena

      N no need to say sry…its not ur fault naa that u two share the same name….n ofcourse u r most welcome to join us …keep smiling πŸ™‚

  42. dhruv


    SCENE 1-
    It was a dark stormy night…Rain splashed on the windows n branches were rustling……
    in such a stormy climate at 3am in the night a girl Sanyukta was on the bed thinking n thinking ‘wht will happen tomorrow!wht will happen tomorrow!’………its natural because tomorrow was the day which will decide her fate..her 2 years sternous hardwork…tomorrow was the result……
    Sanyu was not able to sleep…She had not even ate her dinner…She was lying on the bed rolling with excitement anxiety n expectations…..thinking abt herself in the doctors personality…n a beautiful smile came on her face…”’yes i want to be a dctr n AIIMS will give m that..she thought tiught n fell asleep dreaming abt her dream…really dreams cnt let u sleep……..

    The next day sanyu got up early in morning..Daddy today is my r u feeling??..”i m cool as alwz my sanyu n i want u too be cool..”..Anju,,sanyu’s mom came n said hmmm bap beti ka pyar!!come sanyu eat smthng or u n ur papa will frgt even of food…

    it was 1pm..result outtttt………..n sanyu……… was 120/200……………….finished ……..there was a commotion screaming in the house…cz sanyu had WONNNNNN………aiims the hardest exm in india wants saanyu………it was a moment whre words are too small to exprss..its the fruit of 2yrs hard workk…tears fell frm her eyes….the tears of happiness.sucess..acomplishment for her n her familyy…….

    ‘Now packinggg’said sanyu after eating… sleeping……. visiting 11 temples….. as was her
    NAWAS….N there strated the packing of the cheerful lovely intelligent girl to show the world wht she is…….

    • Mayuri

      It’s good druv but some change can be possible like increase in marks because if she really have done that much hard work for 2 years it should have to be little higher like 160-170 … Because she have to to prove herself being able to be in lead …

      And yeah sure u can post this I will read …

      U have narrated that visiting 11 temple was nawas or rivas … It’s interesting please write ff and ultimately everybody will start reading it … Be confident …

      #I_m_eager_to_know_their_mission … And indeed u have a good plot πŸ™‚

      • dhruv

        hey mayuri dear AIIMS is the toughest medcl exm in india..I m frm AIIMS thts y i m telling..the cutoof is 72/200…n passing percentage is 0.67% u know out of 100 1can not evn pass…
        so 140 is like gold for sanyukta…
        suhana dear thnx ya i hv not strted ff its just intro..i mean how it will be…i will strrt epi 1 frm tuesday which will hve more descriptions n dialogues….tnku for ur cmnt..thnx really.

        shena ur pcb?realy?wow yr…good dear std hard..n are u giving aiims exm???if u give other exms will be too easy for u….al the best ur in 11 now rit?

      • dhruv

        hahhaha.its nawas…by the way i had done i wanted admision in AIIMS..n when i got..i went to 11 temples..

  43. dhruv

    This was the starting in sanyu house..thn it will be randhir shanya n aryan they are leads..hope u all like..n plz share your views…i thnk cz of sundy mny dnt rd entry n othrs i will post on tomorrow plz let me know abt this one..
    n wht u dnt like abt language or i shd rit in hindi..let m know wht u thnk.thnku..see u all at night..n thnx mayuri sheena n aliya for ur valuable means a lot to me.thnku..

    • Sheena

      Its very nice….even i want to become a doctor so this storyline seems very appealing….N as for me, i don’t have any issues with the language….english is fine for me…
      I wld suggest u to continue with ur ff…

    • Suhana

      You write really well.!!
      The only thing I thought lacking was description of situations and dialogs…rest was awesome..
      I never thought sadda haq can be recreated in that way..

      Best of Luck..!!

  44. revuu

    hiiiiiiiiii frndss…hiishenu di howru? superb u hv a sister..tht means we r samee.naughty young n fav daughtrs of prnts..hehehe…missedd u

  45. dhruv

    ohh kk all are doctors here..hmm..hope someone will come to AIIMS n meet me…just kidding dear…

  46. dhruv

    wht u mean mystry???n suspence? common yr ur sis is in ICU how can u evn cmnt here so happily n mystrey n all…i dnt wanna fight bt yr dnt tlk abt suspense n all.its really.i mean ok somethng good or bad must be now its not good to say such thngs..n pls dntmke it drama like able to speak n all..just say she is serious n…i mean tlk in a straightforward way n not like tht..i dnt like it.ok i know i m noone to say as she is like my sis also…..i kno ur her best frnd n know everythng abt still..ok..tell eveythng in starightforward way…n keep ur suspense mystrey to dnt tell here like this..its nt good..hope u dnt mind…n we dnt tke care abt suspense n mystry we car only for her just be straightforward

  47. dhruv

    hi frnds.howru?
    santa whre r u??
    hey dhruv nice one keep writing..theme is fab…n no shortcomings bro i like it…n write in english some of my frnds r frm odr country so write in english..n its fab bro..
    all the best.
    shenu i was busy,…party n guitar dear..i invented some new tunes..n it needs lot of thnking n concentration so….howru?

    • Sheena

      Hmm…party n guitar haa?? Nice nice….u r so lucky that ur exams r over….coz for me, i have to give tests almost everyday πŸ™
      Enjoy ur freedom bro!!!

  48. dhruv

    Paper ki roti…
    notes ka achar…
    books ki chatni…
    questions ki bahar….
    teachers ki dushmani…
    dosto ka pyar….
    mubarakho apko…
    EXAMS ka tyoharr……
    aliya dear..hahahaa al the best..i m gonna do funnn now.hehe

  49. revu

    ok now i m free…
    hii dhruv..u write really well..i liked the way u wrote her fellings durig result..n nawas cool..u r marathi rit?plz cntinue..n theme is very nice..n ya all r medcl aspirants..n my shenu di is doctor for i know she will be a very good doctor…n yup my shenu di will come to AIIMS…She will be one ofthe top dctrs of india…dii u hv to becm a doctr dii…..lvuu so much..dii i wanna becm bussinesswoman like elizabth holmes or marrisa mayer……..the ceo of smthng..its my dream..

    hi shivu d howru? d wht ru studying?

    karu nishu whre ru???

    hi aishu nice dp..its of whom?i cnt recognize..its not u na?

    richu dear tke care of urself..

    lvuu all tc..
    see u soon

    • Mayuri

      Revu … U forget me dear ???
      Just kidding dear …

      And in aishu’s DP it’s nisha from nisha and cousins …

      • Mayuri

        Sorry dear … I didn’t mean that emoji .. I m sorry I just used another one but sorry dear πŸ™‚
        Please don’t mind πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Heeyyyy revvuuu!!!! My bestie!! Luv u so much yr….n thnx a lot….i’m putting a lot of efforts to excel…so lets see what happens…
      N u wanna bcm a buisnesswoman?? Hmm…actually i can picturize u that way…u r so smart that u’ll definitely beat them all dear…n i’m not saying this just bcoz u r my bestie…i’m saying this coz the way u talk, the way u express ur feelings, these r the traits of a true businesswoman…luv loaddsss n looottttssss of wishes to u dear….stay happy n be successfull in every step of ur life !!

  50. sahil

    hii.i m writing new ff of sadda haq..i hv written sh1 ffs..its abt sh2 noww.hope u all like..
    i m giving intro here..
    i m aryukta the pairs are aryukta n randir-shanaya…

  51. mukti

    hi frnds..i wanna ask u one thng..if u lv someone bt u thnk tht tht person lvs someone else bt u r in relastionship with u r not sure tht he lvs u or someone else..thn wht shd u do

    • Mayuri

      Muku dear its a good question dear … According to me u should confront the one whom u love and whatever he may yes yes or no u should act accordingly to show your trust or not …
      (Situations can be different with the different type of persons )
      But tell u truth u must confront him once because by confrontation and clearing all your doubts it will somehow prevent misunderstandings between u …
      And if u still have doubt then try to enquire it with his friends or sis or who knows him well …. But it depend on case if a person is very loyal and caring and honest then u must believe him ….

      I don’t know who is he but whosoever sure be lucky to have u dear πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Hiii mukku!!
      Hmm…kk…i think u shld just go n ask that boy directly n ask him to be really honest coz it is the matter of emotions n heart….n u r straightforward so it won’t b difficult for u to do that….Just clearout everything…this way u’ll get to know what is really going on in his mind…what he wants…

    • yogiraj

      hii mukti..first u calm dwn..n instead of asking sum1 else u..directly ask to ur bf..tell him directly wt u thinking abt him…truth will be infront of u…
      I knw dr ur choice means best nly..he can understand ur feelings..n ur situation…

    • dear just ask that person that he really loves her or not.if not then it is better if you should not move ahead in is my pov

  52. Sia

    Guys today on Twitter all were crying and all today is there last shooting na so….there were so many pics of them with there fan….its awesome felling…?

  53. yogiraj

    Hii guys..hw r u all?
    In family 1 more Dhruv Han..both r rocking..:-) wlcm bro..
    wt’s up sweeties Sheena,Nisha,princess,mayu,revu,shivu,Karina,aishu,mukti,rits
    N my lving bros..shahid,Dhruv,Dhruv,b.k,vishal

  54. BK

    hii guyzzz gd evng……..
    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG……. they r showing sanyu’s tattoo on upcoming epi…….. just check this link…..
    on upcoming epi… we all see sanyu’s tattoo……… i cant believe n superexcited to see that… R U GUYZ EXCITED FR THIS??
    so finally sandhir backkkkkkkkk…….

    • dhruv

      wht dear u asking me?..i guess yes..sometimes msgs comes frm sme acc..n writing style….dono..i guessed

      • Princess

        Yup I asking u. U know what dhruv when ever I have doubt on someone that using multiple acc. I readily contact to tu and know information about them. And now I have come to know who has been using multiple acc here

      • Sheena

        Really princess? Pls tell us who r they? Coz its important for us to know…pls tell frankly dear

      • Princess

        Sheena first thanks to u to get know me about ayeesha. She is now in contact with me
        And yes sheena ayeesha and me have doubt on some one so I read in an comment that they report to tu. so I also contact with tu. they say that two of them r same and the other one has doubt on them.
        But they r gone now. It’s not dangerous yet. I can frankly tell u but I don’t want to disclose.
        Love u

  55. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Good morning frnds…..

    Hey SANYU DI… Where r u?????? Aapki Aalu aapko bohhhotttt miss kr rahi hay……???

    hey DHRUV,,,,, r u a student of aiims?????


    Hey ANU,,,,, hw is my RICHU now???????

  56. hi DHRUV (new. Writer ), kal i read ur story but i dont get time 2 rply. I am so sorry, plz forgive me 4 this time. i know rplys r imp 4 ff.
    the story line awsome n i know u r going 2 kill it. When u r going 2 update it? plz update it fast,i am waiting.

  57. la laa, i am in a mood 2 sing song
    “yes randir…”
    “eating aryan??” “no randir….”
    “open ur mouth…”
    “aryan is so sweet so i ate him… Ha ha ha”
    how was it?

  58. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hii friends u all missed me

    Wo kya h Na me hospital me the hehehehe

    Mere hath me chot lag gae , scuty SE ger gaye ,,, bahut pain ho raha h , plaster laga hua h .. Hahahaha

    Hey aishuuuuuu bro how are you

    Aalu love you mango pai

    Dhruv bhai Santa is here same pinch but mere speed to kam hi the ..hahahaha

    Love u all ummmmmmma

  59. Sheena

    Heellloo frnds !! Gm..! Revuu, dhruv bhai, mukti, new dhruv, aalu, sanyu, shivu, mayuri, aishu, appu, princess, anu, shahid, bk, raj, vishal, sia..

    Richu dear get well soon..

    Aastha sweety, all the best for ur exam…i know it wld b difficult for u to move..u may hv to use a wheelchair or cruthes maybe….take care n good luck..

    • Mayuri

      Hiii sheenu sheenu !!
      Good morning dear or coming good afternoon till that time u will see my comment (due to moderation)

  60. dhruv

    helo frnds..
    1st of all sory i didnt relpied yesrtday cz i was little busy with my particles..
    dhruv n yogiraj thknu for considering me ur frnd..thnx bro…
    dhruv i wiil write in english then..thnx informig me..
    aliyaa aparna aishu thnku for ur support ..aishu no need of sory yr..i undrstand dear..
    shena n mayuri once again thnx..
    revu nice name thnx dear..thnku
    n thnx to all for accepting m as ur frnd..
    aliya /alu i m frm aiims dear..thts y i took this theme..
    aishu i will post 3 intros on tuesday or i mvery busy..n epi as a article frm friday..sory for realy i hv lots of prctcls prjcts to be cmpleted…

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Dhruv,,, I’m a PCB student…. May I know the min marks fr getting admission in aiims through aiims eΓ±trnce exam????? U call me Aalu… Otherwise confusions will b created…. B.d.w,,,,, ur story is going nice….. Carry on…… ??????

    • Mayuri

      No dear !!! Today’s episode won’t be the last one …. It won’t end now it still will take one month πŸ™‚

    • Mayuri

      I understand dhruv and welcome to our awesome SH family …
      Dhruv may I call u dhruva .. I know it’s awkward … I have written it cause u r dhruv and u go to AIIMS
      So dhruv + A for AIIMS … And else it will stop confusion …

      And good luck with your practicals and projects we will be waiting for u to post the awesome Ff …

  61. Sheena

    Hey guys!! Don’t u think that many of us r getting injured nowadays?? First dhruv bhai, richu, aastha n now sanyu too….oohhooo….n i think most of them have suffered road accidents….so pls frnds…be cautious while driving…follow traffic rules, stay in speed limit n drive safely coz nothing is more important than ur health n life….take care everyone!

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Right sheenu…… Everyone must b conscious….. R u going to appear in NEET?????and jipmer????

      • Sheena

        No no aalu….i’m in 12th right now…so i’ll appear for comepetitive exams next yr…
        N best of luck for ur neet phase 2… Std hard coz ur batch is very lucky so don’t loose that chance…its on 24th july right?

  62. anu

    Hey dhruv bro just com down…its nit that im not worried dear she too special to me nd how can I not follow her orders she wanted u all to be happy nd dont worry about her coz not shes fine but cant muv hrr hand..
    So I wrote on behalf of her n u took it wrong…..

    Shell be bak sun..yep
    N all dont tak tension my girl is brave she can fight for herself….

    N yes to tatoo scene is goin to be exciting

  63. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Nooooo…. No tatoo scene pls……?????????????

    Wht wl hppen to my Aryan?????? ????????? he wl break!!!!!!!!????????

    Hey DHRUV,,,,, pls yr,,,, write fr ARYUKTA in ur ff…..pls yr…..

  64. mukti

    ohh princess really?? ur lier tu nvr discloses such respcts wht ur saying is rubbish dear..we cme to knw abt kirti cz 20 to 30 ppl were bashing dhruv nosuch thngs happend so tu will nvr kno..n tu itself dsnt know…if u use andr persn ac.tu cnt even tell its u or its absurd wht ur tlking..dnt frighten people here..or everyone will thnk ur a hacker dear..

    • Princess

      Mukti how can u talk with me like that. U r saying me hacker. U know I am an old commentor of tu. I m not lying. U hurtme so much never talk to me again.

      • dhruv

        rosey princyyy chillllll my short tempered girll.who cres abt fakers..we cm fr sh n its gonna end so chilllllll..dnt tke stress for such thngs dear..lvu tc

      • Princess

        She is talking about me she is saying that I’m a hacker. Seriously hurt yar. I know u guys will not beleive me. Icon tact to tellyupdates about this to let u guys know that I m not a hacker hope they will help me

  65. mukti

    i dnt kno guys.i cnt trust ppl frm country like….. u kno..lets see or we all will hv to leave..if its nt safe.guys beware..

    • Sheena

      Chill mukti…i don’t think princess is a hacker…don’t worry..
      But yaa..everyone has to be cautious…n i think now we shld talk about our age n city

  66. oh AALU dr dont worry … SAHIL is going 2 write ff based on aryukta.
    so sorry 4 late rply as i know rply r imp 4 ff.
    when u r going 2 start it ?? n plz give a intro abt the storyline..
    once again sorry i had a very busy day 2day.

  67. As i said above plz wait 4 me ….. I am little busy n this network is sooo slow …… Plz wait 4 my rplys @ all my dr frnds….

  68. rits

    if u r not hcker disclose the names of tht 2 ppl who were same dear..we wnt to kno..y r u afraid

  69. dhruv

    i trust u rosey dear tell who were fake..i mean how u knew all ds..frnkly idnt care abt we dnt kno how u came to kno..i mean how tu hlped u..if accs tr diff people r diff..thy r mostly fk acc only on all tu nvr disclose cz of privcy cncrn..if tu strts telling suchg thngs to ppl..unki site hi band this site iz secure…n no site discloses such thngs till itgets to a how u knew?
    dear i kno u r nt fake n i nvr sen such thngs like tu tells…fb bhi nai batata aisa..
    anwz tell if u wnt else frgt it..n i trust u so chil

    • Why r u not trusting me. R u sure names btao. I m not saying that they r fake but they r using but they r same
      And Mukti don’t now dare to talk about countries. How dare u to talk. Like this. U r very bad. God know writing this MSG how much I had cried. Why r u involving in all this. I was talking to dhruv. Who r u to say like that. U don’t know how much I cried. U really broke my heart.

  70. mukti

    i dnt kno.i cnt trust ppl herre..who knows u r really a girl n ur frm pkistan..oh goshh..we created blundr mmking frndshps n disclsing cities..who knows who u r n how got to knw abt persnl details of odrs..i will nt cm here..u mighht be smone dangerous..i wll nt cm here..nor will odrs who care for sr safty…

    • no mukti dr, plz dont go… I am an indian n i luv my country. all indians r my bros n siss. 200% i am a girl… Plz dont go.

    • Mayuri

      Muku muku chiilll dear !!!
      It doesn’t matter from which country u r … U r just discriminating people based on their country specially princess..
      I too believe her but it is not like that I blindly believe anyone .. I only agree with the right thing … And yes dhruv Bhai is correct dear princess how do u know about hacker …
      And chill dear muku even if anyone know city … It doesn’t matter because city is vast to find someone …
      And about the hacker … U don’t care ….
      And dear please don’t leave … And u too process dear ….

      See dear not every Pakistani is bad as we think … They too r good u can’t blame someone to be born in that country … This is their fate and everything happens for good dear …. Even in India u can’t say that every india n is good or every Indian is bad. ..
      See dear please change this so called country thought … U r an adult or should I say mature so such kind of thing isn’t good at all….

      I hope u understand …. πŸ™‚

  71. omg thank god… RD acha bacha hogaya. Finally usko akal aya…
    i know sandir fans kushi ka mara pagal hogaya …. Hee

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.