Sadda Haq 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says this is vidushi she saves her name as randhir most of the times, she takes the phone and says vidushi stop doing these stupid things. He says its me are you sleepy or what?She says i am home. Randhir says oh mom is near. She says you are a tubelight. I will talk to you tomorrow, i am sleepy. he says yes i now how sleepy you are. The phone goes on speaker and anju hears it. Randhir says btw all okay? sanyu hangs up. Anju says it was randhir right? Tell me truth whatever it is? are you still? sanyu says he wanted to talk about randhir. anju says why did you conceal then? sanyu says i didn’t want you to know and take stress. Anju says you can tell me whatever it is. i dont wanna live in a lie, i dont know what happens tomorrw. sanyu says dont say that maa. Dont worry. Anju says

we have to be practical sanyu. i need to be assured that your future is safe. if you think randhir is the right guy for you i wont mind. sanyu says listen to me. anju says i can see it in your eyes. I want to meet him, tell him that. sanyu says okay i will ask him/ She gives her medicine.

Sanyu comes to randhri and says maa wants to.. he gets a call from hospital. He says okay i am coming relax, sanyu says please wait, randhir leaves.
Parth sees vidushi on stairs, he starts talking to a girl and flirting wit her. Namit comes vidushi starts flirting with him. he says you dance so well. Parth comes an says vidushi go from here. she says who are you to order me? parth says i wanna talk to him. Parth says i am warning you dont start it here. namit says clam down. parth says i dnt want past to be repeated, it would be better for you to leave.

Sanyu comes to randhir says i wanted to talk to you. She says its important. you have to meet maa tomorrow. randhir says what? She says yes. Randhir says what for now? Sanyu says please. he says i can but.. she says its important. He says okay i will. happy? She nods. team comes in. They all start working on the machine. sanyu says lets no overload it. randhir says you have another idea? parth says nothing is working. randhir says lets ask pkc what happend to the new mentor. They all go to pkc. PKC says we are looking. Randhir sas okya take your time but dont bring someone like him again. sanyu says sir call ranawat maybe he will come back. PKC says we dont want him back, i have mailed the new ones.

sanyu takes PKC’s laptop at night and mails all the recipients that the vacancy has been filled.

Vid comes and takes parth’s ball. he says give it back to me. she says give me your brother’s number. he says namit is my cousin, she say you are jealous of him, because you cant dance like him. he says shut up. there is a reason why i ask you to stay away from him. she says i dont want to know it.

randhir sees the mail. he comes and says what have you done sanyy? she says ranawat is a genius. he says genius my foot, the car is about to fall on her, he holds her and takes her aside.
Sanyu is in lab, rest of the team comes. randhir says okay guys lets start. they all start working. The car is suddenly on flames, Sanyu saves randhir. she says are you okay? i have been asking you to stay aside. Parth says we are where we started from. Vidushi says sanyu you shouldn’t have mailed them. sanyu says we cant get better.. Vidushi says shut up and enough of it.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • shenaz

      Precap is sanyu takes d address from PKC of ranawats village n she goes dere alone mean time here in fite rd askes vids where z sanyu she says I’m not her P.A rd tracks her n sees dat she is in raghinis village he gets worried for her sanyu over her askes unknowingly to raghinis bro do u know any abhay ranawat dey turn back n c sanyu dey recall dat she is d 1 who was dere in fite as jasiki rani or wtever as u guys say lol

  1. hmm gud episode and i read all comments everyday today i see none missed the opportunity to make friends but all u guys have influenced me to come online tanq shenaz and others

    • shenaz

      U can also join us here dr its nothing lyk dat swthrt u can also b our friend I’m sure v would love to have a new friend over here

  2. ??bhoot??

    oh hmmm come to kyy to read comments they are interesting too. you can even comment there

    • shenaz

      I agree bhoot u ppl enjoy dere a lot but I’m also trying to make my space over here dr with my lovely sandhirians n my swthrts dr

  3. shenaz

    No not yet when mom will cum she will bring it I’m f9 swthrt wbu ur dinner n h r u sweety

  4. shenaz

    I don’t know jaan but very soon dr I m also waiting eagerly dr I also want to know about it

  5. shenaz

    No I don’t know anything usse tho mail wapiss bhi nahi kiya mujhe kal se now I’m worried for her dr

  6. shenaz

    Yup jaan bhoot is my friend but I’m confused who is exactly d bhoot but I’m sure he or she is kyy member swthrt

  7. shenaz

    June track of sh will have many new things or new track on it as pratik said I’m excited for dis also dr

  8. shenaz

    Arre all 3 guys r dere param prince n ankit hw cool na swthrt but I can’t go I m on some bed n u now it better

  9. shenaz

    I didn’t asked her jaan I told her to tc n gni think her well being is more important for us ryt swthrt

  10. shenaz

    Varshini asked me liyas mail id n I gave her n asked her about Fida n priyu she said I don’t know so I said her to sleep peacefully nothing else dr I didn’t asked her anything

  11. shenaz

    Yup swthrt its neat n clean bcoz of u ppl only I don’t want any1 with bad intensions to spoil it

  12. shenaz

    Oh accha
    I don’t agree vini most of d time v get gud friends over here but many times v hate dis syt also dr

  13. shenaz

    I’m a girl n yes I have many more friends over here n many were not present 2dy I don’t know d reason but was missing dem

  14. shenaz

    Y funny I call every1 swthrt over here if u don’t lyk den I will not say to u z dr OK den

  15. shenaz

    Yup dey r very gud dey always care for each other if 1 person also gets upset den others make dem smile v share a sis type of relationship over here if 1 person is also not well others feel bad for dem n misses dat person a lot n finally u can think v share a family type relationship between us I think I said kuch zaada a/w it is all true OK

  16. shenaz

    Now u r acting funny vini
    Well Nisha liya sana Sara varshini priyu n Fida
    Anusha jhanvi n u just friends till now

  17. shenaz

    No no only 7 till now u guys anusha jhanvi n u just friends I think soon anusha jhanvi will also b a part of us same with u

  18. shenaz

    No I have 2-3 bros on dis pg but dey cum sometimes here
    Oh I forgot no dr sry den it is vini

  19. shenaz

    So which character do u lyk from sh since u r reading update u must have some1 as fav na

  20. shenaz

    Oh dats completely f9 dr I tho enjoyed my school vini I think u should also do d same dr once dese days go it will never cum back na

  21. shenaz

    I will chat with u up to 3 dr
    Yup I’m missing it very badly I just want those days back in must lyf I wish I could get dem back but I know it is not possible practically vini

  22. shenaz

    Yup dey r d best dr u know wt fun v used too get in dese days v will not get in any other day I garuntee u dat

  23. shenaz

    No vini it is not safe here any1 can misuse ur name easily so plz don’t use ur really name on tu OK

  24. tabx

    Nope dear who will misuse nd why what they can do by a name @vini no i was jist.kidding not hurt nd all no wrrt

  25. tabx

    Em studying wbu…… there is no way though we can chat privately. I mean nly of us in a grup… here we cant chat properly its open no privacy so

  26. shenaz

    C tabish my name was misused with very bad comments for which I lost my many new friends when I came here 5 months ago every1 says na for a house to b built u need to join every brick carefully dats wt I had to do

  27. shenaz

    No tabish I prefer dis syt only for me n vini wt do u think about it dr
    I’m doing both tabish u in which class

  28. shenaz

    I don’t know vini wt fun dey get doing so my sis or friends wtever u say dem I m really lucky to have dem bcoz dey every time help me in such situations

  29. shenaz

    I know tabish wtsapp ko bura lagega but I have got strict warnings from dad not to use wtsapp he said not to give ur no. to any1 so I have no option left

  30. shenaz

    I know vini dey r really sweet
    OK tabhish I will mail u till 3:00 2dy only before I go to sleep
    Can I get ur id also vini

  31. shenaz

    Oh its OK vini c my sis came
    Tabish u will feel nyc to meet sara bcoz she uses both fb n wtsapp n is also a good friend

  32. ??Sara??

    hey tabx… tabx & vini can u both plz giv ur intro?? btw I m iffath sara frm bangalore studyng in 8th I m a regular commenter of kyy bt I cm hr smtyms at nyt

  33. vini

    r u studying or [email protected]

  34. shenaz

    She already said she is studying vini
    Yup I also think so tabish she has lotz of simile na

  35. vini

    gud ni8 nd swt [email protected] tabx nd sara. c u tmrw

  36. shenaz

    Oh cum on Sara OK stop dis topic now
    Vini y r u not chating
    No tabish not at party haha somewhere out

  37. shenaz

    Gn swt dreams vini will catch u 2morrow dr bye tc b safe n healhty dr it was nyc meeting u vini

  38. shenaz

    No no I don’t party till late n8 or hangout with frndz at dis time I will mail u na den I will say it to u OK tabish

  39. shenaz

    OK now gn swt dreams guys gtg it was nyc meeting u too tabish
    Sara swthrt gn sd tc b safe n healthy luv u dr ummah bye
    Bye tabish c u soon tata till den b safe n health OK

  40. FAN

    stupid fellows dont u guys have sense tis is a site fr serial but u buffalos using it fr ur private matters. nd ha stupid VINI u r new hr nd being young nd a girl ur sharing ur priv matter wit unknown person. shame on u VINI nd SARA. shenaz i guess ur be a boy who is enjoying wit girls stuff. SHEMELESS FELLOWS. i m praying 2 god not 2 sent any girls 2 tis pg. thuuuuuu

  41. shenaz

    Oh so everything is happening bcoz of dis fan oh tk u very much fan well it is ur thinking v can’t change anything

  42. shenaz

    Gm swthrts dis song is dedicated to u all
    Roop tera mastana
    Pyar mera dewana
    bhul koi humse na hai

    Enjoy d song guys catch u guys up later

  43. shenaz

    In June abhay singh ranawat is going to surprise u guys b ready gurav chopra tweeted for sandhirians

  44. shenaz

    Param said to Mumbai fans to b present parsh r going to cum venue u guys must b knowing it as I gave to all of u 2morrow at 6:30 sharp OK guys

  45. shenaz

    OK bye swthrts enjoy on sns tu I’m going catch u guys later tata luv u ummah swthrts bye

  46. shenaz

    No staying here only vini if rv bhai jaan is free he will cum here dr but I think he can’t cum bcoz lotz of his sis n friends r dere

  47. shenaz

    Where r u going to find dat fan on such a big tu family just leave it vini kabhi kabhi aise senseless log mil jate hai par iska ye matlab tho nahi ki hum apna mood spoil kare bcoz of dem

  48. shenaz

    My 2 sis will b here in evening
    2 r having test
    N 1 said she will cum 2 morrow vini
    2 yet didnt replied back but dey will soon vini

  49. shenaz

    Hi rv bhai jaan hw r u n r u real or not bcoz I saw u on kyy with crowns now where did it flew away ha

  50. shenaz

    Rv bhai jaan I m saying about Nisha liya Sara sana varshini n priyu y r u asking dey all r my sis only na

  51. shenaz

    C vini meet my rv bhai jaan who is not responding to me only kabhi dekha hai aisa bhai

  52. shenaz

    Anyways when is ur exams going to get over Rv bhai jaan n hw is ur studies going on ??

  53. Liya

    There was a commenter called jerry nd he find me as a bad commenter.then he began 2 curse me.he then stated that he misunderstood me…now silent commenter is telling m jerry nd m acting as him.m misleading every1 etc.

  54. Liya

    Haha m seeing a scene in tv where 2 boys r racing 4 a girl.nice boy have some disease nd he ll die so girl is running 2 stop him.

  55. shenaz

    Jaan r u with us in running away from all problems n worries or would u lyk to face dem swthrt

  56. Liya

    Dont u have any other job?y r u behind [email protected] reader

    • silent reader

      i have much more important works than chasing you liya but i was here as a well wisher to warn you and all up to you now i hope you are smart enough to catch up what i am trying to say

  57. silent reader

    and just look at the language you all use in this public site sweety that is why you people spoil this public forum

  58. shenaz

    V f9 Nisha
    I think v all should leave let silent reader b here alone only
    Bye I’m going

  59. manya

    can someone plss update me with the recent thing… i have not been watching the show since a long time… long means long… when the clg was about to be closed… plss

  60. shenaz

    Manya but it will b in summary type n in top I will write ur name so dat it will b easy for u to find from ur comments OK

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