Sadda Haq 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal says to anju are you out of your mind? you think you can interfere in my decision. Anju says I just wanted to.. agarwal says we have talked about it already, if you say a word i will be worst. Anju says to lawyer you said papers can’t be transferred until we all agree. There are still some problems. We can’t name it yet. Lawyer leaves. Agarwal says you think you can rule this house? sanyu says don’t take sanyu’s right from her. You know reality is that sanyu can lead factory better than ankit. He is about to slap her but leaves in anger.

Sanyu says finally i took a shower. Vidushi says what is happening, they are concealing something. sanyu says i think there is some problem at my home too.

Anju serves the food. she says the food is ready you

are mad at me. don’t punish the food. Agarwal ignores her and leaves. sanyu calls anju and asks is everything okay at home? anju says yes, sanyu says what would happen here? She is in tears. sanyu says are you crying? Anju says i was just coughing, i was cooking i will talk to you later.

Scene 2
Next morning sanyu wonders what is happening in my house. she is walking in basket ball ground. Randhir screams sanyu move, she is about to slip randhir holds her. radnhir says couldn’t you listen? Sanyu says why did you confuse me? randhir says yes i confused you? sanyu says why are you concerned about me and my life problems? he says what problem? is your dad planning your wedding again? sanyu says i will give you card do come, she leaves.

All the students wonder why there are no classes. They see eklavia talking to someone. randhir says lets go and ask him. They all go to his cabin. randhir says what is the problem? there are no lectures, no water no electricity. Parth says we see all teachers talking on phone. EKlavia says this is all part of endurance test. to check if you can handle in extreme situations. sahil says why there are no lectures. Eklavia says teachers are busy with something. that is enough for you to know, now go and study.

sanyu calls ankit. He says why have you called me early in the morning? sanyu says i wanted to thank you. He says for what? sanyu says for the way you are handling everything, home, papa’s stress, work. he says you could say that later. sanyu says i was so happy to think about all this. Everything is set. He says there is one problem only, you. maa is fighting with papa because of you. she wants him to give you share in factory. She has spoken in front of papa for first time and he is mad at her. Snayu says i am coming home. he says you don’t need to. Papa will be bugged to see you. sanyu hangs up, she says maa didn’t tell me anything.

Parth says did you guys got anything? randhir says he was not clear. Yoyo says forget it all lets go for movie. they all agree. Vidushi gets dressed and says sanyu lets go for the movie. sanyu says i don’t wanna go. Vidushi says what will you do here alone? sanyu says i don’t wanna go. Vidushi says its upto you then, come when you want.
They all gather. randhir says is everyone here? Vidushi says sanyu isn’t she said she wasn’t in mood to. Randhir pretends like he has got a call. He says i can’t come for movie, there is some important work. i took online assignment, he wants it in 1 hour. parth says okay do your work. randhir says what is her silly stupid reason now? Randhir goes and clambers in her room. Randhir says give me my assignment back. you took it 4 weeks ago. sanyu says i don’t have any assignment. Sanyu says i know why you are doing this but i don’t have strength to fight? He says what shock is not letting you end this melo drama? sanyu hugs her in tears. He says there is no problem of water, you can supply them water. sanyu tells him everything. He says you wont go home and confront the problem, you will stay here and keep crying. he goes out.

they all come back from movie. Parth says you were watching romantic scene with so much interest? Vidushi says the hero was so handsome that i wanted to eat. He says i have muscles too. Vidushi says he is hero you are normal. she says you look hotter in jealousy. He says but you are not hotter that the heroin. Vidshui grabs him by collar and says shut up.

Agarwal is not well. Anju says please eat something. He is coughing. Ankit gives her medicine. Agarwal calls his mom and says i can’t handle this anymore. no one is here to take care of me. my daughter was out f my hands already and now my wife is also standing for everything. come and handle me i don’t have any daughter or wife. sanyu comes in anju is shocked to see her.


Precap-sanyu says papa was our relationship so weak that you forgot it so easily? and maa? she did everything for this house. when she can fight for me i can handle her responsibility as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Tami

    The episode was okay. I like the fact anju stood up for her daughter.
    Vidushi and Parth I don’t really get their relationship. They had such a big misunderstanding and now suddenly everything is rainbow and roses again.. I mean did I miss something? Cause it surely seems that way.

  2. shenaz

    Really sweet how sweet of u yaar atleast u came
    How was ur exams?
    Have to go sry. Hope u don’t mind. Sry n bye

  3. shenaz

    Guys spoliers r out
    Mon : fite loses in front of accedation team which is a big obstacle for engineers.

  4. shenaz

    Tues : rd gives sanyu d key to his flat so dat she can help her mother to come safely out of her fathers home.

  5. shenaz

    Fri : rd learns dat fite will shut down in 10 days n students will be forced to transfer themselves to another collage.

  6. shenaz

    I posted d spoliers diffently bcoz isse tho comment rate thoda tho increase hoga . hope u guys don’t mind.

  7. shenaz

    Final wala bye n guys agar koi online aaya tho plz chk d SPOILERS . posted by me on dis page.

  8. feeling sad :-(

    🙁 hw r u tumhe baat karke bahut din hogaye tum kyy pe kyu nahi ayyi isi liye I am hr

  9. shenaz

    U now me I m sry I don’t remember u
    n I leave my comments only on dis pg when u show my comment on dat pg bcoz I don’t think ki I left any comment over there.

  10. shenaz

    Oh so u r dhere y did u change ur name Sara its good to be Sara only plz change it if u don’t mind

  11. shenaz

    Did she replied back bcoz from next day yaha pe kisi ka koi aata pata nahi hai not even Sara n sanyukta.

  12. feeling sad :-(

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  13. shenaz

    I have finished 12th n waiting for results now n wt about u both?
    I think max n queen k upar hi chod dena chahiya dat they will decide wt to do.

  14. shenaz

    OK I will but at night only
    No sara I m not dere on fb or watsapp bcoz I don’t like both d site I m happy with this site

  15. shenaz

    Bye niks
    Sara tumhari sadness dur karne k lia ek JOKE I hope u like it
    Outside d airport a person sees a uniform wala person he says bring a cab
    Uniform wala person says: can’t u see I m a pilot not a taxi driver
    Person : arre naraz kyu hota hai yaar aeroplane hi la de ussi me chalte hai

  16. shenaz

    Tk u Sara atleast u liked d joke but now I can’t come to kyy really sry I have to study hope u don’t mind Sara

  17. shenaz

    I will come at night to kyy i hope u don’t mind sry n bye it was nice talking to u n ur tho already my friend so no request to u .

  18. alia

    hiii shenaz how r u ???
    missing u alot
    but i m bit busy wid preparation so i cant cum
    sorry n missing u alot

  19. shenaz

    I also miss u a lot alia plz try to cum fast dear bcoz no one is dere on this site whom I can talk too plz try n cum badly missing all of u guys whom I usually used to talk.

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    Sry Sara n niks I know I promised u both dat I will come to kyy tu at night but I coulnd cum bcoz I was studing n den I splept as I was very tired hope u both don’t mind extremely sry from my side.

  22. nEEtMaAN

    Meri frnd kho gayi hain 🙁
    Hum ( M aur mere frnds) use bahut MISS kar rahe hain 🙁

    Meri frnd bol ke gayi thi k 25th evening ko aayegi but aai hi nahi 🙁
    Ye msg uske liye hain agar tum yaha aati hon toh IF ( India Forum) pe aao.
    Muje lagta hain shayad tum Yaha aaogi 🙂

  23. shenaz

    Hey sree is parth leaving d show bcoz on fb some days back I came to know dat he has also got d lead role in a particular show

  24. sree

    No shenu he is not leaving the show it was just a gossip or rumour …. he confirmed that he is not going to leave the show

  25. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    shenaz yaar tum bhi late reply kar rahi ho aur haa mai multichat kar rahi hu yhm par bhi isliye

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    ranvir ka pata nahi par mai bsy thi bcz I ws on yhm tlkng to urmi aur haa meet urmi she is my yhm frnd

  27. So.. Queen ko itna bhi sochna nahin chahiye.. Coz if she wants to b jst frnd she cn say tht to max.. Even he is nt cming.. Buddy wher r u?? Queen plz cum naa.. Miss u

  28. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    I thnk he is sad king he vl cum say hey & dissappear I vl mail him in mrnng cant mail him nw evry1 in hebbal sleeps vry early

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    urmi max bro is a kyy & shq mem & he is a vry nyc guy queen is also vry nyc gal actually. max bro luvs queen she dnt knw wat to tel him so may b she nt cmng & may b max bro is sad of it

  31. Sara.. I came to know tht u watch fuuny serials in disney.. U know my fav are bst of lck nikki.. Suite life of karan n kabir nd shake it up.. God this 3 make my life

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  35. ok,,,,,,,,,sara mujhe na boht nind
    aa rahi hain..
    Aaj exam tha na to tird hoo……..
    Air kal bhi hai……..
    So,,gud nyt….guyz……swt drms…..
    And nice 2 met ur frnds..shenaznd

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    lage rahe chachu is my fav too & goldie ahuja matric pass these two r my favs & namit shah too hehehe

  37. shenaz

    Bye urmi was nice meeting u n have u as a new friend all best for exams urmi
    I also watch some kid shows like chota bheem n motu patlu when TV is on

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    oh ok urmi all d bst yaar & ranvir namt shah is kabirs real name he is so cute

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  40. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    oh ok shenaz I watch cartoon shws lyk horrid henry in hindi doraemon in hindi & sofia the first in hindi & I nvr miss disney movies

  41. Yeah he is too cute.. Even karan looks cute.. Rani is beautiful.. Bt her character ibn the show is too funny.. Dolly bst of luck also.. Disney is the best

  42. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    rv is dis coincidence v bth share d most common favs & yeah vinnie frm season 1 too

  43. I am frm mumbai shenaz.. Btw in crtoons my fav is the one n only shinchan.. He is so cool he doesnt care abt tonorrow.. He lives his life fully today.. We get ro learn smthing or the other frm crtoons also.. My eg. goes to shinchan.. His movies are also best

  44. shenaz

    Bye urmi talk to u tomorrow dear bye tc g8 n sweet dreams
    N Sara I watch barbie shows too acc I luv dem

  45. Yeah tht jassie of oye jassie.. She looks roo cute.. Actually u know karan had a real crush on vinnie of season 1.. Its bttr u go nd hav a sleep for ur mind to refresh and recollect what u studied.. So goodni8 urmi.. All the best

  46. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    oh ok rv bye c ya sooner bt really sooner rv u dnt usually cum hr anyways gud bye

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    Bye ranvir n my nights are also for studies but 2day I studied early when my parents were out so i chating

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    Sara yaha ka climate tho bahut garam hai wt about ur climate here tho I have to take 2-3 times bath in a day

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    oh hahaha yeah dr yaha par bhi bohot garmi hai agar noon me chawal bahar rakho to jal jayenge aur agar sham ko rakho to pak jayenge so no wastage of lpg or power hahaha

  50. shenaz

    Really sry sana I didn’t mean to hurt u it was just a prank really sry n u don’t need to say sry to me it was my fault thanks for comming

  51. No its cmpletely ok
    me aaj thodi upset bhi thi to shayad isliye bhi
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    ws studying n tght to chk mail n tu so
    ok bye n shazana keep playing pranks no prblm
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    🙂 🙁 😉 😛 😮 😐 😀

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  53. shenaz

    OK bye Sara mujhe bhi kuch sh videos dekne k baad sona hai till 3 as my dad will cum to chk on 3 so bye n I hope u get dis mgs bye g8 tc n sweet dreams

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    shenaz cum bcm dr aftr wtchng videos plz & sry fr vanishing u guys vanishd frzt I thought u guys went so I gone to chck mails & I cmpltly frgt abt hr so sry agn

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    argh no1 in whole tu wrld? god mujhe plz plz plz bhooth preth aatma chudail daayan pishaj logon ke dere se bachalo plzz

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    actually. I thought to write sumthng funny so I wrote god save me frm ghosts devils witches

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    Kyy pg par dekh lena name of $ n shenaz I used both n said all rubbish to her . it was just a stupid prank nothing else.

  61. shenaz

    I know its a grt news I luv him d most in my life n my mom too but dad is d best n my favourite too

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    4 xms fnshd 4 remaining actually nly fr me bcz I ws hvng chickn pox I dint go to schl fr sumdays

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    Finished 12th waiting for results n going to give automobile entrance exams now aft results just 40 days left for exams

  64. ♥★♔sara♔★♥

    oh I dnt knw yaar & yeah nw I am well jst sum mrks on face dat is bigest pb bcz of dat I dnt go to farewell par ty den I had gone at lst min wen evry1 went & nly sum studs & teachrs were der dat too jst yo ask abt my re exm I wsh sum1 else frm my cls also cms tmrw

  65. shenaz

    U need to get good sleep den bye good night tc sweet dreams n all d best
    Have to go papa will be cumming any min bye dr hope u don’t mind

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    naa dr it is ok evn my mthr is abt to snatch my phn hahaha gud bye do mail me dr

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    Its OK Sara dat really doesn’t matters at matters is d heart of a person n u r good at heart
    Bye papa came
    N all best

  68. shenaz

    I will mail u was nice talking to u n aft so much time I haved talked to some1 dis much papa is in washroom so I taught of replying I m really fealing happy now. Bye tc dr

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    Sry guys for morning chat can’t be possible bcoz it is reserved for my family n studies I will be here at 3 pm now bye guys

  70. shinning star

    Guys paraie ki Itni China q karte ho Agar paraie ko tension ke saath karuge to kabhi kuch nahi hoga

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    sry sry act my playstore said I hav ypdates of apps so mai choose kar rahi thi

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