Sadda Haq 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 27th March 2014 Written Update

Will be brief today..

Sanyu is blabbering about Randhir and then asks herself why she is even thinking about him. Kastuki is tensed. She reminds Sanyu about the results and she also gets tensed. She calls her mum, but she doesn’t talk properly and hangs. Sanyu feels something is wrong for sure.

Sanyu can’t sleep in night. She goes outside. Parth also comes there. Sanyu tells him about her mum hanging her call. He tells her everything must be fine and if her mum is hiding something, then she should respect that. She asks him how he knows so much about relationship. Parth tells her about the girl he used to love. Both loved each other a lot, but couldn’t become one. Her name was Arpita. Sanyu asks where she is. Parth looks at the sky. Randhir is flying something in air with camera and he watches them together. A guard comes to him and asks him if he doesn’t know rules. Randhir points at Sanyu and Parth. He goes there. Sanyu gets mad, but Parth asks her to go and he too leaves.

Randhir has locked their door and is pretending to sleep. Parth knocks couple of times, but then goes in from a window. Randhir smiles.

In morning, YoYo and Kastuki time pass. He tells her he prayed and forcefully feeds her a laddu. Jiggy sees and gets mad.

Sanyu is drying her hair, just then she remembers Randhir’s words. She purposely keeps them wait saying she likes Randhir’s irritation more than her happiness. While she’s going, she sees Sahil smoking and scolds him. Sahil is very nervous due to results. He picks up his bag and a knife falls. Sanyu asks him what he is doing with it, but he ignores her and leaves.

All are tensed about their results. There’s still time so Sanyu decides to call her mum. Her mum is taking care of her dad and doesn’t pick up Sanyu’s call. Ankit starts blaming Sanyu for a loss in their business, talks about getting enough money from Sanyu’s jewelries. His dad gets mad at him and his condition worsens. Sanyu is worried for her family.

Precap: Sahil fails and he locks himself in a room. Randhir, Parth try to break the door. Sahil is about to cut his wrist.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. 8.30 che…fir v update nhi aaya…su che???itna late toh kabhi nhi hota..

  2. Todays epi was awsome….randhir is jelous and keepng eyes on parth and sanyukta……lol love it

  3. guyz may b parths character is intrdcd 2 bring sandhir together…or to bring twist in sanyus life….luv ka twist…

  4. i have a perfect song 4 randhir….
    is darde dil ki sifarish ab krde koi yaha..k mil jaye ise wo barish jo bheegha di puri tarha….

  5. But bechara sahil commitng sucide.,

  6. Yeah rgt zil it is prfct 4 hm

  7. Authoy rahman

    Please update in details soon…

  8. Authoy rahman

    Instead of Sahil,Vidushi should’ve been failed.

  9. Paaaaarth…. whom ur calling sister? I was hoping to see Sayuktha & Parth together. Just love their combo… Randheer!!! Arogant Self -centered egoistic fellow…

    1. Same pinch..evn i wud love to c parth n sanyu..
      N chill he din call her sister n all…galat update hain

    2. Ya but that’s what u will note the change when randhir will fall in love he will change completely. And l think parth is good as a friend of sanyu


  11. i think vidushi should fail

  12. Arey wrong update…
    Parth doesnt tel tat sanyu luks like his sis,
    infact he tells her abt his true love
    gals name is arpitha but she is nt alive nw 🙁

  13. nishi where r u dear y nt postng updates 4 us

  14. Parth called sayu sis…lol
    hw cn he cal her…
    Nw another twist.,;-)

  15. nic epi yaar…randhir iz feelin soooo jelus…omg…

    1. hey nancy even i lyked the episode.. 😀

  16. keepin an eye on sanyu nd parth…lol itz 2 mch randhir…hehe…

  17. Nice epi…

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