Sadda Haq 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says when we have to play? He says lunch break tomorrow you are girl you need a day to learn. sanyu says all right. She says in heart where will i learn from.

Parth says why you wanna learn cricket? She says i just want to. parth says you can’t learn in one day. sanyu says at least start. He starts telling her how to hold bat and ball. Sanyu says okay start bowling i will bat. He says okay but tell me what is it for. sanyu says i will tell you afterwards. Randhir comes and sees them/ Sanyu drops the bat. Randhir says parth why don’t you wear helmet. They start again.The bat slips from sanyu’a hands again and again. Parth tells her how to bowl. He holds her hand to make the shape, randhir is possessive, sanyu starts bowling. ishika comes and sits with randhir,

they both laugh at sanyu when she slips. Ishika says why don’t you quit. You can’t do engineering and neither this, randhir says this is cricket you can’t beat me. He leaves.

ishika comes to randhir’s room and says look i came here for you. randhir says when did i call you? she holds her. PKC and kabir come in. kabir says what is happening here. PKC says shame on you. kabir says sanyu complained and told us, this must be going here since long. sanyu is shocked. sanyu called ishika from voice modulating app of randhir. Randhir says she came here for notes. kabir says you are mechanical student and she is IT student i am suspending you both. sanyu says don’t suspend them, just cancel his internship. He says i don’t need your advice. SAnyu says she is a girl her name will be ruined. randhir says stop this drama it was her plan. Kabir says you both will be punished. I won’t let any one do this here in this college. you both will work in college. Randhir you will work as server in college and ishika you will clean hostel. sanyu smiles. Ishika leaves. sanyu takes out randhir’s phone. She runs when he runs after her. randhir says you will pay for this sanyu.

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Ishika comes in as cleaner. sanyu says vidushi did you call room service? Vidushi says no its free service. Now start cleaning, they order ishika like servant. sanyu says work fast. Vidushi keeps moving so ishika has to clean again an again. Ishika syas why are you moving? Vidushi says its my room. Ishika says even a monkey is more classy then you. Vidushi says have you forgotten what i did to you last time? they start cat fight. Vidushi drops mopping bucket on her.

Randhir is serving in the canteen. sanyu says oh it will be good to eat in canteen today/ Now serve me fast. He says i wont. SAnyu says okay i will complain kabir, so make it fast. Randhir mixes something in sanyu’s coffee. SAnyu tastes the food and says what is it? There is no salt in the omelet. He puts salt in it. sanyu asks him to put spread on the bread. She says i didn’t lie any of it. i will give pre order for dinner so you make it better.

cheif calls vardhan and says i hope those files are at safe place. Vardhna says they are at a place related to my personal life which no one knows. Kabir is listenin their conversation. He says how stupid you are i will find those files now.

PKC stops yoyo and says what you doing here? yoyo says i was looking for nikil and chandan. He asks watchman to check yoyo. yoyo says what have i done? PKC says its mandatory to check each and every stduent. watchman doesn’t find anything.

Scene 2
Randhir is practicing with workers. randhir throws a ball at sanyu, sanyu throws it and it hits vikram. vikram comes and says whats going on here. who threw this ball. worker says sir sanyu. vikram says who brought this ball to the floor? worker says sir madam was talking about some match yesterday. vikram says since when is it going on i expected this from you, thi floor is not a play ground. sanyu says i am sorry sir.

Late at night, rana asks yoyo is the lot here? yoyo says if it was someone else, your lot would have been caught. but its me. He takes out the packets.

Parth tells vidushi about their date plan. He says first bike ride, movie and then dinner at favorite dhabba. Vidhshi says lets go to some five star restaurants. Parth says it will be costly. she says everyone goes there. life is now. Live kind size life parth says i am not king. She says okay go alone on date. she leaves.

Kunal says welcome to cricket ground. The match will be started by sanyu and randhir. Randhir says to sanyu get ready to lose. sanyu says you can’t weaken me. my only target is to defeat you. He says you might win the toss because you will never win match. Its heads, sanyu wins. sanyu starts batting all workers are cheering randhir. sanyu misses two balls. kunal says its totally impossible for her to win. On the last ball sanyu hits the ball hard at its a sixer. Its randhir’s turn. sanyu says i need a break. She does something with the ball. sanyu comes back and says i am ready. sanyu gives a wide on first ball. sanyu gives another wide. she gives another wide. The balls hits the stumps and randhir is out, everyone is shocked. Kunal says unbelievable. randhir is clean bold. sanyu is the winner of match sanyu says lets go back to work. randhir says i am sure you have cheated, the ball turend too much what you did to the ball. sanyu gives him a ball. there is a cut in the ball. He says you cheated? sanyu says i learned that from you.

Everyone is back on the floor. sanyu can now take help from workers. Vikram says you will have to present in front of agarwal. you have to do it tomorrow. He says you had two days time. you wont get any specail treatment. so put in your best efforts. if agarwal is impressed its better for you. best of luck. He leaves. randhir says your design isn’t ready, why don’t you present your magic ball?

Precap-driver calls sanyu and says your car is waiting. the driver stops the car and says its not working. Vikram says where is sanyu? Randhir says i don’t know.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Max

    nobody is intrsted to knw ur name k nd nor me. nd evrybody knws who is shazu frnd 4m TU k.
    i dont need 2 say. gt lost

  2. max harami

    @max re queen tumhari baby kaise h ussko baap h kya tum yaa bf??mere msgs ka reply Kr n phat Gaya kya tmhara??

  3. max is loser

    Hi knight n queen
    hy ppl who know me pls tell dis max wat my gender is he has a misconception dat m a girl

  4. max harami

    @max re mjhko angrezi me bhi gaali aata h smjha u motherf**ker…if still insist me i m gonaa cut your p*nis give it to dogs

  5. Max

    if ur nt girl. y u want 2 prov tat????? ur scard tat i came 2 knw d truth. i dont want others explaintion.
    i beliv in my facts k

  6. Max

    u dear harami ur hot i think u need a boy 2 cool ur senses. if i ws old max i would hve done it. bt nw im reservd only 4my dream queen. so search 4 a boy k

  7. {☾♛☽}

    harami nd loser pls stop it guys. leav it he wil nvr change. becaus of hm dont spoil d atmosphre.

  8. Max

    Uloser r harami both r same. i thought ur shazu frnnd. i thought ur decent. bt ur also nt less.dear. gud nic imporvmnt

  9. max harami

    @max Tujhe ek baat batau mjhe bhi gay pasand nhi h Bt mujhe sache lovers ko irritate karne me mazaa aata h

  10. fairy

    Sry if l hv hurt any1…bt plz dnt strt 2 abuse me 4 telling ths…..
    I hv jst told my thght…sry….

  11. knight

    Good….enjoying d chat of max and max haraami?/ and don’t blame ur self for all these its jst because of max’s lust

  12. Max

    Sam u dont wts hapnin hre. so dont say anythin witout proof. loser nd harami r same. nd tat persn is a grl k.

  13. fairy

    Sam…really u were r8….l cnt do this…only god cn do ths…if l try thn they ll nt spare me too…..

  14. Aisha

    I m just hating it guys ! Stop stop stop stop just stop this ! What the hell u all r doing !!!! Is this a fish market ???? If yes then go to ur homes and then do the same there ! Don’t make this site a hell !!!!

  15. Aingela

    Thnx guys! KNITE, my fav color-black….. Bt i cant be here., sry………the cmnts…so bye to all…it was so nyc meeting u all..BYE…

  16. Max

    @harami kaika abey mu band ka jaa. go nd f**k ur self k. dont ovract bloddy bastard. kutte gilli gand ka baccha chutiya ki aulaad

  17. {☾♛☽}

    I knw aman. it s very cheap.

  18. knight

    @queen think logically its necessary to teach him a lesson….do u think he will stop his cheapness at u can’t he do with any other girl…its necessary to teach him a lesson

  19. {☾♛☽}

    Ur right harami. ur scldin hm al d words wch he deserv i knw ur doin very corrct. bt others r gettin distrbd by

  20. knight

    @queen everybody needs to raise a voice against these types of rascals else they will be strengthened naa…don’t u think so??

  21. {☾♛☽}

    No he is doin absolutly corrct. evn i felt to use sch wrds for hm. bt others r gttin disturbd by tat na??
    @Harami evn if u scld worst than dis also he wil nt go 4m hre. he is d cheapest whch we cant evn think abt it.

  22. max harami

    @max if u love her don’t why r u jst irritating hr love mns caring and nt irritating Bt u r irritating hr stop doing this

  23. knight

    @loser hey i think max has got d right kind of guy to talk with let them talk and we will talk…what say??

  24. Max

    Fairy whre r u??? I read yestrday update u tld i luv queen. thanks 4 undrstaning me!!!!
    pls cum hre onc im happy tat u undstod me

  25. Max

    I luv queen tats al @harami. really evn i dont knw wt is luv. she is d 1 who is teachin me. im tryin to learn tats all. im sure 1 i wil learn it 4m hr.

  26. max harami

    Thnk u everyone….for supporting me now i m even more happy for humiliating my friend max….where r u bro??

  27. max is loser

    Hymax teri gandi soch k hisab se koi ladki kisi ladke ko dear blti hai to vouski gf dekh queen said dear to knight

  28. Max

    I ws thinkin girls r just 4 fun. bt i met my queen Ek hasina thi WU. der also i ws abusin girls.
    bt she cam nd replied in sch way i ws dumfounded. she prvd tat her women power. i ws imprseed by tat. i ws searchin hr in TU. den i found hr hre nd propsed hr. her carin 4 others nd respct she shows to others al wt im tryin to learn. IM STILL TRYIN [email protected]

  29. knight

    @queen let that person use why to fear when max harami is here….by d way where is max??…come on come and chat

  30. Kasturi

    Yaar knight ye queen mugha kyo ignore kaar rahi hai Kya fiir kisina Mara naam misuse kaar ke comment bhaja

  31. {☾♛☽}

    im sry kasturi. nw im nt FB. i hve hid my account. im ws sensin sum danger in my lyf. so i did it.
    becaus i beliv in my intutions nd sumtims it wil becum true??
    onc im sry kasturi

  32. {☾♛☽}

    K i wil cal u dear onc again. hi dear aman. [email protected]

  33. Kasturi

    Max ur right ye max kabhi nahi sudhar sakta vo kahate hai na kuta ki poch 100 saal pipe mai rakhi fiir bhi tadhi ki tadhi rahi

  34. SS

    hiiiiiiiiiii guyz i am back …………………………………hi kasturi,qween ,aman hw r u all/????????????

  35. Max

    @harami queen knws hw mch bad wrds i ws usin. aftr so many i ws usin it on u. means i hv lessnd usin bad wrds. u wre usin vry bad wrds so i couldnt conrol. r else hre i nvr used sch wrds

  36. max harami

    @max really I can’t digest it, u really think so then what about tomorrow when u were saying it..

  37. Kasturi

    Right max is loser dear is a word jisko chahiya uski aukat honi chahiya max jaisa girgit keep liya ye word nahi hai

  38. Kasturi

    Knight dear don’t be sry as its a word to give little respect as in formal letter we use dear word

  39. {☾♛☽}

    Ya sum finishin is der aman. i wil complete in 2 [email protected]

  40. knight

    @loser kl khol k chck kr loonga,.,@queen baby movie of Akshay kumar bt now leave it what about I of vikram

  41. max is loser

    N queen i want to chat wid u on fb too so don’t hide it because of max just ask ur friends to hide friend list

  42. fairy

    Guyz..u knw in my cntry specially in my cable cnctn thr r no v chnl….smtm l read updt bt undrstnd nthng…..

  43. max harami

    @max hey where r u buddy m missing u pls come I wanna irritate u… seems u r hiding come on come and show everyone u r not a coward….i m,still waiting….

  44. /??????????

    hey guys…i want to ask somth to u….plzzz.. ye randhir & sanyu ka FITE mein engg. course complete ho gaya kya? both r working in internship factory..what is internship job? ye complete karne ke baad hota hai ya pahle?………..i hvnt seen shq in few mnths ago…anyone…plzzz ans this….

  45. max harami

    @max kya re madarchod ka bacha nhi sudhrega…..bol aur agar sahi me tm ek baap ka bacha hain to yeh naatak bnd kr de…english me gaali nhi likh sakta hoon ussko to yh hide kr dete h issilye Hindi me hi baat krte h..

  46. Parsh

    Hey afra how r u? 🙂 kaha gayab thi ? Hamare koi friend ab yaha nahi aate 🙁 main bhi ab yaha ki silent reader hun 🙁 aur kabhi kabhi comments karti hun 🙂

  47. Parsh

    Hum dono bhi hote he sandhir ff padhnekeliye 🙂 vo to mera account he fir bhi meri bahen use karti he 🙁

  48. Han, muje MCP randhir bhi pasand he 😉 raghu ya fir kunal sanyu ka friend hona chahiye. Fir hamare randhir line pe aayega 😀

  49. knight

    @queen at d time of elections I m really interested vt other timesnt much….so whom r u supporting in delhi as cm??

  50. Han, main 11 th ke starting se TV to nahi dekh rahi, yaha updates padhti hun, you know main to college me bhi off period ko sandhir ke ff padhti hun 🙂

  51. {☾♛☽}

    I think al nt nt tat efficient. bt i feel BJP can do bettr. i feel BGP is [email protected] wt abt u

  52. yaa u r right n i guess aisa hi kuch hone waala hai yaa fir parth….. 😉 😛 🙂
    last time parth ki wajah se hi line pe aaya tha rd 😛 🙂

  53. Max

    dear y u care abt shazu so mch?? nt only her u care abt evrybdy!! hw cn u b so carin nd luvin.
    is der any persn in ur lyf hatin u?? i mean hwcn u b so good?? @queen

  54. oh no here too politics?????
    ab thodi der me admin ki aur se msg aayega ki ”yahaan par discusn on politics manaa hai”
    am serious guys

  55. max harami

    @max how can u be such a chepo….u r harassing d girl who is good to all….bol n re kamina…mjhe ignore kyun rahe ho….irritate ho rahe ho kya mujshe??

  56. Politics se muje koi problem nahi he knight 🙂 kiran bedi bhi acchi he. Fir bhi kejarival aur bedi me main kejarival ko support karungi. Vo kisi party me nahi gaya, apni hi nayi party banayi.

  57. max harami

    @max love means respecting d feelings of whom,u love bt in this case u r annoying her…love always does not mean getting bt it also means sacrifice..which u cannot do…can u??

  58. Max

    ya i knw harami bt i cant stop myself sayin luv u 4 hr?? wt shld i [email protected]

  59. ok baadme milte hai
    aur haan hum toh UT keliye padhte hi nahi we take it soo light 😛
    sirf classes sunte hai n at d time of UTs we enjoy
    chalo ab byeeeeee

  60. knight

    @parsh hey thats d main problem hm youngsters srf baat krte h krte kuch nhi h apne country k liye….

  61. knight

    @queen m koi patriotic koi nhi h wo to sab ki iss type kaa lecture pasand aata h issiliye m bhi ek aisa hi lecture de diya thoda positivity laane l liye jo ki max aur max harami k wajah se nhi h yahaan

  62. max harami

    @max tell me naa can u make a sacrifice for your love???…u must be doing it u love her a lot..right??

  63. max harami

    @max I m not gonna ask u your life and I will also not ask u to leave queen but something else….can u do it for ur love/???

  64. knight

    @queen u r there naa to change all the mentally bad persons into a good one and some of them could be politicians too

  65. max harami

    @max stop calling her ur darlin,gf,wife or any other thing just start it with a sorry and true friendship…can u do it??

  66. Max

    ur right harami. i wil do tat.
    @queen im sry queen. for all d misbehavior. i wont cal u lyk tat 4m nw. so wil u b my frnd??

  67. {☾♛☽}

    do u feel wt max is sayin is [email protected]

  68. Max

    guyz stp it. Queen u decide wt 2 do?? i wil 2 days r if u want tak more. until tat i wont chat wit u.
    bt i wil say gud mrng 4 u tat al k. so wt say queen?

  69. Max

    @loser i didnt cum nd fight wit u k. u came nd abused me. i ws controllin so mch bt i couldnt it k.
    nd al knw hw i am. nd cant change suddnly so pls undrstnd.

  70. max is loser

    So wat do u say she must forget every thing he did to her n her friends n just accept his friendship

  71. {☾♛☽}

    guys stp it. max 1st u go frm hre 4 2days. den i wil decide. wtevr is my decisin u hve 2 agree tats al so wt say max???

  72. {☾♛☽}

    ur right @harami. evn i abusd hm. so tat only im givin hm a chance. bt i dont knw wt wil i decide aftr 2 days. nd he has to it.

  73. Max

    Done queen. i agree wtevr u say. deal accpted.
    so nw i hve to go. bye queen tak care
    im sure u wil tak positiv decision.
    so bye frnds. bt i wil say wish u GM,GN evryday k
    I cant stp tat guyz

  74. knight

    Haan……m hi hoon max harami…….., lekin agar usske baad max kissiko abuse karega to tm dono k site chorne se kya wo abuse krna band kr dega???and sorry to all for using such a bad language

  75. {☾♛☽}

    wow aman. i ws thinkin ur innocent. it’s k u tld wt he deservs!!! i want 2 say thnkz bt u wil nt allow.
    bt its k

  76. max is loser

    N i hv no problem to reveal my identity bt if dat max starts abusing mi me aman ko bhi piche chod dengea

  77. knight

    @queen being innocent does not always works…sometimes we have to go through d other way…i hope u understand… d way I m an innocent guy..

  78. And i am sorry knight, the comment by name ‘#####’was mine. Jab maine aapko age poocha tha to max harami ne bhi answer diya tha. So muje laga knight aur max harami same he. Sorry once again.

  79. knight

    @parsh its ok…..@loser don’t confuse me…..yaar tm bole the ki agar tm ladki hote to mjhpe fida ho jaate ,kabhi bolte hon ki tm liar ho….thats not done yaar…@queen so u r not an innocent girl….i don’t think so..u r really very innocent…@loser bt I think u r a girl

  80. {☾♛☽}

    no al strted becaus of me. he cam hre jst becaus of [email protected]

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