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Scene 1
Rana says no cameras and mobile phone will work here. Now i have to wait for military jammers. Randhir says he has used military jammer. sanyu says i told you. Parth says i will take an analog camera it will record. Randhir says he will see it. randhir says i should go. Parth says no i will handle it, i just have to inform the inspector. yoyo says who will go there as M? parth says no one, i will go. He wears the camera. Parth asks randhir you getting the footage? Randhir says yes. Sanyu says path please be careful. parth says sanyu what are you doing here? Randhir says forget her and focus on your plan.

Parth goes in the room. rana says where is mr. M? parth says he never comes in front before he gets the lot. If its not pure he even kills the dealer. Rana says you are threatening

me? parth says no just telling you. I have brought the money from him, tale it and give me the drugs. Rana gives him a packets of drugs. Cops starts moving in. A man who is rana’s spy sees cops and tells him. Rana takes off parth’s shirt and sees the camera. His men grasps him. there is no money in bag. rana says you will double cross me? Parth says i told you can’t trust anyone. They start hitting parth. Rana asks him men to take everyone on gun point. He points a gun at parth. Rana says to cops if you get in you will take dead bodies of students. Inspector halts the operations. He calls for more force. Rana says to parth you thought you will play with me? He starts hitting parth badly. Rana hits him in head. Randhir says i am going to save parth. sanyu says its dangerous, i will come as well. Randhir says shut up and stay here. Rana’s men come and attack randhir and yoyo. They take yoyo with them and hit randhir on head.

Rana calls chief and says cops are here and they will come in. Chief says i asked you not to get in this. I wont save you now. Rana says if they arrest me i will tell them everything about operation black star. I am the person you can’t manage a deal without. Chief says okay tell me what to do? Rana says send me some weapons.

Randhir tries to get up. Rana’s men come to party. They shoot a fire in air everyone is scared. They hostile everyone. They say we wont let you go until cops leave us. SAnyu comes on gate they ask her to come in as well. Rana says if anyone make noise i will shoot him. Come forward and place your phone here. sanyu puts her phone in her shoe. Rana’s man says where is your phone to sahil? sahil says i dont have a phone. They search him and slap him. They ask sanyu? sanyu says i don’t have my phone, my stuff is all packed. Sanyu says where is randhir? Rana says my men sent him where he should be. Chief calls rana and says my men have thrown weapons in ground go take them. Rana says place all of them in different rooms in groups. If cops try to take over, start blasting their rooms one by one.

They start taking all students in. sanyu sees randhri in her room. she says open your eyes randhir. Ishika says he needs me. randhir opens his eyes. ishika says i always asked you to change your company. Vidushi and arpita see parth. Vidushi says please open your eyes parth. she is crying.

Randhir asks sanyu in asked you not to get involved in this. sanyu says rana has hostaged all the students, cops can’t do anything. There are bombs in each room. Rana’s man comes in the room and plants a bomb. They plant one in everyone.

Cop tells inspector about the arms’ bag thrown in the college. Inspector says it must be someone from blackstar operation. Vardhan says please do something we have to save the students. Inspector says we can’t go in yet. Vardhan says to kabir you brought rana and you are responsible for it. kabir says i saw his professional background i didn’t know he was terrorist. Inspector says we are planning negotiations. He calls rana. Rana says let me and my men go and i will leave the students. inspector says i can lessen your punishment only. Vardhan says what will you do? I will break your hands. Rana says i need a negotiator from your side or i will kill all students.

Ishika says at least give us our phones. Sanyu tells randhir about her phone. He says we will make emp generator, we can try it might diffuse all of the bombs. sanyu says i hope it works.

A woman comes, vardhan says i have called her i know she is with us. She hears everything and rana has hostaged all of them? Inspector says we need a negotiator. vardhan says we are all with you don’t worry. Rana calls inspector and says i am ready to talk make me talk to her. Sonali says i am sonali i will talk to you. rana says you know the situation in here? so don’t try to act smart.

Rana says o his men i wont go out, we will make all students wear this bomb which is small. They go to rooms and ask each of them to wear the bomb. they are about to make arpita wear the bomb. parth says don’t touch her. Rana says you like her now? okay then. He makes vidushi wear the bomb. Rana says one of these two girls will stay alive and you will decide who is it gonna be. parth says don’t drag them in all this. Rana says this is my game and i will play it. When i come back you should have the decision which of them you want to keep alive. These braclet bombs are triggered so if you try to take out it will blast.

Rana comes to yoyo and says you traitor. He asks his men to bind him. Rana says now see how i kill people you love. Rana points a gun at aister. yoyo says kill me but leave her. Rana makes aister wear the bomb. they are all crying.

Sanyu says i don’t know how you will do it. Randhir says keep quite and help me. He says do you doubt me? sanyu says i doubt myself what if i do the same mistakes again? I can’t do this after that accident. I will be at fault. Ishika says shut up you both. you can’t make anything and she is not agreeing to help you in that. randhir says keep your mouth shut. Rana comes in with him men and asks them to wear sanyu the wrist bomb. randhir says don’t touch her. They make three of them wear the bomb. Rana says this bomb will blast if you take it out. Rana says which of you wanna go home. ishika says i. Rana says you will go home. ishika says thank you, he says but when i ask you.

Vardhan says to sonali you can save their lives. If we make rana hostage. She says its too risky. Vardhan says everything in jounalism is risky. i know you are scared but this is time for you to show your self. He says will you do it? she says yes. vardhan says all the best.
Rana’s man asks ishika to come. She says i am going losers. They give her a phone. she says its not mine, the man says keep it, its yours. Rana calls inspector and says i am coming, get your negotiator ready. Sonali goes towards college. ishika says he has sent me to tell you his demands. He needs helicopter that will take them to airport and from there they will fly abroad. if you think its lie see the bracelet in her hand. Rana calls ishika and says you anc go home. isgika says thanks, she starts running towards home. Rana blasts the bracelet bomb on her hand. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-media tells about the hostage at FITE and about ishika. anju sees it. Vardhan says my two brilliant students must be making emp generators inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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