Sadda Haq 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 27th February 2014 Written Update

Randhir is taking out his frustration on machines. YoYo asks him what’s the matter. Randhir says that the Dream Team is no joke and Vardhan gave all responsibility to PKC who doesn’t know anything about the Dream Team competition. All other students also don’t use their brain and now they got losing team’s captain in their team. YoYo tells him Parth is not bad so don’t worry about him. He then tells Randhir it’s only him who can bring Vardhan back. They go to talk to him. Outside Vardhan’s office, other students are waiting for the Dean. Sanyu stops Randhir from going in as he didn’t sign the petition. The Dean comes and they all go in. They request Vardhan to be mentor of the Dream Team. Sanyu says everyone wants him to be the mentor and shows

him the petition. Vidushi says no one else can handle the Dream Team. Vardhan says he’s touched, but he backed out because of a personal problem. They all are good and he didn’t take this decision because of him. He asks them not to do this silly thing again and rather focus on the competition. Randhir says he told Sanyu not to do this silly thing, but she didn’t listen. He says they are going to the international level and they need his guidance. Vardhan gets mad and asks them to leave.

The Dean tells the students that they will have to take part under PKC’s guidance. He leaves. Randhir blames Sanyu for getting Vardhan mad at him. Sanyu says and his international idea was stupid as well.

Parth is still in Vardhan’s office. He tells Vardhan that he came to FITE for him. Vardhan says he didn’t ask him to come, he can leave if he wants. Parth comes out and sees argument between Randhir and Sanyu. Vidushi takes Randhir’s side. Parth asks them to calm down and he supports Sanyu. Randhir again gets irritated and asks him to stop his lecture saying this is FITE, not his CITE.

Jiggy is asking Randhir for some tips for his body. Randhir asks him not to bother him. He’s already irritated by Sanyu, and now this new guy, Parth. Jiggy says he’s not that bad either. Randhir stares at him with anger. Parth enters and asks if they were praising him. Randhir asks him what he’s doing there and asks him to leave. Parth says he didn’t come to this room with his choice, he’s sent here. He tells Randhir to talk to the authorities if he has any problem. Randhir looks at him angrily. Parth further says that he’s not bad to become friends with. Jiggy has already become his friend. Jiggy says yes. Randhir gets irritated and walks out of the room. Parth asks Jiggy to help him removing his tshirt. Jiggy is impressed with Parth’s body. Other hand, Randhir talks to someone about Parth, but he’s told that only his room has extra space so they gave that to him.

Kastuki and Sanyu are eating chocolates. Vidushi gets irritated and lectures them and then leaves. Sanyu remembers about the diary and messages Randhir to meet her in the library.

Jiggy is talking to Kastuki on the phone. Parth smiles hearing his conversation. After Jiggy hangs, Parth says Kastuki is a very good girl. Jiggy gets mad/confused.

Randhir comes to the library and messages Sanyu, I am in library, come if you want, and if you don’t, then even better. Sanyu gets irritated reading it. They both are in library, but don’t see each other and get irritated. Sanyu says she won’t leave him if he’s playing a prank on her, while Randhir wonders if it takes this long to come to the library.

They say enough is enough and get up to leave, and right then they see each other. They start arguing. A librarian comes and asks them to be quiet. They sit down and read the diary. After reading some lines, Sanyu says it seems to be written by a girl. In flashback, Vardhan is praising Niharika’s lines. She asks him if he even understood it. Vardhan says she has written so it must be good. Niharika says this is so mean, he’s praising without understanding it. Vardhan says he understood, so what if he can’t write, he can understand her writing. No one else beside him would understand her writing anyway. Niharika says she wrote for him only. (Niharika’s face is not shown). Flashback ends.

Randhir says he’s going crazy reading the diary and he still couldn’t understand anything. Sanyu asks him to give that diary to her. Randhir says he has already read it and there is nothing, but the shayris. He asks her go ahead if she wants to bang her head. He then says Vardhan was so sorted when they were in the village, he was so happy. A major shift came in his mood after returning from the village. Sanyu agrees and says something must have happened when returning. They wonder what that could be.

Precap: Another argument between Randhir and Parth. Vardhan is taking out his frustration by destroying things in his office. Parth comes and stops him. In another scene, Sanyu and Randhir are discussing what possibly could have happened when returning from village. Parth comes there and says one thing has definitely happened – Vardhan met Kabir!

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  6. yup..parth is good @ shayari…parth and sanyu looks gud too…but too much sweetness can b fake..parth could become the negative character since randhir is the hero…nd seems lik jiggy is having some mental problem..

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