Sadda Haq 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Ranawat says you all look so fresh after spending a night in store room. He gives them sweets and says would you like some jailaibee? have you guys give up? Randhir says sir we don’t give up. He takes the sweets and says thank you. They all take sweets from him and eat it. team starts feeling sleeping and yawning. Randhir says what have you mixed in it? sanyu says why you want us to sleep? He says you had to sleep last night and its challenge day today. Ladies first for the challenge. He goes out. Vidushi says what will we do?

Thruv calls anju and asks how you feel now? She says are blood test reports ready? He says nothing to worry about. we have to do some more tests. you should eat as much fruits as you can. I am sending driver, you should come for rest of tests. Anju says

no please. He says driver is coming and hangs up.

There is a high block, Ranawat says you girls have to stand on it till the sun sets. Parth says they might fall? Ranawat says what is this body for? you have to save them. randhir says how can you ask them to do physical tasks? Ranawt says they are not inferior. You guys wanted to play challenge challenge game so go play it.
Vidushi and sanyu will have to climb up the ladder and stand on imbalance platform. Ranawat says come down. Ranawat says and guys will cook food and do the dishes.
He asks randhir to be the waiter. you performance should be best. Like waiters of five star hotels. Ranawat says to waiter your good day is here. You dont have to work today. Rnawat says students your seniors will serve you today. sanyu says to randhir think about our long term goal. ranawat says i am done i am going to sleep. your challenge time has started.

Yoyo says to sanyu and vidushi don’t worry he will be drunk in a while. sanyu says to randhir is will handle my self. Randhir says you guys are yawning you can’t stand there. Sanyu says forget all this and get to work. I can take care of myself you don’t have to worry about me. Randhir recalls how sanyu fell and held her in the class.
Vidushi says i hope this is not the last task of life. sanyu says stay strong. She climbs up and so does vidushi.

Yoyo, parth and sahil go to kitchen. randhir takes the order. sanyu asks vidushi to balance her body. They are both shivering , ranawat says they can’t do this.
Randhir serves the tables. Yoyo says i am sick its too hot in kicthen. Ranawat comes to cafe, all the people start giving randhir orders. Randhir says shut up. ranawat you can’t shout at them. yoyo says dont be hyper, we will come to help you when we are done with cooking.
nikhil comes and says should i help you guys with cooking? Yoyo says no go please. Ranawat sleeps on the bench. sanyu’s eyes are closing. Vid says he wont get up now, lets sit down. They both sit down. ranawat says one more hour, they stand up. He says one more time cheating i will increase an hour. sanyu says to vidushi is everything okay between you are parth? Vidushi says i don’t why i get these stupid guys. He never listens to me.
Randhir is being aggressive to the customers. Vidushi falls from the block, everyone is shocked.

Precap-sanyu is fainting. She is about to fall from the block.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg!nyc epi

  2. precap continued…Randhir sees sanyu falling and runs to help her

  3. oh wow! vry challenging! tis ll make thm more strng. waiting for nxt episode…….

  4. wow… good one… ladies are no inferiors and boys should know how to cook… good one..hats off abhay singh ranawat

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