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Sadda Haq 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Renuka and harsh come to meet randhir. he says why are you here? Harsh says I came here to meet your for dinner. Renuka says me too. Why did you come? He says to meet my son. She says I came to meet my son as well. Randhir says lets go for dinner. Harsh says can I ask whats wrong? Randhir says no. Randhir is mad at different people.
Renuka says whats wrong randhir. Renuka sits on driving seat. Randhir says dad can drive the car as well. what you women wanna prove? Harsh drives and says calm down.

On dinner, renuka asks randhir what has sanyu decided for her future. Did she tell you something? Randhir says no. Randhir says how have you two reunited? Harsh says for you. We dont want you to worry anymore. And we are tired of fighting as well. Renuka says I asked her to join

my company. We can do this for her.

Randhir comes back to room and recalls sanyu’s behavior. He says I wont let you go to Dubai. Randhir wakes up. Harsh asks whats wrong? Randhir says sanyu si joining HTW. I will apply there as well. I will go with her. He leaves. Harsh says will you let this happen? she says no. I tried everything. Harsh says ask that company not to hire them. She says i have no authority there. I dont want him to go that is why i offered sanyu this job. Harsh says do what you can or I will handle it my way.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu says thank you activating my form. Randhir comes suited as well. sanyu says listen don’t apply half heartily. He says who said that? she says you are applying because of me. He says you dont want us to be together? She says i do want to. But i dont want you to do anything by force. Randhir says no one can force me.
Everyone is waiting for interviews. Yoyo says randhir you have applied as well. Randhir says yes i will go to Dubai no matter who comes or not. Vid comes out, she says they asked such difficult questions. She tells sanyu questions. Its randhir’s turn. Randhir comes in. They say we know that you submited the form with special request. Why you want this job so badly? randhir says who wont want to join your company. I want to be like you people. Sanyu gets a call, someone says you have courrier, collect it from gate your papa sent it. They ask randhir to wait for second round. randhir comes out and asks where is sanyu? She is next.

Sanyu comes out and sees no one is there. The man says they are not letting us in, can you come to main gate? Sanyu comes out a van kidnaps her. Randhir calls sanyu for her turn but she is nowhere. Randhir says where has she gone? Vid says she must be scared.

Its night, Randhir asks has anyone seen sanyu? Parth says no. Vid says maybe she is scared. Randhir says she is not that irresponsible. Yoyo says where can she go? Randhir says maybe she has gone home to talk to her dad. Parth says she will be fine.
Renuka comes to harsh have you kidnapped sanyu? He says yes. she says are you out of your mind. He says this is my way. You couldn’t do this. she says do you even know what have you done. Where is she? If something happens, he says I know where she is. Renuka says this is not right. But you have dragged me in this mess. Will this work? harsh says she doesn’t have any option.
Randhir is worried for sanyu.
Sanyu wakes up in an alcove she recalls her kidnap and tries to go out. Sanyu says open the door. A thug comes in and slaps her. He says don’t say a word. she says you wont get anything, you will all go to jail. I will tell police everything. They grasps her hair and say don’t say a word or I will break your legs. The last one says my boss is so mad but I am not like him. sanyu says stay away from me. He says I am like your friend.

Precap-Parth says randhir sanyu’s location is tracked. Randhir comes in jungle with parth and they look for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow interesting track….im waiting for our hero to save sanyu….missing vidarth scenes….

  2. Thank u Atiba for the fast update…

  3. I wish this show never ends

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    Plzzzzz don’t end this show..!!

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