Sadda Haq 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In interviewer says to sanyu we need innovators like you. He says whats on your face. She says I came from lab. He says we are ready to sponsor your project. sanyu says thank you so much. He gives her working cheque.
Sanyu comes to canteen and shows everyone the cheque. Parth says should we all apologize. Sanyu says no. Randhir says you were doing it for team? sanyu says no i started for myself then thought maybe I should give to team. sanyu says hug me. Randhir says you always make me fool and lie to me. sanyu says you would have gotten worried. He leaves. Parth says he will be okay.

Sanyu and randhir hear a blast. they all run out. There is fire in lab and ranawat is there. sanyu says how is the car burnt. Ranawat says someone changed the fuel. Vid says it had the fuel

sanyu was making. What have you done. sanyu says i dont know how did this happen. Vid says dont pretend. sanyu says why would I do this. Parth says leave it. Vid says exactly you have wasted our hard work. sanyu says why would I do this with my car. Sanyu says I have not done this. Randhir says I trust her she can’t do this. Vid says you will. Ranawat says I jokers here. You keep fighting and doing personal attacks. You don’t even have a car. whats the plan? You can’t even back out now. Vid says in heart your tragedy movie has started sanyu.

Ankit calls vid. she says we have a new problem because of sanyu. Randhir says to sanyu we will fix it. sanyu says no one will beieve me. Randhir says they asked you to leave the project. sanyu says that has nothing to do with it. randhir says i can’t see you like this come from here. sanyu says help me find out who did this. I hope you trust me. I want to prove myself. No one will trust me. Randhir says of course I trust you.

SAnyu and randhir watch the CCTV footage. Vid talks on video call with Ankit. He says you can always talk to me.
Sanyu and randhir see that footage is deleted. Randhir says why would someone do this? maybe he wants to harm the team. Maybe against team or ranawat. We need strong evidence. sanyu says what will i do? Randhir says come to room. He picks her and says you cant stay here.
vid says its so weird you are both siblings yet so different. sanyu is so selfish and you are so understanding.
Warden scolds at sanyu and randhir. Randhir says I came to meet vid. she says he is lying. He is sanyu’s bf. Randhir says i came to discuss dream team work. Vid says he is lying ma’am. The warden leaves.
Randhir says someone deleted the footage but who did this? He goes again to check. He sees that everyone is shocked except vid.Randhir smiles. He says you are shocked for what is unexpected.

Scene 2
Next morning, Randhir comes to vid and says sanyu wasn’t lying. she didn’t blast the engine. I got the footage of last night. Vid is dazed.Randhir says I will find out who did this. I have to go enjoy. Vid is scared. She says how he got it?
Vid goes to randhir’s room and says where has randhir kept the pen drive? She rummages. Randhir says you have done all this? He says what have i done? He says you know what I am saying. He says what are you doing in my room? She says i came to take my notes. Randhr says stop this drama. I knew you would come here. She says why would i delete the footage. Randhir says shout.
Vid says this has nothing. Dont act over smart. He says okay go but you want to delete the footage. Your game is over. She says you can’t do anything. Randhir says oh i will not be trusted. What I know is enough for you to be expelled. Vid says I am sorry. randhir says why you did this? Randhir says sanyu ruined my and parth’s relationship. I am all alone, I was weak. Randhir says you are not alone because of sanyu. You are dream team’s member. just imagine what will they do when they find out. Either convince everyone that sanyu has not done this or i will tell everyone that you have done this.

Precap-sanyu says to randhir everything felt like a dream. I want to talk to papa and tell him about our engagement. For how long will i conceal I will have to tell him. Yoyo says lets go to her dad’s home and tell him. Randhir says he will kill me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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