Sadda Haq 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and anju are having dinner, sanyu tells her that ranawat has left. There is something wrong with tube light sanyu fixes it, she is about to fall from stool, thrruv comes and saves her. sanyu says thanks, he says you have to take care along with mom as well. sanyu says give me the tubelight from outside. would you like food? He says no thanks. Thruv says lets check you ma’am.

Randhir and sanyu are doing work out, randhir says please work out to release stress not to gain it. randhir gets a call from rahgini. He goes out and attends the call. she says please come here, my brothers are here in FITE. Raghini’s brothers are there. They ask people if they have seen her. Randhir says stay there i am coming. Randhir goes to the room, he asks raghini to hide in closet. he

says they will never know. Raghini’s brothers are with pistol. Students say you cant behave this way with us. Randhir hides raghini in closet. yoyo cmes and some guys are looking for the girl that is sanyyu;s roommate, randhri says i am going to sanyy, take care of her.

Aister comes and tells sanyu about thugs. sanyu calls cops and asks them to come as soon as possible. They ask and threaten different people. sanyu comes and says you cant threaten people like this. he says tell me where is she? Sanyu says you cant scare i wont tell you even if you know. He points pistol at her, randhir comes and says dont dare to touch her. He hits randhir on head, sanyu holds him. yoyo comes and says you are our guests we have to behave well with you. he asks where is the girl? yoyo says i am here since 10 years she isn’t here. I am not lying with you. Brother says you look wise, ask this guy not to be filmy. yoyo says he is new here. They leave.

sanyu says why did you jump in? Randhir says do you even know the girl? sanyu says they kill people in the name of honor we dont do anything about it.. Randhir says you can’t do this. he leaves. Raghini comes out of the closet, she hugs randhir adn says i am sorry you have to face all this because of me. randhir says you dont have to thank me, i promised karan to take care of you. they are gone go to your room. i have to send you out of country. raghini says karan? he says i will talk to karan. Randhir says i will talk to him, you both are not safe here.

sanyyu dresses randhir’s wound. she says who will save me if something happens to you? he says nothing will happen to you, sanyu says i have to go. You should go as rest as well. Vidushi talks to a guy, sHe says you are so good with the moves. He says you and parth? you were going around? vidushi says we broke up. he says i was looking for a partner, i mean dance partner. He extends his hand, Vidushi takes it. They dance together.

Scene 2
dean asks dream team about ranawat, sanyu says we want him. randhir says you started it again, sanyu i am the part of team as well. randhir says he is a loser. sanyu says he has a history and past. Randhir says we are not interested in that. PKC says since majority wants it we have to change it.
Vid is texting parth takes her phone and breaks it. she says how dare you. He says i asked you not to talk to her. She says stop interfering in my life. Namit is a lot better than you, he doesn’t hit girls like you.

SAnyu has her head in anju’s lap. Aju says thruv is so caring. Sanyu says he is yoru doctor. anju says he is a complete and perfect man. he is well behaved and well mannered. Anju sees randhir’s call on sanyyu’s phone.

Precap-ranawat is leaving the college. anjuu is mad at sanyu about randhir thing.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. .k shini tel her not to wry she ll get gud mrks. n we too.n shini if possible give me her mailid I ll mail her.

  2. shenaz

    Hi guys I’m back dere was no net in ph so came aft 2 days guys I know u all missed me a lot me too guys

  3. shenaz

    Plumpyy hw cum u r here n wt truth u want to know about ranawat I also want to know dat dr

  4. shenaz

    Where r u all guys jhanvi anusha jaan Fida priyu Sara liya sana varshini all of u guys where r u all missing u all

  5. shenaz

    Hey jhanvi I think its nyc of u swthrt u always stay up till dis late or something spl 2dy

  6. shenaz

    Gn swt dreams swthrts luv u all n u all tc of ur self b healthy n safe ummah guys dis is gn kiss to u all tc c u all soon

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    Luv u too varshini I m f9 dr u all missed me so much I my happy to c dat n ha I mailed u dr varshini gn sd

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    Guys plz excuse me for 2 days I will only mail gm gn n all important things to u all guys plz if u all don’t mind den OK

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    Jhanvi swthrt I also missed d same chance don’t wry dr I won’t run anywhere dr gm n have a wonderful day ahead n always keep smiling dr

  10. shenaz

    Gm swthrts dis song is dedicated to all my luvly swthrts
    Apne ruthe paraye ruthe
    Yaar ruthe na
    Khwab thuthe wade tute
    Dil ye tute na
    Ruthe tho kuda bhi ruthe
    Sath chute na
    Allah waariya mai tho haariya tute yaariya milade oyyye

    I hope dat dis song will keep u all energetic d whole day n a believe dat wtever may happen I will always b here with u guys luv u all endlessly swthrts

  11. shenaz

    Good news guys to all d SANDHIRIANS those who live in MUMBAI all d best guys u all must b wondering for wt na wait I will say it

    VENUE : Crosswards,Inorbit Mall, Malad west
    DATE : 29th May 2015
    TIME : 6:30 pm

    Be dere guys as sandhir will cum to launch dujoy dattas new book ‘ never kiss your bestfeind’

    If u all r sandhirians u all will not miss d chance I can’t go it is just 3hr 30 mins away from my house but I can’t guys I will miss d chance to meet dem but u all don’t miss it guys luv u all ummah

  12. Anusha

    Oh so sad!
    I live in delhi
    I can’t meet them.
    I thought Namit will dashing and handsome but he is not.
    East or west my cute Param is best.


  13. shenaz

    Behind d scenes naimit is teaching vids hw to play basketball I hope ye koi sh scene hota I would luv to watch parth ka angry young man wala look would u guys wish d same

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    OK bye den I think v can’t meet on 1 time na so deres a solution if u see dis mgs den cum at 1:30 I promise I will b dere for half n hr only dr

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    It ws fo I ll definitely give her wishes!. She comments wid her name na? I ll find her?

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    Oh I got 78% really happy for dis but I have could done better but I was ill for3 exams as so its OK

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    Jaan chk my results ka marks u was waiting for it name
    Tk u jhanvi I thought ilu went but I’m still dere

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