Sadda Haq 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 26th March 2014 Written Update

Parth reaches his room and is welcomed by Jiggy who offers to get him something to eat from the canteen. Parth then moves to thank Randhir when he simply cuts him saying that he did what he felt was right and not for someone. He asks Parth to thank Sayunkta and not him and maybe she would accept as well as like it too and walks away from there. In the night, while working out Parth gets flashes of – him as a boy cleaning someone’s shoes, him beating someone and then his arrest. He screams in agony and pain which is heard by Sayunkta. SHe runs towards him to console him. Parth cribs over past and states that no matter what, past always haunts you. Seeing him totally broken Sayunkta takes him in a hug. She then apologies for asking him about his past in the first place and promises to

never bring this topic again. Randhir witnesses this and moves away from there.

Next day, Randhir is working on a machine in the lab when he gets flashes of the previous night of Sayunkta and Parth. He looses his anger and throws his cool and throws away the machine in anger. He then receives a call from his dad which he avoids. Vidhushi meets Parth and apologies for her previous act of doubting him. She asks to be friends and Parth agrees but only for friendship and nothing more. Later Randhir meets his dad in the canteen where he finds him drinking and gets upset. His dad asks him to come and meet him in the vacations. He changes the topic and informs his dad about going abroad for his dream team project. He then informs of his resigning from the captaincy post. He then explains what al led to him stepping down from the post and this angers his dad when he realises that Sayunkta was one of the main reasons for the same.

Randhir tries to calm his dad and states that Sayunkta isn’t a bad person and that he needs her. His dad questions him about his feelings and he denies stating that she is just a talented girl and he needs her for his team.He states that she is a mere classmate. His dad then asks him to promise that Randhir will never ever talk about Sayunkta. Randhir simply changes the topic and sends his dad away.

Sayunkta and Parth are in the lab working when Randhir’s dad comes and accuses Sayunkta for trying to manipulate Randhir. He asks her to stay away from Randhir and walks away from there. This angers and hurts Sayunkta a lot and even after being stopped by Parth she goes in search of Randhir.

Sayunkta finally finds him and they both insult each other and state that no matter what they will never date each other.

Precap : Sayunkta calls her mom. She cuts it. Her family discussing about her marriage. Her dad looses his cool.

Update Credit to: Born2Dance

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  1. I loved today’s epi…awesome…eagerly waitng 4 2morow

  2. plz post the full update soon .i cant wait….

  3. Authoy rahman

    Wow….Randhir is soooooo jealous:) Interesting episode:)please update in details ASAP…..

  4. Todays epi is really very boring

  5. S.H is Durjoy Datta story and i lyk d way he bring twist and turns i n his stories

  6. the bestest show evr..

    love.. 🙂

  7. Today’s episode was
    ” interesting , very interesting

    1. ha ha.. this dialog is v funnny .. specially whn yo yo tells!!

  8. jealous randhir is d cutest 2 see
    man i luv dis guy
    nd even parth was phenomenal in todays epi

  9. Hey guys parth said that in childhood he had to polish shoes not that’s why is in college but he also mentioned once that his mother has a small company and have will support her work but if his mother has own company then why in childhood he had to do shoes polish work

    1. @adniv interesting. very interesting !!

  10. I even didn’t get it when parth came to FITE why parth didnt answered Vidhushi when she asked what was he doing there but when sanyu asked he immediately answered. It was not that secret that he was joining FITE

  11. And even when parth said he don’t drink tea to Vidhushi but when sanyu offered he agreed. But he said he never lies

    1. guess, he developd feelings fr sanyu

      1. No I think as sanyu is her close friend so he didn’t try to say no

  12. Anyway I don’t think they will ever reveal this misery. l think they had just brought up this things just like that.

  13. Parth answer sayu may be becsuse he like her…. but any way there will be a huge twist in sadda haq family….. u all guyz seen the add of sadda haq it say ” jo dikta ha woh hota nahe..” any way tam u are also jodha akbar fan right…. i saw yr comment there also……. nishi pls update first… i am wating for the precap update….. i am very happy that from 2morrow i can see sadda haq as my exam over yapeeeeee

    1. Me too. Yesterday onwards TV got on. But exams still 3 more days to go.

  14. ya ya..

    bdw ur exams of board??

    1. By the way I liked the pronunciation of the word ‘tam’ sounds good

    2. I too don’t think so.

  15. Parth cmng to FITE is a plan of kabir

    1. i dnt thnk so!!!

      and f it is so,, then 3 villains Of FITE AND SADDA HQ

  16. parths character should be negative bcoz i want to see sandhir together.

    1. parth’s char nd nt to b -ve fr sandhir to be together!!
      i guess, it wl shw that parth sacrifised his love fr sandhir!!!

      1. i think u r right tam

      2. i really luv sandhir

    2. Bt i hope ki parths character is nt negative.bcoz i like his character sooo much. 🙂 and i like sandhir also.waiting eagerly for more n more thrilling moments in #SHQ#

  17. todays episode was interesting very interesting

  18. waiting 4 next epi

  19. ya tam u r rite.

  20. Authoy rahman

    Nishi,plz complete d update soon…v r waiting….

  21. i was saying so bcoz i dnt like d luv stories in which one has to sacrify his luv.

  22. But why can’t parth be best friend. Why always sacrifice. I too agree that just to show sanyukta ‘s friend part has not been introduced in story by such a strong character. There must be some important role of parth either positive role or negative . But still I want to see as a good friend of sanyukta.

    1. Also parth in S H they have mentioned it as second main character.

  23. Guyz no one wants to see parths character as negative then there shud b a another gul in parths negative character..only luv luv luv…..what say?

  24. Authoy rahman

    I agree with Adnirv.I wanna see Parth as a good friend of Sanyukta.

  25. Authoy rahman

    Nd Zil .I think it wud b great.

  26. I thnk parth and dat inspector have a link wid each other…i thnk dy r brothers.-

  27. And he hate him a lot dats y he had beaten him 4 simple reason

  28. Hve u read any books of durjoy datta

  29. What the hell ! Its 12:15 am and there is not full update yet. }:(

  30. Authoy rahman

    I don’t think they r brothers.another mystery! Nd it’ll b revealed soon..

  31. Authoy rahman

    Where is Nishi?

  32. I go with zil that there must be another heroine….. i think there will be because psrth said he already fall in love with some one and i think that girl is cop’s sis or cop’s girlfriend….. tht why.he is so.angry.with parth.. yaar guyz jo bhi ho we all dont want to see parth in negative role

    1. But if so why so much importance to parth character. SH is all about sanyu’s story . Parth has something important role with respect to sanyu

  33. Rukshar they cannot be brother any way no way

  34. i think randheer and parth will help sanyuktha to get of her marrage nd they will go abrod trip


  36. I thnk sanyukta marriage had been broken dats y her family is tensed

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