Sadda Haq 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat says has anyone sold this design? Everyone starts looking at vidushi, she says stop looking at me. I have not done anything. Ranawat says we have to start from scratch again. if you wanna go to competition find yourself some sponsors and I will find the one who has done this. Ranawat comes to pkc’s cabin. Pkc says the design has leaked? pkc says what if they don’t find sponsors? why dont you help them with it. ranawt says because competition is for students.

Ankit and agarwal come out of factory media asks them different questions about anju’s will. Agarwal’s cabinet is worried as well. They says until shares are tranfered we need sanyu in meetings, her decision matters now. agarwal says she doesn’t need to be here. Just like we used to consult

my wife, we will consult her on phone. Ankit calls anju but she doesn’t pick. Sposnor leave saying we will see this later. Ankit says should i talk to her? agarwal says no i will.

Sanyu comes home agarwal asks her to sign the papers, she says what is it? Agarwal says you are arguing after so much has happened? sanyu goes to her room. She is crying, aankit comes and says this comapny is mine, legally and according to papa as well. sign those papers. sanyu says it is equally for me. ankit says i am the son, i will have everything. sanyu says its not about son or daughter its about maa’s will and i will fulfill it. ankit says wow good point, you never had a share in this company neither will you have. This company is mine.
Sanyu calls randhir, she cries. Randhir hears to cry. The song ‘khamoshiya’ plays in background.

The team is working they are worried. sanyu says we can’t find a solution this way. randhir says sanyu go to room and rest you look drained out. sanyu says why are your eyes red? Did you drink? he says why would i? She says didn’t you sleep? He says i was working whole night. SHe says what work? he says i didn’t sleep right. she says were you worried for me? He nods. Sanyu sees on notice board about her company stake. People mock, randhis is lucky, he going to have the company by marrying her. randhir says vidushi please take sanyu to the room. Sanyu says you wont fight with them. Vid takes her, randhir starts fighting with the guys. Dean comes and stops them. He says if you do this again i will suspend you.
Randhr goes to room and punches the bag, he recalls all the mocks.He says i can’t do this. He goes out to the room and starts working there again.

namit comes to vidushi and says what have you decided? do you still love that parth? He is a loser, he can’t give you anything. i will keep you happy, he can’t. i love you, your dream is mine now as well. That parth is.. you can’t compare him to me. listen take your time, i want you to be comfortable with me. vid gets a call from yoyo, he says come to dean’s cabin its urgent.
sanyu comes and says sir why have you called us here? dean says i am sorry to hear about your mom. you know what situation is dream team facing, you can save us from this. You have a 33% share in such a big company you can solve the sponsorship problem for the team.Parth says yes sanyu you can help us. Vidushi says yes sanyu you have the solution, sanyu says yes but.. ranawat comes in and says quite, you dont have to take any decision in this depression. You dont have to take the pressure, do what you think is right. sanyu says sir i am ready. Everyone cheers and smiles. Ranawat says anyway, a manufacturing company will be coming to FITE, you need to show them an engine, you have to give your best. everyone congratulates sanyu. yoyo says your decision made us all happy. sanyu is worried.

Sanyu comes home and says papa i wanna talk to you. agawal says i dont wanna see your face until you sign.

Precap-media asks sanyu you got a share in your company. sanyu says please, randhir starts hitting the reporters. Media telecasts it, agarwak and ankit shout at her. agarwal says if you say anythng else than yes in tomorrow’s board meeting, i wont leave you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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