Sadda Haq 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says you will always be dark shadow. He says then you will always be an engineer. She says I am glad that you forced me into this. He says start working. Sanyu shows him what he has worked on. Aryan says in heart how can I not fall in love? sanyu asks his to pass the beaker. He cleans it. Aryan gets a call.
Aryan says in heart I have not done this for you.
sanyu is working. Sanyu sees efficiency 100%. She is shocked. Sanyu says I did it oh my God. Sanyu knocks aryan’s door. She says open it. I have a good news. He opens. sanyu says I have.. He says cracked the fuel. I knew it. Sanyu says so cold reaction? I came all the way here to inform you. Is there anything wrong? He says pluto is lost. I checked all the CCTV. sanyu says lets ask people. Sanyu asks guards and

everyone. Snayu finds pluto in wires. She takes him out.

Sanyu says why don’t you keep a pet? He says I don’t know how to handle relationships. sanyu says you should try. How would you know? Maybe this is just your msiconception. Like I had. I thought I can handle relationships but I was wrong.

Sanyuu says they were so happy to see pluto. He says I will celebrate for your fuel. It calls for a party. not because you cracked the fuel but because you will do great in future. Lets go to the chinese restaurants near by. Sanyu says I love chinese. He says I know. Sanyu says you keep so much info about me, Some things pass comments on sanyu. Sanyu says lets go from here. Aryan says sanyu ride the bike and show them how better you are than them. sanyu says lets go. He gives the key and says ride the bike.
Sanyu sits on the bike and starts the ride. The thugs come after them. Suddenly Sanyu
recalls her accident. She slips the bike. Aryan starts hitting the thugs.
One shoots his arm. Aryan beats him down. Aryan rides the bike.
Sanyu asks him to stop the bike. She says bring out a cloth. Its bleeding. He says it just touched. sanyu says you cant find everyone. Are you a hero? what you wanted to prove? He says because I like you. Sanyu says so what I like you too.
Sanyu says keep your hand staright. You are likebale . Use some senses. SHe dresses his wound. Aryan tucks strand of her hair behind ear. He says I like you the way a boy like a girl.
Aryan drops sanyu home. Sanyu says stay here let me bring first aid box. He says its okay. sanyu says no its not. Sanyu dresses his wound. He takes the bandage from her and does it himself. Sanyu says let me do this. He says are you sure about it? Sanyu says yeah I will. She says turn back. Sanyu dresses wound on his back. Agarwal says sanyu where are you? She says coming papa. Aryan leaves.
Agarwal asks what are you doing so late? SHe says I lost my watch. Just found it. He says okay then come in.

Next morning, Sanyu recalls how aryan fought with her. sanyu gets a call from aryan. He says whom will you present your fuel? sanyu says I have made a list. He says any progress? She says no. List is long. No one is ready to invest. He says you are looking for wrong people. What will these people do? Your fuel is more capable. Its not for cars. Think where can this powerful fuel be used. SAnyu says Indian space research center? She smiles. Aryan says in heart i wish i could see her smiling right now.

Precap-Sanyu comes to Nirman’s cabin. Everyone is working. sanyu says this is so magical. Nirman says to sanyu I want to present my fuel project. He says calls the campus police. This is secret fuel, rocket fuel. sanyu says there must be some misunderstanding.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. pls pls anyone bring randhri back to show plzzzzzz

  2. Today epi was only about Sanyu and Aryan…donno but i didnt feel good when i read their “romantic” scene…i want the CVS to give importance to the other characters as well, especially Vidarth and of course i want my sandhir back…and also i miss our crazy yoyo…i also want more scenes b/w Sanyu and her dad now that he supports her…

  3. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    What a shit! I thought vidushi impulsively approved to ankit’s proposal…but here toh sanyukta is also moving on and on a faster rate…n not a single scene of vidarth….

    1. Dear can u pls tell me if in today’s episode was any scene with Vids and Ankit? I couldnt see the epi and i was wondering if apart from Aryan and Sanyu’s scenes there were other actors shown in the epi or not ?

  4. No vidarth scenes today 🙁 im sad i miss them and also sandhir. I want Rd back asap.

  5. Oh this Aryan is always after Sanyu. I want Rd back. I miss Sandhir scenes.
    And also where did Parth go. I miss Vidarth a lot. I dont like Vids with Ankit. Vids is only for Parth and Sanyu is only for Rd.

    1. Don’t worry guys randhir ‘ll come soon….. & no vidharth scene because parth leaves sanyu’s house…and vidushi is now married….& about aryan his role is cool…. mysterious & awesome….. his role is more loveable than parth’s..

      1. Its ok i dont mind 🙂 everyone is entitle to have an opinion so i respect yours 🙂

    2. Pia dont get me wrong dear but i dissagre with u. Parth’s character for me is better then Aryaan….and im not saying it just coz im Parth’s fan but its just that for me SH is about sandhir vidarth yoyo and the old gang….withouth them the show isnt the same….i dont mind if they bring new characters in…like they did with Aryan but i just want the CVS to give equally importances to old characters as they give to new characters coz if the old characters werent so good in portrating their rols the show wouldnt have been so succesfull and the new characters wouldnt have been even here 🙂 donno i just think they can focuse on multiple characters and not only on some of them 🙂

      1. Don’t worry I don’t mind…Btw me too is parth’s fan…. that’s why I’ve seeing parth’s qualities in him……. and just think a mystery like parth…. helpful like him… cute as well…. even strong too… u remember…?????? Even parth sucks the poison from sanyu’s leg….. and moreover sanyu again started engineering because of Aryan….. he help her to do so…. hope u’ll not mind my words….. Actually I had a lot to said but cannot want to discuss or start any fighting conversation ????

  6. Come on whats this??? Today epi was only with Aryan and Sanyu.
    Yeah i get that Rd will be seen from next week but they could have shown us some Vidarth scenes.
    To top it off now they arent giving Vidarth scenes either coz they showed Parth leaving Agarwal mantion maybe coz he went to find Rd.
    Without Sandhir and Vidarth the show isnt the same and where is Yoyo ???

  7. I like this show a lot
    Its my fav show coz it really helps youth progress especially women
    But i miss sandhir and vidarth
    im a great fan of both of this couples
    im really sad that nowadays we dont get neither sandhir nor vidarth scene
    hope from next week things will change
    but yeah SH still is the best show i ve ever seen till now cozit has a powerfull msg for viewers

  8. Ufff i so miss VidArth and SanDhir scenes.
    I hope the CVS wont dissapoint us and will bring this two couples together again. I dont get it why they focuse only on Aryan’s track…they have so much to show…like vidarth’s “awkward” romance 😉 (if u know what i mean) sandhir’s “painfull” romance (i so love when they fight with each other coz they always end up in a romantic position) yoyo’s craziness and tanya’s flirts…also now they can show how Agarwal supports his daughter in fullfilling her dream how sandhir and the new mentor Nirman work on mission mars project ( i cant wait for this track coz i find it really interesting and unique)…they can also show about Rd’s parents and how they ll make it up with Rd…also i miss Parth and Rd’s bromance and also i miss Vids and Sanyu’s bonding…they can show us a lot of things…how Vids will divorce Ankit ( i hope it will happen fast) and also i wanna know about Aryan and his misterious past and also how sanyu will react when she gets to know about Aryan’s love obsession for her (coz for me he is kind of creapy)…the CVS nowadays stick only on one matter when they can show a little from all…anyways i hope it will get better…actually i think from next week it will be more interesting coz Rd will come also Sanyu will join mission mars…and i guess we will get some Vidarth scenes as well coz if Rd is back Parth wont have to look for him so i guess he can concentrate on other things :)….hoping for the best…SH rocks 🙂

  9. Today’s epi was good but i really miss Sandhir and Vidarth bcoz im a big fan of them. They all are really good actors hats off to them. I lioke this track its really interesting but like i said i miss Vidarth and Sandhir’s romance. Waiting for next episode.

  10. Now I love this show. It’s becoming Hollywood. Loved this innovation. I wish people should stop seeing Saas Bahu drama and should start watching this type of knowledgeable drama. Loved it simply. Finally wish it should crack all the Indian tele series like BANG BANG cracked in Bollywood.

    1. I totally agree with u…i also think SH S2 its like a movie and not only a serial…

  11. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Firstly yoyo n tanya is no more.part of the show..
    Secondly, aryan and ankit are douchbags..
    Aryan is obsessed with sanyukta.
    vidushi is stuck in a loveless marriage with ankit….
    And most importantly both randhir and parth will be indifferent to it..rd will no more be jealous..
    And parth toh even left the house coz he is moralistic…
    And most importantly becz of new charecters, old charecters aren’t getting scrn spce

    1. Yup dear i feel the same….im not saying that the new characters arent good but i want equall importance to the old characters as well 🙁 especially vidarth coz i cant imagine that CVS wont bring them together and will let Vids be married to Ankit…noooooo
      And about Aryaan i dont have anything against him its just for me his obssesion thowards Sanyu is a little creepy and yeah i miss Rd and i want Sandhir together again…

  12. hey guys hey suranjana karina and all my dereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees sd friends why are you all upset.

    Its just a matter of 2 episodes we all have the pleasure of watching sandhir back .

    Coz today sanyu came in nirman space centre and guess what randhir is there. already

    as I read nirman make sanyu close in a chamber and randhir save her. So , Today episode is excited .

    and yes yaar nobody of you even see the skills guys . Aryan fight brilliantly in last episode.

    and I love the song what plays in bg . I just loved it it is the haale dil baayan of arjyan heart

    whatever it is whether randhir is there or not . But the song situation and the acting is brilliant

    But yes it is very unfair of cvs coz they give no place to vidharth why they are nowhere.

    I am excited to see the new characters but very much sad to not see the old characters.

    1. Yup dear im also waiting for Rd’s entry 🙂 in his RSS style 🙂

    2. I got to knew randhir’s entry will be shown on 2nd Feb………..
      Im exited for randhir’s entry but not so excited for randhir’s entry but for the Valentine special….. what will they do on that….

  13. Luv u my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Suranjana, bebo dear hello deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees hope to see some excited episode

    love u all by heart

    keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Hey Nisha…im also excited for what will come in the next epis…love u take care…

  14. wooow soo swwwt aryaan i lyk it ….. aryan and sayuu romance….

  15. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi karina and nisha…..i m.not against aryan…but vidarth are parallel leads …thy should be given that importance..
    Secondly dont u guys think tht sadda haq is heading towards two is definitely sandhir and aryan
    and anothr vidarth and ankit..what say??

    1. Hey dear…..i was just about to write the same….i also think they are trying to show us two triangle love stories…one on sandhir and aryan and one on vidarth and ankit….but to be sincere i dont mind if thats the future track as long as in the end there will be only SanDhir and VidArth 🙂

  16. i liked the romantic scene scn between aryan and sanyu. sanyu aryan jesa ladka hi deserv krti hai jo uska sath de use encourage kre har wakt uske sath rhe, na ki randhir jesa jo uspe blame daal k zindagi bhar k liye guilt me daal k shadi krne baad b chala gya. randhir kbhi b ek acha jeevan sathi nahi ban skta. i hope sanyu aryan ko hi choone. 🙂

    1. Hey, I agreed with you…… aryan is perfect partner for her….

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