Sadda Haq 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya stands up randhir is shirtless. She says I was hungry. He says I am not surprised. She says you are shirtless because you wanted to show off. He says I am used to. Now lets go.
Aryan sees Minka in his cabin. He comes in she hides under the table. Aryan lits a candle and says you torch battery must be over. come out now.
Vid sits with Arjun and joy and says I hope you don’t mind. She says you know everyone doesn’t have that spark. Arjun says there is whole fire.
Nirman says you thought you can come here and I wont know. You wont be able to go out if you come here again. He says I make fun of fear. Nirman says you can’t make fun of our rules. She says I have my official ID with me. this is my duty to cover ISRC. Nirman says what you did to make

this fake ID, we both know. He grasps her by waist and says
you know this doesn’t matter. He grasps her face and says we can be like we used to be. The person I could trust. He kisses her neck.

Sanaya and randhir drink. sanaya says you are smart and hot. I wonder why are you doing all this. Randhir says people speak truth after drinking. She says I am mediocre but you still hang out with me. I am not even your type. Randhir says who can be? Sanaya says someone who is sensible like you, like sanyu. Randhir takes his glass and says enough. he says you are stupid. She says I was juts joking return my glass. He leaves.

Sanyu and aryan are sitting outside. Sanyuu says you look peaceful seeing the stars. He says in heart its not because of stars its because you are near. He says when we sit under the large sky we feel like our problems are so small. sanyu says see supernova. Wish something. What did you ask? He says in heart that you feel what I feel. He says wishes are secret. What did you ask? sanyu says I don’t need to. I have everything I wanted. The shooting star that fulfilled my dream is sitting with me. Thanks.
He says in heart I can do anything to make you smile. I really love. He says you dont need to thank me.

Kritika comes and says arjun dont drink too much. He says I don’t take any orders. Joy says don’t mind, he is outspoken. Everyone sits there. Vid starts dancing.
Minka comes out of cabin and says I can’t forget what I am here for.
Sanyu says vid lets go to room. Vid says I am not drunk. Vid says what have you decided? Nothing? I knew it. No problem. I will make it happen. Randhir says sanaya lets go. sanyaa says why? VId says where are you going? I wanna say something. She stands on bench and says I am an outsider here but destiney brought us all together. Sanyu says stop it. Sanaya says let her talk. Vid says the best couple I have ever met, the two mist special people of my life, they have come back here. They are.. sanyu says its late.. lets getting late. Vid says they are sanyu and randhir. Everyone is dazed. Aryan leaves sanyu;s hand. Sanaya gives a shocked look to randhir. Vid says they couldn’t pass a day without each other. And whole college life they were together and now here too. I don’t believe and destiney when I saw you here I believed in destiny. Aryan leaves and then Randhir leaves as well.

Sanyyu says why did you say all that? Vid says I thought everyone knew. sanyu says that was deliberate. Stop pretending. what you want? Why are you doing all this? Vid says sorry for all that. Unless I create drama people don’t take me seriously. I want entry in ISRC. This was just opening show. But if you don’t do something the audience will have your papa too next time.

Precap-Sanyu says Aryan I am sorry, It was sudden. Aryan says just leave. Randhir says to sanaya I have been looking for you. I knwo this is bothering you. Sanaya says you still feel for your ex. How can I feel normal. Randhir says I don’t feel for. Sanaya says stop lying yourself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yaar..wht an epi….i lved it!! The way Nisha is actng..fabuls..she is damn prfct 4 vidhushi. v cnt imagne any1 else rther than Nisha Neha as vidhushi… wht an exprssn!! nd Finally..the truth cmes 0ut abt Sandhir …that they were cples… and guys v cn s00n c 0ur parth in isrc…m eagrly waitng f0r Randhir-Parth k meetng!!

  2. Guys..nxt wk’s splers are:

    Episode – 29
    Sanaya questions Randhir about his love for Sanyukta.
    Episode – 30
    Parth comes to ISRC and questions Randhir.
    Episode – 31
    Parth gets Randhir and Sanyukta together for a reunion dinner.
    Episode – 32
    Randhir confesses his deepest secret to Sanaya.
    Episode – 33
    Randhir is challenged about his love for Sanyukta.

    1. Hey shreya …. thanks for sharing spoilers?

      1. u r wlcme deepika =D

  3. Karina,Nisha…whr r u guys? wht d0 u thnk abt 2days epi???

    1. Hey Shreya im here 🙂 a little late but im here 🙂 loved Nisha today she is perfect as Vids…

  4. what’s this yaar randhir, why don’t u accept that u love sanyu. and Aryan what’s ur prblm leave my sanyu and randhir they are made 4 each other.

  5. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    So the fact is the newbies strived to do bt failed, comebck of vidushi bought back the charm of SaddaHaq..
    She wl make hr way to innocently she said sandhir r two imp.people n thy make hr believe in destiny.
    Though she blackmailed sanyukta bt as alwys it ws an indirect hlp to sanyukta..n vidushi’s eyes as if she ws seeking hlp to gt out of tht captive life..and
    now Biggest news..parth will be back nxt week..confirmed..
    So is it destiny tht vidarth wl make sandhir reunite..??
    Wl vidarth stay in Isrc??

    1. Yeah dear i cant wait for Parth to come and for VidArth meeting and also PaRan meeting…

    2. Hey dear h r u ? we havent talked for quite a long time…hope ur ok 🙂

  6. Omg Vids ur just mindblowing…Rd and Sanyu’s expressions were memorable and Aryan and Shanaya’s faces were to die for…really Vids is the best thing that could happen to the show…

    1. Ohh okok sory if I hurt u. extrmly sory n thanx for spoilers they r superb….

    2. Why ur saying sorry ? 🙂 i didnt mind…if ur refering to the question u asked…

    3. Hyy… karina
      How r u dear?
      So finally ur happy cz ur vid is in isrc right ?
      Today I also like her …
      And next week parth’s entry in isrc ☺

      1. Hey dear 🙂 yup im very excited fpr Parth’s entry and yeah i totally love Vids…she is hilariouse…
        Im fine dear thanks for asking and u ? 🙂

    4. I m also f9

  7. Finally everyone got to know about sandhir.

  8. Whats the secret behind nirman & mihika.

  9. Vids is my evil angel. Realy only she can do all dis. Luv u Vidu….. Waiting for nxt epi,spoilers r awesome. N hello guys dis is doll 🙂

    1. Hey dear welcome 🙂

  10. Vids u r angel. Spoilers r awesome n I am damn excited. Hi guys dis is Doll

  11. yes karina vidhushi s awsme..mindblwng.. i like her actng..thats y i like vdhushi alot evn if its super ngtive charcter. eagrly waitng 4 PaRan metng..

    1. Yeah me too i loved Vids from the beginning even if the CVs were trying to portrait her in a wrong way….im glad now they are showing her good side too and i hope they ll show Sanyu and Vids bonding again…

      1. yes karina..vidhu s super cool. d way she s actng s,…. no wrds to dscrib…

  12. OMG Vidushi Vidushi I love her, me too Karina I’ve always. The honest truth is that I loved her even more than Sanyukta. Vidushi and Randhir are my favourite characters I wish they were siblings.

    Back to the epi: it was mind blowing, from Vidushi to Aryan and Sanaya’s faces. I’ll say this again and again Sandhir have an amazing chemistry, the way they look at each other, it was just, I love this couple a lot..
    Glad our beautiful Parth is coming back. One thing that troubled me was Sanaya, please I don’t want her to be inlove with Randhir, she’s good for him as friends!!

    What do u think Aryan will do now to keep Sanyukta?

    1. Hey dear…yup Vids is awesome…
      About Aryan…sincerly i donno what to say…i just hope he wont try to hurt Rd or to get more obssest with Sanyu coz in this case she can even be in danger…he is a sweet boy but only as a friend so yeah i dont really want him to be a villain 🙂 lets see…

  13. To be honest if Randhir doesn’t accept his love for Sanyukta I want Aryan to grab her so that Randhir can die with jeolousy!!!

  14. Aryan <3.. Just leave Aryan and sanyukta together.. Because he's perfect for him unlike randhir who's a betrayer

  15. u said rght karina… d chrctr vidhushi s safe in her(nisha) hands.

  16. finallyyyy a sandhirilicious epi…lvd it…cm bk sun parth..wanna c vidarth bonding again..

  17. nyc episode..waiting for parth’s cum back….all f.i.t.e members cuming to I.S.R.C…it’s pleasure to see them…n yo yo ko bhi le ke avo..

  18. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys if we go as per the Isrc rules, thn vidarth have not done master degree n so thy r not elligible fr Isrc..
    How wl thy enter isrc??
    will thy be able to do ??n parth may not hv any sch plan.

  19. Finally the truth abt SANDHIR had come out….. Aryan ans Sanaya should not come in their way


    ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff the expressions of both of them after hearing vids words Maar dalaa yaar

    Hey suru I am sure you are on cloud 9 dear parth is coming baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    How r u extremely happy sweetheart Hey karu thank you dear for the spoilers its fadooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo spoilers


    Vids is awesome

    1. hey my cutie nice seeing u 🙂

    2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hey u r u??
      I knw parth wl b bck .bt I m nt excited cz i dnt trust the makers..

  21. love u shreyu karu suru

    very much happy to see crazy vids and her condition

    after all isrc is boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee without vids craziness and parth lovelyness

    parth is coming happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  22. That Aryan and Sanaya they really sucks……… I just hate watching sanyu and randhir romancing some one else what’s the problem with sanaya and Aryan if sanyu and randhir had a past relation. sandhir meant for sandhir only. I wish if they were teal life jodi.

    1. Yeah i agree sandhir are made for each other…

  23. sorry not teal its real

  24. Lovvvvv uu vidushi really fr the frst time i like ur drama n on the other side feeling sad fr aryan he really lv sanyu bt randhir plz stop showing attitude n accept u still lv sanyu n eagerly wating fr tomorrow’s episode luvvv u sandhir n sadda haq

  25. Eagerly waiting for next weeks episodes. Its really grt that parth is coming back. I just wanna see randhir’s face wen he gets to know tht sanyukta is not to be blamed for for the accident as she was not at fault. And I want randhir to be jealous of Aryan and sanyukta’s proximity. and I seriously hope that CVS don’t turn Aryan and sanaya’s character into a negative one. I really like their character n hope that they also help parth in reuniting sandhir. Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed

  26. Very nervous about d tracks…
    Just want sanyu n aryan to be together..
    don’t know what will happen..
    I’ll direct leave watching if sandhir r together

  27. I’m sorry Nifisa i think u should quit now cause Sadda haq will always be about Sandhir not Aryan and Sanyukta. I think they’ll turn to a negative characters, its obvious he will do anything to have Sanyukta I mean ANYTHING. Jughing by the things he did to help Sanyukta get back to engineering im afraid of what he’ll do now

    1. Yeah i agree…i always said Aryan is kind of an obssesive person…the way he is spying on every1 and the way he is always after Sanyu makes me believe he is a little creepy…i dont want him to become negative but i dont want him near Sanyu as well at least not more then a friend…

  28. Wow d epi rocked osm vid …..

  29. Guys,hw mny here studying engineering..

  30. ru busyy nish??
    and one more thing i missd bcoss of xams plss tell about yo yo gf?? and what happened to ada mam??? and i wud like yoyo also to be at isrc 😛

    1. Hey dear 🙂 as far as i remember Ada mam died in that confrontation with sandhir and ranawat sir when they find out about that secret organization and Yoyo gf wasnt shown anymore in the show…

  31. Sandhir is not made for each other because randhir is not an understanding person aryan is perfect for sanyukta i don’t say that randhir is not good but agar randhir and aryan me se kisi ek ko choose karne ko kaha jae to of course it’s aryan . Aryan is understanding , matchour cute sweet and everything. I love him also

  32. Or show abhi start huaa h dhire dhire habit me aajaega phir sanarya pasand aane lag jaiga .

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