Sadda Haq 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
randhir recalls sanyu i know you are not as happy as you pretend. He says it was not my fault, he sat in car with his will. why should i had to stop him? In the end everyone is happy. Randhir calls ankit and says i am talking from Mehta’s company, how is agarwal sir? ankit says yes he is better now. this has happened because of that girl sanyu, she thinks she can become an engineer by spending 4 years in college, she doesn’t know that real engineering in on the floor. Randhir says you are wrong she is a brilliant engineer.

Sanyu is packing up, she says i wont leave FITE crying i have had my best days here. PKC comes to her room. He says are you going? Since you came here you kept teasing me. But then i realized what you actually are and after that my appreciation

for you kept increasing. why are you going, i don’t know. I wish you best of luck for your future, you are a great student, we will miss you. He hugs her in tears and leaves.

Yoyo calls parth and says rana is here, all the best Parth is standing and pretending like he is taking drugs. Rana comes and says what are you doing? Drugs? How dare you to bring drugs in this college. parth says i bought it from the boys you deal. Rana says you accuses me of this? parth says did you ask you boys not to sell me? I know you are behind it. rana says shut up or i.. Parth says will kill me? We can both have benefit. rana says what benefit? Parth says you know my background. some other dealers have contacted me. if you deal with them you will have a lot of benefit. Rana says your story wont work here. I will tell authorities that you were taking drugs here, you are doomed. He leaves.

Arpita is making video of cafe chef. Vidushi comes and says you think every man is cute here? Arpita says you look good while smiling as well. I think we should go to the party together. Vidushi says what party? arpita gives her the flyer. vidushi tears the flyer and says i don’t want it. Vidushi goes to parth and says you didn’t invite me? what problem did you have in inviting me? Parth says no girls are invited in this party. Vidushi says isn’t arpita a girl? Parth says don’t come there, there is a reason for not inviting you. Vidushi breaks his phone in anger.

Warden says good luck to sanyu and says you can come here whenever you want. Vidushi comes her room. sanyu says will you help me in getting it downstairs? She says i am going that is why you are sad? Vidushi says yes and for parth as well. I don’t know when i felt good for myself last time. He invited arpita but said to me no girls in the party. I planned everything that we will dress up and go there. Sanyu says but everyone is waiting for me in the house. anju calls sanyu and says sanyu where are you? your papa was asking about you as well? Vidushi takes the phone and says aunty i wanted to say something? Its sanyu’s last day in college, there is a party in college. I wanted to spend time with her. Anju says but her mood? vidushi says i am here to cheer her up. Vidushi says now you have to come.

Yoyo says the phone is broken? Parth says yes yoyo says how will we call rana? parth says we don’t have time and we can’t call rana to invite him to party from a normal phone. Yoyo says to repair it in one hour we need randhir. Parth says okay.
Parth goes to randhir and says we want to tell you something. They tell him everything. Randhir slaps them both and said you are telling this to me now? parth says we were scared whom to trust. Randhir says you don’t trust me? parth says please repair this phone. Randhir says have you called cops? We have to take students out of party before cops come and there should be not girls in the party. Yoyo says aister and arpita self invited their selves. Randhir says that means sanyu and vidushi will come as well? I need to stop sanyu from coming.

Randhir clambers in sanyu’s room and says why are you still in college? Vidushi says whats you problem? He says according to rule she should leave. Vidushi says according to rules you shouldn’t be in girls’ hostel. Randhir says if i were you i would have gone long ago, sanyu says i am going tomorrow and i don’t need to tell you. vidushi says we dont have time to talk to you. we have to get ready for the party. Randhir says no girls are coming in that party. Randhir says no you are not. vidushi says or? you will call dean? randhir says i will tell your family sanyu. vidushi says her family already knows. now please get out. Randhir leaves.

Randhir gives the phone to parth and says i have programmed it, no one can trace this phone now. and i have brought this camera as well. Now we have to get rana convinced. parth says we will. Yoyo says then we will rock him on.

Scene 2
Party has started, randhir says camera’s working check. yoyo says to students are you ready to have the fun here? would you like prashad? parth says no not you, cops have to come. Vidushi says to sanyu why are you not getting ready? sanyu says i am okay with this. vdiushi says i have to look best, parth will be there. sanyu and vidushi come to the party. Vidushi says its such a good party. Lets go drink. Sanyu says i wont drink Vidushi drinks and makes sanyu drink as well. yoyo asks parth when will you call rana? Parth says when the party is at its peak. vidushi is looking for parth. Aister comes, yoyo welcomes her. he says game has started please don’t stay here. she says i will stay here. Vidushi collides with arpita. Arpita says you look so good, she goes and meets parth. Arpita says this party is so good, parth says its not like what you think, don’t talk to anyone and don’t take drink from anyone. Let me bring you sod. Vidushi says you were talking to that cameraman? you didn’t even look at me. I got ready for you. parth says you are not my gf so leave please. Vidushi says and you are not her waiter. she takes the drink and drinks it. Parth says dont take me wrong but you look good.

Randhir says we have to make the party look genuine, i am sure rana is watching us. He goes to sanyu and says you are here in the party and then you will drink? you will get yourself insulted. sanyu says you see the future? He says i am not drunk. sanyu says the try one. She drinks. sanyu says why is he so desperate to get me out of party? rana calls parth and says the party is going on. where is your dealer? Parth says he will come after you consent to come. rana says call him i am coming. Parth calls randhir and says please come sir, our dealer is here. Randhir says okay i will meet you in 30 minutes. Parth tries to trace randhir’s phone to check who Mr. M is?
Randhir calls rana and says you can’t trace my number. rana says i am sure you will be happy to deal with me. randhir says send your best stuff if i like it then will go for a deal.

Vidushi is dancing, sanyu says if i knew you will go out of control i wont let you drink, vidushi says for this care i will miss you. sanyu says i thought i never like you but now when i got to know you, i know how good you are. And i am not going to other planet. vidushi says but you are going. vidushi says i want that, which will make me feel good. sanyu says drugs? someone gave you drugs? Vidushi says those guys were having it so i took it. sanyu says how did drug come in? parth and randhir knew it. Sanyu says don’t take anything from anyone vidushi i am coming. sanyu looks for parth.

Rana tells his chief about the deal. Chief says there is some mess, how can you have a deal without knowing them. Rana says they sounded professional, we can’t say no to profit. Cheif says its looks like profit to you, rana says don’t you trust me? cheif says okay do this deal but if it cause any problem to black star operation dont expect pardon. He leaves.

Randhir says to parth and yoyo rana must be coming any moment. sanyu comes there she says what going on? why are drugs there? i wont go until you tell me. He tells her everything. sanyu says this is all risky. what if something happen to you? Randhir says i asked you not to come. sanyu says i can’t leave you alone in all this. He says trust me i will be fine go from here. Parth says rana is ready to deal. yoyo says i have and idea. they start shifting the drugged boys to meeting place.

Rana comes to room with his men and says why are you two sleeping here? he says i think i should shift meeting somewhere else. he calls parth and says we have to shift meeting somewhere else, this place is not safe. Parth says lets go to vardhan’s cabin. Rana says okay. Cops have arrived. Parth tells randhir and yoyo he is going ot vardhan’s room. The feed has stopped on randhir’s phone.

Rana’s men says are there any cameras here? Rana says installed them. This military jammer jams feed of all cameras around.

Precap-parth brings the bag and money to rana. cops are waiting for rana. Rana slips off parth’s shit and sees the phone, he says you will double cross me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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