Sadda Haq 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 26th February 2014 Written Update

Sanyu wishes the good luck to Parth and tells him to go to admin office if he comes out well from Vardhan’s office. A girl sees them. Parth goes in and talks with Vardhan. He says he transferred to FITE and is very interested taking part in the Dream Team competition. Vardhan tells him that he saw him in village and he’s a good guy. Their team will benefit with him joining in. He tells him to go to PK with his reference. Parth says but he came to learn something from Vardhan. Vardhan tells him everything doesn’t happen the way you want. Parth leaves.

The girl that saw Sanyu and Parth together tries to know more about Parth from Kastuki. Vidushi is also there. She gets mad hearing the girl talking about Parth and Sanyu. She says in village there was only one friend of

Parth and that’s her. She warns all the girls to stay away from Parth.

YoYo stops Parth to take revenge for what CITE students did with Vidushi, but before that Parth apologizes to him for his teammates behavior and says he also felt very bad. YoYo lets him go without bothering him.

Parth comes to Randhir’s room. Jiggy tells him that him and Randhir are already sharing that room. Parth says he’s sent here, so it’s not his choice. Jiggy says Randhir will get mad. Parth says he’ll manage Randhir. Parth receives a call from his mum and Jiggy smiles hearing him talking to his mum. He then gets a call and he remembers that he has to go to Dean’s office.

Everyone is requesting Dean to get Vardhan back. After many requests, Dean tells them to sign a petition, then maybe Vardhan will come back.

Sanyu and Kastuki are taking everyone’s signatures. Randhir comes to Sanyu and says he didn’t know that she’s so stupid. Vardhan backed out because of his personal problem, and there is no way he would return from this stupid petition. The reason is in diary and he asks her to come to library if she’s interested in finding it out. He leaves. He comes back and tells Sanyu to come alone, not bring her new best friend (parth) with her.

Kastuki is taking everyone’s signatures. YoYo acts as if he doesn’t know anything, so he gets to spend some time with Kastuki. He then starts talking about village and says those days were so awesome. Kastuki gets mad. Jiggy also comes there. YoYo signs and walks away. Jiggy tells Kastuki he will do her work, she doesn’t have to be worried.

Sanyu comes to the library. Randhir looks behind her. Sanyu says if she brought anyone with her, then she wouldn’t make him/her stay on the door. Randhir shows her a page and there’s blood on it. They check the diary and another poem is written in it. Sanyu says it sounds like a break up time poem. She recalls how Parth solved first poem so quickly. Randhir gets somewhat mad. He takes the diary back and tells her to let him know once she figures out meaning of the poem.

Sanyu is trying to figure out. Parth comes and offers her help. Sanyu says that poem was in diary and there was a blood dot with it as well. Parth says he’s not expert, but he will try. He says it means if you get love, you go crazy with happiness, and if you don’t get it, then there is nothing in life. Sanyu asks what that has to do with Vardhan’s life. She asks what blood dot signify. If any fight, violence. Parth asks her if she ever fell in love. Sanyu says no. Parth says that is why she’s saying this. There are small fights between the couples, but never any violence. He explains her meaning of the love. Both look at each other. Kastuki comes there to call Sanyu as PK called all Dream Team students to a classroom. Parth says he should come too as Vardhan gave him reference. Sanyu and Kastuki are happy. They enter classroom and Sanyu tells Parth that he will also become part of the Dream Team. Randhir doesn’t like that!

Professor PK enters. Parth shows him the letter from Vardhan and he lets him stay.

PK asks all students to pick up a book. Randhir doesn’t get up. PK asks him if he will need a special invitation and asks him to get up. Randhir stares at him. He disagrees with PK’s idea of reading book as it’s just a time waste. He says whatever books say is wrong, the international teams don’t follow the book. PK tells him not to be oversmart and it’s required to read the books to improve basic knowledge. Parth agrees with PK, maybe they find some ideas from the book. Randhir tells him that he doesn’t need ideas from a losing team captain, so never ever try to advise him. Randhir tells PK that he doesn’t want to waste him time. He tells his teammates that he knows what engines are needed to make and what engines are not needed. He tells everyone when they realize that after wasting their time in studying books, then they can let him know. He will tell what engines need to be considered. He leaves the classroom. PK cannot believe it. Sanyu tells Kastuki he’s so arrogant.

Precap: Randhir tells Jiggy that Sanyu has already irritated him so much and now this Parth. Parth enters and asks if they are praising him. Randhir asks him what he’s doing there. Parth says it’s good if they stay together, then they can become friends faster. Randhir says he doesn’t become friends with everyone and asks him to leave. All students are requesting Vardhan again including Randhir this time, but still Vardhan doesn’t agree. Sanyu and Randhir discuss about Vardhan. They say everything was fine in the village and something must have happened when coming here. They wonder what that could be.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. plz update soon..

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  3. i hope lookng at eachothr z nt an eyelck,,,, bcz only lv sndhr… epi waz intrstng……. thkz 4 update…

  4. Thanx dea , eagerly waiting 4 2mrws epi !!

  5. Thankyou for the update. πŸ™‚ Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  6. intresting very very intresting

  7. this is durjoy dutta story…. i think parth must be sanyuktha’s guy …. hope he doesn’t turn to a negative character …

  8. randhir doesn’t respect girls … parth seems to be Mr perfect … hope he is niharikas bro … vardhan will come back

  9. btw vardhan will hurt parth in the coming week.. in his frustration

  10. nic epi…waitin fr nxt epi…nd thnx nishi fr d updt…;-)…

  11. ur rit krishna…i 2 hope parth is niharika’s bro….

  12. krishna patel

    Interesting very interesting episode….waiting for tomorrows episode….thanks nishi…….

  13. Have u guys noted Randhir? He has changed all of a sudden. He started talking with Sanyu a bit politely and being very possessive abt her whenever Parth comes or topic of Parth arises….

    I also like Parth but sixth sense says maybe he is being sent by Kabir to take revenge from Vardhan coz he said revenge can be taken by some other means and maybe Parth is his medium through whom he’ll get to know abt the steps and ideas of FITE. Nd so he is acting very friendly….
    I think dal mein kuch kala hai…
    Parth is going to show his colours in the coming epis…
    Just like Kabir trapped Vidushi, Parth will trap Sanyu.. And Randhir will ask her to be away 4m Parth but she wont listen and be in trouble along with all others…
    I dont want any more fights between SanDhir…
    Just hope my assumptions r wrong but stilll……..!!!

  14. Oh,i want to see sme sweet scene btwn SanDhir

  15. yup tania …parth could be -ve character…but he musnt be sent by kabir ..he must be niharikas someone..but the same time he can be the hero too..since its written by durjoy dutta,,,in his stories the hero comes only in the half

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