Sadda Haq 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yoyo announces a win of sanyu and randhir. Everyone is happy for them. Parth is not okay. Randhir says i will be the driver and sanyu will sit with me. Sanyu says that has to be decided. Randhir says i will drive and you will give me stress relief. Who cares whose hands are on steering. Someone things are for men. Sanyu says i don’t believe in all this. He says lets go on a date.

Parth comes to his room. Randhir says why are you hyper? Parth says i want a the last receieved call on someone’s number. Randhir says who? Parth says vid’s. Randhir says but why. Parth says i will tell you later. Randhir says where is she? Parth says i don’t know. Randhir finds out the call list of vid and mails it to him. Parth sees so many calls from one number. The lady picks

the call. Parth says stop harassing that girl. And i will tell cops about your illegal business. she says cops can’t do anything but I can leak your videos. You have to make a deal. Parth says i am not doing any deal with you. she says you have no other option wait for my next call.

Sanyu brings randhir to a place. She says where have you brought me? He says this is my friend’s restaurant. Its not complete. Nowhere else we would get this much privacy. There is a surprise. He takes out the cake its written congrats for being co-driver. sanyu says what is it? He says i arranged it and you are mad. She says oh its for you? You cut it. Sanyu says lets cut it together. They cut the cake. Randhir sits on his knees and takes her hand for dance. They step on each others feet. Randhir says you will break my foot as well. randhir picks her up. Sanyu says i dont wanna fight. I don’t wanna spoil these moments that we hardly get.

Sanyu says you have not parked the bike well. He says now you will tell me how to ride a bike. She says you sit back i will drive the back. He says are you mad? This is too much, sit on back or i am leaving. Randhir leaves, he comes back after a while and says come sit now. She says if you dont let me drive i will stand here all night. randhir says okay drive it. Sanyu rides the bike. She parks it. Randhir says lets go in. sanyu says thank you so much i loved everything today baby. He says what baby? she says you my angry baby.
Some guys say wow they both come on one bike. Randhir says keep your mouth shut. Randhir comes in and sees a print on the walls. He tears is apart. It says the man will be co-driver. Randhir says i am the man i will drive the car. He comes in his room is all pink. Randhir throws them all away. Randhir says to parth you did all this? Parth says i didn’t. calm down. Rishab says i did all this. How were the photos? Rishab says you will send sanyu to fight with me? Parth holds randhir. Rishab says you have to be sanyu’s co-driver don’t fight. Parth says get lost rishab. Rishab says you are the loser. you can’t do anything without the girl. She fights betters than you. Parth stops randhir.

Scene 3
Sanyu comes and hugs randhir. She says I have been calling you. He says it was on silent. Let me study. she says why are you bugged? Sanyu teases him. She says simulation? Interesting. randhir stands up and goes to shelf. She hugs him from back, she says i have studied it i will teach you. He says i dont wanna depend on someone. She says you dont trust me? Randhir says no i dont. Stop irritating me. She says you are irritating me. She says i was wasting my time and leaves.

Precap-Ranawat says the letter says if something happens to you in task then i wont be responsible for it. Signt his agreement sanyu and randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb epi…sandhir’s date was amazing… really glad the show is focusing on vidarth as well this track with this mistiriouse lady creating problems for vidarth its really interesting…this rishap is only creating misunderstandings for both sandhir and vidarth…

  2. Randhir,dont make sanyu sad.Rishab i hate u. Love u sandhir

  3. Sandhir rocks!!!

  4. Sandhir is the best couple so far…

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