Sadda Haq 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Randhir is about to open the door Sanyu throws a pillow at him and says what were you doing? Go in and hide somewhere. She opens the door. Sanyu says aunty you in the morning? She says it would be morning for you, for rest of the world its afternoon. Randhir syas in heart why all women poke their nose in others affairs? Sanyu says do you need something? She says yes I need some spices. Let me go to kitchen. She says oh but you wont have it you eat noodles twice a day. Sanyu says let me bring it from kitchen. She sees the mattress and says why is it here? Sanyu says it was cold inside so I slept here. Randhir sneaks out of this kitchen and goes to other room. Autny goes into kitchen and screams. SAnyu is scared that she has seen randhir. She goes in, aunty says it was a lizard here. Sany

laughs and heaves a sigh of relief. She says what you do of these spices? Sanyu says I know how to cook food. Randhir drops something in the room. Aunty goes in the room. randhir hides behind the closet. Sanyu says what are you looking for? She says I will tell you when I find. She leaves.

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Sanyu says look this is why I asked you not to live here. randhir says I know it was all my mistake. sanyu says where are you going. he says college. sanyu syas you can’t she will see you. They will see you. He says what rubbish? Sanyu says yeah okay if you want to go you can but please come soon. She hugs him and syas I have to go as well.

Scene 2
Sayu comes to coaching and sees priyali sleeping on the desk. sanyu wakes her up, Snayu says didn’t you go home? rajveer comes and says yes. I asked her to write the notes for me. Priyali gives him the notes. He says I have already studied these chapters I never needed them. he throws them in the air. sanyu says she stayed here and woke up all night and preparaed these notes. apologize to her. He says she should thank me. She studied an engineering course beaucse of me. come on say thanks to me. And sanyu don’t involve in al this. Priyali says now I will tell you what I can do. I accept sanyu’s offer and I will beat you in annual exams. Rajver claps and says wow. Sanyu says very god pryali.

Randhir s is alone in the PG. He fixes the fan. He says what should I do? I cant live here alone I better go to college. He goes out of PG. aunty says who you are? what are you doing here. I am asking you something. He says I am electrician. he says ma’am called me to fix the fan. She says no one told me that electrician is needed. He says how would I know. She says come with me and rectify my mixer. He says I can only fix lights and fans. She says learn it.

sanyu catches the ball, rajveer and other boys are playing cricket in the class. Rajveer says come its time for lecture. SAnyu starts the lecture. Priyali comes in and sits on the chair. sanyu she will study with us from now. Rajveer says she is not going to do anything. Vikram comes in and says sanyukta, if priyali is attending the lecture who will handle reception. Go priyali and attend you front desk. sanyu says this lecture is important for her. Vikram says miss Agarwal teaching priyali is your personal matter. sanyu says you can make anyone sit there fo some time. he says she can attend your lectures but she has to pay the fees and resign from the job. is that possible priyali? Priyali says no. Vikram says then you should be on your desk. Priyali says he is right I have to go. rajveer says let her go ma’am we have paid the feel. SAnyu says priyali I will make a video call you can study sitting on desk. note your problems I will tell you.

PKC’s lecture is on going, vidushi gets a text and smiles oarth looks at her. Randhir marks sanyu’s attendance in sheet. PKC says these marks will be added to final marks. PKC syas who has marked sanyu’s proxy? Who has signed against her name? I am asking for the last time confess it or I will cancel her whole semester attendance. randhir says its me. PCK says you think I am fool? I will deduct your and sanyu’s marks. He says deduct mine its my mistake. sanyu didn’t ask me. PKC says then why is personal service? yoyo says we dream team members help each other in problems. PKC says you want me to save sanyu’s marks. Randhur says yes. PKC syas then I will deduct her marks from your as well. randhir solves the question on board and says my mind is where it should be.

Varun is in canteen to meet vidushi. Parth is watching them. Vidushi gets a text from library that she has to return the book. she says come I have to return the book. Varun forgets his phone their. There is a call on his phone ‘baby’. Parth see it and is about to pick it. Varun comes and says here ismy phone thanks.

Randhi is making paper planes. Yoyo says what are you doing? you have become really sensitive these days. Its the company’s effect. why aren’t you going home? He says her society people will see me and create and issue. Sanyu texts randhir priyali agreed. Randhir says great lets celebrate tonight. he says I have to reach house before her.

Precap-sanyu and randhir are celebrating. doorbell rings. sanyu asks randhir to go in. SAnyu opens the door its shaureya. He says hey sugar you are up.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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    Thanx aisha bt before getting married they should date n live in bhi karna chahiye till dey get jobs so dey settle happily

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  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADDA HAQ 🙂 This is my favourite show forever. I love you sandhir and parsh. You are just awesome. I am a bigggggggggggggg fan of SADDA HAQ. Bus end me RANDHIR and SANYUKTA ki shadi ho jaye. And i also wish that PARAM and HARSHITA real life couple bane. They are so cute 🙂

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  16. 🙂 Randhir 🙂
    R: Romantic
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    N: Noughty
    D: Daring
    H: Hot, Handsome
    I: Irresistible
    R: Restless

    🙂 param 🙂
    P: Powerful
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    R: Romantic, Restless
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    M: Mindblowing

    🙂 Sanyukta 🙂
    S: Sweet
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    N: Noughty
    Y: Young (YSA winner 😀 )
    U: Utterly
    K: Kind
    T: Talented
    A: Amazing

    🙂 Harshita 🙂
    H: Helpful
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    R: Restless, Rowdy
    S: Sweet
    H: Hot
    I: Irresistible
    T: Talented
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  19. shweta

    Unknown Feelings.

    From the day “Sugar-Factory” entered FITE and became Sanyukta’s so called *BEST FRIEND* she ceases thinking about Randhir and stops fighting with him or taunting him or even bothering about Randhir’s taunts.

    Yes, the great Randhir Singh Shekhawat was JEALOUS. He doesnt know why. He doesnt understand his feelings towards her.

    Randhir tried hard to make her fight with him but fails miserably. He gets back to the *SUPER MCP PHASE* and stops thinking about Sanyukta or her best friend Parth. But in some corner of his heart he secretly wishes Sanyukta fights with him let alone for some silly reason.


    PKC’s period and he is late :-
    Everyone present there in class are making a fuss and are busy in talking. Sanyukta and Parth sit together in the 3rd bench and are laughing out loud on eachother’s jokes.

    Whereas our hero sits on his usual place and steals side glances at Sanyukta and Parth and gets annoyed with them and starts studying.

    Just then Vardhan enters and everyone becomes quite.

    Vardhan – Students, please welcome our new student Ritika Rajput.

    Ritika enters and immediately all the guys except Randhir drool over her and are totally blown by her beauty. She glances at everyone and observes that Randhir is the only guy who isn’t checking her out but is busy with his studies. She gets impressed and goes to sit beside him.
    Ritika – Hey, can I sit here ?
    Randhir (rudely) – No. Dont even dream about it.
    Ritika – Why ? Is it reserved ?
    Randhir (rudely again) – Yes the whole last bench is reserved only for me so please get lost and find yurself another place to sit.

    ( Ritika gets irritated by his rude behavior and sits is the first bench in the first seat )
    Ritika (to herself) – God that guy is soo annoying. I hate him. Sheesh.

    PKC enters and starts his lecture.. Sanyukta is busy passing chits to Parth, Jiggy is busy trying to wake up a sleepy Kaustuki, Sahil and Vidushi start playing *X-0*, Ritika concentrates on the class for sometime and then understands there is no use listening to him and starts looking around and Randhir is busy playing games on his phone.

    PKC ends his class and goes out.

    CANTEEN :-

    Randhir ( busy playing games on his phone), Kaustuki and Jiggy ( busy coochi-cooing ), Parth and Sanyukta ( busy talking ), Sahil, Vidushi are sitting on one table just then Ritika enters.

    Vidushi ( to herself ) – Lagta hai ye bohot rich hai.. isse toh apna dost banana hi padega..

    She goes and starts talking to Ritika who is least bothered to talk to her and replies rudely and asks her to mind her own business.

    Their convo is heard by the dream team and knowing what kinda girl Vidushi is,
    Randhir smirks..
    Sahil tries hard to control his smile..
    Kaustuki and Jiggy start laughing a little..
    Sanyukta – Yeh ladki kitni rude hai.
    Parth – I know right.
    Sanyukta – Hmm.. ( in mind ) Yeh toh Randhir ki female version nikli and smiles internally.

    Announcement – All the dream team members are to be reported in the Mechanical Lab in 10 mins.

    All pack their things and leave to the lab immediately where Vardhan is already present.


    Vardhan – Guys, am sure yu people must have met yur new classmate Ritika. Shes going to be a member of our dream team, saying thus, Vardhan leaves all the students stunned behind.
    Ritika comes in.
    Parth divides the students into pairs.
    – Randhir and Parth.
    – Sanyukta and Ritika.
    – Vidushi and Sahil.
    – Kaustuki and Jiggy.

    All start their work.

    Everything is going well except at two tables.

    Randhir and Parth :
    Parth – Randhir, yeh explain kardo na ? Please ?
    Randhir looks at him and taunts him then finally after being begged by Parth for sometime he agrees and starts explaining.

    Sanyukta and Ritika :
    Sanyukta – Ritika, mujhe woh screwdriver do na ?
    Ritika ( with her usual attitude ) – Oh miss behenji, mein tumhari naukrani lagti hoon ? Take it for yurself.
    Sanyukta – Yu are so rude.
    Ritika – Tum jaisi behenji ke saath aise hi behave karna chahiye. Tum mujhe mat sikhao. Mind yur own work.

    *Bell Rings*

    A disgusted Sanyukta leaves the lab first followed by others.

    Days pass by and none of the dream team members like Ritika. Sanyukta and Parth hate her. Randhir hates her too due to her consistent quarreling with Sanyukta which hurts her and inturn hurts him too.

    Ritika does not like anyone from the dream team either but she loathes Vidushi for her b*t*hiness.

    Randhir and Ritika do not get along well and they do hate eachother. They cannot tolerate eachother for more than 10mins.

    As days pass by Ritika observes Randhir and understands that he likes Sanyukta and he gets restless seeing Sanyukta and Parth together and so develops a soft corner for him not only because of that but also because she thinks that he is somewhat like her. A type of introvert but chooses to stay away from him as she already fought with him a few times and knows his temper well.

    GARDEN :- ( Midnight 12.30am )

    Randhir tries to study but his thoughts are on some other platform thinking about Sanyukta and Parth, their giggles, Sanyukta’s ignorance towards him etc etc..

    He is unable to study and is very much fed up so he kicks a potted plant by his side which altogether flies to another galaxy.

    Then comes a voice from behind..

    Voice – Apna gussa uss bechare plant par kyu utar rahe ho ? Usne kya kiya ?
    Randhir – Get lost Ritika. I’m not interested to talk to yu.

    ( Randhir gets up and starts walking to his hostel room )

    Ritika – Yeah I know. Tumhe toh apne pyaar se baat oops ladayi karna hai na ? *Smirks*

    Randhir stops and turns around and looks at her with a What-the-hell expression.

    Ritika – Oh c’mon Randhir dont act so innocent. Observe kiya hai maine tumhe usse dekhte hue.
    Randhir – Kya kehna chahti ho tum ? Please elaborate. ( He folds his hands near his chest )
    Ritika – Come and sit. Kitni der khadoge.

    ( Randhir sits down beside Ritika )

    Randhir – Bolo.
    Ritika ( concerned ) – Main jaanti hun ki tumhe Sanyukta pasand hai. I can see that clearly in yur eyes. They speak volumes.
    Randhir – Oh please. Can yu just shut up ? Who the hell are yu to talk to me like that ?
    Ritika – No one. Lets talk like strangers. It is sometimes a good idea. *Smiles at Randhir*

    ( Randhir feels her smile to be genuine and signals her to continue )

    Ritika – Hmm. So tumne usse bataya ?
    Randhir – Nope. She hates me. I will never tell her.
    Ritika just smiles.

    ( They keep silent. After a few minutes Randhir breaks the silence )

    Randhir – Tum batao tum kyu dayaan banti phirti ho ? Sabse itne attitude se baat kyu karti ho ?
    Ritika – Attitude ? Tumse toh acche se baat kar rahi hoon na ? Infact, I started the convo.
    Randhir – Not me, others.
    Ritika – Cause I hate people. Hamesha mera fayaada hi utaaya hai logo ne. Issiliye.
    Randhir – Then why is this ( pointing towards them both ) special treatment reserved to me ?
    Ritika – Because tum bhi mere tarah ho. Lovelorn types aur tumhare aankhon mein koi innocence dekhi hai which urges me to believe in yu. *Smiles*

    Randhir keeps silent not knowing what to tell. He did’nt feel like being rude to her cause even he somewhere deep down feels that they are kinda similar.

    Sensing the awkwardness between them both,
    Ritika – And tum toh kaafi hot and handsome ho, college mein popular ho, college ki aadhi ladkiyaan tumhare peeche deewani hai so tumse dosti karke mera toh double faayada hoga na ? *Smirks*

    ( Randhir just stared at her dazed )

    ( Seeing Randhir’s expressions, Ritika could not control herself and bursts into a fit of laughter )

    ( Randhir shows fake anger for a while and he also starts laughing )

    Ritika – So what do yu think ? Friends ?
    Randhir *pretends to think for a while and finally says* – Lets see. *evil grin*
    ( Ritika pouts )

    They keep talking like long lost friends starting from mechanical studies jumping to movies and what not. Its been an hour they talk and Randhir gets up to go to his hostel but Ritika stops him.

    Ritika – Yu going ? Oh c’mon dont be such a spoilt sport.
    ( Randhir likes her frank, outspoken nature and sits down )

    They keep talking like that for dunno how long and both of them enjoy each and every second. Finally they decide to depart and go in the opposite ways to their respective hostels.

    ( Randhir suddenly realizes something and shout her name )

    Ritika – Yeah ?
    Randhir – Yur friend request has been accepted Miss. Ritika Rajput.

    Ritika smiles and waves a goodbye, which Randhir returns gladly and they leave to their hostel rooms to get some sleep before the class commences.

    Both sleep with a happy smile on their faces knowing that they found a true friend.


    All the dream team members are working and then Ritika enters. She has a mischievious smile playing on her lips.

    She goes to the place where Randhir is working and bangs the table hard. Randhir looks up and sees her angry face and gets confused as to what is wrong. All the others members stop working as they would’nt like to miss the fun and look towards Randhir’s table.

    Ritika – W*F Randhir ! How dare yu ? Tumhari itni himmat ? Mujhe kabhi nai laga ki yu could stoop so low ! Chii..

    Randhir is hell confused and looks at her amazed by her actions.

    Ritika on the other hand controls her laughter and crosses her arms and waits for Randhir’s answer looking anywhere other than his face.
    Ritika looks at his face and unable to control her laughter starts laughing hard. Everyone are shocked and scared as well thinking what Randhir might do to her cause no one ever had the guts to play pranks on Randhir.

    Randhir, after a while understands her prank and fakes anger.

    Sanyukta – Chalo Parth, Ritika ke funeral ki tayaari karte hai. Ye toh mar gayi aaj. No doubts.
    Parth – Chup yaar ! Mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai.

    Ritika gets a bit scared and takes a step backwards and Randhir takes a step forward then suddenly Ritika pouts with her tongue out and runs away from Randhir not going out of the Mechanical lab.

    After a second Randhir follows the path traced by Ritika and catches her by her waist from behind and stops her.

    All her hell scared. They are even ready to call and ambulance for Ritika.

    Both Ritika and Randhir look at their faces and start laughing their heart out happily.

    Everyone are shocked. Naah, that would be an understatement.
    – Vidushi is about to faint.
    – Jiggy asks Kaustuki to pinch who inturn ask Jiggy to pinch her and both extend their hand towards eachother.
    – Sahil drops his screwdriver.
    – Sanyukta open her mouth in a big ‘O’ and stumbles on the ground.
    – Parth is totally numb.

    Randhir and Ritika continue laughing.

    Vardhan enters the class and everyone is bought back to their senses and they settle themselves.

    Vardhan pairs them. Sanyukta and Randhir are paired together but Ritika pleads Vardhan to pair her with Randhir and Vardhan looks at Randhir. Sanyukta is sure that Randhir would deny so gives a sly smile and mumbles “Mujhe tang karne ka koi mauka nai chodega ye MCP. Randhir bilkul nahi maanega.”

    Randhir gladly agrees and Sanyukta is replaced by Ritika as Randhir’s partner.

    Sanyukta feels an unknown pain in her blood-pumping device and is hurt badly and looks at Randhir who is not hell bothered about her and starts working with Ritika.
    At that point she feels something she never felt before, she doesnt know why but she gets JEALOUS. She doesnt understand her feelings towards him.

    Days pass by and Randhir and Ritika become really good friends.
    Ritika shares her sorrows with Randhir and he inturn explains her that everyone not the same and that she must start trusting people again. She understands what he wants to convey and agrees. She is bought back to her original sweet self by Randhir.

    Randhir amd Ritika are always paired together by Parth on being requested by Ritika. Everyone is shocked as to how Ritika being a girl could befriend Randhir and were very well impressed with her and start talking to her properly as well. Ritika befriends Jiggy, Sahil, Parth and to some extent Kaustuki also. But she hates Vidushi even now and is hated by Sanyukta as she feels that only because of her Randhir is not a bit bothered about her anymore.


    Randhir and Ritika happily do their work and are constantly laughing at eachother’s silly jokes.
    Sanyukta (mumbles) – WTH ! Kisi aur ke saath toh itna khush kabhi nahi dikha ! Aisa kya hai iss ladki mein ? I hate yu MCP.
    Parth – Sanyukta tum thik ho ?
    Sanyukta – Hmm.
    Parth – Okay..
    *Sanyukta keeps looking at Randhir and Ritika*

    At Randhir’s table :
    Ritika – Hottie !
    Randhir – Hmm ?
    Ritika – Meri strength khatam ! Chalo canteen.
    Randhir (looking at the machine and talking to Ritika) – Ritz, kitni bhukad hai tu. Chup chap kaam kar. Break mein chale jaayenge !
    Ritika – Hottie. Please !
    *Randhir looks up with that evil smirk on his face*

    *Sanyukta’s P.O.V :
    Limits crossed. How dare he. How on earth could he show that smirk to anyone else ? That smirk belongs to me and only me. Uss MCP ki itni himmat. Doesnt he know that, that smirk belongs to me ? I own it. Uska copyright sirf mere paas hai. I wont leave yu Miss. Ritika Rajput.
    *End of P.O.V*

    Sanyukta goes to Randhir’s table and shouts at Ritika. Ritika being Ritika insults Sanyukta. Sanyukta unable to say anything looks up to Randhir but he keeps quite and goes out of the lab.

    *Randhir’s P.O.V :
    Ritz.. Galat kiya tune ! Tumhari itni himmat ki tum Sanyukta ki insult karo. Wahaan maine kuch nai bola because I dint want her to know my feelings now yu just wait and watch.
    *End of P.O.V*

    *Sanyukta’s P.O.V :
    Tumne kuch nahi bola Randhir. How could yu not tell anything ? I dint expect this from yu. I hate yu.
    *End of P.O.V*

    Randhir scolds Ritika and asks her to apologise to Sanyukta saying that she realised her mistake and asks her not to take his name. Ritika does the same but Sanyukta behaves coldly with her.


    Randhir and Ritika are studying together. Sanyukta passes by that room and sees them studying together and unknowingly starts crying silently and runs away from there as fast as her legs could take her.
    Ritika notices the whole while Randhir doesnt.

    Ritika – Hottie ? Ek baat puchu ?
    Randhir – Agar main mana karu toh nai puchogi ? *chuckles*
    Ritika – Shutup. Suno ! Sanyukta se apni dil ki baat bata do.
    Randhir – Kya bakwaas kar rahi ho yaar ? 😐
    Ritika – Bakwaas nahi hai. Sacchi. Tell her !
    Randhir – Kaunsi baat ? Kuch nai hai.
    Ritika – Mujhse jhoot bolega ? *pouts*
    Randhir – Okay fine I love her. I love her a lot more than myself.
    Ritika – Toh jaake bolo na usse ?
    Randhir (angrily) – I cant. I told yu that she loves Parth right ? Cant yu understand for once ? Leave this topic Ritz. I dont wanna talk about it anymore ever again and bye.
    ( Randhir leaves )
    Ritika – Iss pagal kutte se baat karke koi faayada nahi hai. Sanyukta ke side se hi kuch karne padega par kya ? *Deep thoughts and she dozes off in the classroom only*

    Randhir and Sanyukta both miss eachother’s fights and their constant bickering like hell but they are not ready to accept it. Sanyukta keeps ignoring Randhir but Randhir talks to her sometimes and helps her whenever she is in need of it. In short, he never ignored her even after Ritika’s entry in their life.

    Observing all this, Ritika facepalms and decides to talk to Sanyukta.


    Ritika – Sanyukta ?
    Sanyukta – Ritika ? Tum yahaa ? Raasta bhul aayi ho kya ? Tumhare boyfriend ka kamra opposite building mein hai.
    Ritika – Babe, shut up. Just listen to me for a while.
    Sanyukta – Listen to yu ? Dream on. I hate yu.
    *sleeps covering her head with the blanket*
    Ritika – I know that and I even know the reason behind it.

    ( Sanyu jumps up th next moment and sits straight and Ritika sits beside Sanyukta on a stool )

    Sanyukta (shocked)- What ?
    Ritika – Yeah, I know yu hate me because I and Randhir get along well with eachother, we spend time with eachother and beacuse we have become good friends.
    Sanyukta (struggling to control her tears) – WHAT ? No ways. I dont care.
    Ritika (full of attitude) – Really now ? Babe, yur on the verge of breaking down and I can clearly see that.
    Sanyukta – No. (and starts crying)

    Ritika feels bad for her and hugs her soothing her by drawing patterns on her back.

    Sanyukta – It doesnt matter Ritika. He loves yu.
    Ritika – Merrriii Maaa (and joins her hands in front of her). Look, yu and Randhir both have misunderstood each other ! He thinks yu are in love with Parth and yu think he is in love with me but the reality is that yu and Parth are just friends and me and Randhir are just friends aur tum aur Randhir dono gadhe ho.
    Sanyukta – Then why does he ignore me ?
    Ritika – Gosh.. Really now ? He ignores yu ? I feel like slapping yu tight.

    ( Sanyukta gets scared she might do it and cups her face with her hands )
    ( Ritika laughs )

    Ritika – Relax, I wont. Now listen to me. Will yu ?
    Sanyukta (composes herself) – Yeah sure.
    Ritika – Dont interrupt till I finish.
    ( Sanyukta nods like a little kid )
    Randhir never ignored yu. Yu always did. Dont deny that cause I myself observed that. After Parth’s entry in yur life, yu (quoting the word *yu* with her fingers) stopped talking to Randhir. Yu started ignoring him. He couldnt take it so he got back to his usual self. The so called MCP MODE ! Thats where I enter. Yu know that initially me and Randhir, we hated eachother. We loathed eachother. Days passed and I found similarities between me and him and I started developing a soft corner for him *AS A FRIEND* but I never dared to talk to him due to his temper. I started observing him silently and I found out that he gets restless when he sees yu and Parth together laughing or whatever. Then one day I found him in the garden trying to study but he was unable to concentrate. I was silently observing him and then when I felt he was about to break down I went to him and tried talking to him (and then she narrates whatever happened in the garden).
    Later, we found a friend in eachother and we got along well. In our talks, 90% he talks about what an idiot yu are, how sweet yu are and how caring yu are and blah blah blah ! He always thought and still thinks that yu love Parth so he never confessed but he was always there for yu silently. Infact, I must thank you cause only because of yu I got a friend like him who got back my trust on friends and friendship ! Sanyukta, lastly, he is a great guy who loves yu more than he loves himself please dont lose him. If yu do, yu are at loss. I had to tell this to yu. *Takes a long breath*
    Sanyukta – My fault. *and starts crying again*
    Ritika – Godd agar mujhe pata hota ki tum itna rone waali ho toh I would have called a tanker noe ? Kitne desho mein paani ka problem solve ho jaata ! *chuckles*

    (Sanyukta pulls Ritika into a bone-crashing hug)

    Ritika – Oye, main Ritika hun Randhir nai !
    Sanyukta – Thankyu. Now I know what to do. Okay abb tum jaao. Kal lab mein milna.
    Ritika – Eh ? What the hell ? Main jaau ? Ajeeb ladki hai !

    (Ritika gets up but is stopped by Sanyukta)

    Sanyukta – Ritika ?
    Ritika – Ji rothlu ji boliye !
    Sanyukta (giggles) – Friends ?
    Ritika – No.
    Sanyukta – What ? Why ? Am soo sorry ! Abhi bhi naraz ho ?
    Ritika – Nai nai. Tum meri dost nahi ho ! Meri bhabhi ho. *laughs*

    *Sanyukta pouts and then starts laughing but suddenly she stops laughing*

    Sanyukta – Okay jaao abhi. Bye saali.
    Ritika – Bye bhabhi.

    NEXT DAY..
    Sanyukta and Ritika along with Parth are in the Mechanical Lab.

    Sanyukta – Ritika I want yu to get Randhir to the Mechanical Lab sharp at 10 ! Okay ?
    Ritika – Thats easy. But why ? Kya iraada hai tumhara ? Usko apni izzat bohot pyaari hai. *Sly smile*
    Sanyukta – Shutup and one more thing. Dont let Randhir come anywhere near the Mechanical Lab today please.
    Ritika – Aye. Woh mushkil hai. Lab uska jaisa ghar hai !
    Sanyukta (puppy dog face) – Please ? Please ?
    Ritika – Okay fine. I will do it.
    Parth – Par Sanyu tum karogi kya ?
    Sanyukta – Wait and watch. Okay Ritika tum jaao and make sure he doesnt come anywhere near the lab.
    Ritika – Alright mathe ! *waves* bye 🙂
    Sanyukta – Parth I need yur help now.
    Parth – Sure ! Bolo kya karna hai ?
    Sanyukta – Batati hun. Chalo mere saath.

    Ritika somehow manages to keep Randhir away from the Mechanical Lab with great difficulty of course.

    *At 9.50pm*
    *Ritika calls Randhir*
    *Over the phone*
    Randhir – Bol Ritz.
    Ritika – Hottie.. wohh.. Oh my god ! Sanyu ye kya hogaya tumhe ?
    Randhir – WHAT ? Kya hua Sanyukta ko ? Ritz tum dono kaha pe ho ? Bolo.
    Ritika – Randhir hum lab mein hai. Sanyukta ke leg se bohot khoon nikal raha hai. Tum jaldi aao !
    Randhir – I’ll be there in 2 secs.

    *He runs like as if he is gonna die if he doesn’t*
    *Usain Bolt’s speed is also nothing compared to Randhir’s speed now* 😛


    Randhir reaches there but everything is dark and silent. He gets confused as to whats going on !

    Randhir – Hello ! Anyone here ?

    *Suddenly someone locks the door behind*

    Randhir – Oh c’mon Ritz ! Main baccha nah…

    He stops as the lights are switched on and he is mesmerised by what he saw around him.

    The lab was filled with all different kinds of machines and hundreds of pictures of Randhir, Sanyukta and rest of their members adorned the walls of the lab. He at once thought that he was at the wrong place and he turns behind to go out but he stops seeing something. There stands Sanyukta dressed in a simple black saree with silver borders with minimal makeup and hair open falling loosely on her shoulders and a few falling on her forehead, just the way he likes it. Randhir gulps hard to see the sight in front of him. There she was dressed so beautiful that he couldnt take his eyes from her to look somewhere else.

    Sanyukta slowly reduces the distance between them and when she is one hand away from him she kneels down on the floor (proposing style) and,

    Sanyukta – Randhir ! Nai nai I mean MCP, I Sanyukta Aggarwal has madly, crazily fallen head over heels for yu. I cant live without yu for more than I minute. Tum aur tumhara MCPness mere life ka ek importand part ban gaya hai jiske bina meri life hell lagti hai. I cant stay without taunting yu, without listening to yur taunts, without fighting with yu. I cant stand any other girl near yu, agar mera bas chale toh main uss ladki ka muh tod du. I love you. Will yu stay with me forever ? Will yu marry me and make me Mrs. Sanyukta Randhir Singh Shekhawat ?

    Randhir is lost. He doesnt know what to tell. He doesnt answer.

    Sanyukta – MCP kuch bolo dard ho raha hai ghutno pe !
    *No response*
    Abey Rank no. 1 bolo kuch.
    *No response*
    Oye, Mr. Know-It-All ! Bolo kuch.

    Randhir finally manages to say, “how is this possible ?”

    Sanyukta stands up and gives him *What-the-hell?* expression.

    Randhir – I mean tum Parth se ?
    Sanyukta – Arey bhagwaan. Randhir I love yu and only yu !
    Randhir – Par..

    Ritika and Parth are hiding in the mechanical lab unknowingly (even Sanyukta doesnt know) to see everything happening with them. Ritika loses her cool and comes out from her hiding place.

    Ritika – Abey kutte, Randhir ke bacche ! Ek 1st class ka ladka bhi tumse better hoga. Believe me.
    Sanyukta (one eye-brow raised) – Tum yahaan ?
    Ritika – Shittt !

    Parth comes out now.

    Parth – Kya yaar Ritika. Saara mazaa kharab kar diya ! Abb toh Sanyukta hume bahar bhej degi. Itni mehnat ki aur kuch dekhne ko bhi nahi milega.
    Ritika – Oops. Galti ho gayi !
    Sanyukta – Hawww. Tumlog kitne gande ho. Haina Randhir ?

    Randhir is still lost ! 😛

    Sanyukta pushes Ritika and Parth out with a lot of difficulty and comes and stands in front of Randhir.

    Sanyukta – Arey yaar. Abhi tak yakeen nahi hai ? Kaise insaan ho tum ?

    Randhir comes out of his trance and looks at Sanyukta.

    Randhir – Tum jealous hui thi ? Haina ? *sly grin*
    Sanyukta – Tum bhi toh hue the.
    * Momentary Silence*
    Sandhir together – Haan. Because yu (pointing at each other) are mine and only mine.

    Both start smiling. Sanyukta blushes a bit.

    Randhir (evil smirk) – Tell me those words again. (He takes a step towards Sanyukta)
    Sanyukta (takes a step back) – What words ?
    Randhir – Yu know what words.

    He corners Sanyukta and places his arms on the wall blocking her way.

    Sanyukta – I..
    Randhir – Yu ?
    Sanyukta – Love..
    Randhir – Love ?
    Sanyukta (stammers) – Y…you !

    That was his cue.
    Randhir brings his lips closer to her lips and Sanyukta closes her eyes. Then Randhir sees her and smirks and moves away from her lips to her ears and whispers huskily, “I love yu too Sanyukta Aggarwal. Tum par sirf mera haq hai. Yu belong only to me.”
    His closeness sends tingles down her body and she feels her ears heating up due to his hot breaths over her ear. Her breathing becomes irregular due to the proximity between them.
    Then suddenly Randhir pulls away from her and turns around pretending to look at the decoreations leaving Sanyukta disappointed.
    Sanyukta (mumbles) – Kuch kiye bina chale gaya ? *Sighs*
    He enjoys every moment and hears what she mumbles and turns around facing her and cornering her once again..

    Randhir – Toh aur kya karu ? *Smirks*
    Sanyukta – Ku..kuch na…nai !
    Randhir – Pakka ?
    Sanyukta (bit angry) – Haan pakka.
    Randhir – Par mujhe toh kuch karna hai. ( he moves his hand from the wall and holds her bare waist )

    Sanyukta shudders due to his touch.

    Sanyukta – Kya ka..karna chah..te ho tuu..tum ?
    Randhir – Dikhaau ?
    Sanyukta nods her head in response.

    Randhir slowly comes closer to her reducing the distance between their lips and when their lips were merely a few millimeters apart, he mutters, “dekh nahi paaogi” and she closes her eyes. Randhir kisses her slowly and steadily pouring out all the bottled up passion feeling every bit of her soft lips. His hands find their way to her waist and her hands go to his hair clutching them tight making him moan. He pulls by the waist nearer to him and she pulls his soft hair deepening the kiss. They finally break apart only when they are short of breath and they join their foreheads breathing heavily.
    Randhir – I love yu farzi.
    Sanyukta – I love yu too MCP.
    He then pulls her in for another passionate kiss.
    Now they finally know that the feeling they felt for eachother was PURE LOVE.

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    ur welcome rs but next whenever i will post an os or anything it will be my creation pakka wala promise to all of you

  21. Hello guyzzzzz
    I know most of u have been pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised by my absence.
    Let me explain.
    Guyz, aapne kabhi dekha hain Vardhaan sir ko unki team ke piche piche ghoomtey jab woh competitions mein participate kartey hain? Nahi na?
    So i leave the rest 2 u.
    Though not often,
    I shall cmmnt
    And though not noticable,
    I shall always be with u ppl, watching u frm afar and sayin
    ‘Interesting….very interessting!!!
    Some more important things n guidelines 2 b followed throughout the celebrations-
    To shq-
    All d best 2 all my lovely frndz n forum waasis!

  22. Hmm…..
    Guyz, wht is this? Abtak ek hi os? Nidhi di, aap aur aapke vms kahaan hain????
    LET THE GAMES BEGINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kabhi kabhi vardhaan sir ko bhi bichme aana padta hain, eh guyz?
    Ps- Bhai, SANU di ni aai?????
    Ok ok, dont murder me. I ws joking!

  23. shweta

    anything which you can share comfortably with me like your dreams aspirations your goals your hobbies and interests your fav show (apart from sh ) fav song etc even your personel views on sh anything dear 🙂

  24. Daksh

    Bst of luck shraddha for dat .
    N m aaj yaha 2-3 bar aaa chuka hu bt koi bat hi ni kr rha n its for u too RS …samjhi ???

  25. RS

    Okk Shweta
    Vaise koi itna bda goal nhi hai
    Simple girl but love to make frnds
    I like bb8
    I m from punjab so I love punjabi songs
    Boring na
    Leave tell me about u r self

  26. shweta


    Randhir kept splashing the cold water again and again on his face. It felt soothing in this scorching heat of May, but only from outside. It couldn’t do anything to the inside turmoil he was going through. Nothing could help him right now. He rested his hands on the corner of the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. “Randhir Singh Shekhawat”, rank no. 1, genius, rude, stone hearted, and arrogant; these were the most frequent adjectives people used to define his personality. Nobody thought even he could be hurt, even he was just a common human being, and even he had a heart…

    He came back to his room and saw Jiggy sleeping peacefully. Sometimes he was envious of him. Whenever he talked nonstop about his “baa” and his family. How he wished that he could switch places with Jiggy. Sometimes Randhir frowned at this injustice. Why couldn’t he talk like normal students about his home, why couldn’t he go to home like everybody else in the holidays? It was the last day of his second year and everybody else was busy with packing except him. He couldn’t even go to Firoz chacha’s garage this time as he was out of town to see some relative of his who wasn’t well. His dad had called a number of times but he had plainly refused. He would never go back to that house, never…

    He had been alright, handling the situation well, until that good-for-nothing girl decided to storm his life again. He thought about what had happened just a few hours back.

    It was evening time and he knew Vardhaan sir was about to leave for his home. He had gone to him for permission to stay in hostel in summer vacations. He thought Vardhaan wouldn’t agree but to his surprise he had asked Randhir to assist him in a project. Randhir had agreed. He didn’t have any choice.

    He came out of Vardhaan’s office when he just ran into something; rather, someone and both fell on the floor. His back hit the floor and that someone fell on him. A familiar fragrance told him it was Sanyukta even before he opened his eyes.

    “Get off me” he groaned and pushed her away. She quickly stood up and so did he.
    “Can’t you walk properly?” he said.
    “And can’t YOU see properly?” she snapped back.

    He knew she would do it. She always did it, fighting unnecessarily with him. Today he was in no mood to waste his time with her. He was already exhausted. He turned around to leave, but damn this girl! She just wouldn’t let him live peacefully.

    “What’s up Shekhawat? No retorts at all!” she smirked.

    Randhir looked back. He was already going insane thinking about one woman. He didn’t want another.

    “Sanyukta Agrawal I’m warning you again! Don’t cross my way! Just don’t mess with me!” he hissed.

    “Oh really! I’m so scared Randhir!” she mocked.

    “Sanyukta Agrawal! You never learn, do you?” he said as he started taking steps towards her. She stepped back until a wall stopped her. Randhir put both his hands on the wall. He could see the fear in her eyes, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to scare her. This girl needed to know her limits. He leaned closer, and her eyes grew wide with fear.

    “What are you doing Ran…” she started but her voice trailed off as the distance between their lips turned into millimeters. Randhir could almost feel her uneasiness, when she shut her eyes tightly, her lips quivering.

    He wanted to scare her and he did so, but suddenly he had this weird urge to actually kiss her. Having her so close was uncomfortable, almost, thrilling. He found himself leaning into her but just in time he pulled back. He should have done it earlier, a moment earlier, because there was a slight brushing of his lips against hers that lasted possibly for a nanosecond and left him startled. He didn’t want to do this. It was completely unintentional and he hoped she hadn’t felt it. He jerked her away.

    Sanyukta held an armrest of a bench to save herself from falling. Randhir looked at her and said
    “You would have been in a better condition Sanyukta had someone told you what you actually deserve”

    Giving her a final glare, he turned around.

    “And you would have been a better person had your MOTHER shoved in some manners in you!” her voice came.

    Jiggy’s ringing phone pulled Randhir back into the present. He was feeling hurt, so much that he didn’t even snap back to Sanyukta at her last comment. He hadn’t said anything to her afterwards. He left the corridor and came back to his room. He kept looking at a whisky bottle which YOYO brought one day, referring to it as a cure to all the pain. Randhir has never been the kind of a guy who needed alcohol to drown all their miseries into it. But today, he needed to give it a try. He grabbed the bottle and set out for the institute terrace. He wanted to be left alone.


    She wasn’t angry with him.

    Even after his “almost-kiss” prank of scaring her, she wasn’t angry. For the first time, she was scared. Not because he mistreated her, but because of the pain she saw in his eyes. Ever since they came back from the “dream-team-competition”, she had hoped that their fights will stop. Their fights have stopped too, but the reason was his ignorance towards her. He never spoke to her until needed. And today, she found a chance to get back to him. She provoked him because she wanted to tease him in a playful way. But after his act, she had lost control over her mind, as well as tongue. She always knew he had some problems with his mom coz he avoided the topic. She had intentionally said those words, to hurt him. In return, she had expected a series of curses against her but all she got was a quiet Randhir, who left the place immediately.

    She tossed and turned in her bed. She had an early morning bus but she couldn’t sleep at all. She didn’t know why but she felt guilty. It was such an unsettling feeling to see him so broken. She sat up on her bed.

    “Uff MCP! You’re driving me nuts!” she murmured as she slowly opened the door of her room and sneaked out. She needed to see him.

    Just as she was wondering how to enter the boys’ hostel, she saw a tall figure coming out of the hostel and going towards the college. Even in the darkness, she could tell it was Randhir.

    Randhir reached the terrace. He opened the bottle and took a sip. He was hating himself that moment, running away from his problems like a coward. He didn’t want to be a slave of alcohol. He threw the bottle aside and stood near the railing. Everything seemed to be so quiet, so peaceful, in sharp contrast with his life.

    Before he could control, tears made their way through his eyes. It was a sign of weakness for Randhir Singh Shekhawat. Only weak people cried. But today, he also felt weak.

    Sanyukta had to press her hands against her mouth to keep herself from making any noise. Randhir Singh Shekhawat was crying!! Had she hurt him that badly?

    She saw helplessly as he sat down against the railing, his legs stretched in front of him. She too kept crying when she saw his tears didn’t stop even for a minute. She was horrified to see this side of her personality. For her, Randhir was the strongest person she’s ever seen. It was frightening to see him this way. He needed care, he needed love.

    She didn’t know for how long she hid behind the door of the terrace. Probably 2 hours. She stood and watched as he fell asleep sitting on the floor, against the railing. She slowly went to him and sat next to him. Tears had dried on his face by then. She kept looking at his face and wondered how much loneliness he used to hide behind his rude attitude. She didn’t know when she too drifted off to sleep…

    Dawn broke. Sanyukta opened her eyes lazily. It was still a bit dark. She loved this early morning atmosphere. She looked around and for a moment she couldn’t make out where she was. Only then she realized that Randhir’s head was resting on her shoulder. Memories of yesterday came rushing back to her mind. She adjusted his head in a more comfortable position but suddenly he opened his eyes. She immediately stood up. He looked confused for a second and then, he stood up too.

    “What are you doing here?” he said, rubbing his eyes.

    “WO… WO Randhir I…” she stammered.

    “Wasn’t that enough what you said in the evening?” he said.
    “I’m sorry Randhir..I…”
    “I don’t need your sorry. Get lost!” he said, rudely.

    She didn’t move an inch. How could she leave him alone?

    “Can’t you hear? GET LOST! GET AWAY FROM ME!!” he screamed.

    Though she didn’t want to leave him alone, still she walked towards the door. Her heart felt heavy. She wheeled around to look at him and saw him again standing against the railing, staring into nothing.

    “Randhir…” she whispered.

    He turned to look at her and before she could think of anything else, she ran towards him and hugged him as tightly as she could. Randhir was taken aback by this sudden act of hers but minutes passed and she didn’t leave him. He too, wrapped his arms around her as he could feel her crying.

    “Sanyukta?” he said slowly, his voice concerned.
    “I’m so sorry Randhir!” she said in a heavy voice as she wasn’t able to hold back her tears.
    “I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.” She was crying badly and now Randhir felt bad for her. She didn’t even know about his mom. He knew she didn’t say those words intentionally.

    “Sanyukta it’s…” He said but she cut him short.
    “I know it’s about your mom Randhir.” she said as she broke the hug. Randhir looked at her, shocked.

    “I don’t know what you’ve been through and neither am I forcing u to tell me what it is. I just want you to know that your whole life should not be dominated because of your past. It’s not the right thing Randhir. I’ll wait for the day till you find me trustworthy enough to share your story. I just want to say that you’re not alone.” She spoke in a breath.

    Randhir looked at her face. No one ever before cried because he cried, but this girl here, he considered her as his biggest enemy. She was crying because she had hurt him. It touched his heart. He couldn’t tell her that the burden he was feeling since ages has suddenly receded a bit.

    Sanyukta stood there, hoping him to say something. He didn’t. Instead, he kept looking at her face blankly. She wondered if he found all this to be a drama.

    “I need to go. I have a bus in an hour. Have to go home.” she said and went to the door, hoping that he will at least say something now. Each step she took forward, made her even more anxious. She reached the door and now she knew, he won’t say anything.

    “Hey Farzi!” he said.

    She turned. A smile was playing on his lips.

    “Come back soon!” Randhir said.

    A smile broke out at her lips too and she went downstairs. She knew she was going to miss him and if she wasn’t wrong, he was going to miss her too.

    Randhir stood at the terrace, feeling miraculously relaxed. He didn’t feel lonely today. And about Sanyukta, he knew one thing. They weren’t enemies anymore…

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    Cz tumne mujhe buddy rqst ni ki abi tk …kyu ???
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    No, i m not muneeba fr whoeva ws asking. I will neva change my usernm coz i luv it. So kal main yajaan nahi hu jobhi agar koi kera usernm use kare toh plz remember i WONT b online tomorrow…….

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    Bike riding samjhawan song n aftr injury feddin to sanyu humdard song ….my favorite scenes 😉

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    (ye mohabbatien ka dialogue hai…
    to kya hua agar wo aaj wo mere sath nahi hai mai aaj bhi usse utni hi mohabbat krta hu isliye nahi q k koi aur nahi mili balki isliye q k usse mohabbat krne fursat nahi milti..)

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    If vids read our cmmts she say.. What the hell they r doing? Hr time sirf rd & sanyu.. Go to hell.. Mujhe kya..

  57. [email protected] changer

    afra tum ho kya yaha pr..If pr aaogi kya???

  58. [email protected] changer

    @RS…AN ka real name aparna hai..she is one of my best frnds here…shes a very swt girl…tum usse baat karogi na tum bhi uski frnd ban jaogi…

  59. Shruti

    Hey guys sorry.. I m leaving now bcoz my phon battery is signing low.. & there r no electricity in my village… So fir milenge tely updates pe..

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    gud going abhi to 600 hi cmnts hui..still 900 cmnts…

  61. Mdh

    Gd After noon gyz.

    Finally I can come here now .

    However as per written update I gone through fill like Epi is going well.

  62. [email protected] changer

    thats the problem na @ritu…meri ,parsh,samira,afra hum sab ki exams shuru hai ..isilye hum log contribute nahi kr pa rahe

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    @mdh aaj sab log busy hai as u know its wednesday..sab log scul and clgs me hai…

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    hii @RS tum engg se pareshan ho na … mai hu na tumhare sath…..i m a student of. Computer science…

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    As u write about 25th Nov. N u are telling all to mke 1000 comnts . I cnt understand why so . Is there any special that day.

  69. [email protected] changer

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    sanyu :sir rd ne mera paper kha liya..
    pkc:koi kisi ka paper nahi khayega

  70. [email protected] changer

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    jab sandhir village me DT competition k liye the aur wo dono ek dusre se nafrat. krte the..
    sanyu gets wound on her hand..jab wo sojati hai rd us uska dressing krta hai…
    sanyu subah uthti hai usko pata bhi nahi hota k us k wound ka dressing kon kiya…

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    jab rd ko uske mom dad k divorce k baare me pata chalta hai wo puri targa se toot jata hai aur tab sanyu use sahara deti hai..

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    Meri , School me vi aisa ak Teacher tha and here at SH also same like

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