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Sadda Haq 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Randhir is about to open the door Sanyu throws a pillow at him and says what were you doing? Go in and hide somewhere. She opens the door. Sanyu says aunty you in the morning? She says it would be morning for you, for rest of the world its afternoon. Randhir syas in heart why all women poke their nose in others affairs? Sanyu says do you need something? She says yes I need some spices. Let me go to kitchen. She says oh but you wont have it you eat noodles twice a day. Sanyu says let me bring it from kitchen. She sees the mattress and says why is it here? Sanyu says it was cold inside so I slept here. Randhir sneaks out of this kitchen and goes to other room. Autny goes into kitchen and screams. SAnyu is scared that she has seen randhir. She goes in, aunty says it was a lizard here. Sany

laughs and heaves a sigh of relief. She says what you do of these spices? Sanyu says I know how to cook food. Randhir drops something in the room. Aunty goes in the room. randhir hides behind the closet. Sanyu says what are you looking for? She says I will tell you when I find. She leaves.

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Sanyu says look this is why I asked you not to live here. randhir says I know it was all my mistake. sanyu says where are you going. he says college. sanyu syas you can’t she will see you. They will see you. He says what rubbish? Sanyu says yeah okay if you want to go you can but please come soon. She hugs him and syas I have to go as well.

Scene 2
Sayu comes to coaching and sees priyali sleeping on the desk. sanyu wakes her up, Snayu says didn’t you go home? rajveer comes and says yes. I asked her to write the notes for me. Priyali gives him the notes. He says I have already studied these chapters I never needed them. he throws them in the air. sanyu says she stayed here and woke up all night and preparaed these notes. apologize to her. He says she should thank me. She studied an engineering course beaucse of me. come on say thanks to me. And sanyu don’t involve in al this. Priyali says now I will tell you what I can do. I accept sanyu’s offer and I will beat you in annual exams. Rajver claps and says wow. Sanyu says very god pryali.

Randhir s is alone in the PG. He fixes the fan. He says what should I do? I cant live here alone I better go to college. He goes out of PG. aunty says who you are? what are you doing here. I am asking you something. He says I am electrician. he says ma’am called me to fix the fan. She says no one told me that electrician is needed. He says how would I know. She says come with me and rectify my mixer. He says I can only fix lights and fans. She says learn it.

sanyu catches the ball, rajveer and other boys are playing cricket in the class. Rajveer says come its time for lecture. SAnyu starts the lecture. Priyali comes in and sits on the chair. sanyu she will study with us from now. Rajveer says she is not going to do anything. Vikram comes in and says sanyukta, if priyali is attending the lecture who will handle reception. Go priyali and attend you front desk. sanyu says this lecture is important for her. Vikram says miss Agarwal teaching priyali is your personal matter. sanyu says you can make anyone sit there fo some time. he says she can attend your lectures but she has to pay the fees and resign from the job. is that possible priyali? Priyali says no. Vikram says then you should be on your desk. Priyali says he is right I have to go. rajveer says let her go ma’am we have paid the feel. SAnyu says priyali I will make a video call you can study sitting on desk. note your problems I will tell you.

PKC’s lecture is on going, vidushi gets a text and smiles oarth looks at her. Randhir marks sanyu’s attendance in sheet. PKC says these marks will be added to final marks. PKC syas who has marked sanyu’s proxy? Who has signed against her name? I am asking for the last time confess it or I will cancel her whole semester attendance. randhir says its me. PCK says you think I am fool? I will deduct your and sanyu’s marks. He says deduct mine its my mistake. sanyu didn’t ask me. PKC says then why is personal service? yoyo says we dream team members help each other in problems. PKC says you want me to save sanyu’s marks. Randhur says yes. PKC syas then I will deduct her marks from your as well. randhir solves the question on board and says my mind is where it should be.

Varun is in canteen to meet vidushi. Parth is watching them. Vidushi gets a text from library that she has to return the book. she says come I have to return the book. Varun forgets his phone their. There is a call on his phone ‘baby’. Parth see it and is about to pick it. Varun comes and says here ismy phone thanks.

Randhi is making paper planes. Yoyo says what are you doing? you have become really sensitive these days. Its the company’s effect. why aren’t you going home? He says her society people will see me and create and issue. Sanyu texts randhir priyali agreed. Randhir says great lets celebrate tonight. he says I have to reach house before her.

Precap-sanyu and randhir are celebrating. doorbell rings. sanyu asks randhir to go in. SAnyu opens the door its shaureya. He says hey sugar you are up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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