Sadda Haq 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Officer says you will ask questions from your partner based on information you have submitted. They all submit their papers. Randhir gets a call from saniyal industry. Officer says now there will be calls here too.
Aryan comes to sanyu and says ask officer not to prepare questions for your partner. He will waste his time. You have known all the secrets. Sanyu leaves and says aryan is mad. Randhir comes out. He takes the call. Its manager of saniyal industry. They say we are arranging a function on renuka’s death anniversary. Randhir says I am very busy. I can’t come. Sanyu overhears this.

Sumit comes and says nirman is calling. Sanyu says but there was not announcement. He has brought them all in cafe. Everyone says where is nirman? Sumit says its a party. Becky

says what is going on here. Do you think Nirman will let you party here? Sumit says don’t tell him. She says on one condition, I wanna party too. Randhir is leaving. Sanaya stops him. Sumit says maybe we will hate everyone after tomorrow so lets take this moment. Aryan is leaving. Sumit says sanyu please stop him. She says you can’t stop everyone. Aryna says I wont leave. But there will be no deadline. We will party all night. Sumit says lets drink and play games. Becky says lets play basketball but its a different one. She says people have to play this game in pairs. They will take it to near necks and have a tequila shot. Sanyaa says its fun. I will do it with randhir. Becky says aryan and sanyu, kritika and joy, arjun and becky. Sumit says I will judge the competition. First arjun and becky come, then kritika and joy, randnihr and sanaya come next. Sumit says sanaya played well but randhir played it well. You comepleted in 5 mins 12 seconds. He says well done shiekho. sanaya says he is randhir for you all. He is only my shiekho. sanyu say I can’t do this. Everyone says come on. Its a tie. Sumit says there should be a tie breaker. Becky says lets have a drinking competition. aryan says perfect.
Aryan says lets do it man to man. Randhir says I am concerned you will faint after drinking. Aryan says I dont’ leave things incomplete. Neither competitions nor relationships. Randhir says I have always been first. Sanyu says aryan stop it. Sanaya stops randhir.

Sumit says lets dance now. Everyone dances. Sanyu takes aryan out. He says go to your ex bf, stay away from me. Sanyu says enough. I have been trying to sort out. I am not gonna take it anymore. Do whatever you want. sanyu leaves.
Randhir is still drinking. SAnaya is asleep on the table. Randhir reads about renuka on his paper. He recalls when she was apologizing. Rnadhir says to waiter do you know how it feels. They take him out.
Randhir is walking with paper. sanyu sees him. Sanyu swipes his tears and says its okay. I am sorry, I know about your mom.

Precap-Randhir says I don’t need any sympathy. She says I am not giving you sympathy. He says leave me what are you doing? She sye I know how it feels to lose mom. Randhir kisses her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks Rits and Baby, I think I’ll watch it but im so inlove with Sandhir and Randhir I don’t think anybody can beat them. I also think it was famous more than SaddaHaq coz it was broadcasted on MTV and is one large channel as for channel v it don’t think it has enough audience..
    I’m so sad I missed out on thecompetition between this two shows. I love it when there’s competition between 2 shows it always brings the best in each other. I feel like the writers of Sadda Haq are not doing much now with their story, they recycle stories that we’ve watched in season 1 expecially when it comes to Aryan-Sanyukta’s scenes and Randhir-Sanaya’s scenes.

    Anyways I’ll try to watch it I’m a very big fan of Niti Taylor she’s so cute!!

  2. Richu
    Loophole, a contract that has been written which enables people to legally avoid doing something that the law/contract had intended them to do

  3. Maybe Sanyukta will find something that proves that Norman had done something illegal in the past

    1. Ya rit

  4. Guys can anyone tell me d link to see d video epi of kyy season 2 , nothing personal sadda haq is my favourite but I just want to see how kyu 2 ended n it is not available on YouTube so plz

  5. Kyu 2 video of last epi , epi no. 72

  6. New love story

  7. hiii guys.,i m waiting for mondy.,nd u r

    1. Hi wasim akram where r u from

  8. Hi karina,Nishu,shreya,richu,yogiraj,sanahki,baby,rits,ragini,dee,ena Sharon,aahna,ayeesha
    Rakshi,bk how r u all
    Rakshi please come back I m missing u
    Shreya I was busy in my exams how r u
    Guys suppose if param is playing Role of parth. And if ankit playing role of randhir
    Which character would u like rd or parth

  9. Both then we can see a angry parth n sweet rd

  10. Hey Karina I think they will bring back vidushi coz if u remember vid once said DAT she will get a entry in ISRC by hook or crook

  11. Hey shreya can I call u shreyu coz we share same name

  12. hi princess.!! I’m hre…
    my xams gonna finish on Thursday….
    I’m so xcited my 11std gng to finish…
    N only 15 days leave….n Thn 12th.
    missing my 11std…
    hw r u guys…nisha,ayeesha,bk, shreya,yogi, nikki, richu, aahna,rits, Sharon,shreya,vishal,kriya,sanakhi,ragini,Karina….my dear Whre r u?????
    missed u so much dears……

  13. heloo friends hey how are you all.

    hey friends I am dissapointed today

    firstly neither any of us start writing in tu and the people who have the courage and determination to write

    we don’t have the right to stop them

    Its not good . We as sadda haq fans known to be spread postiivity and humble and strong bond of friendship

    not known to be any kind of negativity here.

    hey kitki y and vishal hey vishu if is it u then I am a little dissapointed dear.

    I love u all as I mentioned

    but I am proud of you ragini

    hey sweetheart I myself also start writing an fanfiction earlier

    and we write not because its good or bad we write because writing is the way somethow to express your heart.

    you write so many thing worst bad stop this

    If we can’t motiviate anybody here then we doesn’t have the right to stop them for any reason

    Imagine guyzzzzzzzzz if you post comment here anything Imean anything

    and we insult each other saying bad words then

    this is very wrong

    We as an Indian have the right to speech

    Right to speech and right to express

    and Hey sweetheart Ragini

    I am sorry dear sometime lack of timing not be able to read but still

    I am fully with you Always write always express your heart

    and never stop because of someone.

    Love u dear

    Always with you keep smiling


    love u too vishu, kitki y try to motivate her

    or if not then be a friend we need nothing else from anyone

    make this place happy for friends

    keep smiling

    love u shreyu both my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    love u karu how r u

    love u and missu karu suru

    where are you both

    love u princess hey princess I so wish to see feriha too the other part

    love u wasim akram helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo welcome me to wait for monday lets see what happened today

    love u rakshi hey after so long how r u dear

    congrats for 12 th dear promoted woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sanahki richu how ru both my sweetheartssssssssssssssss

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks like missing sd badly

    guesses huhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    hey me too guessing what happened

    why rd close sanyu and himself in gas chamber and what did he do then any guesses

    thinking still ??????????????????????/

    love u rits love u all friends keep smiling

    once a friend always a afriend

    1. Hey cutie im a little busy so thats why im not here so often…i totally agree with what u said…we should support each other…
      Love u a lot dear…ur an amazing friend…miss u Suranjana dear 🙂

    2. Luv 2 dear..
      Dear I m.nt trying to demotivate her..I m trying to.tell her that it’s nt much..
      Ragini it’s so boring cz we like twists so try to bring twists.
      N ya if u want urr ff to be good see anda ff

    3. Thnku fr advice nisha..
      Swet of u..
      Bt ff is worst.

  14. Hey guys 🙂 im a little busy so i wont be coming very often here…
    Princess and Rakshi missed u guys…glad u came 🙂
    Shreya dear i hope ur right and they ll bring at least Vids back coz Parth i dont think will be back very soon…
    Love u guys…see u soon 🙂

  15. I totally agree with you Nishu….
    We should not make fun of anyone. ..
    Instead we can motivate everyone. ……

    Hii Princess and Rakshi sweethearts. ..
    Nice to se u aftr a long time. ……

    Hey Rakshi even my xams r going to end on Thursday. …….

    Luv u all always.

    A special salute to u Nishu….

  16. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi guys..
    I jst saw a tweet of nisha mam where someone hv askd abt her comebck to the show,.to which she has replied tht she has no idea n she isn’t shooting for SaddaHaq .
    So no comeback of vidushi as well
    Sorry guys,whenever I come,I alwys bring some bad news

    1. Hey dear…thanks for the info…its such a sad news for us VidArth fans 🙁 first Parth and now Vids…so sad…i hate CVs for ruining VidArth…

  17. hey sweethearts my sweetest lovely friends

    vishal and kitki y seems like you don’t like this ff

    but yes when it comes to vishal you give it a shot to read the story you don’t like it its ok it happens

    but just say you don’t like it and if he or she want to know the reason then mention to add some twists

    YOu know there is always 2 ways to say what in your heart

    like you can say hey sweetheart to make your story more interresting that you give it a shot to read and you want her to add some twist and turns to make it more spicy like ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that woooo you and you are kind of interesting in it

    I love u vishu that give it a shot to read but don’t call it bore yaar , there are people who like the same ff so calling the story bore is a ways to call the people who read it and adore it

    but you can say directly to the writer taht what changes you want to make it more spicy and likable always

    hey kitki y dear nothing is worst dear in the world , and yaa if you don’t like it its ok say it you don;t like it but not worst dear it is a negative word

    You can use you don’t like it and leave it then

    and if you want something from the writer of ff to add you can say it offcourse they can try

    they realy work harder to write an ff and saying worst bad not readable its not worth it

    I love u so much kitki y and vishu and you know it very well

    I just say what my heart say nothing else sweeties I hope you take it in a positive way

    and we can be friends for a long time

    love u deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Keep smiling

    keep happy and make each other happy also.

    love u by heart

    Once a friend always a friend.

    hey karu suru love u both deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    how r u both

    hey suru don;’ t say that whenever you came you came with a bad news and blah blah blah

    you are the source of happiness dear for us , you are friend of us

    Am I right or wrong karu ,

    We always wait to meet each other waiting eagerly to meet u suru too.

    and we all love each other and also sadda haq

    sandhir and parth and many more

    we also love vids and parth

    but nothing is sad dear finally and after all vids have to came to isrc to add some spice in the story unless it is goijng to bore

    it can take time but she will came for sure.

    and yaaa you can give us the news of ankit of begusarai

    and his acting what kind of role he is doing in that

    any news for ur ankit dear

    love u suru, karu dear

    hey richu dear love u too dear

    I just want each and every person deserve respect and if we cannot congratulate anyone for his victory so we doesn;t need to use bad words for them

    but there is always a way that you can use to guide your friends in a smooth way so that you can help them as if you consider yourself as a friend of them.

    and yaaa keep smiling richu

    once a friend always a friend

    1. Yes cutie ur right…and Suranjana dear u are our dear and sweet friend so dont say that u only bring bad news coz ur special for us….u and Nishu were the first ppl with whom i talked here on SH page so u both have a very special place in my heart 🙂 love u both.

    2. My pleasure being ur friend sweetie……

      Right once a friend is always a friend. …….ty dear…
      Jst can’t forget u….

  18. We got soooo many gud friends today…..
    Helloooo sweethearts. …..
    Hii kitki, vishu, azeem, dee, sharon, baby, avni……
    U r wlcm…….to Sh family
    Plz don’t hesitate to say anything. ..
    Ur really gud…..
    Luv u all.keep smiling always. ……..

  19. Suranjana dear plz don’t think that u always gv a bad news…….
    Not ur fault d Cvs r doing dis ……..

  20. love u richu karu suru

    very true dear

    you know it didn;’t realize but you all made a special place in my heart too

    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    karu suru richu love u all.

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

  21. hi Richu…..
    R u studying 11th.??
    princess missing U so much dr… n even ayeesha…!
    I’m waiting fr tday’s episode…. jzt 7Mins more to SH…!
    ragini….u r awesome dr.. I lyk ur story.
    and nisha…. I too salute u dear.
    hey… suranjana don’t say dat u r bringing bad newz.!
    And wat abt chinnu,nikki, kriya,aishu,Sony, silpa???
    missing u guyzzz.!!
    SH rockzzzz!!!!!!!!!!
    FRNDS FOREVER N EVER…………………!!!!

  22. Tday episode was awesome……
    I really njyed a lot!
    sanaya was so cute….as well as aryan!
    N tmrw epi vll b smash……
    Bcz abt rd’s mom death .
    sanyu n rd…. 😍

  23. tday episode was awesome…
    I really njyed a lot
    sanaya n aryan was so cute….
    tmrw episode vll smash..Bcz it’s abt rd’s mom death!!!!
    sanyu n rd…
    Luv U so much!!!

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