Sadda Haq 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randir enters his room and says whats going on ? Sanyu says we needed a place to create the prototype. Sponsors are coming next week we have to present them our prototype. Randhir syas is this the only place left in college ? Sanyu says we can’t find any other place safe from maya and vidushi.
Randhir says what should I do then. This is not my problem. Why my room ?
Sanyu says I know we are disturbing you but we didn’t have any other option. Kaustuki says there is no other place safer than this room. Sanyu says we are disturbing you but we have to do this for vardhan sir and team. Randhir says I don’t care about any team and sir vardhan. parth says yeah you don’t care about anything but you. Randhir stands up ad says what you mean ? Sanyu stops them both.

Parth says lets divide all the work. They ask sahil to talk to sponsors as maya and rest of three are working on the prototype.

Vidushi says to maya that they are focusing on attending lectures. Maya says you are taking this all so seriously that you missed the first class.
Vidushi says I heard them talking they are planning to attend the lectures. Maya says everything is not what it looks like. Where are they today ? Vidushi says sanyu is not well maybe that’s why she was absent.
Sahil comes there talking on phone and says yeah I am not missing any lectures. Then sanyu and parth come sanyu is sneezing. Parth says sanyu go to your room you are not well. Vidushi says I told you they are all here they don’t have the courage to go against you.

Sanyu says we have to keep them believe that we are not missing the lectures. Parth says yeah we will make 2 groups. 2 people will work on the prototype while two will attend the lectures.

Scene 2
Maya goes to Vardhan and says you are not following the rules. Vardhan says just like pkc caught you smoking on first day. Maya says that old FITE. Its new FITE where both rules and team are strong.
Maya says you should not forget that I helped you in solving your dad’s case. He was my idol and I see him in you. I want you to progress and stop running after this dream team. Vardhan says its a dream and no one can stop my students. She says okay then don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.
She leaves, vardhan gets a call from sponsor, who says your students called me but we can’t und them because of the low budget. Vardhan says no problem and smiles. He says they are already doing what I want them to do.

Parth collides with vidushi and some car parts fall on the floor. Viduhsi says what are you doing with these car parts ? You are working on the prototype right ? I will tell maya madam. You all are going to be suspended this time. parth says yeah we are working for dream and for sir vardhan. we are not betrayer like you. We have to save sir vardhan and dream team. You can’t go anywhere with this attitude.
He says if you still have some shame left be a better person. You are mistaken. She says you are making a mistake by going against madam. If you tell this to anyone I will expose all the cheats you have played on FITE and maya will save you in the college while students will rip you apart.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in the class and so is randhir. Vidushi comes late. Vidushi recalls the words of parth.

Randhir comes in the room and sees everyone working. He says to sanyu when will this all end ? Sanyu didn’t say him anything and says we have to wind up. Suddenly the door knocks. Everyone is scared whom can it be. its the peon. Randhir opens the door slightly. Peon gives him the parcel and says parth ordered it. Randhir says okay parth will pay later.
Parth says i didn’t order any parcel. Sanyu says I ordered it, we should eat here we can’t go to the café. Sanyu offers randhir to eat as well. Randhir says I can go to the café to eat. Sanyu says yeha but you can take one byte as a return thank you. Randhir says oh please I am not favoring you all. She says but you are supporting us at least. Randhir says stop it okay. Sanyu says okay take a but and I will stop. He takes. Parth murmurs he is already so rude don’t cherish him this much.

Sanyu says we need a metal cutter. Parth says let me go and get it. He opens the door vidushi is already there. She comes in and is crying. She says I am sorry guys I have always betrayed you people. I should never have left you people and dream team. I am repenting I need one chance. Kaustuki says we can’t trust you vidushi. Vidushi says I have changed and I want to come back to the dream team. Sanyu hugs her and says welcome back to the dream team vidushi. parth says what are you doing sanyu. Sanyu says you have that one chance. Vidushi says yeah I will help you and don’t care about maya she trust me, she won’t know about you guys I will handle her. SAnyu says okay welcome you should start with calling. Vidushi takes the list but he rphone rings. Randhir says there is something wrong with her. Sanyu asks sahil to go and take the lectures. Vidushi says I should attend the lecture too. sanyu says why ? SHe says maya will doubt me if I miss the lecture.
Vidushi goes to maya and says they are still working on prototype in randhir’s and parth’s room. you can go and suspend them right now. maya says if the info is wrong someone else will be suspended. Maya and visushi head towards the hostel, while they are all still busy in working.

Precap- Parth says to vidushi I feel something different for you now. Vidushi says really ? ANd hugs him. Vidushi is abducted in a room / Maya and vardhan come there. Maya says tell me who did this with ? I will suspend him on the spot.
Sanyu falls randhir catches her. sanyu says I told you I trust you. He says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i am watching sadda haq now.. 4.30 to 5 p.m.. they r telecasting the episode when Randhir joined Fite as 1st year student… yoyo ragging… sanyu crying n telling her mom tht she has got 300th rank.. r thy re-telecasting this show from the beginning???? YOyo says to Rd – tu kukad ban jaa… Rd says to 1 of the boys – tu kabuthar ban jaa, mi kukad bantha hoon… one of the boys says tu kyaa hero hai?? n Rd says sirf hero nahi, superhero!!! how NICE…….Rds diff look… haye haye…

    1. RD hi toh hamara superhero hai aur uss ka jaga koi nahi le saktha hai.

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