Sadda Haq 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randir enters his room and says whats going on ? Sanyu says we needed a place to create the prototype. Sponsors are coming next week we have to present them our prototype. Randhir syas is this the only place left in college ? Sanyu says we can’t find any other place safe from maya and vidushi.
Randhir says what should I do then. This is not my problem. Why my room ?
Sanyu says I know we are disturbing you but we didn’t have any other option. Kaustuki says there is no other place safer than this room. Sanyu says we are disturbing you but we have to do this for vardhan sir and team. Randhir says I don’t care about any team and sir vardhan. parth says yeah you don’t care about anything but you. Randhir stands up ad says what you mean ? Sanyu stops them both.

Parth says lets divide all the work. They ask sahil to talk to sponsors as maya and rest of three are working on the prototype.

Vidushi says to maya that they are focusing on attending lectures. Maya says you are taking this all so seriously that you missed the first class.
Vidushi says I heard them talking they are planning to attend the lectures. Maya says everything is not what it looks like. Where are they today ? Vidushi says sanyu is not well maybe that’s why she was absent.
Sahil comes there talking on phone and says yeah I am not missing any lectures. Then sanyu and parth come sanyu is sneezing. Parth says sanyu go to your room you are not well. Vidushi says I told you they are all here they don’t have the courage to go against you.

Sanyu says we have to keep them believe that we are not missing the lectures. Parth says yeah we will make 2 groups. 2 people will work on the prototype while two will attend the lectures.

Scene 2
Maya goes to Vardhan and says you are not following the rules. Vardhan says just like pkc caught you smoking on first day. Maya says that old FITE. Its new FITE where both rules and team are strong.
Maya says you should not forget that I helped you in solving your dad’s case. He was my idol and I see him in you. I want you to progress and stop running after this dream team. Vardhan says its a dream and no one can stop my students. She says okay then don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance.
She leaves, vardhan gets a call from sponsor, who says your students called me but we can’t und them because of the low budget. Vardhan says no problem and smiles. He says they are already doing what I want them to do.

Parth collides with vidushi and some car parts fall on the floor. Viduhsi says what are you doing with these car parts ? You are working on the prototype right ? I will tell maya madam. You all are going to be suspended this time. parth says yeah we are working for dream and for sir vardhan. we are not betrayer like you. We have to save sir vardhan and dream team. You can’t go anywhere with this attitude.
He says if you still have some shame left be a better person. You are mistaken. She says you are making a mistake by going against madam. If you tell this to anyone I will expose all the cheats you have played on FITE and maya will save you in the college while students will rip you apart.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in the class and so is randhir. Vidushi comes late. Vidushi recalls the words of parth.

Randhir comes in the room and sees everyone working. He says to sanyu when will this all end ? Sanyu didn’t say him anything and says we have to wind up. Suddenly the door knocks. Everyone is scared whom can it be. its the peon. Randhir opens the door slightly. Peon gives him the parcel and says parth ordered it. Randhir says okay parth will pay later.
Parth says i didn’t order any parcel. Sanyu says I ordered it, we should eat here we can’t go to the cafรฉ. Sanyu offers randhir to eat as well. Randhir says I can go to the cafรฉ to eat. Sanyu says yeha but you can take one byte as a return thank you. Randhir says oh please I am not favoring you all. She says but you are supporting us at least. Randhir says stop it okay. Sanyu says okay take a but and I will stop. He takes. Parth murmurs he is already so rude don’t cherish him this much.

Sanyu says we need a metal cutter. Parth says let me go and get it. He opens the door vidushi is already there. She comes in and is crying. She says I am sorry guys I have always betrayed you people. I should never have left you people and dream team. I am repenting I need one chance. Kaustuki says we can’t trust you vidushi. Vidushi says I have changed and I want to come back to the dream team. Sanyu hugs her and says welcome back to the dream team vidushi. parth says what are you doing sanyu. Sanyu says you have that one chance. Vidushi says yeah I will help you and don’t care about maya she trust me, she won’t know about you guys I will handle her. SAnyu says okay welcome you should start with calling. Vidushi takes the list but he rphone rings. Randhir says there is something wrong with her. Sanyu asks sahil to go and take the lectures. Vidushi says I should attend the lecture too. sanyu says why ? SHe says maya will doubt me if I miss the lecture.
Vidushi goes to maya and says they are still working on prototype in randhir’s and parth’s room. you can go and suspend them right now. maya says if the info is wrong someone else will be suspended. Maya and visushi head towards the hostel, while they are all still busy in working.

Precap- Parth says to vidushi I feel something different for you now. Vidushi says really ? ANd hugs him. Vidushi is abducted in a room / Maya and vardhan come there. Maya says tell me who did this with ? I will suspend him on the spot.
Sanyu falls randhir catches her. sanyu says I told you I trust you. He says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rojina

    All sandheers milte he monday k update pe..bye..all of u good night….GC aaj sabe kadra he plzzz dua me jaroor yad rakhna….AN miss u dear….

  2. jay

    y r thy portraying Rd as a jackass, a clunk?? woh kyuun nahi participate kar raha hai? romeogiri aur depressed phirta rahegaa kyaa?? I want to see him do s/thing diff.

  3. same precap even tday Nw we have to wait till Monday comes ๐Ÿ˜ I think sanyu fooled vidushi bcoz sanyu already understand about vidushi’s plan so MAYA will also get fool by this :p he he…. *>_<*

  4. nid

    kya yar,spoilers me to yhi tha na ki friday ko
    rd confess krega,
    hate kiss scene k liye bhi itna wait krna pada tha..

  5. Amrutha Nidhisha

    arey ye CVS waale kitne din tak hume suspense mein rakhna chahte he rey mein toh bohoth anxious ho gayi thi ki aaj rd sanyu ko propose karega par aisa toh kuch bhi nahi hua ye kya badmeezi kar rahe sare sandhirians ki dil ko tod rahe he ye log……. ๐Ÿ™

  6. Amrutha Nidhisha

    par jo hua so hua tho achha hi hua par precap mein woh chudail vidushi pata nahi kab change hogi bechaari sanyu agar sab ko ye baath pata chala toh saare ke saare sanyu pe hi gussa karenga ye toh pucca bol sakthi hoon mein toh ………. :'( mujhe toh uss vidushi pe itna gussa aa raha he ki jor se ek tappad doon usse….. ๐Ÿ˜€

    ATIBA agar woh proposing waala episode monday aayega toh monday pictures upload karna plzz sirf aur sirf ek din ki baath he plzzzz…… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Rizwan

    hii guyssssssss….i ws eagerly w8ng 4 2days epi…bt hv 2 w8 till monday….i wnt 2 see it very near…i hope thy will shw it vry near day……nd guys hw r u?

  8. saima

    sanyu is vidhushi se trust kyun karthi hi…haa mnday se me bhi sadda haq deksakthi hu…:-)

  9. nila

    I wish tht whenever Randhir proposes sanyu by tht time she get feelings of love towards him……..fingers crossed

  10. jay

    fb me meine abhi abhi ye padi.. ab bhi mai has rahi hoon….

    Pushpanjali Priya > Sadda Haq: My Life, My Choice โ€ขChannel Vโ€ข
    Wednesday at 6:49am ยท
    U know what guys
    aaj mai class me wo randhir ke i love u bolne wali baat soch rhi thi and just then my mam asked me what r u thinking
    and in hurry i said I LOVE U
    aaaaahhhhhh she was just staring me like she will eat me the very next second and the whole class was laughing at me.
    Pata nhi ye sandhir aur kitna kuch karwayenge

  11. saima

    no rizwan…me abhi gar se bhahar hu…yahan channel v nahi hi…to me ye updates padkar kaam chalathi hu…:-(

  12. saddahaqrox

    epi bohoooooooooot ghati tha… aur I think Monday ko bhi precap yehi dikhayenge.
    @DS plzz post the spoilers……….. ok, mai try karti hu iss baar.

  13. saddahaqrox

    guys aaj Gauchi Homring aka kaustuki ka b’day hai…..chalo,sab log yahaan usey happy birthday wish karo!

  14. Ok,there might be a problem with the link so here is the page:

    The season of love added with the magic of monsoon will see love flying high in the air in Channel Vโ€™s Sadda Haq: My Life My Choice (Beyond Dreams Entertainment).

    Firstly our hero Randhir (Param Singh) who has been struggling with his feeling for his โ€˜frienemyโ€™ Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) would finally realise that he is in love with her. And the boy not wanting to waste any moment, would decide on professing his love to her.

    Well, viewers would be in for a surprise when the ever serious Randhir would finally blurt out his feelings to Sanyukta. And the moment will be all of a sudden leaving Sanyukta completely dazed.

    What will be Sanyuktaโ€™s reaction to this proposal? Will she agree?

    On the other hand, Parth (Ankit Gupta) will tell Vidhushi (Nisha Nayak) that he has started liking. He will further share how initially he detested her but now has grown fond of her. Vidhushi who has a soft corner for him will be happy about this declaration.

    So will the two hook up?

    We tried calling Param and Ankit but they remained unavailable.

  15. saddahaqrox

    the page:
    Twilight was just beginning to set in, as a group of 11 hot ladies sat huddled together, sipping their favourite brand of coffee in an uber cool cafe that read “Team Hotness”!

    Yes, you heard that right! They call themselves “Team Hotness” and live upto it!! They were a total of 13 odd peeps, who were ‘soul-sisters’ and the ‘life and soul’ of “Team Hotness”!

    Zay (Sighing impatiently): That does it guys…it’s 6:10pm already. Where are those two?

    Nupur (Rolling her eyes): Must be daydreaming somewhere and lost track of time!

    Iraa (Frowning) : It’s evening already!!! How can someone ‘day’dream in the evening???

    The gang burst out laughing! Trust Iraa to crack jokes even in the most serious situations!!

    Just then the cafe door swung open to reveal two sizzling ladies, one of whom was literally dragging the other.

    Ari (Huffing and panting) : I’m so sorry for getting late guys. But Madhu just wouldn’t stop drooling over Param’s new magazine cover-shoot!

    The name ‘Param’ seemed to stir some strange adrenaline rush amongst the sisters.

    Sneha : Did someone just say Param? As in Param Singh Bhatia??

    Madhu (Hyperventilating) : You guys won’t believe this!!!!!

    Sweta (Excitedly) : Madhu what??? What cover-shoot? Which ‘zine?

    Madhu : Param has just made it to the cover page of “VOGUE” guys!!!!!

    The news just made the sisters go wild with happiness!!! Madhu also took out the latest ‘Vogue’ edition from her bag and showed it off!!

    Anu (Trying to snatch the ‘zine from Madhu) : Uhhh…Let me see!!! Oh my God!!! Look at him…He looks…Aaahhh!!!!

    Harshu : This is so cool guys!! First Harshita and now Param, both have made it to the cover page of “Vogue”!

    Ansah (Making a triumphant face) : I so knew they would!! “Sadda Haq” has reached zenith all because of ParSh and they deserve it!!!

    Chand : And of course Krip Suri sir!!

    Iffu (looking dazed) : Vardhan sir!!! How can we forget him??

    Chaitu (suddenly looking mellow) : See, even ‘Vogue’ magazine agrees that SanDhir are made for each other. Then why don’t the CVs just pair them up??

    Zay (Calmly) : Chaitu, have patience. The show has just started. We will get our SanDhir and when we do, it will be the most special moment on “Sadda Haq”.

    Ari (Confidently) : True that!!! SanDhir are endgame, there’s no doubting that!!!

    Chand (Dubiously) : But what if…Uhh…Sarth…

    The gang didn’t let her finish.

    Anu (With conviction) : SaRth are best buddies. They can never be as sizzling as SanDhir!! And Sanyukta needed a stability in her life, that’s where Parth came in! Chill yaar!

    Sneha : I second Anu! Parth is like a bro!!

    Ansah : Uugh…Enough Parth & SaRth…someone talk about my Vardhan sir as well!!!!

    Nupur : There she goes with her Vardhan-mania!!

    Iraa (Chuckling) : In our vehement addiction towards SanDhir & Vardhan we are forgetting Kaustuki, Jiggy and Yo-yo paji!!!

    Chaitu : And Vidushi too!!!

    Iffu : Jiggy is ‘gujju’ che!!!! I love his typical ‘gujju’ accent!

    Chand : Totally!!! And yo-yo’s dialogs are to kill for!!

    The gang laughed recalling Yo-yo Sher Singh’s hilarious dialogs!!

    Anu (Smiling fondly) : I have a soft corner for Kaustuki!! She represents ‘North-East’ India, my zone!!

    Sweta & Madhu (together) : Not just ‘your’ zone Anu…’Our’ zone too!!!!

    Sneha : It’s amazing how Sadda haq has brought us all together!!

    Madhu (Suddenly piping up) : Param gave me seven replies on Twitter!!!

    Harshu : Oh god!!!! How much longer do u plan on making us jealous, Madhu??

    Ari : Madhu, stop behaving like a typical clingy fan-girl!!

    Madhu (Giving dreamy looks) : Param called me ‘dear’!!!!

    Zay : Aaahhh…stop it Madhu!!!

    Iraa (sadly) : I prayed so much to God jee for a reply…And i did get one…but the name was ‘Arjuhi’ by mistake, instead of ‘Iraa’…!!

    Sweta : Aww Iraa, I’m sure Param and Harshita loves you!!!

    Madhu (trying to grab attention) : Param gave me ‘SEVEN’ replies!!!!

    The entire gang ‘facepalmed’.

    All sisters in unison : We know Madhu!!! Now stop it!!!

    And they burst out laughing. They laughed until their tummy hurt and tears came out of their eyes!

    Anu : Guys…It’s 6:30!!! “Sadda Haq” time!! Let’s go!!!!

    Cheers and laughter filled the cafe as all the sisters rushed towards the TV!! It was time for their favourite show! It was time to drool over their favourite stars!!

    Divided by distance, time zone, language and age, this group of ‘soul-sisters’ were united by their love for ‘Sadda Haq’ and ‘SanDhir/ParSh’.

    “Sadda Haq” unified them and made their bond grow. “Sadda Haq” is what made ‘Team Hotness’!!

    And now ‘Team Hotness’ wants to repay “Sadda Haq” with this official “SH Cafe”!!!!

  16. anamika

    i s/how feel Rds drunken confession wl b on tuesday. monday to woh vidushi wala scene dikhayenge…..

  17. anamika

    jiggy, abhi thak tera chickenpox teek nahi hua kyaa??? yahaan, DT me kyaa kyaa ho rahaa hai!! apni mummy se Rd k fees k liye, baat ki aur daant bhi padi… ek tum hi ho, Rd ka saath dethe ho… jaise kaustugi sanyu ki friend hai, tum Rd k… aajao puthar, jaldi aajao…. ok, ok, Rd miss kartha hai yaa nahi, my miss kar rahi hoon tujhe…bahuth….. u & ur “gujju” accent……

  18. saddahaqrox

    arrey kahaan ho sab???!!! 1000 se upar kaise jayega agar koi aaya hi nahi toh! sablog ghumne chale gaye kya!?????

  19. @Anamika,
    The promo is really wow! But no news so far of spoilers? Im surprised!
    Come on guyz,aajka target 100 nahi 1000 hai the biggest ever. One more zero! Kahaan gaye sab jaldi aayo!

  20. Smriti

    arre, koi hai? is sandhir bikaari ko, bhagwaan ke naam pe, spoilers de dho…. fake hi sahi, lekin spoilers chahiye…. abhi manne abhi….

    • Smriti

      tum DS ki jagah le lo naa… fb or indiaforum se ham sabko spoilers yahaan paste kar do… @nila spoilers padthi hai, facebook pe, lekin woh copy & paste karna nahi jaanthi…

  21. Smriti

    I hv a doubt…. Jin logo ke paas TATA SKY DISH hai, unke tv screen pe har hafte spoilers flash hogaa kyaa??? how is it they alone come to know of it.. 1st…. mere ghar me airtel hai.. at the end of the epi, kuch bhi nahi dikaayi dethaa…..

  22. No spoilers have been posted yet,neither on fb nor on indiaforums. As soon as i get them, i will try to post.
    @DS,where r u??? Plzz come,yaar!!!!!!

  23. I was just watching ‘kaarthik calling kaarthik’ and was trying to imagine sanyu and randhir in place of deepika anr farhan. Quite impossible,but when i was able to,sometimes,i nearly went maaaad! Hahahahaha

  24. Guyz,spoilers toh nahi mile par dhoondte dhoondte dekho kya mila:
    new Fan fiction-India forums

    “which one?” asked sanyukta who was holding two sarees in her hands from kaustuki.
    “the white one” replied kaustuki.
    “ok then i’ll go and get ready”

    the girls were so excited about today. yes, it was the day! FAREWELL. the long journey in F.I.T.E was soon gonna end and of-course they had to look their best today.


    lost in his thoughts about her, he pulled out a white shirt, buttoned it up and put on a black coat. looked in the mirror while she was still on his mind, infact from a past few months she never left his mind. he tried to shook away her thoughts but couldn’t. maybe his ego was the reason he was not ready to accept that he has fallen for her or more like he is head over heels for her.

    “Randhir bhai! chalo late ho raha hai” jignesh shouted and Mr.I-am-the-best was brought back to earth.

    he shook his head and mumbled “focus randhir focus! she is a good for nothing girl”.
    “but you still love her the way she is, the way she smiles, the way she walks” an angel sitting on his right shoulder spoke up.
    “no! she’s the reason for most of your problems, she is a good for nothing girl” the devil on the other shoulder spoke up.

    “Randhir bhai chalo!” jignesh shouted once again.

    both of them left their room and soon reached the venue for the party. as soon as they entered randhir’s eyes started looking for that one girl everywhere. to his disappointment he could not find her.

    “why the hell are you searching for her?!” the devil spoke up again.
    “that’s because you love her! as simple as that. no matter how much you try you cannot deny the fact Mr.shekhawat. now let go of your ego and listen to your heart. you know that you love her. go get her! she is the one for you” said the angel.
    “no! don’t liste–” and the devil was shooed away by randhir before he could say anything.

    he froze after seeing the most gorgeous girl who just entered . wrapped up in a white saree, hair curled up, with minimal make up she looked stunning. he was completely lost in her chocolate brown orbs. the angel on his right shoulder appeared and started singing
    ‘tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam
    Pyar hota hai divana sanam
    Abb yaha se kaha jaye hum
    Teree baho me mar jaye hum
    Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam’
    randhir started moving toward her. and then bam! someone placed a hand on his shoulder and he came out of sanyukta-land and turned back to see vidhushi standing there. his wide smile slowly faded away.

    “hi randhir! wanna dance?!” asked vidhushi.

    without saying a word and giving the you-are-not-my-type look to her he turned back to see sanyukta but she was not there.

    his eyes started looking for her again and there he saw her standing with nikhil. his blood started boiling up. he could not see sanyukta with someone else. nikhil was a handsome boy and many girls drooled over him. despite knowing the fact that nikhil was sanyukta’s best friend and they were certainly not dating, somewhere randhir felt insecure.

    she turned and saw randhir standing at a distance and looking at her. she waved at him and he smiled back.

    after all these years they had given up fighting like cats and dogs and did not feel like killing the other person.

    and then nikhil waved at randhir too and he smirked at him and went away from there.

    “he is still so weird. i thought after so many years he would have changed but no, i was wrong. ye ab bhi bohat khadoos hai.” said nikhil.

    sanyukta starting laughing at this.

    “ab tumhe kya hua? tum has kyun rahi ho? actually tum bhi kuch kam weird nhi ho.” nikhil said.

    “hi sanyukta! hi nikhil!” jignesh interrupted.

    “hi jiggy!” both nikhil and sanyukta said together.

    both the boys started talking to each other and sanyukta asked for kaustuki from jisnesh.

    “she is there” jignesh pointed in a certain direction and sanyukta left to see her.

    both the girls had some drinks and gossiped and randhir was sitting alone and looking at her.

    “attention everyone!” an announcement was made. “so guys we are going to select mr. and ms. farewell tonight. actually we have already selected them. so do you guys wanna know who they are?”

    “yes” the crowd screamed.

    “okay so our ms.farewell is…sanyukta aggarwal! give a huge round of applause for her”

    the crowd clapped and hooted.

    “so i request sanyukta to come on the stage”

    she went up and the person spoke again. “and now our mr. farewell is…any guesses?…nikhil gupta!”

    the crowd hooted again and nikhil went up and shook hands with sanyukta and then they hugged.

    and our Mr.I-am-the-best was hell jealous. sanyukta looked at him and there eyes met for a fraction of time but randhir got up and disappeared behind the crowd. sanyukta was a bit confused and wondered what the hell is wrong with this person.

    nikhil and sanyukta got down and everyone congratulated them. she excused and came out of the crowd and went where she had seen randhir going.

    she searched for him and there he was sitting in a lonely place.

    “randhir” she said.

    he recognized the voice very well and looked up. a not so pleasant look was on his face.

    “tum theek ho?” she asked.

    “tumhari matlab ki baat nhi hai. tum jao apne boyfriend ke paas.” randhir shot back and she was confused again.

    “excuse me? mera boyfriend? are you out of your senses mr.shekhawat?” sanyukta shouted.

    “chillao mat! chillana mujhe bhi aata hai” randhir stood up.

    “oh sorry. mein bhool gyi thi, tumhe chillane ke illava aur aata he kya hai?”

    “dekho ladki ho tum aur issi liye mein kuch zyada nhi bol raha hu. agar bolne lag gaya to tum rote-rote apne boyfriend ke paas jaogi. aur vyse bhi tum ladkiyon ko rone ke illava kuch aata toh hai nhi” randhir shouted and stepped closer to her.

    “kyun randhir? kyun har waqt tum mere peeche pade rehte ho? kyun humesha mujhe tang karte ho? kyun humesha mujhe dominate karne ki koshish karte ho? kabhi help karte ho aur kabhi bina wajha mujh pe chilna lagte ho. aur ab meine tumhe kuch kaha nhi tha aur suddenly tum phir mujhse ladne lag gaye. kyu tum–”

    “that’s because i love you damn it!” randhir shouted cutting sanyukta in between.

    nobody spoke for another minute and silence surrounded them.

    sanyukta looked down and randhir took a deep sigh.

    he was about to leave and she held his wrist and he stopped, and turned back and saw sanyukta standing inches away.

    his heart skipped a beat.

    without uttering a word she moved closer, closer, and closer. on the other hand he was not really sure as to what was happening and stood still. to his surprise sanyukta kissed him and he responded with equal passion. but soon the kiss was broken by sanyukta who stepped backwards. randhir smirked and moved forward again but she blushed and ran away from there.

    he crossed his hands and was standing there smiling as to what just happened. now he was sure that even she loved him.

    on the other hand sanyukta went back to the party and hugged kaustuki who was very much confused by her behavior.

    while she was hugging her randhir also came back and leaned on a nearby wall watching her and smiling to himself.

    well the cupid has hit them both.

    the angel appeared again on his right shoulder and leaned on his neck smiling on seeing both of them happy.

  25. anamika

    I read this in fb….. jst now….
    spoiler! (a fan visited the sets!)
    Randhir is soon going to start helping the Dream Team again
    (1/2) The scene I saw Randhir and Sanyukta are standing in front of the wall of fame where there are frames of famous
    (2/2)and they show the team how they have made the blue print on the back sides of the frame so when joint it makes the
    blueprint of a car!!
    ps- we dont know tht its true or not but a fan visited sadda haq and thts all she saw! so we posted it here!

  26. anamika

    Read this on fb just now….

    Tweeted by Karishmaa O Chandna the Creative Dairector of SH…

    #midnight #marathon #edit #craze #brainwaves #coffee #screenplay #frenzyfonecalls #lastminutechanges #sleeplessness …….Makes #sadda haq

  27. ~~~~~~~~~~SPOILERS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Monday-parth tells Vidoshi that he likes her,in order to trick her
    Tuesday-Maya and Vidoshi set out to catch the dream team. Will they or wont they succeed?
    Wednesday- The sponsors have arrived. Will the dream team team be able to impress them?
    Thursday-The third year students decide to host a party for the final year students.
    Friday-Randhir and sanyukta are both drunk and randhir confesses his love for sanyukta.

  28. Well, i m not sure…….this came from a ‘not so well known’ website so i m sure it is not true. Well,we will have to wait and watch for this. And last week also they said that rd’s confession was on fri. Same for this week……..
    Plz if anyone has spoilers from well- known websites like fb or indiaforums then plz post.

  29. Looks like the target will have to be reduced to 60. Plz, shq ki laaj rakho yaar,……
    Ok,agar next half an hour me 60 se 90 comment nahi hue toh target 1000 se 500 ho jayega. Come on,jaldi!!!!!!!

    • anamika

      aree hamaari nayi spoiler queen ~~~ fb pe monday aur tuesday ka spoilers kuch alag hi!! correct spoilers plz….

  30. Sorry guyz for wrong spoilers,but as i told u i didn’t trust that website.ok,here r the correct spoilers frm fb:
    monday-sanyukta and kaustuki try to steal a tool for the dream team but someone ruins their plan.
    tuesday-sanyukta tries to make feel randhir how important he will he react?.
    ps-bus itna hi hai btw drunk confession! i think next friday ko hoga!
    The others,will post as is updated.

  31. Spoiler alert: Peak of randhir and sanyukta’s hatred next week……got dis news from twitter…yahan hum unka romance imagine kar rhe hai nd waha unka hatred is gonna reach at peakkkkk…..ufff…

    credit- Aisha Sharma .

    • smriti

      WTH????? peak of hatred oh no… kahin confession k baadh, sanyu yaad karti hai aur RD se nafrat karne lagegi Kyaa???? I DO NOT WANT RANDHIR TO GET HURT…… @ SHROX ~~~ PLS IS NEWS KA LINK DE DHO…..

  32. nila

    What hatred???Oh no we have already seen a lot of hatred:-( now I want to see some romance between them atleast a little

    • smriti

      @ranyukta ~ how do u guys read it on dish tv??? seriously yaar ~~~ after. the epiaode spoiler alerts is shown on the monitor is it??? v hv airtel dish n i do not get to see them…. pls explain in detail….

      • Ranyukta

        i donno about airtel but by simply clicking on menu n selecting channel v i came to knw bout synopsis n these were for only mon and tues.

  33. Ranyukta

    hi saddahaqrox, I also read same spoilers for mon n tues on dishtv.n these r true. On tues sanyu plans a surprise to make randhir realise how imp he is for team. How will randhir react???

  34. smriti

    @shrox ~~ link denaa yaar, 5 baje zee cafe channel pe “The Mentalist” dekoongi, fir 6 baje channel v pe hamaara ~~~ oops ~ mera matlab “MERA” param ka interview.. jaldi karnaa plz…

  35. saddahaqrox

    luck people who r watching the interview……mere tv par signal nahi hai. pichle ek ghante se ro rahi hu.:( :(:(:(:(

  36. smriti

    wtchng V day tripping wth stars Param u r awesome such a down to earth person… break now.. actually Param wanted to play a prank on creative director KArishma… he says to her i hv auditioned fr another show… so… and Karishma says fine Param u can go We can replace u…. u hv bn telling me fr the 4th time or so.. what do u think no one take ur place… blah blah.. Params face went down.. he asks her u really can / wl replace me??? she laughs n says U R THE * OF THE SHOW PARAM… NO ONE CAN TAKE UR PLACE… param says what i to play a prank on u n u played a prank on me n pulled my legs. both hug.

    Guys watch it… it is worth.. abhi usska gym aur chef scenes baaki hi…

  37. nila

    Guys whoever watching th Iv pls post it here as I have exam tmrw so mom is not letting to watch TV pls pls pls…..

  38. smriti

    seriously @SHROX ~~ Params mom luks like she is his elder sister… mere hisaab se she luks so young….cute…

    Param cooks chinese food n shares it wth his gym friends…. Now v r in his home… his dogs pogo and pogi… and he is showing his bedroom now… now his kitchen.. Oye Param u r 1 hottie real hottie with white T shirt….

  39. AN

    param gym par work out karthe waqth kithna cute lagraha tha !!!!!!
    yeah i could’nt believe when i saw param’s mother she’s soo young and beautiful what a beautiful house !!!

  40. AN

    nupoor,nila its a fantastic show u should never miss !!!
    aur ha horming,harshitha,aur ankith ne bola ki param bohoth hi funny hai par randhir ka character bohoth alag hai u can just see it in the show !!!

  41. AN

    i cant just stop talking about that show aur param ne fans ke letters aur kuch cards beche the … woh smile karthe waqth zyada cute lagthe hai ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. saddahaqrox

    Sadda haq,maan gaye aapko:
    maine abhi kuch der pehle post kiya tha ki mai ro rahi hu bcoz ghar pe light nahi hai and I cant watch v day….par abhi,shq ke puraane2-3 epi’s dekhne ke baad, I m perfectly all right!
    chala diya naa shq ne apna jaadu!
    @an, kya aap jale pe namak chidakna band kar sakte ho PLEASE?
    agar aapko hamaari itni fikar hai toh kindly post it on youtube. otherwise,kindly don’t mention it,mai phir se rone lag jaungi. last 10 mins dekha. his mom and house are wow!

    • AN

      ha toh phirse SH ke 2-3 epi dekh lena ๐Ÿ˜‰ jst kidding !!
      mein toh bas batha rahi thi ki woh bohoth acha hai aur agar aap ko acha nahi laga toh mein nahi kahungi ok ?? ab kush???

  43. aur maine last part nehi dekha mere papa ke wajase uhhhhhh kitna dard mesus kar rahi hu ;( ummm do they repeat the telecast again?? I want to see it so badly ;(

  44. there is no link about tdays epi… ;( plz anyone post dis show on you tube ๐Ÿ™ I really want to see it so badly ;(

  45. anamika

    Param asks his mom – how come u r so young… like aapka sehath kaa raaz kyaa hai??? and she replies “God’s gift”…. wow!!! yes indeed…

    Param cherishes his fans letters and gifts. he even took one “antara’s” name… @SHROX – tum bi gifts aur wishes beji thi naa???

  46. anamika

    Param asks his mom – how come u r so young… like aapka sehath kaa raaz kyaa hai??? and she replies”God’s gift”…. wow!!! yes indeed…

    Param cherishes his fans letters and gifts. he even took one “antara’s” name… @SHROX – tum bi gifts aur wishes beji thi naa???

  47. Smriti

    @SHROX- tumhaare ghar pe TATA SKY DISH hai naa, go to MENU, fir settings, type channel V aur synopsis me spoilers dekho jaise @ranyukta has said… tum bhi koshish karo naa…

  48. Smriti

    aur kaustugi (what is her name now???) ab param ke baare me baath kar rahi thi, she tells, param sabko bahut hasaathi hai… e/one – harshita, ankit and hamaara param laughs and param asks hasaathi??????

  49. Smriti

    the girl who gets to marry Param must be damn lucky… ask me y??? hey, our PARAM is a very good cook too…

  50. anamika

    PARAM – kisi ki nazar naa lage tumhe!!!! u r so adorable, ur simplicity speaks your personality…. keep rocking…. i was drooling…

    @SHROX – ha ha, hum sab ne poore 1 hour deke the… feeling jealous???

  51. saddahaqrox

    guyz,this Is a really shameful day for us…..iss weekend ke liye, maine tum logon ko 1000 ka target diya tha. who nahi kar paaye toh ussey kam karke 500 ka target diya. woh bhi nahi kar paaye!
    ha, ha, maana ke hamaare star commenters out of action hai, pata nahi kahaan(except me ofourse),par hum unse kam thodi hai?
    really giyz,be ashamed of urselves.

    • Smriti

      arre, target ki baat kam se kam, aaj chodo naa, ham sab kitne kush hai param ko dekh kar, i am still not out of it… he was charming in his blue t shirt and his white t shirt as well…
      his mom was preparing food.. and param asks her mi madad karoon, his mom says yes and he puts s/thing into the pan… his mom says 1st time… param says mom, 1st time nahi…. pichli baar maine aunty k ghar par bhi help kiyaa thaa…. his mom says haan haan…
      so adorable.

  52. AN

    nupoor hum ashamed kyun huye hum sandhirians humare golden commenters nahi hai toh kya hua hum toh hai na hum atleast 200 toh kar lenge i hope …

  53. AN

    ab 86 more comments post karna hai tabhi toh 200 banenge phir shayad 300 bana saktha hai … himmath math haro aur post karthe raho !!!

  54. Smriti

    OMG!!!! I forgot one scene ttly.. Param getting ready with his hair style… e/one – Ankit, Homring, yoyo and several others imitated him at the same time… lol!!!

  55. anamika

    mujhe bhi kuch yaad aaya – why did not Harshita say something abt Param when e/one else did??? woh to bas kaane me bush thi…

    • anamika

      tumne @shrox k spoiler nahi padi kyaa??? hamaare sandhir peak of hatred me jaanewale hai.. go to the previous page and read the spoiler… haan tab ek aur — 2nd hate-kiss hogaa to mazaa aayegaa… lekin…

  56. Smriti

    @shrox – u r yet to give me the link for “Spoiler alert: Peak of randhir and sanyuktaโ€™s hatred next week….

  57. saddahaqrox

    drooling over param!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but on a serious note, guyz, did u all notice the way his eyes went red when he was talking about his mom? that just shows how emotionally he was talking……..

  58. sandhir fan

    kal muskaan ko aajke iv ke bare mein poochenge. im sure usne nahi dekha.
    guyz,muskan is this girl in our class,woh bolti hai ke who shq dekhti hai,but v r sure ki who nahi dekhti.

  59. saddahaqrox

    aur aajke iv ko lekar disscuss karenge. bichaari bhoomika,woh kal bore hone waali hai-tu,mai aur lakshita toh aur kuch discuss hi nahi karenge!
    (bhoomika is a shq hater)

  60. saddahaqrox

    chalo,bye,kal meri sci. exam hai as u all know, milte hai kal subhe ya mon. ke updates par!

  61. Meera

    I thoroughly enjoyed Params day out… He is such an amazing person…. My respect for him has increased a lot… He is so adorable, handsome… he has got his good looks from his MOM…. No wonder it is in his GENES!!!! well educated guy…. no fussing….. & when his own idea of prank backfired…. my heart stopped a beat… BUT Karishma finally did say – U R THE * OF THE SHOW PARAM, no one can replace u… how very true…. PARAM- May u succeed in e/thing & let every wish of yous come true…

  62. Meera

    @akshara — just as @GC once said – u malayalis make KHICHDI of HINDI.. U reminded me of Kaustugi (Homring) in y/days v day with Param – she commented abt Param just like u….
    she said, Param set pe
    sabko hasaathi hai…. as if Param were a gal…. e/one incl. Param laughed n u what — Homring took it sportingly…. she too laughed a/with them… it was so nice…
    meri baatho ka bura math maannaa….

  63. Meera

    i am watching sadda haq now.. 4.30 to 5 p.m.. they r telecasting the episode when Randhir joined Fite as 1st year student… yoyo ragging… sanyu crying n telling her mom tht she has got 300th rank.. r thy re-telecasting this show from the beginning???? YOyo says to Rd – tu kukad ban jaa… Rd says to 1 of the boys – tu kabuthar ban jaa, mi kukad bantha hoon… one of the boys says tu kyaa hero hai?? n Rd says sirf hero nahi, superhero!!! how NICE…….Rds diff look… haye haye…

  64. Rojina

    Hi AN dear….sadahaqroxs hm 1000 to kya 10000 bhi kar sakte he lekin yha sbko problem hoti he usi vajah se nhi karte he ok

    • anamika

      whom r u referring to??? sabko matlab??? DS, GC, Suri…. inn sabko kyaa?? aur waise bhi woh log to koi galat baath nahi ki.. thy did ot want us to share our too personal matters bas!! usse zyaada kuch nahi… in fact DS iss WS k Admin ko likhkar, @tanishka ki phone number bhi nikalwaa di.. she did a gud job….the admin edited her comment by removing her phone number alone.. isme galti kyaa hai…. tumhe kisi ne rokaa nahi SH, SH k actors yaa fir aur general matters k baaree me discuss karne ko….. kyuu, aaj se SH episode 1 k baare me bhi comment kar sakti ho… what DS n few others meant was ghar ka pata, phone number, mom aur dad ke baare me.. u got it???? STOP FUSSING…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.