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Sadda Haq 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu sits there in shock. Randhir and everyone run to the car. randhir breaks the window and takes out agarwal. They take him to hospital. Ankit is crying. ankit goes to sanyu and says you became so selfish that you risked papa’s life. He shoves her and says shame on you. Sanyu takes out her panel and throws it away. Randhir is watching her. She throws her company card as well.

yoyo says to aister i am here i wont let anything happen to you. Aister says why he left me? Tell me what you did, yoyo tells her everything. she says what is happening. I am so scared, yoyo says dont be scared i wont leave him now. aister says you will also get stuck, you were connected as well. yoyo says i don’t care about that i will rectify it.

Everyone is taunting at sanyu. sanyu

asks vikram where is papa? Vikram says he is not that injured dont worry. sanyu says i risked papa’s life. Vikram says dont blame yourself, you have not done anything. sanyu because of my ego i did this, Vikram says dont think negative go home and rest there. sanyu says i need to meet papa and apologize.

Randhir comes to college. He sits in cafe. Parth says yes yoyo arrange a regular party. He goes to randhir and says are you okay? randhir says i have never felt any better. sanyu wont come back to this college and neither her dream. Parth says what you did to her? randhir says its all over. parth says do you even know what you have done? no one behaves this way, randhir says she is responsible for this. parth says you left her when she needed you, randhir says she only needed engineering. parth says you took that from her as well. randhir says she only cared about it. she will come running to me when she realize her mistake. Parth says what the hell are you saying. randhir leave. Parth says i should talk to sanyu.

Agarwal wonders why sanyu didn’t come. Sanyu is outside his ward. Parth calls her but she disconnects. sanyu walks in, she sits near agarwal and says i am sorry papa, I am really sorry. I always thought one day i will make you proud but rather i got you insulted every time. I took engineering, broke engagement, loved randhir and now i risked your life. I have hurt you so much, no one should have ad daughter like me. I am really sorry. She is in tears. I know there is no value of my sorry after what i have done. I promise i wont tease you anymore. I will leave engineering I am going to FITE to cancel my admission, i know this wont lessen your pain but it wont increase either. I am sorry. She stands up and is about to leave, he says in heart i feel so much pain, what i done to you no dad would ever do to his child. I wish you were not this stubborn i wont have to do this.

sanyu comes out where anju and ankit are sitting, anju hugs sanyu and says what is happening, he just discharged few days ago. Problems are everywhere. Sanyu says there wont be any problems because of me. anju says what you mean> sanyu says i am leaving engineering,I will withdraw my admission. it has caused you so much pain. anju says no sanyu this was your dream since childhood, you can’t leave it. sanyu says my dream risked my dad’s life today. ANkit comes and says because of her papa almost died, are you happy now? or you want to kill someone? Sanyu says you only deserve to cook. anju says stop it, sanyu says he is right. I never deserved to be an engineer.

Parth says why didn’t sanyu call back. Vidushi comes and says why are you ignoring me? Parth says what should i talk to you? Parth says did you talk to sanyu? Vidushi says no why? Parth says randhir did something to her that she is leaving FITE. Vidushi says what he did now. Randhir goes to admin and asks did someone come from mechanical to withdraw admission? He says no. Vidsuhi comes and shoves randhir, she says you are still here? i thought you must be partying somewhere finally your ruined sanyu’s life you useless creep. I met a lot of people, all of the men were idiots but you broke all records of being shameless and selfish. you don’t deserve anything specially love. you will always be alone. randhir says you have no right to comment about my life. vidushi says and what about you did to sanyu? you think world goes with your mood? you can do anything to anyone? you can do all you want. you do anything to satisfy your ego. randhir says at least i don’t steal like you. before you give me moral lessons look at yourself. He leaves.

Sanyu is home, she takes her bag and says to anju make food for me i will be back in 3 hours. I just have to fill the withdraw form. anju says you really want to do this? sanyu says soup is so tasty. Make salad for papa as well. I will cut it. anju says you didn’t answer me? sanyu says let me switch on the TV. the TV is not working. anju says i don’t know why it doesn’t work. none of the switches are working. Ankit says AC is not working as well. The main board is sparking. Anju says please check it. sanyu takes screw driver and opens the board, she suddenly stops thinking about agarwal’s accident. She throws the screw driver away.

Scene 2
sanyu comes to FITE. She recalls the moments she spent there. Librarian says you issued a book you have to return it. sanyu says yes i will. Randhir goes to admin and asks did someone come to withdraw admission? Admin says no. I will announce when someone comes, dont ask me again and again. randhir sits on a bench. sanyu comes to admin office.

yoyo throws a party and says i have called all the people who buy rana’s drugs. Parth says when will new batch come? Yoyo says in an hour. Yoyo says rana is so smart he keep changing his place. parth says soon he will be in jail but you can get stuck as well are you ready? yoyo says i am ever ready.

Randhir says to sanyu finally you agreed girl’s can’t do engineering. sanyu doesn’t respond. she goes to admin and says i want to withdraw my admission. He says you are in fourth year why are you cancelling your admission? sanyu says i want to. give me the form. He gives her the form and says you will get your deposit back. sanyu fills the form. He gives her dream team withdrawl form. He says you need vardhan’s signatures on it as well. without that procedure wont complete. Randhir says to sanyu you are making good decision in life, you realized that you deserve to be in kitchen, sanyu says don’t pretend. I know you very well. i know you are not as happy as you pretend. Sanyu goes to vardhan. she says i want to withdraw my admission. Whatever happened to papa was because of me. My dream my life my engineering nothing matters more than him to me. Vardhan says guilt? I designed a car, niharka sat in it and died but i didn’t give up. you and i are here because i didn’t give up. sanyu says i am not strong like you. vardhan says yes i was fool that i selected you in dream team. you are good for nothing. sanyu says i know i have disappointed you and everyone. vardhan says you would insult me everywhere. you want to go out of fite? He takes the form signs it and says get out. thank you for teaching me lesson, i wont mentor any girl after today and you are responsible for that.

parth asks yoyo if rana is coming in party? yoyo says you never know. He doesn’t come in partied usually. parth has made flyers he says distribute them. Arpita comes and says party with engineers i will come there. Parth says this is for boys only. arpita says party without girls is so boring. Parth says anyone can misbehave with you there. She says no one misbehaved with me here, i will come there.

VArdhan says to sanyu destroy this car you made, i don’t want a losers project in front of me. This is waste like you, sanyu says i can’t do it. vardhan says break it right now. sanyu takes the hammer. vardhan says come on destroy it right now. He forces her to break it. She says dont ever show me your face again. sanyu sits there in tears.

Vidushi comes to sanyu and says i called you. whats happeneing? sanyu says most important people in my life are papa and vardhan sir. I lost my respect in front of the, Vidushi says this was your dream. sanyu says i broke my dream car with my hands. vidushi says what happened? Sanyu says randhir sat in my car and he almost died. Vidushi says i can’t believe randhir can do this. Sanyu say randhir? Vidushi says yes he said that he has done it. sanyu says nothing will change that its all not for me. vidushi says everyone makes mistakes. I was always envious of you. I am so mad at your stupidity. sanyu says thanks for the concern but i have to leave. vidushi says go to hell.

Precap-yoyo tells randhir his plan. Randhir slaps yoyo and says why didn’t you tell me before. and don’t tell me you guys have invited girls as well? sanyu and vidushi will come as well. randhir goes to sanyu’s room and says girls are not allowed in that party. sanyu says we will go there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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